Chapter IX: Exiting Guests

Chapter IX: Exiting Guests

A Chapter by Xerclipse

The mistress's story is now revealed. But will Alan escape the mansion with his allies?


Chapter IX

Exiting Guests

The scene picks off where Alan and Limbo walk through the door. Alan and Limbo are at blank space. They see a broken vase on the ground and a dead girl. She wears a red bow and poke a dot outfit. She has a dagger on her stomach and blood dripping from the wound. She also has many bruises on her face as well. Suddenly more dead bodies spawn in the blank space. 

Limbo: Wow, where did all of these people come from?

Alan: The real question is how did they all die?

Mistress: Or "why they died?"!

Alan: We don't have any time for your games Mistress. You are bothering our business. 

Mistress: Oh why should I listen to a drunk like you Dark Exorcist? You murdered Joey!

Limbo: What? Alan murdered your daughter that has a knife in her stomach? 

Alan: What are you talking about?

Mistress: (in anger) I am talking about my other daughter...who broke in many pieces! That can never be fixed! MY OTHER ONE WAS TOO CARELESS!

Alan and Limbo stare at the vase. Limbo slowly moves closer to the vase and is about to paw it.

Alan: (to Limbo) I wouldn't do that if I were you.

The blank space creates a ballroom. The daughter is now currently alive and the vase is on a table. Her height is revealed to be very small. There is a bracelet it as well. The people who were dead are now dancing with each other for a party. The piano can be heard in the background.

Limbo: How are they alive now? 

Alan: They were, but now they are just doing a play back before they died. 

The daughter finds a chair and pulls it to the table. She reaches for the bracelet and grabs it. She then accidentally elbows the vase which causes it to fall on the ground. The vase then shatters into pieces and fragments. Suddenly the piano stops playing and the guests see the broken vase.

Daugher: (putting down the bracelet and getting off the chair) I...I am so sorry.

The mistress then walks on the balcony and sees that the guests have stopped dancing. She wears pigtails and a black dress. Alan and Limbo then stare at her. The mistress sees the broken vase and holds her head screaming. She then kneels down in tears.

Alan: (laughing) much sympathy for an inanimate object.

Mistress: WHO DID THIS?!

The party guests to not answer. One of them looks at the daughter. She gasps quickly and runs away.

Guest: It was your daughter.


The mistress runs to her room, finds the mounted rifle with a bayonet attached to it, and runs back to the ball room. She then points it at the party guests. Some begin to duck down, others run away.


The Mistress pulls the trigger. Limbo and the guests run away while Alan stands watching the Mistress go on a killing spree. The blood and screams fill the ballroom. The mistress then stabs the party guests with the bayonet. The blood sprays from a party guest and onto another. The guest that received the blood on her face screams wiping it off. The Mistress then shoots that guest on the face.


Alan:(smiling) Limbo....don't worry, it's just a projection! You are missing out on a great show!


The Mistress looks at the girl holding her bracelet. The daughter steps back a bit. The Mistress aims her gun down.

Mistress: What is it dear? 

Daughter: (crying) Mommy....I...I am sorry! I get this bracelet!

Mistress: (dropping the gun down) Oh dear...I am so sorry for my anger.

The daughter cannot move an inch due to her fear as the mistress walks closer covered in blood. She has a dagger from her back and pulls it out. She then stabs the daughter in the stomach. Suddenly, the room transforms into the cellar where Nebula and Marie are. Marie turns behind and sees Alan and Limbo.


Limbo: Nebula...Marie! 

They all walk closer to each other. Alan looks around him cautiously for any more spirits or freaks. Nebula looks into blank space as Limbo sits down. 

Marie: Where were you guys?

Alan: Back at the past. Or just some show that the Mistress wanted to show us. Besides, that rifle you wield was used to kill all those guests before they became spirits. 


The Mistress walks down the stairs. She walks down bleeding from her wrists. She then stares at Alan with her eyes missing. The blood pours from the eye sockets and her mouth has been carved like a jack o lantern. Her tongue and lips are roughly sliced off.

Alan: (smiling) You know look really pretty Mistress. What type of make up did you use?

