Chapter Twenty

Chapter Twenty

A Chapter by Rayne~Drop.

First days of school are always one of the bests. Or one of the worst if you're Bree. There's an unexpected teacher that she wants no parts with as an educator.

"Hello there, Spencer. I see you, you boy, boy."

Bree's eyes flew open as she reflexively grabbed the nearest object and tossed it somewhere away from her.

That object happened to be fluffy, sleepy, and thoroughly pissed.

Desdemona let out a growl as she padded back to her place on her owner's pillow. All the poor thing wanted to do was sleep some more. But no. The girl next to her just had to overreact to everything.

In her confusion, Bree got tangled in her covers and fell off of her bed.

"I see you, Spencer. With my eyes."

She peeked over the edge of her bed, only her eyes and nose visible, looking around for the sound.

After the words stopped, she sighed and climbed back onto the bed.

"You're the architect of my dreams, Spencer."

Bree let out a small scream, and put a pillow over her head.

"You plan them, and build them on blue paper, and hand them to me."

Frantically, she held Desdemona up to eye level.

"And then I dream them, Spencer. That's what you do for me. Thank you for that, Spencer. You prick."

 eyes wide, she shook the poor cat. "Where's that coming from?! Go on and find it! I know you know where it is!"

Bree continued to stare at the cat until realizing that she couldn't move while she was holding her.

"I'm a magician, Spencer. A furious magician."

Setting the cat down, Bree watched as Desdemona walked over to her nightstand, and pointed a paw to her phone.


The brunette crawled over to the phone, and tentatively answered.

"H...Hello?" she asked, voice wavering.

"Hi," an irritated voice responded.

"Wh...Who is this?"

"Ben Bernanke. Now lemme talk to Spencer."



"...Spenc...That's...Not my name. I think...?"

"...Wow. You suck at mornings."

"Who are you!?"



"...The pervert?"

"...Oh, yeah! You're that guy who sexually harassed...Someone."

"Ugh! We already established that I did nothing!"

"...Why'd you bring it up then?"

"...So you'd remember. Now get up."

"But I'm sleepy."

"Alice is coming over in a few."

"...That scary pyro chick?"

"She'll be so proud when she hears what you think of her as."

"...She's coming over here?" Bree asked, eyes widening.

"Yes. Now get up. And do whatever girls your age do in the morning. Or she'll dress you up herself."

Bree was in the bathroom before the phone hit the bed.

After plugging in the flat iron, she stared into the mirror for a moment before deciding that her hair was impossible. So much for running a brush through it and leaving it be.

Well...She could put a hair tie in it. Have it pulled and look curly. But...She didn't know where they were, and was totally not up to looking for them. Straighten it? It'd kill her hair. She hated using the flat iron to fix her bangs as it was.

Ugh...Think, think...

Ribbon. The was a pretty purple one on the counter.

She ran a brush through it, wincing at all of the knots, and scraped her hair back to tie the ribbon at the bottom of her neck.

There. Perfect...Ish. It was as good enough for her. It could get fixed later. Straightening her bangs, unplugged the flat iron went and opened her closet.

She couldn't see the colors, d****t. Where was the light again? ...Door. Right.

She flipped the switch and went back to her outfit dilemma.

Jean shorts, white tee with music = life written in purple lettering, socks, purple converse...That worked.

Bree discarded her nightclothes on her bed, and changed into the outfit she picked out.

As she walked towards her bookcases, the girl tripped over something.

"Mother f*****g..."

Huh. It was a messenger bag. It was black with a neon blue cat head shape on the corner of the back. On the front, swirls of the different shades of blue. And..A note?

Unfolding the piece of paper, Bree opened the bag.

Even though you won't appreciate it, here are your school supplies.

No, really? Even after just waking up, she could figure out that much.

In it, your textbooks, a few pens and pencils, notebooks, and a little of everything else.

Again. Duh.

Your scheduled is taped to your door. Don't be late for school.
-Administrator Joshua

Just as she looked up at her door, it swung open, revealing Alice with a grin on her face.

