Chapter X: Wishing Coin

Chapter X: Wishing Coin

A Chapter by Xerclipse

Nebula's past has been revealed. But Wisher stands in the present for a challenge!


Chapter X

Wishing Coin


            The scene transitions back to three hundred years ago at colonial America. Nebula is at the age of twelve and she plays a violin in her room. She smiles happily as she flows with the notes and strings. The music relaxes her and she plays with harmony. Suddenly she looks out the window and sees her parents walking through the door. The father whose name is Richard comes through the door with his wife Angelina.

Richard: Angelina....have you signed our daughter for writing classes?

Angelina: Yes I have. But is she going to pass school and read her books. She says that they are boring!

Richard: Boring? Well that's not something we want to hear! Let me go check on her!

Nebula hides her violin and puts it under the bed. She then opens her book and starts to read it. Suddenly the father comes in and sees Nebula. She looks back at Richard but the father looks around the room.

Richard: little Nebula...what have you been doing lately?

Nebula: Reading.

Richard: (looking under the bed) Oh is that all?

Nebula: (with guilt) Yes daddy.

Richard: Then I guess my mother's violin was just roaming around. It got up on it's two legs....

The father picks the violin up and holds on to it. Nebula is surprised. up and came to you! many times do we have to tell you? You are not going to be a violinist!

Nebula: But daddy! Wasn't grandma a good violinist?

Richard looks down with a pause. 

Nebula: Daddy, please tell me! She won a lot of awards and many people cheered for...

Richard: (in sadness) NO...she wasn't. I only told you that to keep the good name of our family. Your grandmother...I mother.....she was in her own little world. 

Nebula: (confused) What do you mean? 

Richard: She was never a master, and she was so terrible at it that only the musician herself could love.

Nebula: Daddy you aren't telling me!

Richard: She used to play the violin at your age, and she was so terrible that the kids use to cast stones at her. The mark on her neck....

Nebula: ....Was from resting her neck on the violin daddy. She was playing so long that it created a mark.

Richard: was from a kid that grabbed the violin and smashed it at her neck!

Nebula's mouth opens wide. She begins to tear on her eye. Richard walks away with the violin.

Richard: I...I am so sorry Nebula...but one day, you will register what I have been trying to say. Just don't be crying now okay. You be a good girl now!

The door closes leaving Nebula in the room crying. The scene then transitions back to the present where Alan, Marie, Limbo and Nebula walk at the village. Nebula stares at the red moon deeply. 

Alan: Nebula....Nebula? Is everything alright?

Nebula: Violin

Limbo: What?


Nebula turns to a house. She sees the violin displayed at the window. She takes it and begins to feel it. She rubs her hands on it and turns at the back to see the crack. She begins to play it. Alan's eyes open up, Limbo's mouth drops and Marie stares at Nebula play. They listen to the peaceful and harmonic peace that she plays. She does a freestyle piece. Nebula sits down leaning on the window and Alan walks closer. He begins to smile as he stares at her smiling face. Nebula then begins to play Beethoven's "Ode to Joy". Alan leans on the house and looks at her play. When she plays the second to last note, she stops and doesn't finish the piece. The violin drops and breaks into pieces.

Alan: (smiling) Nebula....that...that was beautiful. We never knew you!

Nebula: (in a monotonus tone) I am terrible. 

Limbo: What do you mean?

Nebula: I can't....I can't play......People would throw stones at me's such a terrible wish!

Alan puts his hand on Nebula's shoulder. He looks at her face.

Alan: one is going to throw stones at you for playing such a great piece like that.

Nebula clutches onto Alan and she shivers. 

Nebula: You don't understand!

Alan: Nebula?

The scene transitions to the courtyard of the monastery. Russell, Elaine, and Gunsche stand at the middle. Russell holds his bow and arrow laughing, Elaine holds a bear trap on each of her hand, and Gunsche holds his giant discs. Solomon stands on the very top of the monastery and watches them.


Elaine: Good deeds come to those with patience.


Russell begins to chuckle. It starts to turn into a loud uncontrollable laugh.

Gunsche: (loudly) GUNSCHE WANT KILL!

Suddenly, several spirits come from the ground. They are knights that hold swords, axes, and lances. They come charging with their weapons.


