Chapter Eighteen

Chapter Eighteen

A Chapter by Rayne~Drop.

Meet the Council. It took a long time to put them into this book. I fail at life. XD

The shopping trip was over, all of the clothes were put away neatly in her room, and Seth was never going to stop complaining about carrying everything.

Because none of them actually got to eat with the Shadow Demon ordeal, Alice, Damien, Roxas and Seth were raiding the fridge in the kitchen for food.

Due to the fact that they were starving, Bree never got to organize her books or CDs. As Skyla and herself walked back up to her room, Bree noticed a girl sitting on the steps with her head cradled in her hands. As she was about to comment, Skyla ran over to her.

...The f**k?

The brunette ran over to where her friend was on her knees hovering over the platinum blond haired girl.

She didn't look so good. Bree could see light blue and pink streaks through her hair. Her bangs her sticking to her face, due to a cold sweat. The girls face contorted in pain, and she was panting. Her light green eyes open, looking, but not seeing.

"I hate not being able to do anything," Skyla muttered to herself.

Bree just stood there behind her, eyebrow raised.

The green eyed girl gasped, and clutched desperately at the hand Skyla had been using to stroke her hair. After a minute, she calmed down, but still had a firm grip on the hand.

"...Uh...What happened?" Bree asked, giving her an odd look.

"It's not a gift, and I don't give a s**t what anyone else says," she muttered, standing up glaring at the floor after releasing Skyla's hand.


"Avalon, Bree. Bree, Avalon. Avalon sees things. It sucks. A lot. Bree's a little bit of a sadist, sortta. But that's okay, because it is." Skyla explained quickly.

"Hm...So you're Bree. I knew you looked familiar...Not that that's a good thing but..." She shrugged and walked down the steps like nothing happened.

'Oh, by the way," Avalon said, looking over her shoulder,"both of you need to go see the Council. It's about that little scrimmage you had earlier." The girl continued to walk out of the building, only pausing a second to make sure that they were following.

Skyla followed wordlessly behind her, leaving an incredibly confused Bree to tail behind.

"Multiple questions that I'd love to have answered right now," the girl stated.

"Ask away," Avalon replied, continuing to walk along the stone path.

"'Kay, um...You see things. Define 'things'."

"Things as in visions."

"Of the future?"


"Uh-huh...Aren't you just supposed to get a spaced out look, and act all weird afterwards?"

"Somebody reads a little too much."

"I take pride in that!"

"Moving on."

"What's a mentor? I don't need an actual definition. I'm not stupid. But, like...I wanna know why there's one needed in this case."

"Mentors are basically so that younger kids can get guidance," Skyla informed her. "There's a bunch of tests that they have to put their apprentice through, and stuff like that."

"...Do I have one?"

"I...guess? I think Seth and I are temporary mentors as on now. I don't think that you won't get one at all though. Everyone has a mentor at one period of time, no matter how late in the semester they come."

"Hm...Do we get vacation?"

"Of course you'd ask that..." Skyla sighed. "Yes. We do. But we're still expected to keep up with our training during that time."

"Yes! I still get a summer!" Bree cheered.

The three continued walking along the path until a smaller building came into view.

"Here's the Council room," Avalon said boredly, retrieving a key and opening the double doors.

The inside was fairly simple as far as layouts go. On the left, there was a large cork-board that covered about half of the wall, that was piled with photos and papers. A large table was pushed close to the wall, almost overflowing with files. On the right side, on another table there was a coffee pot, as well as large stacks of bills and receipts. A courtroom bench that looked as if it would comfortably sit at least five was set up next to the set of stairs in the right corner of the building. A few chairs littered the room.

Bree strode into the room, while Avalon and Skyla settled for hanging near the entrance. The doors swung closed, slamming with a loud click.

The two blonds suddenly tensed, and stopped all movement. "Bree," Skyla hissed. "Stay. Still."

"Huh? Why should I? Nothing's gonna attack me or anything."

The girl was promptly knocked to the floor by an orangey-brown ball of fur.

"The f**k---?"

Desdemona jumped and attacked the hairy thing, allowing Bree to sit up.

As her Guardian fought, she could see that the thing was a monkey.

Desdemona snapped at it's tail, and avoided getting kicked in the side. The two animals growled at each other as Bree scrambled over to them.

Just as that damned monkey was going to try an wrap it's mangy hands on her kitty, she used an arm to fling the flea bag a good ways across the room.

Bree picked up the cat and inspected her for any wounds after dropping to the floor on her knees. Of course, she'd feel something if the Guardian was, indeed, in pain.

Hugging Desdemona to her chest, she glared at the animal on the floor.

But before she could do anything, there was a clapping that echoed down the steps.

