Therapy Through Poetry


Some very wise women told me that poetry is therapy, not only for me, but for other people too. They also said I should share my poetry with others because people can relate to what I am writing about. Unfortunately they are right.

I am only a teenager, so you may think that I am young and don't know what the world is about, but the truth is I was forced to grow up very quickly in my house. My writing is a way for me to release some of that pain because it is a very hard thingfor me to talk about.

Background on me:
I grew up in a severly abusive household. My stepfather was very abusive towards my mother, my two younger siblings and I. I was always the one who protected everyone, I put myself in danger so they would not get hurt (and my mother let me).

Currently I am in college and out of that house, but my siblings and my mother are still there and I cannot/will not leave them alone in that house.

Also, during my senior year in high school I was raped by one of my best friends. The next night I tried to kill myself, thankfully it didn't work. The event is still haunting me.

I have a lot of scars both physically and emotionally and I know that unfortunately people can relate to me in that way.

I have flashbacks from my childhood and from the rape. I write about it all. Sometimes poetry sometimes I just write down what happen. Either way it helps me to get those feelings out and I know too many people that can relate to my story all too well.

More info about me:
I'm currently attending Mansfield University
I'm a Social Work Major with a Minor in the Psychology of Human Developement and a Minor in French
I joined a sorority that makes me feel like I have family for the first time in my life
I love to read (and write obviously)
I'm currently in therapy and I too am realizing that there really is hope
I love music (all kinds except rap and heavy metal)
I'm getting into drawing, it too is therapy (you should try it), and I'm finding out I'm not that bad at it
Anything else you want to know feel free to ask!!

So this is a group for healing. A group for understanding. A group where you will NOT be judged. We all need to feel like we are not alone, if one person can relate to your story and it helps them get through the day, IT'S WORTH WRITING!

Submit any type of work, don't be fooled because the group name includes the word poetry. I will read and rerview as much as I can (understanding that I am in college and quite busy).

Feel free to post your story, or a little bit about yourself in the forum, I promise no one will judge you (If they do there will be consequences!) (Yes I can be a toughy if needed)

Il y a toujours espoir! (French: There is always HOPE!)

Feel free to contact me further if you wish!!

Any feedback on the group is appreciated and will be taken into consideration, I am a very open-minded person and if you know a way to make this group better by all means let me know!!

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