Chapter XIX: Forbidden Action

Chapter XIX: Forbidden Action

A Chapter by Xerclipse

Limbo and Elaine have their confrontation. What will happen with the rest of the group? The story is about to end.


Chapter XIX

Forbidden Action


         The scene takes place at the boiling river. The botanical dome is upside down which serves as the boat. They begin to come closer to the land. The dome then transforms into a bridge for Alan and Nebula to walk at. She now has thorns and plants around her. Alan holds Nebula’s hand as more plants grow around them. The plants begin to form a stalk that wraps around them. The stalk morphs into a giant human shaped figure that is twenty five feet tall with no face. It begins to walk with thorns to serve as fists. Alan gets up onto the head and stands on top of it. The human figure starts to grow vines as its hair. The face starts to become feminine. Freaks, demons and spirits run up to the giant but Nebula steers it to the freaks. The army then tries to cut up the legs as the giant runs. The demons get knocked away but the freaks still slice the legs apart. The giant loses balance.




She then smashes it into the freaks. Blood splatter can be seen. She then steps on the demons and spirits that oppose to the giant. He is shocked by the violence that occurs.  


Alan: (surprised) YES NEBULA…keep it up! Don’t regret killing those things….they will kill us if you don't!


         Nebula grows vines from her hands, which wrap around the freaks and demons. They tear the demons apart. Freaks lose their limbs and faces. The spirits get crushed as Nebula runs through the area to reach the burning monastery. Freaks and demons still get crushed by the vines and Nebula’s feet. Solomon sees giant plant creature run closer and closer to the tower. Alan clutches tightly onto the head of the plant. Solomon laughs after his uncontrollable rage destroys the tower. Drake glides onto the ground as he is chained. Solomon lands in the monastery that burns heavily.




         The scene transitions to Elaine walking at the industrial zone of the wonderland. Blood splatter and weapons can be seen everywhere. Severed body parts are on the surface. Elaine walks up to the bridge and sees Limbo in his were cat form. Freaks and a few more demons are combating against him. Demons get crushed by Limbo’s feet and dismembered by his paws. The heads turn into splattered bits. Limbo bites onto a demon’s neck and rips it off. Limbo claws another freak which turns into five pieces of gore. Elaine walks casually as the limbs and blood passes by her. When Limbo grabs the last demon, he slams it onto the floor multiple times. The limbs fly away from the body. The head then turns into a bloody flat piece of flesh with brains splattering. Limbo then turns to Elaine as the blades and spears are attached to his back and limbs. Limbo starts limping as his left leg is all bloody. The knee oozes blood.


Limbo: (in his were cat voice) So….you are a witch hunter…right?


Elaine: Yes Limbo…I am…and I am proud to be one.


Limbo: Are you sure? What is your name now?


Elaine: Elaine. I thought you remembered!


Limbo: (laughing) Really….I remember everything! But that is not your name! What is your real name?


         Elaine pulls out her chained bear trap and throws it at Limbo’s right elbow. Blood splatters from the arm. Limbo screams and walks back. His left side is behind his body. His right side faces towards Elaine. Limbo’s left leg is still dripping blood.


Limbo: You do have another name…don’t you?


         Elaine throws another one at Limbo’s right knee. He screams again in pain. He slowly shrinks down. His ears shrink as well. His black fur begins to shed and his face starts to transform into his human face. His ponytail and his unkempt hair forms. Elaine’s eyes open up as she gets surprised.


Limbo: (in his regular voice) ITS VICTORIA…ISN’T IT!


         Elaine parts the chained bear traps from each other. Limbo’s right arm and leg are now severed. The blood sprays from the bloody arm and leg. The stumps are also spraying from the body as Limbo screams. The arm and leg fly away from opposite directions. Limbo falls down on his back as the blood splatters onto the surface. Elaine begins to cry as she pulls her chained bear traps back. She then swings a bear trap at Limbo but she pulls it back shaking.


Limbo: (smiling) You like doing this…don’t you? It’s your true passion Victoria!




Limbo: Yes you are. Otherwise you would have killed me before my wounds would bleed my love.


Elaine: (Crying) Don’t talk to me like that! NOW PLEASE DIE!


         Limbo’s human face smiles. He closes his eyes and starts to chuckle. He then laughs as his body shakes.


Limbo: (laughing) I already drained my soul Victoria, which was to save Alan. I am going to die since I have been my were cat form long enough. Whether you kill me or not, I am closer to death. 


Elaine: You know that Solomon is going to kill him. Marie is already dead! She traded her soul for Nebula.


Limbo: Is that so? Well I actually liked that little girl. At least she did the honorable thing for Nebula…and for Alan. Those two look like a great match! Just like us.


         He then sits up and faces Elaine as the blood drips from his wounds. He places his left hand on the ground. There is a wedding ring on his finger. Elaine stares at it. Limbo bites the ring from his finger and takes it out. He then holds the ring with his thumb and index finger.


Limbo: (lifting up the ring and smiling) Victoria….. will you marry me?


         Elaine throws a bear trap onto Limbo’s left side of the neck. The blood splatters onto the face and onto the shoulder. He does not use his left hand to take the bear trap out. He still uses it to hold onto the ring. Limbo’s face turns pale and his eyes are rolled back. The blood sprays from the neck. Limbo begins to cry blood which drips onto the ground. The ring catches some blood as well.


