Chapter Nine

Chapter Nine

A Chapter by Rayne~Drop.

Alice and Bree go to find Desdemona...Hitting one more deer then necessary in the process.

“Whaddaya mean,'Where's Desdemona?' What's a Desdemona?” Alice asked, clearly confused.

“Exactly what I said! Desdemona is my cat! She follows me around everywhere, even when I leave the house. I've had her since forever. I need to find her,” Bree said, freaking out more and more every second.

“Then if she's not with you, where is she?” the crimson haired girl questioned, getting nervous as well.

“Um...” the worried brunette started, pacing back and forth. “I don't think I've seen her since Seth kidnapped me!”

“Oh,” Alice sighed, visibly relaxing. “In that case, she's probably still at your house.”

“Well, yeah! So how the Hell do I get her back?!” Bree said, crossing her arms and tapping her foot impatiently.

“Well...We could have Seth open a portal...But that wouldn't be smart right now,” the silver-eyed girl said resting her cheek in her hand. “We could go to the Council and just have them bring her back...”

“Ugh...Don't wanna go to other people for help,” the brunette sighed, placing a hand on her hip.

“Or...” Alice said, suddenly sitting up straight with a wicked smirk on her face.

“Or?” Bree repeated, raising an eyebrow in question.

“Or...We just go to your house and get her.”


“...What?” the girl asked. “It's a great plan. No one'll even know we're gone!”

“How do you expect us to get there? Hijack a car or something?” the brunette said rolling her eyes.

After a moment of silence, they both looked at each other in realization.

“I was gonna say we could burn stuff, but that's a good idea to” Alice started.


“What? I'm a pyromaniac. Not my fault I like to watch things burn.”

“...No comment.”

“Anyway...Hijacking a car sounds like a great idea...But...”

“How do we get the car?” they both wondered aloud at the same time.

Bree stared at her new friend expectantly. She had no idea what was in, laying about, or around the mansion...So finding a car would be up to Alice.

“Well,” Alice said slowly. “It's dark enough now so it wouldn't be so obvious if we left.”

“...And?” the brunette asked, giving her a blank stare.



“How opposed are you to auto theft?”

“You're kidding right? Sounds fun.”

“I knew I liked you!” the girl laughed.

Alice jumped up off of her bed and walked to her dresser. She picked up a pony tail and tossed it to Bree.

“You might wanna tie your hair up,” she stated.


Catching, the brunette pulled her hair up into a sloppy bun. She pulled up her camisole a little and moved to sit in one of the bean bag chairs not occupied by Cytheria after moving the laptop.

Alice dropped to her knees and reached under her bed for her boots. They were black, and had all kinds of cool zippers and buckles on them.

She stood up again and brushed off her red plaid skirt that frilled like a tutu at the bottom. After yanking on her boots, went over to her closet.

Bree watched with a raised eyebrow as Alice withdrew rope, duct tape, and a pair of handcuffs. Deciding she didn't want to know, she stayed silent.

“Okay,” the silver-eyed girl started. “Outside my window is the training ground. If we go across the field, then we can get to the road pretty fast, depending on whether or not we run. Got it?”

As the brunette nodded, Alice walked over to the window and pushed it open.

“Cytheria,” she called.

At only the sound of her name, the guardian fox trotted over to her owner.

“Meet us at the road, 'kay?”

With that, Cytheria jumped out the window and ran across the training ground.

“I'll get the handcuffs and duct tape, you get the rope?”

“Sounds good to me.”

Slinging the rope on her shoulder, Bree looked out the window cautiously.

"What?" Alice asked, coming up behind her.

"...I'm not jumping that."

"Why? It's only...Oh. Yeah. Forgot about that."


"...I'll jump out first, then I'll catch you!" Alice declared.

"...You drop me, or miss, and I will kill you."

"As if, but I get your point."

Alice jumped out the window and landed on her feet like it was nothing. Now, if only she could do the same.