Russell shoots multiple arrows at the knights. A group of then receive an arrow on their eye, face, chest, or limb. The blood sprays from their wounds and splatters onto the ground.

Russell: Ha ha...Don't die again foolish spirits. YOU ARE ALIVE AGAIN FOR THE GAME! 

Russell jumps and does multiple flips on the air. He shoots at more knight spirits and lands on the ground. He charges at the spirits and smashes them with his bow. The blood splatters from their mouthes and faces. When the knights fall, he puts his bow away, pulls out an arrow and stabs it in the chest.

Russell: I want to hear you spirit....Scream you inferior being...SCREAM!!!


Russell stabs it multiple times in the chest, then at the face. The spirit screams in pain and agony. Russell pulls out his dual machetes and spins around like a windmill. The knights around him lose their limbs and head. When he stops spinning, he sees the remaining spirit, slices it's left arm off causing it to scream loudly. The spirit turns around having his back face Russell. He holds the wound that sprays blood recklessly. The ongoing scream ended when Russell does a quick decapitation. The blood splatters from both the head and decapitated body. Gunsche can be seen smashing the spirits with the discs. He holds the discs by the center and activates a switch. Blades come out spinning at the ends of the disc. They serve as buzz saws and carve up the spirits. He screams wildly and turns the spirits into tiny pieces. 



Gunsche throws a disc onto a spirit from far away. The disc saws the spirit slowly. It feels the infinite pain until the spirit splits in half. Elaine throws her chained bear traps on the spirits. Their limbs get chomped off. She throws a bear trap on a spirit's head. The brain and blood spouts from the wounds violently. She pulls it out causing the head to be torn in half roughly. She swings the bear traps around which knock away the knight spirits. She throws a bear trap at the leg, clamps on to it, and pulls the spirit in. She then steps on the face. Russell comes diving into the other spirits in laughter. He slices off both arms of a spirit and it's torso. He butchers the remaining knight spirits in a flash. Russell turns around and slices the stomach. The knight spirit screams as the blood pours out of him.

Russell: (smiling) OPEN WIDE!

Russell stabs through the spirit's mouth. The machete points through the back of the head. The blood splatters from the mouth and the exit wound. Russell puts his machetes away, pulls out his bow and arrow, then shoots the last spirit at both of it's knees. The spirit crawls away struggling for life. Russell laughs furiously as he charges onto it. He grabs it's left arm, rips it out violently and beats it three times. 

Russell: (laughing) WHO NEEDS A HAND NOW....INSECT!

Right before he was about to hit it the fourth time, Gunsche's disc blade rolls onto the wounded spirit's body. The spirit gets carved up into two. The disc rolls back to Gunsche's big hand. His hulking body walks towards Russell.


Russell: (tilting his head grinning) You know should learn how to have a little fun before executing an insect. In other words.... chew your food before you swallow it. Taste it before you digest it. 

Elaine: (walking away alone) I don't understand why Wisher didn't practice earlier like this?

Russell: Why do you ask Elaine? That means that we can have a lot more fun. We got the insects to ourselves. 

Elaine: Solomon.....why did you send him before this practice?

Solomon jumps from the tower and flows through the altitude. He then lands on the ground causing a sonic boom. The witch hunter spirits resists the force and stand still.

Solomon: Do not worry Elaine....Wisher is just a test! Let him have the fun, Let him talk to those four hundred year old friends, and that three hundred year old girl, or let him be butchered. After all he did play an excellent role in each of their lives. It's time that he ends it himself. I would be surprised if Wisher could defeat the Dark Exorcist.

Elaine: You're telling me that you sent him on a suicide mission?

Solomon: (laughing) You can call it that my dear....but it would be less fun if we killed the Dark Exorcist instantly. Now don't you agree?

Elaine: (looking down) Yes Solomon.

Solomon: (smiling and lifting up his hat) Goooooodd!

The scene transitions back to the village. Nebula still clutches onto Alan. Limbo looks ahead and sees Wisher on top of the roof. 

Limbo: ALAN!

Alan looks at Wisher and hears him laughing. Wisher's coins orbit around him and carry him at the sky. 