She stood with her hands on her hips in a short pink dress that had more then it's fair share of zippers, as well as lavender and white converse.

"Okay, kiddies! Time for---" Alice's grin fell as she took in Bree's appearance. "Aww...You're up."

"...Seth called."

"So now he wants to listen," she muttered. "Jerk..."


Bree simply stared at the silver eyed girl mumble to herself.

Alice looked back up at her friend and gave her a sheepish smile,putting a hand behind her head.

"You're hungry right? Let's get you some food."


"I know. I said that, like, two seconds ago. Now grab your bag and let's go! I wanna eat before class starts."

Bree slowly climbed to her feet and swung the messenger back over her shoulder. Grabbing the book she never finished yesterday, she shuffled her feet after Alice. Desdemona behind her, she locked the door.

She started to walk down the hallway until the crimson haired girl spun her around.

"This way delirious."

"...Well then, if you know the way so well, why don't you lead?"

"Great idea. I will."


"I'm well aware. I choose to ignore it sometimes. Sometimes meaning now."

Eyes narrowed, Bree followed after Alice rather reluctantly.

Through the hallway, down the steps, into the kitchen---Ew. People. The last thing she needed was loud, noisy, obnoxious---


...Could she die now? That would be preferable. A nice, quick death. Not slow, painful, full of pure agony---

"I'm Delilah!"

Make. It. STOP. For the love of GOD. Make. It stop!

Bree glared at the petite brunette, hoping she'd get the hint and beat it.

She had no such luck.

"You must be Bree Mason! I heard we were getting a new student, but I didn't think that she'd be---"

"Do you EVER shut up?!"

Seth. What the Hell?

"Why are you here?" Bree questioned, turning around to face the boy behind her.

"I came to see if Alice got to you. Apparently not. A damn shame too. I was looking forward to seeing you in one of the short little skirts you---"


He was certainly not expecting a blow to the neck with a book.

Starring at the fallen Seth, she ignored all of the death glares and frightened whispers and stares. She was hungry, d****t, and God forbid hurting Seth was gonna keep the girl from getting a f*****g hot pocket.

"Move it," Bree growled at the girls huddled around him.

Grabbing his shirt collar, she dragged him over to one of the freezers. She let him fall by her feet as she dug around for her choice of breakfast.

Why would they put them in the back? Don't they know that people eat them?

Ugh. Oh well. She'd found her food, therefore in a more or less better mood for the time being.

Into the microwave, onto the plate. God, it smelled good.

She sat on the floor next to the freezer out of habit, and prodded Seth with her foot. He stirred a little.

"See that? I didn't kill him...Yet," she announced, muttering the last part to herself.

Bree starred down at the hot pocket. It looked like it cooled, but she was just too hungry to wait any longer.

Breakfast halfway to her mouth---

"Bree! There you are! I've been looking everywhere for you!" Alice exclaimed, kicking Seth out of the way to crouch down in front of her.

"I," Bree started slowly, setting down the hot pocket,"have been here. Trying to eat. Where have you been?"

"...Really? But I thought you walked off..."

"No. You did."

"Oh. Well, you're here now."

"Yeah...By the way, what did you do with my scheduled?"

Alice pulled out a folded piece of paper and opened it. It was marked in red with little notes.

"I made a few, tiny adjustments."

"And by that, you mean...?"

"Oh, I just added a footnote or two."

"Uh huh."

Bree took a bite out of the hot pocket and retrieved the paper.

First period, mythology with Professor Randall. Second period, English Literature with Professor Elizabeth. Third period, Japanese with Professor Yuki. Fourth period, instrumental instruction with Professor Darcy. Lunch. Fifth period, biology with Professor Haden. Sixth period, training with Professor Lenobia. And, finally, seventh period with Professor Ace.

Alice had also written in the classes that she shared with the rest of the group.

First period with Skyla, second she was alone, third with Roxas, fourth with Seth, fifth with Alice, and sixth and seventh she was with Roxas, Alice, and Seth.