"Don't think about it!" she called from below.

Bree sighed. Oh well. If she died, at least she got to see a concert before hand, right? Closing her eyes, she climbed out the window, and waited for the sound of bones breaking. When nothing was heard or felt, she cracked an eye open.

Huh. Looks like she was alive.

Alice set her down, scanned the field. The girl wore the duct tape roll on her wrist like a bracelet, and the handcuffs were hanging over one of the chains on her skirt.

“You can see in the dark enough to run, right?” she asked.

“Sure, I guess,” Bree responded, stretching.

Alice closed her eyes, and slowly opened them. The brunette watched in amazement and shock as her pupils turned into slits and dilated.

“...Y....Your...Your eyes,” she managed to get out.

“On of the powers I get from having a fox for a Guardian. I can see in the dark,” the silver-eyed girl grinned.

“...That's just...Wow.”

“Heh...I know.”

With that, Alice took off running toward the trees.

It was hard for Bree to keep up...She was just so damn fast! It was a mystery how the brunette had managed to keep her in sight at all.

In about a minute or two, they cleared the field. But they still had yet to let up the pace. In the way of trees, Bree had to spend more effort trying to avoid low branches. As a result, she was losing sight of Alice.

Soon, her figure, which was getting smaller with every passing second, disappeared altogether into the darkness.

“Well, f**k,” Bree muttered to herself.

She continued to run blindly for a while, until a road came into view. Only then did she slow her pace.

Going into a light jog, she reached the side of the road and looked around for her insane friend.

“Alice?” Bree called tentatively.

“Up here!”

Up? Bree thought. What the f**k?

Confused, the girl slowly looked up.

Alice was sitting in the tree. Well, standing in the tree, actually.

She crossed her arms and smirked.

“Looks like you are going to need to run with me more...Or learn to control your abilities,” the crimson haired girl stated, nodding her head.

"Again with abilities and powers," she muttered.

Alice jumped down from the branch she was standing on, which must have been at least ten feet high. She landed lightly on her feet with both hands behind her back next to Bree.

“Took you long enough” Alice joked.

“Yeah, well, we all don't have super human speed,” Bree replied, rolling her eyes.



“Anyway,” she continued. “Here's the plan. As a car drives by, we through a log in front of it. That way they'll stop. When someone rushes out of the car, Cytheria will act like she's dead. That'll keep them busy for a minute. Then we can sneak up on them, handcuff them, tie them up, and duct tape their mouth.”

“...Brilliant. Simply brilliant.”

“I know.”

The evil girls looked around of a suitable log or stick of some sort, and hauled everything up the tree.

“...I'm bored,” Bree said after a minute.

“...Get over it,” Alice said, deadpanning.

“...Okay, what's with the ears?”

The brunette watched as her friend grew fox ears, in addition to the slitted eyes.

“So I can hear better. It'd be nice to get a warning when someone's coming, right?”

“I guess...”

“...And speak of the devil. Car's coming. Let's go.”

They jumped down from the tree. Well, Alice jumped. Bree climbed. The brunette ran to hid behind a tree while Alice and Cytheria got into position.

As the navy blue car approached, she threw the log into place. The car bounced and skidded to a stop.

Cytheria ran to the road and lied on her side, acting as if she was indeed dead.

A younger man, around his thirties Bree guessed, ran out of the car. He dropped on the ground next to the fox and tried to see if it was still alive.

During that time, Bree came out from behind the tree with rope in hand. Picking up the log that the man ran over, she came up behind him and wacked him over the side of the head.

The man slumped to the ground, no problem.

“...Nice.” Alice commented.


While Bree bound his legs and feet together with rope, the pyromaniac handcuffed his wrists together. Alice tore off a piece of duct tape and the brunette put it across his mouth.

“That oughtta do it!” Bree said, standing up.


“...What do we do with him?”

“...Can I kick him down the hill?”

The crystal blue-eyed girl gave her a look that said “really?

