Chapter Sixteen

Chapter Sixteen

A Chapter by Rayne~Drop.

Oh, goody. More characters.

Bree stopped in front of the remains of what looked like a Macy's with Desdemona trailing behind her.

The sign was flashing, and the "M" was hanging upside down. There was some blue goo crap along the walls and all over the rest of the letters. The display windows were melted, broken, and cracked.

Avoiding the shattered glass, she stepped into the trashed store. Her eyebrows widened at the damage.

The tile on the floor was ripped up, and the ceiling lights were broken or flashing. Knives were stuck in the wall, and displays were ruined. There was green goo crap on the ceiling, and it looked like it was eroding it away, like acid.

She heard the mews of her cat, clearly trying to get her attention. Curious, Bree waked over to the shoes, and was confused by the shoes stuck to the ceiling and the walls.

At a closer look, the blue crap was actually holding the shoe to the surface.

After deciding that the blue stuff wasn't toxic or was going to harm her in any way, shape, or form that she would later care about, she dipped two fingers in to some that was on the floor.

It was warm. And sticky. And gross.

Utterly disgusted, she pulled her hand away and ran into the nearest bathroom. It looked like the only place in the entire place that wasn't trashed to some extent.

Bree washed her hands off and dried them when she felt her shoe vibrate.

Pulling the phone out of her Converse, she saw that she had a text from Skyla.

To: Bree
From: Skyla
where r u got sum1 u need2 meet

Eye twitching with irritation at her use of text talk, she replied with a well grammar-ed text.

To: Skyla
From: Bree
I'm at Macy's...Or what's left of it. Where are you? Where did you wanna meet up at?

To: Bree
From: Skyla
@...idk 2 trashed 2 tell i'll meet u wait outside k l8er

The girl sighed out of annoyance, and left the store. She sat down on a glass-less spot on the floor, and wasn't at all surprised when Desdemona appeared in front of her. Taking the at into her lap, she waited for her best friend to get there.

It didn't take her very long to show up.

"Breezy," Skyla said grimly, stopping in front of her and extending a hand.

"Sky," Bree replied, taking the hand and hauling herself up on two feet.

Desdemona let out a whiny noise, her way of complaining. Sighing, the girl put her on her shoulder. The kitty purred happily, and jumped on Bree's head. Turning so that she could see behind her owner, she sat down and wrapped her tail around herself.

"Walk and talk," the blond said, turning around and walking swiftly in the opposite direction.

"Find anything? Or...Anyone?" she asked, easily keeping pace with her friend.

"...Yeah. There...There was a little boy...I...I tried to help him but...The acid...It...It wasn't any use...If Elena or Av---" She broke off, pain clear in her features.

"Sky...I'm not gonna lie to you. I'm not gonna say that everything'll be alright," Bree said gently, stopping and spinning her around so that they were face to face. "People die, and you can't do anything to stop it sometimes. But don't beat yourself up over it. There will be someone whose life you save."

"...I...I know. But...He was just so young," the distressed girl said in a small voice.

"Lot's of people die that aren't supposed to because of things," she replied bitterly. "But you have to get over it. Because if you're like this and someone needs you, you aren't gonna be helpful."

"...I guess you're right..."

"You guess? I'm always right. That's just the way it works."

Skyla laughed and gave Bree a big hug before walking again.

"Now that you're happy again and the world is in order, who did I have to meet?" the brunette asked, walking around a corner and looking over at her friend.

"Larissa, meet Breezy. Breezy, meet Larissa."

Bree stopped and turned to face the person in front of her.

"Hello! I'm Larissa. Larissa Campbell. But you can call me Rissa if you want to!"

The girl in front of her had chest length dark brown hair, that was curled, and dark blue eyes. Her voice wasn't high pitched or anything, or even abnormally low. It just irritated her, and she didn't know why.

The Larissa chick extended a hand toward Bree, as if waiting for something.

Bree just stood there, starring at the hand. After a minute of pure nothing, Skyla stepped in between the two.

"Eh heh heh...Sorry 'bout that," the blond laughed nervously. "She doesn't exactly...Uh...Get along well with others."

"Oh...That's fine. I understand," she said in that cheerful voice of hers.

"...What's that doing here?" Bree asked, pointing a finger quite rudely at the girl.

"Larissa is going to help us out with the Shadow Demon," Skyla said tightly, more then embarrassed with her friend's behavior.