"Seth plays?"

"Yeah. Really well, too. But he hates to play in front of a large group of people. If it's only a few, he has no problem. It's not like he's nervous or anything either, because he does play for some of the performances at the school."

"What's he play?"

"I'm sure he'll tell you."

"...So, from the looks of it, the teachers are pretty good, right?"

"Eh...More or less. You have to watch out for Randall though."

Bree skimmed over his profile as she finished her hot pocket.

"Large amounts of reading assignments, lots of tests and quizzes...He do lectures?"

"No, thank God. He normally has us read up on the Gods and Goddesses, as apposed to just telling us all about him. He does movies and stuff too. But the tests and stuff are hard. You miss a minute of class, you're basically screwed."

"And Professor Haden?"

"So much homework it's not even funny."


"I know. Oh. Here's your phone."

"...You have it why?" Bree asked, giving her an odd look and taking the phone.

"You left it in your room along with your scheduled."

"I didn't leave it. You would have murdered me if I took any longer."

Alice only shrugged.

"Books. Hurt. A lot. Don't do it again."

"Oh. You're up," Alice pouted.

"Yes. Thank God I didn't die."

"Only if I broke your brain stem."

Seth's hand flew to his neck, and he slid away a few feet.

"Well, school starts in...ten minutes. Time to get you to class," Alice said, standing up, and dragging Bree to her feet.

"Don't wanna."

"Oh well. Skyla's gonna meet us in front of the school. Let's go Breezy! ...You probably should get to class too, weirdo," the crimson haired girl added, looking at Seth.

"I don't need a tour. I'll take a five minute nap on this floor and get to class a little late. I need sleep," Seth replied, falling back on the floor and closing his eyes.

"...Suit yourself. C'mon."

Bree, again, reluctantly followed Alice to the front of the school. Skyla was waiting by the flag pole in a man made island, surrounded by pavement.

"About time you guys got here!" the blond called happily, skipping over to them.

"...I hate. You all," Bree said darkly, glaring at the two morning people she referred to as friends.

"That's what you tell me almost every morning. I'm well aware of it by now," Skyla said, rolling her eyes. "But come on! I need to show you your second period class so you don't get lost."

Skyla lead Bree into the school, Alice keeping pace next to them.

Dragging her by the wrists, Skyla listened to her best friend's complaints.

"There's people here. I don't like it. I wanna sleep. I need coffee. But a cookie sounds good right now," Bree said in monotone.

"Get over it," Alice said cheerfully.

"Roxas can come pick you up and take you to third, and Seth can get you from there. We'll meet up for lunch, and then Alice can take you to fifth, and then sixth and seventh," Skyla informed her. "Here's your English lit class. Room number 214. It's only down the hall from first period."

Skyla stopped by what she assumed was her first period class.

"This is Professor Randall's class. Room 200. You just hang out here for a few. He'll call you in in a moment, alright?"

"Sure, sure. Whatever."

Her friend gave her a look, before sighing.

"Try not to make too many people scared of you, okay?"

"You shouldn't ask the impossible."

Rolling her eyes, Skyla patted Bree's head before waling into the class room, leaving Bree alone with other students in the hallway.

She sank to the floor, and people watched until only a few late students were left in the halls.

God, she was bored.

Where was her cat when she wanted her?

...Wait...Didn't she have her...Book! Yes!

Bree grinned as she pulled out Wicked Lovely. It was so addicting! Why the Hell hadn't she read it sooner?

Completely absorbed in her reading, she didn't notice the minutes pass by.

Then, one minute she was inside a fantasy of fairies, the next she was looking up at some weird man.

"If you would like to introduce yourself?" he asked.

Bree then realized what happened, and her odd position of her on her back, and legs tucked close to her.

Getting into a more natural sitting position, she realized she was being stared at by the entire class.

School. Crap. Oh well. So much for a new start.

She jumped to her feet looked at Professor Randall with a rather blank expression.

She really didn't wanna speak in front of class. It was awkward, and she hated it.