The three stared at the staircase, and watched as a familiar face was seen.

"F...Farah? What the Hell are you doing here?!" Bree exclaimed.

The red head simply smiled, and sat in the middle of the courtroom chairs.

"Watch your tongue!" another voice hissed.

Four others walked down the steps, and took their own place in the bench.

To the immediate left of Farah, there was a woman with  short,pure white hair, pale skin, and an almost gray pair of eyes. She grinned widely, and enthusiastically waved at Avalon and Skyla.

On Farah's immediate right, there was a man with medium length, brown hair. He was extremely well built and muscular, with dark brown eyes.

To the far left, there was a woman with black hair in a bob, with black rimmed glasses. She had light brown eyes, and, even though she looked fairly strict, her lips curled into a small smile.

On the far right, there was a  small man, with a plaid, brown shirt, and suspenders. His dark green eyes were set in a glare at Bree, his blond hair slicked back.

"If the fifth chair would like to start?" the bulky man asked in a teasing manner.

"Wh-wh-what?" the blond spluttered. "Ugh! Just because I am the fifth chair does NOT mean I am any less capable of---"

"Miss Bree. Miss Skyla, Miss Avalon. Thank you for coming today! Don't mind the idiots, they bicker all the time," the black haired woman said, rolling her eyes.

"Now, now," Farah laughed. "Let's not try to make too much fun of them. They still have a chance to make a good impression on Bree, here."

"Miss Farah, if you would please cease for just a moment?" the blond pleaded. "I get harassed enough by that...That  brute! I don't even know why I take this torment anymore!" he wailed.

The red head just laughed at his remark.

"Well, Bree. Let's introduce ourselves, shall we? We already know you. And you and I are already acquainted. So...Why don't we start with you, fourth chair?"

"If you insist," she sighed, standing up. "Hello, Miss Bree. My name is Tanya, and I expect you to call me such. I will be serving as the dorm adviser. If you have nay questions or concerns, please do come see me."

Tanya sat down and the woman next to her stood.

"Hi!" she giggled, giving a small wave. "My name is Lenobia. I'll be serving as your teacher for your studies on abilities and such. I may also be your nurse on occasion! Let's hope it's not too often, though."

Lenobia gave her a wink and sat back down gracefully.

"Well...Guess I'm up."

The brown haired man stood up with a yawn.

"Hey. The name's Ace. Think of me as...Your personal trainer. I'll," he pointed a thumb at himself,"make sure you're in tip top shape. No weakness will be tolerable."

Ace sat down with a half grin, and jabbed the wimpy, blond male's side.

Muttering and grumbling to himself, he wearily rose.

"Uh...Greetings. I am administrator Joshua. You will address me as such. I am in charge of anything and everything school related. Come to me for any questions. Now, if---"

"Do I ever get a school schedule?" Bree interrupted.

"Y-y-you---! How dare you interrupt your superiors---!"

"Bree does have a point there," Farah intervened, resting her chin in her hand.

The little more then pissed off, Joshua glared once more at the girl in front of them.

"You will get one eventually. Now, if you'd let me finish---"

"So, Farah."

"Ahhhhrrgggh!" The blond man screamed and bashed his head on the wood in front of him repeatedly.

Bree looked at him oddly for a moment, before taking her phone out and taking a video of the meltdown. After a minute, the girl stopped the clip and tucked her phone away in her shoe.

"As I was saying...Why the Hell are you hear again?"

"I'm the first chair of the Regional East Coast Council. I run the school. Er...This part of the organization.

"Uh-huh...And you never felt the need to tell me, why?"

"It never came up in conversation."

"...Riiiiiight. ...SKyla?"

"Yes?" she replied, coming to stand next to her.

"How come you never told me? We promised to tell each other everything, regardless, right?"

"...You never told me that you could see Shadow Demons."



"Well...Hate to break the silence, but, Skyla, we need to address some things with you as well," Tanya said.


"About the Demon Artist at the mall."


"What? How'd you find out about it?" Bree asked.

"My suckish gift," Avalon said, taping a finger with a well manicured nail.

"Ahh...I see..."

"So, about the payment," Tanya continued.

"What?" Bree asked again.

"You think we'd let you kids risk your lives for nothing? You do get money sweetie," Farah explained.


"May I continue now?" the black haired woman asked.

"Oh, yeah...Sorry."

"No problem. Anyway...The money for a...D-Ranked mission will be transferred to the accounts of...Seth, Alice, Bree, Skyla, and Larissa, correct?"

"...Why am I getting paid?"

"You helped, didn't you?"

"Uh...I wouldn't call it helping but---"

"Okay, moving on."

"...Do we have anything left to go over?" Ace asked.

