Chapter Four

Chapter Four

A Chapter by Rayne~Drop.

Bree gets a visit from someone that belongs in a mental hospital...Weird much?

The book store was quiet. Not many people were there this early in the morning because of work and school, which suited Bree just fine. Less people meant less of those creepy shadows.

The store was named “The Weeping Willow.” The area on which the store was built had quite a few Weeping Willow trees surrounding it. The original owner refused to cut them down to build the store, so it was built around the trees.

The store was modernized a while ago, and had silver railings bordering the two flights of steps it took to get up the hill the Weeping Willow sat on. Windows were everywhere in the store, needing as much light as possible. The trees blocked quite a bit of it, which was nice during the summer. It provided lots of shade. The store was built with gray bricks that had slowly eroded over time. The inside of the store was painted a light purple color, and had what seemed to be an endless row of book isles.

Taking the book “Wicked Lovely” by Melissa Mar off the shelf, she walked over to the checkout counter.

“Good morning Ms. Farrah” Bree said sweetly, giving the middle aged woman a sincere smile.

“Ah, Bree! 'Morning sweetie,” she replied.

The brunette gave Farrah the book to ring up.

Farrah was the current owner of the shop. With long, wavy, red hair, and green eyes, she was clearly of Irish heritage.

That always confused Bree. Farrah looked Irish, she was from Ireland, yet she had no accent.

The red-head looked at the clock, then back at Bree.

“...Don't you have school today?” Farrah asked.

“...Yes,” Bree replied deadpanning.

“...Then why aren't you in it?”

“...My teacher was dying on the floor, and I found it quite disturbing. Then an ambulance came in and took him away. Then his grandson ran after him bawling his eyes out. Then I got bored. And then I decided to ditch with Skyla.”

“...'Kay,” Farrah said shrugging.

That was why Bree loved her. Farrah was so awesome. Whatever excuse she used, Farrah believed her. Not that Bree ever lied. To her, at least. She told her the truth, and Farrah just went along with it without a second thought.

Placing the book into the bag, Farrah said,”That'll be $9.50.”

Pulling out her wallet, Bree dug out the correct change and thanked the red-head.

Grabbing the book, she left with a wave. Hopping down the steps, Bree thought about what she was going to do.

Mall was out, seeing as Skyla and Damien were there. Going back to school was completely out of the question. Bree wasn't that tired anymore, so going home and sleeping didn't really appeal to her at the moment.

Had she not had been lost in her thoughts, the girl would have seen her cat, Desdemona, following her through the trees.

Over judging where e next step was, Bree missed it and ended up falling.

Body moving on its own, Bree twisted and flipped midair. Instead of falling on her face, she landed backwards on her feet. Just like a cat.

What the Hell was that!? The freaked out brunette thought.

She shook her head, trying to think logically.

Just impulse, She tried to tell herself. Yeah...That's it! Impulse...

Bree grabbed her book, having dropped it when she did the flip. Speed walking down the sidewalk, she remained lost in her thoughts.

Almost to the local movie theater called “Willow Heights,” the conflicted teenager tripped over her untied laces. Bending over, she proceeded to fix the knot.

Standing upright once more, she wobbled slightly, blood rushing to her head. Leaning onto the wall for support, she rubbed her temples for a minute.

Walking again towards the corner, Bree heard a loud CRASH!

A little confused, she broke into a run. Turning the corner, Bree saw a boy in the middle of the street.

The boy looked tall, even from quite a few yards away. He had long hair for a boy that flipped at the sides, and the way it was cut had his bangs falling into his eyes, making it impossible for Bree to distinguish their color. Giving him a once over, the girl saw that her wore black and blue vans and jean shorts that went just above his knees. Chains hung loosely around his pockets. He had a layered shirt with black and white sleeves that stopped at about his elbow, and a black shirt on top with a white outlined star.

He certainly seemed fairly normal.

The only thing wrong with him was that he had guns. No, not the muscle type of guns. Like, real twin pistols. And they were pointed at the wall.

Wait...The wall? Bree thought, turning her head, finally acknowledging the wall was there.