Limbo: (struggling to speak) see…you love me….otherwise you wouldn’t have put me out of my misery.


         Limbo slowly lies down on the ground. The blood stops spraying after Limbo falls down on the ground.


Elaine: (kneeling down) Why didn’t you hold onto your neck? WHY DIDN’T YOU HOLD ONTO YOUR NECK? WHY?


         Elaine’s tears drop onto the surface as Limbo’s corpse is transforming into a cat. The cat is missing the limbs that were severed and the blood drips from the neck. Elaine holds onto Limbo’s cat body with her arms. She then walks away with it.

The scene then transitions to Nebula rushing towards the burning monastery. She runs closer and closer to it. Nebula is now several feet away from the fire and the monastery entrance. She stops running for a while and stands looking back.


Nebula: Limbo…..Limbo just passed away.


Alan: (beginning to tear) No….not Limbo!


         Solomon then appears walking through the flames. He holds Drake with his hand and points his bladed daggers at Alan.


Solomon: Sooo….you have come all this way, just to save the boy….or settle your business with me?


Alan: Then why did you have to stay there for the whole time?


Solomon: Because the boy could not be left alone! You see, I cannot leave this boy! If I stay away from him for too long, then I will die!


Alan: What makes you say that?


Solomon: The collar! Did you not know the curse of the collar?


Alan: (pulling out his hatchet) Oh…you mean that thing every witch hunter has been wearing?


Solomon: (uncovering his scarf) Yeeeesss…. That collar!


         Solomon puts his scarf back on. Alan shoots his palm blades at Solomon but he creates a ring of fire that blocks. Solomon throws Drake towards Alan but Nebula catches him. She clutches onto Drake and trips. Suddenly a portal opens up at the entrance of the monastery. It is a dark abyss that has yellow eyes. Nebula runs away with Drake and starts to create plants that surround Drake and Nebula.




         Alan begins to get sucked into the portal. He throws chained blades on the ground to hang on to. The fire then comes up to the blades and melts them. Alan gets sucked into the portal.




         Solomon jumps through the portal then disappears. Alan can be seen falling through an infinite amount of feet. Solomon also flies towards Alan. Fire starts to accumulate through the walls and cobblestones. Screams and laughter can be heard through out. The light gets darker and darker. Skulls fly across Alan and Solomon.

         The scene then transitions to the Quinn’s house. Nebula wakes up with Drake. Marie lies down on the table with Limbo. His two right limbs disintegrate. The skin and bone flake away. Blood drips onto the table.




Nebula: (bleeding from the neck) No…that won’t be necessary. He drained his soul.


         The Quinns run up to the table seeing Drake wake up. He walks on his two legs. He is now surprised and happy.


Drake: Mom…Dad…I AM FREE! I CAN WALK!


         The Quinns are now in happiness and joy. They all hug each other. Nebula looks at Alan who is now unconscious. She frowns and places her hand on his face.


Nebula: He is still not saved!


Mr. Quinn: What was that Miss?


Nebula: Alan….he is at Hell. Solomon has him now!


         She leans her face on Alan’s.


Mrs. Quinn: Oh now how could we ever repay that man?


Nebula: I can do that for you. But Marie….she has done a lot for her brother.


Mr. Quinn: Really?


Nebula: Without her help, her brother could never be saved. Now she is with her family.


Mrs. Quinn: Wait…you mean her other family?


Nebula: (looking at the Quinns) So much shame…. Never telling her that she was adopted.


Mr. Quinn: (rubbing his eyes) Look…we are sorry about our daughter.


Nebula: But aren’t you two both happy now that your son is saved. You favored one child over the other.


         The Quinns then begin to cry. They hold each other and Drake. Drake then holds Marie’s hand.


Nebula: I am coming back for Alan.


Mr. Quinn: Wait….Miss?


         Nebula then places her hand on Alan’s head. She then finds herself in another world. She stands on a large platform that floats on top of lava. People are falling from the air and onto fire. They burn as they fall. Alan is at the platform as well. He comes up to Nebula.




Nebula turns to Alan.


Alan: Nebula….it’s not safe over here!


         Solomon spawns between then and slices the platform into two. Fire accumulates where he is. Nebula and Alan split apart. Solomon stays at the platform where Alan is.


Solomon: (putting up his bladed dagger and magnum) Now Mister Harkison…Shall we proceed?


         Nebula blasts waves and plants through the fire but it does not pass through.


Solomon: (in bitterness) Nebula… are not worth my time! Not even worth death!


Solomon then points his magnum at Alan.


Solomon: It always has to come to this Mister Harkison. Are you ready to join your cat, your little girl, your son, and your wife?


To Be Continued

© 2012 Xerclipse

Author's Note

Just one more chapter left! So what do you think so far? What can this fight come to? How did you feel for Limbo?

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so very short and the end is upon me. I hate it when things end. yet at the same time i can't wait for a new begining. Bring it on. Awesome write and sad to see everyone die.

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Well the mortal wold has wronged the ones who died! :P thanks for reading and i may consider your da.. read more

8 Years Ago

Always good to read something as good as this. It breaks up the norm for a boring day of editting.

8 Years Ago

ITS FINISHED SHEP! Once and for all. Check the next chapter!

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