"Well. Let's hear it. your name and a little about yourself, please."

She glared at him for a few seconds before taking a breath and facing the class once again.

"Bree Mason. I'm sadistic, I enjoy seeing others in pain, I read a lot...Oh. And I don't like you people. Until you give me a reason to like you. Which prbably won't happen."

Skyla face palmed and let her head fall on her desk.

"Okay...Now, you can have a seat near De---"

"I'll sit near Skyla."

"Wha---? No! Edwin already sits next to---"


Bree was already at Edwin's seat, ordering him around.

"No," he said, a smug smirk on his face.


"Oh, God. He's screwed, he's screwed, he's screwed," the blond mumbled over and over again.

"I. Said. No."

"Oh, really?"

"Yes, real---"

The girl was on the desk with her foot on his forehead. "Leave," she said once more, before pushing his chair back, causing him to fall.

She hopped down off of the desk and dragged him out of the chair and across the room. She then walked back to her seat, and sat down as if nothing happened.

The class stared while the teacher went on with instruction. He'd seen this behavior from Alice, and was more disappointed than surprised.

"What were you thinking?" Skyla whisper-yelled.

"I didn't wanna sit next to a stranger," Bree replied calmly, taking out her mythology book and turning to the page written on the board.

Skyla had no reply to that.

The class itself went along smoothly, and Bree was actually quite interested in the material.

The stories were very entertaining from what she'd read, and his teaching style was perfect for her. He'd assign reading time during class, a worksheet or two on the story, and packet to complete for the week as homework.

She rather liked the class so far.

Professor Randall looked up from his book at his desk to check the clock above the chalk board.

"Okay class! Quiz tomorrow on you knowledge of Greek mythology! Onto your next period!"

The room erupted into talking as he ended class.

"I'm on to my next period. You'll be okay?" Skyla asked, packing up her books.

"Sure," Bree replied, rolling her eyes as she put her belongings away.


"Yes, yes! Now go onto...Whatever you have next!" Bree urged, pushing her out the door and down the hall.

As her best friend disappeared into the throng of students, she sighed and worked her way up the hall.

Then she realized she forgot the room number.

Um...It was an odd number, right? 215? ...Yeah. Sure. Let's go with that.

She caught the number 3 on a door to her right, and attempted to get out of the herd of people.

...It was probably it.

She opened the door only to be greeted by her worst fear.

The walls of the class room were painted green and red, with a white ceiling.

Alice was in the middle of the circle of desks holding a pair of maracas, and wearing a sombrero, all while she cursed in Spanish when she
¿ missed the swinging pinata.

Bree?¿Que tal amiga? No esta tu clase. Y tu profesora es Senorita Elizabeth. ¿Tu tienes la clase de ingles esta hora, no?"

Bree ran out of the room screaming, leaving a confused Alice behind whacking a pinata with musical instruments.

Having fled to the room across the hall, she had no idea what the number on the door was. She sighed in relief; no sign of anything remotely close to having anything to do with Mexico, Spain, or whatever else was related to Spanish.

It was a light blue classroom. Huh. Odd. Classes weren't normally painted different colors.

"Bree Mason?"

Bree's head snapped to the front of the class room. A woman with blue hair and glasses sat on her desk.

"Yeah...Is this Professor Elizabeth's class?"

"Yes...Have a seat anywhere."

She walked over to the middle of the second row and sat down, fidgeting a little. Why was no one in the class yet?

"Reading problem."


She looked at her teacher, more then a little confused.

"I reiterate. You have a reading problem."

Now, Bree was more then a little offended.

"And what gives you a right to say that?" she asked, eyes narrowed.

"I didn't say it."

"Yes you did."

"No, child. I repeated it."

"Then who said it first?"

"No one said it."


"Your report card. Almost every teacher said you have a reading problem."

"So I like to read? Big deal."

"Your right. It is."


"Not enough kids read now a days. It's very troubling for an English teacher."

"I thought it was English Lit, not Language Arts."

"...I can be both, can't I?"

"If you say so."