Wisher: So Dark Exorcist.....or "Alan Harkison" Which name shall it be? Tell me what you wished to be called by. I say it should be Alan Harkison because we all knew you before you were called the Dark Exorcist!

Limbo transforms into his were-cat form. He jumps from house to house reaching the roof tops.

Wisher: Kitty Cat, why so furious?

Marie aims her rifle at Wisher and pulls the trigger. The bullet gets destroyed by a coin. Wisher then drops on the roof and pulls out his batons when Limbo gets closer. The roof that Limbo is on splits and drops. Limbo leaps onto another roof which curves away from Wisher. The chimney extends and forms a wall blocking the path. Limbo smashes it and leaps onto Wisher. The coins puncture Limbo's arms causing him to let go. Wisher smashes Limbo's face and does an overhead smash which puts him down. 

Marie: LIMBO!

Alan tries to run but Nebula still clutches onto him.

Nebula: sad!


Alan gets out of Nebula's hold. Limbo's body turns back into a cat. Alan catches him in his arms. Marie still continues to fire at Wisher multiple times. She never stops firing her rifle.


When Marie fires her gun again, the bullet explodes when it hits a coin. Wisher gets blown away by the force. Marie is surprised by the explosion and looks at her hand. It is glowing yellow. She then rushes towards the house and places her yellow hand on the door. She sees the hand print left on the door. She runs up the stairs but the door explodes. 


Alan charges at the stairs with his hatchet and reaches the roof tops. Nebula runs with Alan and reaches to top as well. Wisher jumps back at the roof tops and hits Nebula away. He kicks Marie off of the roof top. Alan swings his hatchet onto Wisher but he dodges it. He throws coins on Alan's legs which cause bloody marks. Alan feels the pain but he swings his hatchet again. Wisher's batons clash with the hatchet. They begin to clash their weapons against each other. Alan sticks out his palm blade and shoots it at Wisher's left shoulder. He then sticks out another and slices the stomach. Alan kicks Wisher away but the coins levitate him. Nebula blasts waves at Wisher but he dodges them. Wisher throws a baton at Nebula and knocks her out of the roof. Alan comes back face to face with Wisher. 


Alan jumps and does somersaults on the air. He does an overhead smash on Wisher but he blocks the hatchet. The blade skids on Wisher's face. Alan kicks Wisher's leg and beats his face with the non bladed side of the hatchet. He does a clean cut on Wisher's left arm. Wisher screams in pain as the blood quickly exits out of the body. Alan chops off the other arm with blood spraying from the other wound. Wisher kneels down with out his arms looking up at Alan. He screams aggressively with the hatchet wound opening up on his face. 


Alan screams wildly chopping Wisher. He pervasively strikes Wisher's body as the blood splatters onto his trench coat.


 Suddenly the building explodes. They fall onto the ground violently. Debris penetrate Wisher as Alan falls down. The smoke and wood cover up the area. Wisher's body collapses onto Marie.

Wisher: (dripping blood I see.....Marie! Are going to become an exorcist now? You see... I hope you understand that if you follow that drunk dark exorcist, then you will be forever cursed just like him!

Marie c***s her rifle point it at Wisher's bloody body.

Wisher: WAIT...Before you kill me, I think I should tell you something about Nebula. That young woman that you care for!

The scene transitions back to three hundred years ago. Nebula is holding a coin and walking to the well during night time.

Wisher: (from the background) That Nebula that you know, that Nebula that you care for, she is not the same girl from three hundred years ago.

Nebula then closes her eyes and puts her hand on top of the well.

Nebula: (in her head) I wish that my parents would change, so that they would let me play the violin and be free.

Nebula drops the coin in the well. 

Wisher: So Marie, do you want to hear the best part of the story.

She sits leaning back at the well. Many people walk up to her with lanterns.

Civillians: We have been looking all over for you Nebula. You scared the town.

Wisher: She ran away just to make a wish. No one would answer to the wish, but guess who did.

Nebula's house begins to shake. The lights are on and the civilians look back at the house. They begin to question the situation until the lights go out. The windows begin to break and two dark figures sprint from a distance. Nebula looks down at the well back at the house. The lanterns begin to explode and the civilians start to accumulate fear and anxiety. Suddenly Richard and Angelina appear. Richard holds the violin in his hands.

Angelina: sweet little child. 