“...Pwease?” Alice said, putting her hands together.

“...Go wild.”


With that said, the pyromaniac started to roll the man with her foot off to the side of the road. When she was at the top of the hill, she gave him a good, hard kick. He rolled down the hill and crashed into a tree.

They both walked over to the driver's side of the car. Alice opened the back door and let Cytheria in.

“...You know how to drive, right?” the crimson haired girl asked.

“...Don't tell me you don't know how to?” Bree replied, mouth gaping in disbelief.

“Of course I do...I just...tend to...get road rage...Like, a lot!” Alice told her, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

“Why am I not surprised?” the brunette scoffed.

Bree jumped in the drivers seat and turned on a good radio station while Alice walked around to the other side of the car.

As they buckled up, the pyromaniac turned to face Bree.

“If I die, I'm blaming you,” she told her in a monotone.

“One,” the brunette replied in the same tone,”if we die, I'll be dead. Therefor I won't care if you blame me. Two, I offered to let you drive. You declined. Your fault.”

That shut Alice up for a few minutes.

“Oh, sweet. GPS!” she exclaimed suddenly.

“Seriously?” Bree asked.

“No, it's a waffle maker.” the girl replied, voice dripping with sarcasm.

“Take the wheel so I can put in my address.”


The silver-eyed girl handed her the GPS and attempted to steer the car.

It took awhile, but eventually the brunette figured out how to work the “good for nothing piece of s**t,” as she called it. She typed in her address and a map came up.

Bree handed the GPS back to Alice and took the wheel from the pyromaniac.

“It's all set up now, right?” she asked.

“Yeah...It should talk to,” Bree replied.

“...Turn left in five point seven miles,” a dull voice from the GPS stated.

“...Yeah, it works.” Alice conformed.

Suddenly, they hit something. The car shook and bounced. The girls both hit their heads on the backs of their seats.

“I think we hit something,” Bree said, not even bothering to stop.

“...Yeah...You gonna stop?”

“I don't see why we should. If it was an animal, then it's probably already dead. If it's not even alive, it'll be angry and most likely want to attack us.”

“...Good point.”

A few minutes were spent in silence, the radio and their breathing the only audible sounds.

The left turn came, and the GPS spoke once again.

“Go straight for ten miles and then turn right.”

“...This is going to take awhile,” Bree sighed.

As soon as the girl finished her sentence, a deer jumped out onto the road.

“F**k,” was the only word they had time to say before the car plowed through the poor animal.

That deer-in-headlights look would haunt them for the rest of their lives.

The deer was flung off somewhere on the side of the road, and the two girls just starred at the blood on the windshield.

“...Why didn't you stop?” Alice asked, voice void of all emotion.

“Because when you hit an animal, you keep driving .If you stop, the animal is most likely to go through the windshield. I don't know about you, but I'd rather be alive then attempt to save a deer's life.”

“...I guess.”

The rest of the ride was continued in absolute silence.

·٠•-♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥-•٠·˙˜”*°•.XxX.•°*”˜˙·٠•-♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥-•٠·˙

They had ditched the car on the street over so not to rouse much suspicion.

Apparently, it had the opposite effect.

Police crowded the street. Sirens, car alarms, house alarms...Just about every alarm out there was going off.

Apparently, Alice looked like someone on a “Wanted” list, so as soon as someone saw her, the cops were called.

They had ran as the lights in houses slowly flickered on, one by one. The whole neighborhood must have been awake!

So much for inconspicuous.

“S**t, s**t, s**t! Ugh...We're screwed...We are f*****g screwed,” Bree muttered to herself.

“Oh,” Alice said rolling her eyes,”relax...It's not...that... bad...Wait...Never mind. It is.”

As the silver-eyed girl spoke, Cytheria moved to lay down by her feet.

“Thanks so much for the support,” the blue-eyed said, face palming.

The pyromaniac sighed and pulled out her phone.

“Who are you calling?”