Mistress: (laughing and revealing her slit wrists) wasn't a whole lot of work. It was just a razor blade. 

Nebula: (in a monotonous tone) You have regret, and grievance. That face hides the beauty of yours. You carved yourself up in regret for killing your daughter, and the loss of your vase.

Suddenly the mistress screams loudly. The daughter spawns behind the barrels. She walks towards the group with the multiple spirit guests.

Mistress: You see.....I just wanted to know who killed my angel. And right after I killed my daughter...I just didn't care about my miserable face anymore. So I figured...why not make it prettier? And why not just end that miserable life of mine! But then...THEN SOLOMON HAD TO TAKE ME HERE IN THIS DUMP! 

Alan: (pulling out his hatchet) YEAH WELL YOU CAN TELL SOLOMON THAT YOU FAILED!

Mistress: No...He will torture us...he will consume us...that horrible being....he is above us all and you know it! HE CONTROLS THIS PLACE. AND IF I KILL YOU ALL THEN I WILL BE FREE WITH MY DAUGHTER!

Alan: Nebula.....Marie.....Limbo....let's not waste any more time with this one and run away. 

The spirits with their aggressive and ghoulish faces advance closer to them. 

Limbo: What?


Alan dashes quickly at the mistress and chops her face in half. The blood splatters on Alan's face. He kicks her away and sees her collapse twitching violently. 

Alan: RUN...NOW

The rest of the group follows Alan at the steps. The spirits try to track them down. Several of them sprint at the steps. Alan reaches the hallways with the group and makes a sharp right turn. Limbo then turns around to the opposite direction. Marie faces the other direction as she continues to run with Alan.

Marie: LIMBO!

Alan: Don't worry, he will divert them away.

Half of the spirits follow Limbo at one direction and the other half of the spirits follow the rest of the group. Alan runs through the hallways holding Nebula's hand. Marie shoots the spirits behind her as she runs. Suddenly the hallway curves upwards and splits in half. The floor below them shifts upwards into another floor. Spirits come from the doors and follow the group. Alan shoots palm blades onto the charging spirits.


Marie shoots more spirits with her rifle. She turns around and stabs one of them in the chest. Freaks can be seen crawling around the ceilings. They drop on the ground with their claws clinging onto each other.

Alan: D****t.....let's go.

Nebula, Marie, and Alan run to the hallway. The floor drops and inclines to the ballroom. They slide onto it and land hard. The freaks slide down smoothly on the floor and leap onto Alan. He chops the freak's head off with the hatchet and amputates an arm from another one. The ballroom then spins and splits apart. The group then begins to run through an open door and sprint through the hallway. When Alan looks back, he sees freaks crawling around the walls. Spirit screams and crying can be heard behind them. Alan shoots multiple palm blades at them as he runs. The hallway curves to the right. They run to that direction. Suddenly the hallway curves to the left. Then it curves diagonally up left. Suddenly the hallway leads them to an indoor green house. There are multiple flowers and plants in the room. The tiles that the group runs on begins to shatter as they step on them. The fragments slow down in time. Limbo climbs from a vent and ends up with Alan and the others.


Alan: No one here does. They all want us to feel nice and welcome. So welcome that we should't leave.

The room increases it's length. The floor segments into pieces. The plants and flowers begin to rot and collapse. They turn brown and black. Nebula, Marie, and Limbo get separated at one end. The floor vibrates as the place shifts rapidly. Alan shoots his palm blade on a statue and pulls himself to it in order to get closer to the exit. Limbo jumps on a segmented floor. Marie and Nebula do likewise.

Marie: Can you give us a ride to the exit with your giant form?

Limbo: I would die if that happened. It drains my soul!

The floor that Marie, Limbo, and Nebula stand on begins to shift rapidly to the exit. They grip onto the floor and get thrown out through the window. They appear to be at the field. A gate then forms between the mansion and the group. 


Limbo: Don't worry, he will get himself out of this!