Richard: Your wish has been full filled my dear.

Nebula begins to smile and rush to Richard. She hugs him tightly. Richard's face begins to form fangs. His eye sockets turn black and his eyes are rolled back. Angelina's neck twists and her limbs dangle as she walks. The civilians scream in terror. Wisher can be seen holding the parents' heads.

Wisher: Wish granted!

The parents begin to charge at the civilians. They chew their limbs and faces. They scream in fear and agony. Angelina grapples onto a civilian and bites his neck off. Richard throws the violin to Nebula as he tears a chest open. Nebula sits down unable to move through the violence and terror. The parents leave no civilian and meat behind. They chew up the rest of them and tear their faces off. Suddenly Alan rushes towards Angelina and puts his hand on her head. Richard tackles Alan but Limbo comes in scratching up Angelina's face in his feline form. Limbo starts to progress into his were cat form and tears Angelina in half. Alan gets mauled by Richard but he stabs Richard's eyes with his palm blades which puncture his brain. Alan gets up covered in blood. Nebula still sits down looking at the bloody field. The scene then transitions back to the present.

Wisher: You see gotta be careful what you wish for. Now do you see why she doesn't tell you anything, why she doesn't say what she wants? SHE JUST WANTED TO PLAY THE GOD DAMN VIOLIN AND CHANGING HER TYRANNICAL PARENTS WAS THE WAY TO...

Marie pulls the trigger. The bullet penetrates Wisher's forehead. The bullet explodes and causes the head to splatter into bits. Suddenly green fire comes from Wisher's body and burns all of it. It disintegrates quickly. Alan walks up to Marie placing his hand on Marie's shoulder.

Alan: Good girl Marie. All of us had enough chit chat with that Witch Hunter spirit. 


Limbo: (walking in his cat form) Augh my head. Did I miss anything?

Alan turns around and sees Nebula staring at the broken pieces of the violin. He walks up to her and kneels down with her. 

Alan: Nebula, it wasn't your fault. I am sorry I couldn't save them.

Nebula looks up to Alan crying. 

Alan: I know why you haven't killed anybody, not even freaks, or demons, but we are in a time where we have to do what is necessary. That evil spirit is gone and we are in this together. If there is something that you want, you have to tell us. Use that free will of yours Nebula. All these years, you never told us anything. 

Alan begins to smile hugging her.

Alan: You didn't have to though, it's not something you would want to say.

Marie: But you are here with us now. We are here to do what's right. Let's finish this Nebula. Come

Nebula smiles and holds Marie's hand. Limbo sits down looking at the reunion as the fire burns the house down. The scene transitions back to the monastery. Solomon is in the cellar. He then hears banging from a door. He slowly approaches it putting his bladed fingers up. The door bangs louder and louder. The rate gets faster. When Solomon slices the door open, a man with long hair and pilgrim clothes gets surprised by his appearance. Solomon grabs him with the bladed fingers and pulls him in. He holds the man with his left and and mounts him onto a wall by smashing him onto it. The man faces Solomon as he is beat up.


To Be Continued

© 2012 Xerclipse

Author's Note

I am back from vacation and decided why don't I reveal more about Nebula. I hope you enjoyed this but are there any flaws? if so tell me!

I kinda based Russell off of my earlier character Snake from my earliest book "Gersche and the Watch". What do you think of Russell?

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I really loved this chapter, very heart warming. And the action was awesome. You really kick but. One thing was not clear was the new power and how she earned it. Other than that u moving on to the next chapter.

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Yup Nebula is like the only pure hearted character after the whole thing with Wisher and the violin... read more
Another great chapter...Amazing job!

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

I have lots of typos, it happens when I have to type so fast -.- Now start writing! I want to read t.. read more

8 Years Ago

Lol I am writing right now! ;)

8 Years Ago

it's up now XD
She use to play the violin your age,----used to play the violin at your age

(in a monotonus tone) I am terrible. -----monotonies

The blood splatters from their mouthes and faces. -----mouths

very suspenseful :) you should write novels.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Taylor H.

8 Years Ago

Ok dokey lol

8 Years Ago

I would appreciate it if you read the earlier chapters to know what was going on before. But take yo.. read more
Taylor H.

8 Years Ago

ok :)

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