“Oh, oka- WAIT. Did you just say Seth?” the brunette asked, sounding scared.


“As in, the one that we know?”

“The one and only.”

“...Why do you have to call that...that...that pervert?” Bree asked, incredulously.

“He specializes in stuff. Making portals, hypnotizing, erasing memories...That kind of thing.”

“...I don't wanna know.”


Alice looked up her contacts and scrolled to Seth's number.

“...Yeah, Seth? It's Alice...No...We're out...We meaning me and Bree...We hijacked a car...It was fun. I regret nothing...Well, when you kidnapped Bree, you forgot to take her Guardian, dumb a*s...Well, we kinda, sortta, maybe, made a tiny scene...The police are here, every alarm within a five mile radius is going off...At Bree's house...You might wanna try to hurry...Thanks!”

“He'll be here soon enough,” the silver-eyed girl told Bree.

“'Kay,” she sighed. “Let's just grab Desdemona and get out.”

With that, the brunette kicked in the back door. "You have no idea how lucky we are that Leah isn't home," she whispered.

Rushing inside of the house, Bree raced to the front room. Turning to Alice, she spoke quickly.

“You wait here, do something if they try to come in, 'kay? I should be back in a minute or two.”

With that, the brunette raced up the stairs and ran into her room.

Desdemona's ears perked up at the sudden noise, and let out a pleased meow.

She was laying on the bed, looking expectantly at her owner.

Bree's eyes started to water. Running over to her bed, she scooped up her favorite thing in the world. The girl cuddled the ball of fluff and buried her face in the cat's fur.

Desdemona just purred and swished her tail back and forth.

Bree set the cat back down and hurried over to her closet. She pulled out a fairly large bag and started to pack her clothes in it. Next she went to her dresser, and emptied out most of the clothes in the drawers. Hustling, the brunette went over to her bookshelves and tucked in some of her favorite books. Heading back over to her bed, she put her iPod in her pocket, and tucked away a picture of Leah and herself.

“If only things could go back to the way they were...” Bree whispered to herself.

She slung the bag over her shoulder and picked up the sapphire-eyed cat.

Hurrying out the room, Bree all but ran down the stairs. She walked past Alice to the back door.

“Seth's here,” the pyromaniac informed her.

“Good. I wanna get outta”

Stepping over the fallen door, the girls went outside to see Seth looking bored.

He was standing next to another portal with a cat at his feet.

A cat with two tails.

The same one from before... Bree thought.

“We'll ask questions later,” Alice said quickly, pushing the brunette towards the portal.

Bree cautiously started to walk through the portal which was more or less a giant oval with different shades of swirling purples.

Cytheria walked in first. The crimson haired girl went went next after her Guardian, seeing her friends nervousness. The brunette watched entire body disappeared into the purple light. A single arm reappeared and waved her on.

Taking a deep breath, Bree took a step into the portal. It was like a purple hall way. She saw another portal at the end, but this time she could actually see the destination.

Racing across the hallway, without hesitation, she stepped into the next portal.

Bree ended up in Alice's room. Her pyromaniac friend was leaning against the wall.

“Well, because I just simply don't wanna know anymore then I do about this, I'm going to pretend this never happened. Well, night!” Seth said as he closed the portal.

With that, he left the room via window, and started to jump up to the roof, stepping on windowsills for more leverage.

Bree stared at the roof from Alice's window, even as he disappeared from view.

“What. The. F**k?” she said with a blank stare.

“...Tell you later,” Alice said waving her hand dismissively. “Well, I'm gonna go to bed.”

After closing the window, Alice walked over to the edge of her bed.

Desdemona jumped out of her arms and onto the beanbag chair. The blue-eyed girl set down her bag on the floor, and let out a yawn.

How the Hell was she tired? She slept for the majority of the day!

“Bed or floor?” Alice asked.

“I don't care...Floor I guess. Your bed.” Bree replied, sitting down in a bean bag and curling up with her kitty.

“If you're sure.”