"Uh...I don't think so..." Lenobia said slowly.

"No, there's something I wish to talk to Bree about while she's here," Tanya said, shaking her head.

"Shoot," Bree replied.

"About the...Excessive amount of money spent today..."

"Charge half of it to the...Special fund," Skyla told her. "That includes the amount we went over for renovating Bree's room as well. She shouldn't mind. It's been awhile since the last...Accident."

"I see...And the other half?"

"Hm...Damien won't mind paying for it," the girl said, waving a hand like it was nothing.

"...If you say so."

"So, uh...We done?" Bree asked, slowly backing away towards the door.

"Sure, why not?"

"See you in class tomorrow, girls!" Lenobia called as the door closed.

"So, Bree. What do you think of the Council?" Skyla asked as they walked to their dorm.

"...I have no comment whatsoever," Bree replied after a moment of silence.

·٠•-♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥-•٠·˙˜”*°•.XxX.•°*”˜˙·٠•-♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥-•٠·˙

Bree was curled up with a book in a pair of black and pink skull shorts and a black top with pink skull and cross bones.

She'd finally gotten around to reading Wicked Lovely. It was about fairies. And one of the main characters' names was Seth.

She couldn't help but wonder what her Seth would be like if he acted like the one in her book. Now like Seth was hers to begin with or anything...

"Breezy? Open up!" Skyla called from the other side of the door.

"With book. Open it yourself."

"But it's locked..."

"You have a key."


After a minute, the door swung open, revealing Skyla with a pen and some form.

"Questions about your scheduled."

"Fire away," she replied, not looking up from her book.

"Okay...What language?"

"What are my options and who's taking what already?"

"Greek, which Seth is taking."

"...That'd require more effort then I'd be willing to give."

"Me and Damien are taking French."

"I hate the French."

"You love me."

"You're French. You are not the French."

"Got me there."

"Besides, I'll leave you two love birdies alone."

"There's Spanish with Alice."




"Ahhhh. Your irrational fear of Spanish."

"...You spoke the word."

"I don't get it. Just because you had an issue with a vender---"


"Alrighty...The last option would be Japanese with Roxas."

"...Hm...I guess that'd work. Sign me up."

"Okay...An elective?"


"Drama, dance, music."

"Can you elaborate with music?"

"You can sing, or play an instrument."

"...Gimmie the instrument thing."

"What are you gonna play?"

"I may or may not take up guitar again."

"You were so good, though. I don't know why you quit."

"To get on the teacher's nerves."

"Only you."


Skyla checked over the form, and scribbled a few more things down.

"I guess that's it," the blond said. "Night."

"See ya tomorrow."

"Don't forget your alarm clock."


Skyla left with a laugh, closing the door behind her.

Bree stared at the same paragraph she must have read at least ten times. ...D****t. She'd finish it tomorrow or something.

After setting the book on the bed stand, she pressed a random button on the alarm clock, not bothering to check if it was the right one.

Desdemona on her other pillow, she crawled in bed, and tried not to think about the next day.

© 2012 Rayne~Drop.

Author's Note

I have nothing to say. Except this should have been half it's length.
...I love Joshua. :D

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*agrees with cheezit*

*is bad at reviewing whilst listening to christmas music*

*is bashing head against the wall 'cause you gave me an idea for a new book*

*wants to read more*

*is reading more*

Posted 12 Years Ago

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AND THIS CHAPTER IS REALLY F*****G INTERESTING. LIKE SO MUCH. so i am just going to read and then review when i am done. kaythanks.

okay that council thing was more than f*****g hilarious. i just about died. i love farah and joshua and just rhw way everyone f*****g acts its hilarious. xD YAY SHES READING WICKED LOVELY. AND I LOVE HER OUTFIT IN THAT SECTION. JUS SAYING. YAYYY. --"You're French. You are not the French."-- ohmyfuckingjesus i love that line. xD it's perfectly hilarious and i love the smartassery in it. AHAHAHA SCARED OF SPANISH I CANT EVEN. XDDD JAPANESE YAYYY. she probably hit the weong button. WRONG.NOOOO SCHOOOL. I HATE SCHOOL. IT MUST DIE. A HORRIBLE DEATH. GAHHH.


Posted 12 Years Ago



I read this a few days ago and forgot to review it, so that's why this review is after the one I just did. XP

hmmmmm. I LUFF JOSHUA TOO. 8D NO, IT SHOULDN'T HAVE BEEN HALF ITS LENGTH. SHORT CHAPTERS (even though it wouldnt have been short) suck. SO YEAH. hmm... this was an interesting chapter, and it made me wonder about a lot of s**t. and the last line made me depressed, because it made me think of school. f*****g school. ._. so, yeah. writeeeee.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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