Chapter Twenty-Two

Chapter Twenty-Two

A Chapter by Rayne~Drop.

Biology. It could be fun if you had a crazy teacher, right?

She wasn't in the room for five seconds, and she had already deemed her biology teacher crazy.

When Alice and Bree entered the class, their teacher was singing about the water cycle and using the lab desks as stepping stones.

"Ms.Landole, this is Bree!" Alice yelled, causing the instructor to stumble over the desks.

The woman looked over her shoulder to give the girl a once over before nodding and muttering something to herself.

"You may sit next to Alice, child," she decided, moving to the large white board behind her desk.

"But-but-but I already sit there!" a boy exclaimed.

"Oh well," Ms.Landole said, scribbling something in marker.

"Then where am I---"

The biology teacher whipped around and glared at him, before walking over the desks to stand on his.


The girl clapped her hands and giggled before skipping over to the closet and pulling out a chair, rope, and duct tape.

Together they tied the unnamed boy to it, covered his mouth, and...Connected the chair to a chain outside the window?


Bree watched, extremely amused, before walking to her new seat.

"You are going to get him down after class, right?" she asked when Alice came back to her chair.

"...Meh. Maybe. If I remember." She looked at the window the chair was hanging from. "If not, someone'll see him by the end of the day."

Before Bree could comment on that, Ms.Landole started class.

"OKAY SMALL CHILDREN," she sang loudly. "Time to check homework!"

Alice pulled out the paper from her bag and placed it in the center of the desk while their teacher changed shoes.

She made her way around, walking on the papers, leaving a bright red stamp on them as she went by. "Excused," she said to herself as she passed Bree.

When Ms.Landole got back to the front, she looked at the board.

"Who wants to read?"

A few hands went up, but she waved them away.

"No, no, no. Never mind," she sighed, erasing the objective. "I don't feel like doing this today. So we'll do one of my favorite things!"

The class, not including Alice and Bree, looked scared for their lives.


Pfft. How was that something to be scared about---

"And we'll be using an aquatic one so that this big lump of cartilage can play too! Won't that be fun, Jaws?" As she spoke, she walked over to the end of the room and how the f**k didn't she notice this when she came in?

The lady was hugging on a large tank that held a great white shark.

"So...Who wants to go first?"

Much of the class sighed in relief while others cowered down as if to be hidden.

"Cara! I know you have a sea dwelling Guardian! Care to tell us what it is?"

"...Seal," the small brunette whispered.


"I'm sorry, Shellby..." Cara cried as Ms.Landole picked up the squirming seal and tossed it in the tank.

Holy s**t this was one fucked up person.

Bree liked her.

Jaws' calm swimming stopped the second the Guardian hit the water.

It thrashed around, trying to get it's ginormous jaws around the seal. Water splashed out of the tank,  and a wave of it fell upon Ms.Landole.

Not that she seemed to care. She happily watch the struggle of the Guardian with a smile on her face.

Cara was shaking and breathing heavily before she dropped to the floor. At the same time, Shellby got smart and disappeared on the the Guardian's plane.

"...IS she okay?" Ms.Landole asked, glancing at the girl before digging through the closet.

"She's going into shock," another girl said.

The teacher sighed, and took out a few buckets of fish. "Take her to the infirmary, then."

"Of course."

After Cara was dragged out of class, Bree, Alice, and Ms.Landole fed Jaws while the rest of the class worked on a project.

Well, more like Ms.Landole did. Alice spent a bit of time trying not to let Bree eat the fish.

Wasn't being part cat fun?

© 2012 Rayne~Drop.

Author's Note

I don't even know what the Hell is up with their teachers. So don't ask. Just, don't.

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THIS TEACHER IS AMAZING. I wish she was my bio teacher. Think of the fun I could have with her. .___.


This was HYSTERICAL. I luffled it. I laughed. And Cried hysterically 'cause I was laughing so hard.


Posted 12 Years Ago

"OKAY SMALL CHILDREN," she sang loudly. XD

The lady was hugging on a large tank that held a great white shark.--- ..You have NO IDEA how hard that made me laugh. I kinda died. Just a little. So, yeah. Thanks. xD

F**K XD "WONDERFUL! BRING HER OUT HERE!" jesus, I love this teacher. she's so fucked up. yeah, i agree with bree. I like her, too. xDDDD

BEING PART CAT IS TOTALLY FUN!!!!! I should know. o.o

Posted 12 Years Ago

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