Chapter Five

Chapter Five

A Chapter by Rayne~Drop.

Kidnapping and breaking through windows..Could this day get anymore insane?

As soon as she burst through the door, Bree turned and locked it. No, she was not paranoid. People like that mystery gun boy were just creepy...And belonged in a Mental Help Hospital.

How the Hell did he break out? Bree wondered. Weren't those things supposed to have really high security?

Her heart was still pounding in her ribs from running all the way home. Even when she was well out of sight, Bree didn't dare stop until she reached the safety of her house.

Bree pressed her back against the door and sighed. Her legs feeling like lead from running for so long, she allowed her body to droop along the door to the floor.

Looking around, Bree wondered inwardly where Desdemona was. The cat was all over her whenever she walked in the door. Not that it was a bother to Bree. The animal was like a second sister.

“'Mona?” The brunette called, using the shortened version of the cat's name Bree preferred. “I'm home! C'mon out.”

Breathing a little easier, she got up slowly, using the door for leverage. Walking into the kitchen, she pulled a glass from the draining rack and filled it up with water. Downing it in a matter of seconds, Bree filled it up again, wondering where the cat could have gone.

Putting the glass in the sink to wash later, the worried brunette walked up the steps and walked down the hall to her room. Pulling open the door tentatively, as if she expected someone else to be in there, Bree let out a sigh of relief. Desdemona lay on her bed, chest rising and falling in such a rhythm she must be sleeping.

The brunette walked over to the window to open the curtains a little. With a little bit of light, Bree was able to make out most of her room. She walked to the edge of her bed and sat down with a yawn.

Leaning over to unlace her converse and peel off her socks, Bree rolled her neck. Continuing to stretch out the rest of her muscles, the crystal blue-eyed girl let out a small sigh.

She yanked the hair tie out of her hair, and ran her fingers through it once or twice, musing it slightly. Bree inspected the ends out of sheer boredom, noting that she would have to get it cut an inch or two soon to get rid of split ends.

The girl emptied out her pockets and jumped onto the bed, careful of her sleeping kitty. Bree picked up Desdemona and cuddled her to her chest, pulling a sheet over them.

“So much for not being tired” Bree muttered quietly before drifting off to sleep.

·٠•-♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥-•٠·˙˜”*°•.XxX.•°*”˜˙·٠•-♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥-•٠·˙

When Bree woke up, it was around 5 o'clock In the evening. Wide awake after sleeping away the day, the alert girl heard Leah knock.

“Breezy? You up yet?” her sister asked, voice muffled a little bit because of the door.

“Yeah, I'm up,” Bree answered, voice cracking a bit.

“Well, I brought home Chinese. Got your favorite.”

“...You bought me beef fried rice?” Bree asked, getting exited like a little kid over a cookie.

“No onions, just peas. Yep.”

The crystal blue-eyed girl, hair only looking slightly mused, swiftly sat upright, dropped the cat, and bolted to the door.

Yanking it open so hard Leah could have sworn Bree was going to rip of the door, the older sister handed the girl her box of fried rice,a pair of chop sticks, and some sweet and sour chicken for Desdemona.

“You. Are. AWESOME,” Bree said happily, wrapping her arms around her sister to give her a bone crushing hug.

Leah just laughed and said,”It's for you as much as me. I didn't feel like cooking, so, yeah.”

“Good! I don't think I could survive another meal made by you,” the younger sister sighed dramatically.

"I only burned that chicken one time! And then you hold it over my head for the rest of forever."

"That's my job!"

"Then get a better occupation," Leah muttered, ruffling Bree's head.

Before she could complain the eldest walked off to do something else.

Spilling back into her room, and closing the door, Bree walked over to her bed. Setting everything on the dresser next to her bed, she ruffled Desdemona's fur. In response, the cat let out a wide yawn, showing off her sharp teeth, and got up to sit on Bree's lap.

The now starving girl opened the lid to the chicken, and placed it next to Desdemona's head when she had situated herself in the middle of the bed, crossed legged.

Bree grabbed her food off of the dresser and picked up her chopsticks. Then the brunette proceeded to shovel the food into her mouth like she was never going to eat again.

After about a half an hour, Bree was finished eating every last grain of rice. Tossing the box in the trash, but saving the chopsticks, licked her lips and gave out a yawn.

Bree decided to pass the time by more quickly by stroking Desdemona's soft fur while the cat continued to eat at a slower pace.

The girl's thoughts started to drift back to earlier. The memory started to seem less and less like reality, and more like a dream.

No one except her could see those damned demons...Right? She pondered that for a minute, still petting the cat. Bree supposed it could be possible...But it's not that likely...Maybe she was just imagining it...

