Chapter Fifteen

Chapter Fifteen

A Chapter by Rayne~Drop.

Of more information and pizza. Because Sbarro's is by far the best.

Bree sat at an unoccupied table in the Food Court, waiting for Seth to bring over their lunch. She had her new Droid in hand, and was currently programing all of the contacts she remembered. She couldn't believe she forgot her phone. She was completely and utterly oblivious to the people around her, or, in this case, lack of.

It was a Sunday afternoon, and the mall should have been overflowing with people. But the food court was completely empty except for the people working at the moment, and a middle aged couple with their sleeping toddler.

But, again, Bree was to preoccupied with other thoughts to notice or give a damn.

What was he thinking, choking someone like that? And in public like that too! He did get kinda possessive to...But...Under the circumstances...It was okay...Right? He did save my a*s back there...But why did he start choking me? But...I mean, he did stop. So...No harm done there. I guess...

Bree was still in her internal rant when Seth came over.



"...Bree. Bree!"


Bree let out a high pitched squeal and fell out of her chair, throwing her cat in the air in the process. Somehow, her leg managed to get tangled into the chair, and she was sprawled out over the floor. The bewildered expression on her face was priceless. It was all he could do to attempt to disguise his fit of laughter with fake coughing.

After getting a grasp on what actually just happened, Bree's facial expression turned into frustration. "Jerk," she pouted, putting her weight onto her forearms.

Ignoring and refusing to let Seth help her, she untangled her limb from the knocked over chair, and unhappily stood up on two feet. After brushing off the dirt from her borrowed skirt, she picked up the chair and sat down. Only when Desdemona was settled into her lap did she look at him again.

"What is it that made you to make me almost kill me new phone?" she asked sharply.

"Lunch," he replied, clearly trying not to laugh.

"Finally! I'm starving," she complained.

Seth held out the pizza box, and rolled his eyes as she snatched it from his hands.

"You sure you can eat an entire Sbarro's pizza, and an entire thing of fried rice?"

"Obviously. Or else  I wouldn't have asked for it," she scoffed, opening the box.



"Never mind..."


She swatted her kitty away from the pizza, after the hungry thing tried to eat the toppings. Laughing, Bree pulled off the pepperonis and piled them onto a napkin. Desdemona instantly started chomping on the meat.

Content that her Guardian was fed, she pulled a now pepperoni-less slice of pizza out and started eating away.

For awhile, they ate in silence. Bree would look up every so often at Seth to find him sharing his chicken with Beelzebub.

"Why do they appear and disappear all the time?" she asked out of the blue.

Seth looked up, eyebrows raised as if he were shocked she was speaking to him. "Assuming you're talking about them---" he nodded to Desdemona and Beelzebub,"the answer is quite simple. They can kinda...Well, I guess you can say they materialize in and out of our sight. It's helpful, because the Shadow Demons can't see them either. That way, we don't all have to worry about whether or not they get hurt in battle. Because they do. It's not something that we humans handle very well..."

"That would explain why she would vanish whenever I was gonna give her a bath...But what do you mean, it's not something humans handle well?"

"Well...Guardians can't die. Meaning, they can take more pain then we can. A lot more. We're connected. We feel their pain, they feel ours. The amount of pain they can handle is enough to kill us."

"...Oh...So...What happens to them when we die?"

"We don't actually die. Our bodies do. Souls are eternal. They just wait around here on Earth until we get reincarnated."

"Huh...And how do you kn---" Bree's next question was cut off as Desdemona and Beelzebub jumped out of their laps and onto the floor. Backs arched, they were hissing profoundly, and their hair was standing on end. After a few seconds, they raced off out of the Food Court.

Seth, who had stood up as soon as they started hissing, was running after them. Bree blinked, and after grasping what just happened, chased after him.

"What--The f**k---Is this--About?" the crystal blue eyes girl gasped, finding that running and speaking was never a good idea.

His legs pumped harder, desperately trying to keep up with the fast felines. "Shadow Demons," he growled.




A few minutes later, the Guardians finally stopped. Breathing heavily, Seth leaned against one of the store's walls. Bree just fell to the ground, knees on with side of her.

"Why...Do...They gotta...Run...So...F*****g...Fast?" the worn out girl panted.

"They're cats...They can run at like thirty miles per hour or something," he replied, sounding less like they had just ran.