The scene transitions back to Alan pulling himself to the large window. When he lands on the other segmented floor. The room stretches its length twice its size. Freaks crawl from the abyss and jump on the segmented floor. Alan swings the chained palm blades around. The chains serve as whips and the blades amputate their limbs. The blood sprays from the stumps and necks. Alan jumps from the segmented floor and grabs onto a wall. The wall then shifts backwards to where Alan originally jumped from. He pulls out his hatchet in frustration and chops the remaining freaks. He smashes a scalp into bits, chops off a hand, curb stomps on a face, and severs the spine. He throws his chained palm blade onto the ceiling. He pulls himself up there but the ceiling shifts backwards as well. 

Alan: Boy you really don't know when to quit!

Wisher: Funny thing that you said that Dark Exorcist! YOU DON'T KNOW WHEN TO QUIT EITHER!

He begins to swing from the ceiling constantly as it moves backwards itself. Wisher's laughter can be heard from a distance. Suddenly the ceiling splits vertically causing Alan to hang with his arms spread out. Alan detaches his left blade and allows himself to swing onto the right wall. He wall runs to the window that he has been trying to get to. The wall begins to form a crack on front of him. The side that Alan is on moves diagonally downwards behind him. The other end moves forward. Alan lands on a table with the dead flowers. He sprints towards the window but shoots two chained blades on the borders of it. He then pulls himself and kicks the window open. It shatters into multiple bits. He then collapses onto the field with Maire, Nebula, and Limbo. Glass shards are on his face and his hands. His legs caught shattered bits of glass as well. He gets up wiping his face filled with glass and blood.

Alan: That was a drag.

Wisher: Of course Mister Harkison. But wasn't it fun? Don't you love when things change and have a twist?

Alan: (laughing) Yeah, so much that it kills you!  

Wisher: Well why don't you all meet me at the village? Come on, do as you wish Harkison! 

The scene reveals Wisher sitting on the roof top moving the coin around his fingers. He then flicks it on mid air and balances it with his baton. He plays with the coin and hits it on the air like paddle ball. The scene transitions back to Alan and the others at the field. Nebula wipes his glass wounds with a piece of cloth as Marie takes them out. Alan does not make a sound to the mild pain. He looks into blank space as he bleeds.

Marie: Mister Harkison? 

Alan: Yes Marie.

Marie: Why is it that those vile beings hate you?

Alan: (closes his eyes) I say it should be more the other way around. Sure I killed them but it doesn't mean that they have the right to hate me.

Marie: But there has to be a reason.

Alan: (turning to Marie) DID YOU NOT KNOW WHAT THAT MISTRESS DID TO HER PEOPLE? She murdered them for a useless object! And now those guests have to pay the price for something that they never did. Now they all have to stay in your brother's mind until we defeat Solomon! So which side do you want to be in, the undead, or the living? 

Marie does not answer as Limbo stares at Alan and Marie.

Alan: (turning away) Well, I chose to be at the living. But being undead is not the best side to be at either! 

Marie: But the lord gave us a life....right?

Alan: Yeah for value it at all costs or something? What purpose does that serve?

Marie: Well you saved a lot of people....and now you are going to save my brother! Aren't you proud mister Harkison? Aren't you a hero already?

Nebula hugs Alan softly. He looks back at Nebula's gloomy face. He looks back at Marie.

Alan: Here's how it works Marie, and it's always been like this. You celebrate your time after the exorcism is complete while the demon suffers more pain. That is all!

Marie: What about you?

Alan: (takes a pause for a moment) Nothing....just the same old crap all over again!

To Be Continued

© 2012 Xerclipse

Author's Note

After going through a writer's block I finally got to this. Now I just have to make more later on. So what did you think of the sequence? How did you think of the mistress?

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party guest (do not) answer.

Now that I have internet again do to the blasted wind. Very griping chapter. Mistress turned out to be a true pysco path. Awesome. No let's move on to the next chapter because I have waited long

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Yeah the internet screwed me too so i went to bed. And thanks for reading! After a long time of not .. read more
I love how much action this story has!
Another great chapter.
Must say, Limbo is my favourite character so far.

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Probably because he's a cat, it's just really intriguing. Would be great to have more of him in the .. read more

8 Years Ago

Oh okay. Well check out more when i get back from vacation. There will be more next week

8 Years Ago

Will do! :)

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