A few students started to fill the room, when Bree thought of another question.

"Professor Elizabeth, why is your hair blue?"

"Don't you like it?"

Bree was more then a little taken aback when her teacher looked down sadly, and combed through her hair with both hands.

"It's blue. What's not to like?"

"Thank you!" the woman said, beaming.

What was up with her mood swings?

"Oh, and Dearie?"


"Don't bother with the professor or Elizabeth. Just call me Ms.Liz."

The class was mostly filled in when Bree noticed something odd to her right. A few chairs over, there was a small, blond boy wearing a freaking scarf. In the Summer.

She didn't like him already.

After determining that there was enough students to begin class, Professor El---...Er...Ms.Liz started off with an announcement. She hopped of her desk and moved to her swivel chair.

"We'll be starting a new book today, in honor of a new semester. If one of you would pass out the books to the class...? Eli, thank you."

...So that was the scarf wearing weirdo's name.

Eli hurried around the class room, giving out the books to the students. At the row behind her, he even managed to step on her hair.

She growled and whipped around, the boy not noticing at all.

Scratch her disliking him. She hated him.

"The Hobbit, by J. R. R. Tolkien. Any thoughts on the story from the title?"

It was silent. No one even looked like they wanted to say anything at all.

Lovely. She was surrounded by idiots with no will to voice anything.

The minutes ticked by, Ms.Liz still waiting for an answer.

Sighing out of aggravation, Bree reluctantly raised her hand.

"Ah, yes!" the teacher said, gliding across the room. "Bree, please do share your opinion with the class."

"I personally think it's a waste of time."

"Oh?" Ms.Liz slid over to where Bree was sitting. "Do explain." She rested her chin on a pair of folded hands and waited for her explanation.

"I read this in third grade."

"Hmm? And your point?"

"If a third grader could easily understand the plot, then why should we have to in---Ninth grade, I guess?---English class?"

"I see. And, class, has anyone else read The Hobbit?" the bluenette asked, rolling away on her chair.

A collective chorus of "no's" came from the room.

"...Well. Alrighty then! You're first assignment in class, Bree, is to pick out the novel we're to read!" the bluenette declared. "If you would be so kind, no mystery. I can't stand those books, and make sure it has action! That will be all."

"With all do respect, Professor," Eli started, standing up,"I'd like to demand you keep the book choice the same."

"Eli! Now, why is that?"

"Because! Just because one student has already read the book, that does not mean the book should be changed! If you already went through all the work of preparing the assignment for The Hobbit, then we should stick with that choice!"

"Now, Eli does have a point here class. Vote on it?"

The boy smirked at the confused new student. "Of course. Although I hardly see the need. We all know who's going to win," Eli said smugly.

"Uh..." Bree attempted to get a word in, but was never given the chance.

"You know the drill!" Ms.Liz said, passing around slips of paper. "Write down the name of who you're siding with. Bree for a mystery selection, or Eli for The Hobbit! You have a few minutes to decide, and back up your answers! Persuade the class!"

All Bree could do was stare at the oddness of it all.

"My fellow students! I would like to say a few things before you decide," Eli declared, standing on his desk. "Who would you, really, want to decide the fate of our entire class? Some...Some newbie outsider?" He waved a hand at Bree dismissively. "Or a certified teacher? Who knows what...Insane tastes of books this chick has?"

Something inside Bree snapped at the last comment.

"I have a GREAT sense of literature thank you very much!"

She stood up and stomped over to where Eli was looking at her on his desk, knocking over her chair in the process. She violently pulled him down onto the floor, and loomed over him menacingly.

"Everyone knows Lord of the Rings! Why go for something so...Common? I read. A lot. Probably more then all of you combined, if not more!" she continued, placing a foot on his chest to keep him down. "So, who the Hell are you to judge me based on the fact you know nothing!"

"Alright, dearies!" Ms.Liz called from her spot on her desk. "The Tikki is being passes around! Only vote once, or else." The blue haired professor's eyes flashed, as if a threat. She gained an amused expression as some of the kids flinched.