After eyeing the ball of nice for a moment, she shrugged and said indifferently,"Whatever."

"...Uh...Mind if I ask why that...thing is on your head?" Larissa asked shyly.

"What thing?" Bree replied, clearly ticked off.

"You know...The hairy thing on your head."

"...She isn't a thing," she hissed. The 'hairy thing' then stood up and jumped on Bree's shoulder. Facing the dark haired girl, Desdemona seemed to be glaring at her.

Larissa didn't quite get that.

"Awww! Is that a kitty? It's so cute!" she squealed, reaching out to pet her.

Before Bree could say anything like,"Back off before I bite your head off!" or,"Touch her and die!" Desdemona jumped off of her shoulder and hissed up at the ceiling.

A large shadow suddenly covered the lights, causing her to panic a little on the inside. "The Hell---?"

"What did you see, Celeste?" Larissa asked, as an eagle descended upon her outstretched arm. "...Good. My many thanks." She turned her gaze from the bird to the other girls. "There's no more victims, but we need to secure the area. The doors around here are unlocked."

"We can go take care of that," Skyla nodded. She pulled out her phone from her pocket, and started typing furiously. Looking up from her it, she said,"Alice and Seth are pretty close by...Breezy? Mind waiting for them here?"

"Not really."

"Okay...Adalia found where the Demon was...She'll stick around here and take you there, then come back to me."


"Be safe," Skyla sighed, sadness clear in her facial features.

"...I'll try."

"...That's all I can ever really ask for, isn't it?"



Larissa and Skyla ran off it the opposite direction while Bree just stood there an waited.

"Breeeeeeeeeeezy!" Alice called from behind her.

"Hey. Where's Seth?" she said.

"Being slow. Hurry up!"

"Don't tell me what to do."

Seth came around the corner, bored look on his face.

"Well, now that we're all here, let's go kill stuff!" Alice cheered pleasantly.

Fox ears sprouted from her head, and a fuzzy fox tail worked it's way out of the top of her skirt.

Cat ears and a tail grew on Seth, and he yawned boredly. "Can't use your powers yet?"

"What's it to you?" Bree snapped back.

"Seth, shut up and carry her," Alice sighed.

"Why do I have to?"

"Because it'd look awkward if I did it."

Glaring at Alice, Seth walked up to Bree and tossed her over his shoulder.

"Watch it," she growled.

"Get over it," he retorted.

"Just c'mon already," Alice sighed. With a look over her shoulder, she ran off, following the white dove that materialized out of thin air.

Scoffing, Seth followed, close at her heels.

Bree just wanted to get through the day without being driven insane.

© 2012 Rayne~Drop.

Author's Note

The ending is meh. I don't care at this point.
...Yeah. That's it.
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I luffled this. I love how there's an obvious difference between Skyla's texting and Bree's texting. Bree's is nice and organized, and Skyla's is all chatspeak with u's and r's and dofhdfig.



Posted 12 Years Ago

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XD lol skyla's text talk. and how bree uses gramer. GRAMMAR. shittypos. IT AMUSES ME. XDD they way skyla talks reminds me of my cousin. xD

i feel bad for skyla. but, still, it was funny when bree said she was always right. O' COURSE SHE IS...!!!

LOL NO YOU SHOULD HAVE NAMED THE EAGLE RAINBOW. CAN YOU IMAGINE!? LOL 'CAUSE MADDIE WOULD DO THAT. T^T but anwyay i like the name celeste and larissa so it works.. xD ♥♥♥ Awwhh, Seth was a kitty sounds fawking adorable. ♥ heehehheheehe I love it when ktities yawn. which reminds me that i waned to say that desdomona [oops typos i dont wanan fix it lazyness] amuses me xDS. LOL HE THREW HER OVER HIS SHOULDER WHATTEHFUCK. XD i love the last line. poor "breezy" lawls. xD

Posted 12 Years Ago

--this is maddie reviewing from jhaden's account, because she can. :p--


YAY, I LOVE THE EAGLE'S NAME TOO. :D at least it's not f*****g RAINBOW. XD, nice ending. :P

I loved this chappie. heheh. I ISH GOING TO READ MORE, NOW. MUAHAHAHA. so, yeah. sorry for the s****y review. i just want to read, and not review. xD

Posted 12 Years Ago

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