This scared her to no end.

The Shadow was what must have made the crashing noise. It was stuck in the wall, and bricks were falling around it as it tried to get free. Whipping her head back to the boy in the street, she saw that he had a wicked smirk on his face.

“Go to Hell Demon,” he said before pulling the triggers.

The bullet went right into the mutant shadow's head. immediately after, the demon was engulfed in flames.

Transfixed by the way the flames danced around the creature, Bree didn't notice the boy walking up to her.

“...Hey,” he said like nothing had happened.

Bree jumped, startled by his sudden closeness.

“...Wh...Wha...What the Hell just happened?!” Bree finally stuttered out after a minute.

“Well, by the looks of it, you could see the Shadow Lurker I just killed. So, I just sent the thing back to Hell,” the boy replied nonchalantly, shrugging.

The girl looked at him like he had grown another head.

“You mean Shadows? Wait...You can see them to?” Bree was beyond freaked out and confused.

“Well, yes.”

“I was told I was insane.”

“You might be. Just not about the Demons...Or shadows as you insist on calling them. There's more then one type though, so, y'know. Whatever floats your boat.”

Bree glared at him for the last comment and stood there, letting the rest of the conversation sink in. Then, she suddenly jumped back a few feet.


“Not so loud!” he hissed. “And to kill the things, obviously.”

“Th...Thi...THIS IS INSANE!” Bree started to walk backwards, trying to put as much distance as possible between them. “You...You're insane...I AM insane! I...I have to get outta here.”

With that, Bree turned around and sprinted toward her house.

“Wait! Come back!” the mystery boy called. But it was to late. Bree was long gone and he didn't have the desire to waste effort and run after her.

Sighing, he placed the guns in his pockets and pulled out his cell phone.

“Damien? ...Yeah... It's Seth... Bad news... What? No. The mission went fine... I lost her... No... She ran way when I told her about the Demons, or the Shadow Lurker I just killed, or whatever the Hell you wanna call them... What?! Why do I have to get her? ...Ugh. Fine... Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatever... Yeah... I hear ya. Later.”

Hanging up the phone, he stared off in the direction in which Bree had gone.

“Well...Might as well go after her,” he muttered to himself.

Heading toward where Bree ran off, he thought about how he was going to take her back to HQ when she thought that he was insane.

© 2012 Rayne~Drop.

Author's Note

Yeah...Took forever...Again...I'm gonna try to update at least once a week...So...Yeah... Anyway, say something in the review if you guys catch a grammar mistake. I won't think your being a smart ass or anything. XD lol. I had writers black, so if it seems kinda sudden and confusing, then it's cause I rushed it. Well, anyway... Review! ^.^

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Is it bad that I cracked up laughing? I can already tell that I'm gonna like Seth. I love Bree's reaction. And her random flipping and stuff...

It doesn't help that I'm listening to "It's Raining Men" while reading this chapter. x___x


Luffles this story. I can't wait to read mooooore.

Posted 12 Years Ago

This chapter was good! It showed us more about Bree's internal personality at a good time in the story. There were a few simple typos, but no spelling mistakes. I suggest reading it out loud to yourself and you'll catch them.

Another great chapter!

Posted 13 Years Ago

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r speechless. So I'll firstly say the things I told myself to remember to put into the review.

OMFG I LOVE THE WAY YOU DESCRIBE THE BOOK STORE THINGY!! LIKE OMG!! It's freaking AWESOME and I LOVE IT. !!!! (the way you described the boy was awesome too!!!!!!!)

AND OMG!!!! "Wicked Lovely" By Melissa Mar is an AWESOME freaking book!!! :DDD

AND OMG DAMIEN!?! he said DAMIEN'S NAME !!! freaking love it and I CANNOT wait for more, so hurry up and post another chapter!!!

Posted 13 Years Ago

This is very good. I was impressed by this piece. I like the book store's name. You make this chapter seem like it could really happen.

Posted 13 Years Ago

Lol. Lol. Lolol. xDDD i LOVE this book. Can't wait for an update xDDD

Posted 13 Years Ago

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