Chapter Eight

Chapter Eight

A Chapter by Rayne~Drop.

Bree finally remembers a certain kitty, and an insane new character is met...Hold on, why does she have a baseball bat?


Bree trailed behind Skyla, trying to remember everything.

That moment, the girl was trying to tell her friend how to get around the estate.

The entire estate had quite a few full sized buildings. Three dorms, one for male students, one for female students, and another one for the teachers. There was the school building, and the Council room. Then there was the garage. Couldn't forget about the weapon room or storage room, either. Oh, and there was an infirmary as a separate building because of so many injured people there could be at one time.

Her head was starting to hurt. She couldn't remember half of the things Skyla just told her, she didn't have a map to help, either. And Skyla is not good at directions. At all. For anything. That made it a little harder for Bree to remember her way around.

Walked out of the boy's dormitory, they followed the short path to their dorm. Skyla pulled the double doors open to reveal her new home.

The inside was modern, and not as historical looking as the guys' dorm. The walls were painted a pretty shade of purple, with a similar design as theirs. The railing was silver, and the steps curved around to the top floor.

 after venturing up said steps, Bree nearly ran into a girl with crimson red hair as she made the corner.

Did Bree mention the girl had a baseball bat?

“Hey,” the girl said, sweeping the bangs out of her eyes.

Her silver eyes. Silver. That. Was not. Natural. ...Well...It probably was, but that wasn't the point!

“You the new kid? Bree Mason, right?” she asked, putting the baseball bat she held in her right hand over her shoulder and tilting her head in question.

“Yeah,” she drawled. "And you know me how?"

"Everyone does. Not often we get anyone else until first semester. That, and you are a little old to be a newbie. I'm Alice, by the way.”

Before Bree could respond to that in anyway, something started ringing.

Skyla pulled her cell phone out of the pocket of her jean skirt.

“Hey Damien,” the blond said, answering the phone and smiling.

From the grimace that Alice made, Bree could tell that she didn't like him.

“...Yeah? ...She what?...Well, why would Bree...? There's your answer...” Skyla said to Damien over the phone. “...Thanks for the heads up...Yeah, I'm with Alice now... She'll enjoy that. ”

“I heard my name mentioned in a sentence,” Bree said blankly starring at the cell phone.

“So did I,” Alice stated putting a hand on her hip.

“Damien told me you broke Seth's door,” Skyla replied to Bree. Turning to Alice, she said,”And Seth wants to meet up with you tomorrow and practice. Is it okay if me and Bree come with?”

“Okay,” Alice started, looking at Skyla. “Sure. I haven't gotten practice in since yesterday. Sounds good.”

With a clearly amused expression on her face, Alice turned to Bree. “You knocked down a door?”

“Yeah. It was locked. What was I supposed to do?” Bree questioned.

After a moment of silence, the silver-eyed girl pointed a finger at Bree. “I like you!” Alice declared suddenly.

“Bree can room with me tonight. We'll see you in the morning for breakfast!” she called over her shoulder to Skyla, taking a confused Bree by the wrist and dragging her down the opposite hallway.

“Have fun!” the blond called back, waving to them. “See ya tomorrow!”

The red-haired girl put the baseball bat up in the air, as to show that Skyla had been heard.

After a moment, Alice let go of Bree's wrist, sure that the brunette would follow her.

“So,” the silver-eyed girl started. “Who have you met so far?”

“Well...” Bree said, thinking. “I've met...Skyla, obviously. Damien I already knew, kinda. You...And Seth.”

“Ugh...I hate that thing...” Alice muttered darkly.

“Thing?” the brunette questioned.

“Yes...Thing...There's no other word for it.”

“...Thing meaning Seth, or thing meaning Damien?”

Since Alice didn't grimace until the mention of Damien, she assumed that was it.

“I see...How is he and it?” Bree asked.

“...It's just that...It's so...So...So happy. No person, one of us or other wise, can be that optimistic.”

“...Have to agree on that. But I don't really see him much, so I guess it doesn't bother me.”

“Mm. Makes me wonder how Skyla deals with it.”

“Well, Sky was always a happy person. I just bring out her more violent, destructive side.”

Alice let out an amused sound, and suddenly stopped. She turned to the left and put and arm out, presenting whatever was in front of it.

Bree turned to, looking at what Alice wanted to show her.

It was a door. Her bedroom door, she assumed.

It was painted black, with “Alice” written in red, cursive letters. A small, cartoon fox was on the bottom right corner of the door.

“After you,” Alice said, pulling the door open.

Nodding, Bree cautiously walked in, not sure what to expect.

The walls were painted red, with orange and yellow paint splatters. A double bed with a scarlet red comforter was up against the wall left of the door. A cherry wood dresser was in the far left corner of the room, at the head of the bed. Windows right across the room gave a wonderful view of what looked like a training ground. Two bean bag chairs sat in the corner, along with a laptop in one of them.

And...What was that?

“Um...Hey Alice?” Bree asked worriedly.

“Yeah?” the crimson haired girl responded, clearly sounding worried.

“ that?” she said, pointing a finger at what looked like a fox.

But Bree wasn't so sure.

“Whaddaya...?” Alice started, looking at where her new friend was.

“Oh!” she suddenly exclaimed, laughing. “That's not a thing. She's a fox,” the silver-eyed girl continued, rolling her eyes. “Her name's Cytheria.”

“...Haah?” the brunette replied, giving Alice a blank stare.

“My Guardian,” the silver-eyed girl responded, giving Bree a look that said her sanity was in question.

“Oh,” Bree replied looking down.

“And speaking of which,” Alice started, walking over to sit on her bed. “Where's yours?”

“Mine?” the brunette wondered out loud.

The crimson-haired girl nodded, tilting her head in question.

“...S**t...Where's Desdemona?” Bree suddenly said, giving Alice a deer-in-headlights look.

© 2012 Rayne~Drop.

Author's Note

Yeash! 2 chapters in 2 days! ...I think. XD Anyway...No random destruction...Cause I wanted to make it shorter...But violence is promised in the next chapter...That and people nonchalantly destroying things. Tell me whatcha think! =3


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*is addicted*

*loves Alice*

*is reading on*

Posted 12 Years Ago

As Roxie knows, foxes are my favorite animal, so that one place in my heart was like "AHHHH! SQUEE~~~" :D Damien sounds like ME! Crazy and optimistic and happy. ALL THE TIME!!!! :D *Bounces up and down*

Posted 13 Years Ago

and "I like you!" xD i lol'd, and i lurve this chapter *u*
her room is fawking aweshum C:

Posted 13 Years Ago

[send message][befriend] Subscribe
I AGREE WITH EVERYTHING MADDIE SAID. XDDDD she said what i wanted too. D:

AND OMGOMGOMGOMG FOX!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE FOXES; FOXES ARE DA SHIZ!!! XDDD AND OMGOMG rofl....she forgot da kitty cat. rofl. and no. its FAIL all capital. xDD not quite epic...but yeah. AND YES!! I CANT WAIT UNTIL THE RANDOM DESTRUCTION!!! that chu told me a little about... SO WRITE IT DAMNIT!! XDD

Posted 13 Years Ago

LOLOLOL "I like you!" I remember u and Roxie talking about zat... xDDD And wowwww Breee.... "s**t where's Desdemona?" xDD Fail.... with a capital "F".... XDDD Alice is very... interesting... Ooh and her room is officially AWESOME.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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