Nodding, Bree took a look around.

The display windows to the shops were broken and shattered. Chairs and benches were knocked over. A table was broken in half.

"What the Hell happened here!?" Bree exclaimed, finally noticing the disaster.

"Damned Demons..." Seth muttered. "Don't they know how hard it's gonna be to cover this mess up?"


"Most of the crime and destruction out there is basically cover-up stories to explain the crap the Shadows leave behind."



"When you see my face, hope it gives you Hell, hope it gives you Hell! When you walk my way, hope it gives you Hell, hope it gives you Hell!"

Music chimed from somewhere around Seth. "Alice..." he muttered, digging out his phone from one of his many jean pockets.

Bree sat there and listened to his conversation.

"Where are you? ...At the f*****g remains of the far east side. ...Are you on your way? ...Good. Bye."

"What about Alice?" the girl asked, stretching her arms out in front of her.

"She's on her way...She'll be here in a few seconds or something."

"That's g--" Bree couldn't finish the sentence due to her face becoming one with the floor.

"Gmmf uff mh!"

She could feel a body keeping her down, and heard a familiar laugh.


"...What?" Alice asked, not getting off.

"Get off of her so she can breathe, psycho," Seth sighed.

"Do I have to?"


"You're not fun..." Alice pouted, but slid off of her friend's back.

"What the Hell is wrong with you?!" Bree questioned.

"Ah ah ah!" she replied, holding up a finger." The correct question is what isn't wrong with me."

"...And that answer is...?"


"...Of course."

The other girl just grinned and helped her to her feet after standing up herself.

"Okay, I'm here!" Skyla panted, hunched over slightly, hands on her thighs. Her white dove circled overhead once, and flew down to perch on her shoulder.

"Alright. What's the game plan?" Alice asked, placing a hand on her hip.

"Skyla, you need to check out the surrounding area and make sure there's no injured people. Call if there's any trouble. Alice, please, go with her. Bree and I'll just look around, I guess," Seth shrugged.

"'Kay," Alice and Skyla said in unison.

"Wait, you got my new number yet?" Bree asked, digging out her phone from her shoe and holding it up.

"No...Gimmie," the blond ordered.

After programming each others' phone numbers, they all went their separate ways.

Bree could only hope nothing happened to them.

© 2012 Rayne~Drop.

Author's Note


Um...Ignore spelling or whatever...I'll fix it later. I'm to lazy now. XD

Eh...Dats it. KTHXBYE. XD

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*dies 'cause everything is so epic*

*is sorry for being unhelpful*

*reading on obsessively*

Posted 12 Years Ago

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You added this April 24th? Oops. I should have read this like...last week, in the days 'fore my birthday. OHFUCKINGWELL. BUTYAYYOUPOSTEDSOMETHINGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG. I LOVE YOU NH. imareaditnow. :D

"When you see my face, hope it gives you Hell, hope it gives you Hell! When you walk me way hope it gives you Hell hope it gives you Hell!" I F*****G LOVE THAT F*****G SONG. XD

-"Ah ah ah!" she replied, holding up a finger." The correct question is what isn't wrong with me."

"...And that answer is...?"


"...Of course."-

LMFAO. I f*****g love that. hehehe. OH. and the pizza thingy and when Seth scared Bree. hehhehehee. EPIC.

yeah. i dont want to leave a huge review. im not in the mood. ._. HHEHEHJKEHJKDFGHM,GBMCFBHF,C HF. :D

Posted 12 Years Ago

omg! i am totally in love with this book! i didnt stop reading it till just now! please finsh this book

Posted 12 Years Ago



"...Ree. Bree. Bree!"



khafksjhfka. Mkay, i'm done. heeheh. I think. Okay, um, I did see a typo though, in the Gives you Hell lyrics. You wrote "when you walk ME way" and... I started laughing when I read that. It was funny. ._. okay... WELLLLL. THIS CHAPTER WAS EPICAL (as suaul WOW I CAN'T TYPE "SUSU..." ........F**K "AS USUAL.: THERE I DID IT. I'M SO PROUD OF YN ... APPARENYLY FUFKKKKK!!!!!!!! S**T I CANNNOT TYPE WORTH A S**T TODAY. XDDDDD) okay. IT WAS EPICAL AS USUAL MMKAY?! I'm done. :D

Posted 12 Years Ago

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