After the head had made it's rounds, the professor wrote both Bree's and Eli's names on the board. Taking each slip out, she marked a tally under the voted name.

"Bree. Eli. Looks like a draw. So I'll do the tie breaker," she announced.

The blond smirked, folding his arms. This win was totally his.

"Bree, I'll allow you to chose the book."

Or it wasn't.

Victorious expression wiped off his face, Eli stared at his teacher in shock and disbelief.

So much for it being in the bag.

"Hm...In Literature, we read as well as write. Take out your journals, if you please. Bree, there's one in your bag already. I want a comedy! Make me laugh, please! Real life, fiction, I do not care."

A piece of folded paper landed on her desk as she retrieved a notebook from her messenger bag. Curious, she unfolded it to read its contents.

You may have one the battle, but the war is FAR from over!

Bree simple rolled her eyes before crumpling the paper up and chucking it at the sender.

Not bothering to see his reaction, she opened the book to the first page and started writing. Before she knew it, Ms.Liz announced that class had ended, and students filed out the door.

Homework; find a good novel for class. Simple enough.

Roxas walked in soon after Bree had packed up and the room was cleared.

"Hi," he said blankly, waiting for her to follow him.

"Onwards to Japanese?" she said idiotically.

Roxas nodded and walked out the door, the black haired girl trailing behind him. As they walked, she matched his stride enough to be next to him, more or less.

Jesus, he needed to say something. The silence was killing her, but Roxas seemed unaffected or indifferent.

He was so hard to read.

Another trip down a hall way of way too many f*****g kids, and they were at their next class.

A screen sliding door? That's not odd at all. There was a little cubbie area that looked as if it would fit about thirty or so pairs of shoes next to the entrance on either side.

Roxas took of his shoes, much to Bree's surprise, and was even more shocked when he expected her to do the same.

"Just put them in one of the empty slots," he told her.

"What if someone steals them?" she argued.

"No one wants to pay the consequence of stealing while school's in session," he replied simply.

In only socks, she watched as Roxas sank to the floor, only to open the door and walk through.

Bree walked in as well, taking in the, to say the least, strange classroom set up.

Eight, square tables, quite low to the ground, were organized around the room. Students sat on the floor, and there wasn't a chair in sight.


She followed Roxas to an unoccupied table, and sat to the left of him, so that she was facing the board.

"Rokusasu-san? Konnichiwa!"

Bree looked up to see a rather young woman in a kimono. Her dark brown hair was pulled back into a low pony tail, and it hung pin straight down to the middle of her back.

"Ohayo gozaimasu," Roxas greeted, bowing his head slightly.

"Eh? Ano hito wa dare desu ka?" she asked, pointing to Bree.

"Ano hito wa Meison-san desu."

"Aa. Soo desu ka?"

"Hai, sensei."

Turning to Bree, the woman gave her a smile, light brown eyes lighting up.

"Konnichiwa, Meison-san. Hajimemashite Ohkubo Yuki desu."


Bree stared oddly, looking back and forth from Roxas to...Whatever her name was.

"Bree, this is Ohkubo-sensei. She's our Japanese teacher," he replied calmly.

"...Can she even speak English?"

"Of course I can," Yuki laughed.

"Uh...So...What do I call you, exactly?" she asked.

"Hm...You could call me Ohkubo-sensei. haven't heard that in awhile. Or, just a Yuki-san. Or Yuki-sensei. Either. Just make sure you add a '-san' or '-sensei' alright? Or even a Sensei would work too!" the teacher replied cheerfully.


"Rokusasu-san, would you care to explain to your friend?"

"Honorifics," he started. "They're the ending that you put onto a name to show respect or affection. Because we're friends, I'd refer to you as Bree-chan, or Bree-san. he ending '-chan' shows affection of a friend. The ending -'sensei' are used with teachers. The ending '-san' is a fail safe. It's accepted in any situation. The ending '-kun' is used for younger boys, or male friends. So, you'd refer to me as Roxas-kun. Or '-san'. Again, it's fail safe."