“I'm sure.”

“You positive?”

“Yes, I'm positive.”

“Are you HIV positive?”

“Yeah I- NO. NO I am NOT.”

“Heh...You almost fell for it...”

“Whatever,” the brunette laughed.



The two started to nod off, and soon fell into a dreamless slumber.

© 2012 Rayne~Drop.

Author's Note

...I think this might be one of the longest chapters... 0.o Anywayyyyy........MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY! Stayed up late trying to finish this...Woke up at 3 AM and did... Passed out...Then woke up and decided to post this! So...If there is any spelling mistakes or grammar errors, I'll fix them later...It there are any that makes the chapter hard to understand, tell me in a review os something so I can fix it faster...I think that's it...So, again, Merry Christmas people! =3 :D

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THAT WAS EPICA. Like, fweakin' epica.

“What? I'm a pyromaniac. Not my fault I like to watch things burn.”

I FREAKING DIED. That is the best line in all of history. There is only a few quotes in which top it. Gorgeous, wonderful.

I love Alice. In her painfully pyromaniactic ways.

SHE'S SO EPIC. AND SO IS BREE. I told you I was going to like Seth.


*cries from confusion*

*demands more*

Posted 12 Years Ago

[send message][befriend] Subscribe
LOLOLOL!!!!! THAT WAS SO FUNNY I ALMOST DIED!!! I regret no reading this as soon as I got back, but I'm lazy. ...hehe. Im gunna leave a SOOPERDOOPER long review cause I feel like it!!!! :D so yay!

OHEMFUCKINGGEE!!! That whole entire chapter was ntohing but awesomenesss and f*****g awesomeness and OHMYFUCKINGSPIRITS!!!! I LOVED IT!!! L-O-V-E-D it! It was so f*****g funny when they were talking about how they had to go find Bree's kitty, and they were like OHMYGOD! HIJACK A CAR!! and then it was hilarious when Alic said "how opposed are you to auto theft?" and Bree was like "seriously? sounds fun!" and then they leaped out the window, and Alice's eyes got all weird. xD And I love when they actually HIJACKED the car! I swear, I died inside at the plan. Nice one what chu came up with, btw! You have awesome ideas, so much better than mine!! And wehn Alice rolled the guy down the hill,.....ohmyfuckingjesus!!! i died again!! i mean like seriously....and then he slammed into a tree!!! that just made it better. and then they run over something and Alice is like "O.O OHMYGODSTOP!" and Bree was like "why? it's dead now" and the same thing with the deer....lololol. and the thing with the GPS was funny to the "good for nothing piece of s**t" xDDD

*ahem* And then they attracted THAT MUCH F*****G ATTENTION!!! i shall never quite understand... i mean like really. they pull onto the street, and then every alarm goes off and police are EVERYFUCKINGWHERE!!!! It was just so fucked up and funny!!! And i laughed when alice called seth and bree was freaking out cause hes a pervert!! xDD f*****g fantastical!!! :D And then awwwww!!! (: when she got her kitty and her eyes watered, it was so sweet and adorable. and then when they came back down and seth was there with a cat that had to tails. o.O That was fucked up and the purple portal hallway thing was f*****g epical!!!! like really. and i think its funny that seth was like "i dun wanna know!" and then jumped away over the rooftops. o.O weird much? AND THEN OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!! F*****G LMFAO!!! the HIV postive? hahahahaha!!! so f*****g hilarious!! like really.

*cough* I am done know, it will probably take you HOURS to read that. Kkays, im EXAGGERATING, but close enough. hehe :D And now I will read on, cause im awesome, with this final sentence:


Posted 13 Years Ago

GOD D****T. I hate when Roxie steals what i want to say. (pouts) Anyway... yeah... the Alice thing was pretty funny.. xD write, or I chop off your head and feed it to Harappa... >:)

Posted 13 Years Ago

i almost died when Alice did the positive thing i always do xD

Posted 13 Years Ago

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