Bree shook her head, in an effort of tying to clear it. Looking out the window, she saw the sun was still in the sky.

Right. Bree thought to herself. It's summer. It's going to start getting darker later and later...

After starring out the window for what seemed like hours to her, she stopped rubbing Desdemona's head and lied down.

Closing her eyes, she could feel herself losing to sleep, even though she was out for most of the day. Eating so much must have made her tiered.

Just as she was about to reach unconsciousness, he bedroom window crashed open.

Bree bolted upward and starred.

The boy from earlier...It wasn't her overactive imagination.

“...WHAT THE F**K ARE YOU DOING IN MY ROOM?!” Bree screamed.

The boy groaned and pretend to cringe. “You really have to yell?” he whined back.

At this point, Desdemona was on the floor hissing at the mystery boy. The phrase “If looks could kill” entered the boys mind.

Leah was racing after hearing the fist scream. The worried sister kicked down the door. After a moment's pause from starring, Leah yelled,” What the Hell do you think you're doing?!?”

The boy sighed. “I was afraid this might happen...” the boy muttered, mostly to himself.

Looking at both of them, he smiled. That scared Bree. Why the f**k was he smiling? He just broke in through her damned WINDOW!

Clearing his thought, the boy announced,” I'm here to take Bree-“ He was cut off by the blond haired, older sister.

“Like HELL you are!” Leah spat out.

Laughing, the boy pulled out of his pocket what appeared to be a smoke bomb.

The Hell?

“Well, since it's quite obvious you beautiful ladies are stubborn...” the boy started, causing Leah to blush a little and Bree's glare to intensify. “I believe I'm going to have to use force to take my little Bree-Bunny here.”

Giving a little wave to Leah, and an evil smirk to Bree, he threw the smoke bomb down, causing it to explode. A gas impossible to see around filled the room.

Bree tried to yell to Leah to get away, when a hand, profoundly a male hand, covered her mouth.

The boy threw her over his shoulder and walked over to the window. “Beelzebub!” he called, jumping out the window. Landing lightly on his feet like a cat.

A cat with a tail that split into two tails towards the middle jumped out of the same window the two teens had just came from.

With a soft mew the cat's eyes grew a dark purple. Entranced by the way the colors swirled in the cat's eyes, Bree didn't notice the portal forming in front of them.

It reminded Bree of hypnosis, the way the cat's eyes looked. She could feel herself getting sleepier. And sleepier. And sleepier. With every. Single. Step. The boy took.

She was loosing consciousness, and she was loosing it fast. “That;s right,” the boy whispered fondly. “Sleep Bree...We'll be home soon...Just sleep.”

Bree was almost out. But her brain could form one more sentence before it shut down with sleep.

“Sorry...Leah...” Bree whispered so quietly the boy almost couldn't hear, even though her lips were at his ear.

The second he stepped through the portal was the time Bree lost her fight to stay alert. She was gone. She couldn't stop him. And she couldn't even say goodbye to her best friend before this unknown character took her God only knows where.

© 2012 Rayne~Drop.

Author's Note

YES! TWO CHAPTERS IN UNDER A WEEK! XD I'm just that awesome. I'm pretty sure I know where I'm going with this...But the plot's still a little fuzzy for me. The next chapter is either going to be from Skyla's or Leah's or Seth's POV. Depending on what name is next to the chapter is who's POV the chapter is mainly going to be for. Tell me if I have grammer, speeling, or other errors, cuz i was lazy and didn't Do that before i heh...Well...Read and Review! =3

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*is so pumped to read more you have no idea*

Posted 12 Years Ago




Posted 13 Years Ago

dude. this is the s**t. mkay? xD
its sooo good 8D i had no idea who wrote this well =w=

Posted 13 Years Ago

This one had me laughing. I like the way your main character has really come into being. I look forward to what ever you come up with next! Keep up the great work!


Posted 13 Years Ago

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I AGREE WITH MADDIE ABOUT THE MIDDLE THINGY YEAHHH!!! XDDDD can't WAIIITTT FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER!! JUST OMG I LOVE IT!!! and rofl!! I LOL'D so hard at "Bree-Bunny"!! which would piss me off if my name was Bree and someone called me that....LOL


Posted 13 Years Ago

I LIKEZ THIS CHAPTER. Dis is getting interesting... :D Lol. Oh and "·٠•-♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥-•٠·˙˜”*°•.XxX.•°*”˜˙·٠•-♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥-•٠·˙" in the middle was EPIC. :DDDDD I stared at it for like 2 hours.... well more like 10 seconds but you know what I mean.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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