"I got that."

"Good! Well, let's start with...Ah! Higurana. You have to learn to read before you speak it!," Yuki-sensei said in a sing song voice.


"...What's that?" Bree asked ask their teacher walked over to other students.

"It's a writing system. There are three."

Bree groaned as Roxas pulled out the Higurana chart.

"And you get to learn all of it."

A painful class time of studying later, they were on their way to her music class.

"Thanks for walking me," Bree said, giving him a little wave.

"Sure," he replied, putting his hands in his pockets and walking off.

The girl turned and went into class, prepared to be scared with the sight of an elderly teacher, that only cares about the students being able to blow air into a recorder.

Hm. No ugly lady. Sweet.

Bree stood awkwardly in the middle of the room, scanning the class for a teacher.

"Mason comma Bree?"

A brown haired lady that had to be in her early twenty's appeared in front of her, holding a chart.


"Well, a few questions before we start."

"Fire away."

"Do you play an instrument?"


"Thank God. Too many have no clue."

"I'm sure."

"Uh...Where was I..." The teacher scanned over her papers before looking up suddenly.

"I forgot to introduce myself! I'm Professor Darcy. Don't bother with the Ms. or Professor, it makes me feel old."

"Can do."

"Well, what do you play?"

Bree had to think about that for a minute. She could play guitar easily enough...


"Anything else?"

"Well...I started to learn keyboard."

"And which would you rather study?"

"Keyboard. I can already play guitar well enough."

"Seeing as a keyboard is piano except on a smaller scale, would you be interested in learning that?" Darcy asked hopefully.

"Of course! I'd love to," Bree said, genuinely smiling.

"Lovely! First off, we'll need to..."

All focus on the conversation was lost as she saw Seth go into a back room, apart from the rest of the class. And no one else seemed to be going back there...



"I said, we'll have to have you meet your instructor."

...So Darcy wasn't gonna teach her? Isn't that what teachers were for?

"So...I'm not learning anything from you?" the black haired girl drawled.

"Oh, please. I'm not nearly skilled enough to teach you piano. That's the one thing I can't play to save my life. But don't worry. Your new piano teacher is the best of the best."

"If you say so..."

Darcy walked her to the back room where Seth went into.

"The grand piano's in there. Have fun with your classes!"

With that, the woman was off to the front of the class, giving out instruction.

After staring at the door handle for a moment, Bree shook her head to clear it and slowly pulled it open.

Seth sat on the bench alone in the room, sheet music tossed around everywhere.

...Where was the...

Oh God.


He couldn't be...

"No way in Hell are you gonna be my teacher!" Bree yelled, back pressed against the door, an accusing finger pointed at him.

© 2012 Rayne~Drop.

Author's Note

It's done. It's long. I'll work on the rest later.
Imma sleep now. It's 11. I've been up since 8 a.m. I went to sleep this morning at 3 a.m.
Rayne needs her sleep.
I'll edit it later.

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"I see you, Spencer. With my eyes." this f*****g amuses me. so much.

i started to read this but i cant finish it because i need to focus so just keep in mind i love it and it is f*****g awesome and i will finish it eventually in my lfietime. LIFETIME. :3

Posted 12 Years Ago


KILL ME. D: ...after i finish BMW. :3





Jesus f**k, screw this review. i can't even type anyway. xD so... READING ON. :D

Posted 12 Years Ago

Why does writerscafe always f**k up the things I say. .__.


Posted 12 Years Ago

OH MY F*****G GOD.

I kept bursting out laughing. I was dying when Seth was Ben Bernanke, that part was pure beauty in itself.

AND WHEN BREE WENT INTO THE SPANISH CLASSROOM. I DIED AGAIN. BUT MORE THIS TIME. OH GOD. THAT WAS JUST AWESOME. That's probably where I laughed the most. I love Bree's fear of the spanish culture.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on July 24, 2011
Last Updated on January 17, 2012
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Hi my name's Rayne and I don't write much anymore which means I'm never on this website. more..

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