Chapter XV: Healing Goddess

Chapter XV: Healing Goddess

A Chapter by Xerclipse

Kiara seems to be more than just a tree. But what happens back at Alan's dark past? Proceed for the knowledge.


Chapter XV

Healing Goddess


         The scene picks off where Limbo carries the group on his back. Limbo starts to climb on a vertical wall. Trees begin to form from the wall he climbs on. Branches attempt to grab Limbo but he kicks them away. Marie tries to sever them off with her bayonet. Nebula clutches onto Alan and Limbo. Limbo leaps from one area to another. He dodges the roots and plans that grow. Actors still attempt to chase them down. They climb up on the wall as well. Limbo grabs an actor and smashes him through a wall. The blood stain can be seen.


Limbo: DIE!!!


         Limbo still continues to climb up the wall but there is no ceiling. The abyss is on top of them. There is a never ending top that they climb up on.




         Limbo sees more actors climbing downward. Branches and twigs clutch onto Limbo. Marie cuts them off with her bayonet.


Marie: We can always get higher but we can never get lower!


Limbo: Who said we can’t get lower?


Marie: What!




         Limbo lets go of the wall and starts to do a bullet dive from a height. He passes through the botanical matter and actors. When he gets closer to the ground, he covers his face and crashes through the floor. They start to descend down into a projector screen. However they don’t break it, they fall through it. They start to split up into individuals now. Laughing sounds can be heard and they disappear into darkness. Limbo slowly transforms into a cat when he falls. He falls through multiple portals and many places. He then lands on the grasslands. The sun is bright out and he sees the birds chirping around him. Limbo looks at his paws and sees some human skin forming underneath the fur. Limbo starts to get surprised by it. He sees fingers growing through his claws. His ears shrink down and his fur begins to shrink as well. The human flesh overlaps his body. Limbo starts to stand up looking at his half naked body. His lower body is covered in a black furry cloth. His upper body has his ribs exposed.


Limbo: (shocked) My….my body.


         Limbo falls back down looking at his arms and feeling himself. Limbo sees a clear lake when he turns around. He sees his own face, which has blue eyes and a long nose. He touches his face. Limbo appears to have a pony tail that extends past his shoulders. The hair is unkempt and slightly messy. He has bangs that covers his right eye. His chin beard is trimmed and his mustache is trimmed as well. He begins to smile after he realizes his own body. He laughs standing up. He starts running around in joy and happiness. He sees a woman sitting on a bench under a tree. She holds an umbrella. Limbo begins to see what she looks like. She has black eye liner and blond hair. Limbo walks slowly to her. Clothes begin to form around him.


Limbo: Victoria? Is that you?


         Limbo rushes towards her and hugs her tightly.


Limbo: (crying) I…I am so glad I can see you!


         Limbo realizes that he has a jacket and pants on. He reaches in his pocket and sees a small box. He then opens it and sees a wedding ring. Victoria smiles at Limbo. Her eyes catch his and they stare at each other. Victoria takes the box with the ring and laughs with Limbo. Victoria gives him a big kiss.


Limbo: MY GOD…IT IS YOU!! VICTORIA!! I have been a cat for so long, and yet we have the chance after four hundred years for me to ask you about this!


         Victoria begins to laugh. Limbo slightly smiles but it drops. She then opens her eyes and they are rolled back. Limbo steps back but a palm blade hits Victoria’s head. Her fangs form and her limbs twists in multiple directions. Wisher’s blurry image can be seen holding on Victoria’s head. He tosses a coin up and down.


Wisher: She is gone Limbo, and you know it! After you and the Dark Exorcist drove me out of her, she never wanted you again! It’s useless!


         Limbo tries to punch Wisher but Wisher morphs into Solomon.




         Solomon sticks his blades into Limbo’s stomach. His body burns furiously. Wisher’s image spawns behind Solomon.




Alan comes by holding Limbo’s ashes. Limbo begins to disintegrate but Alan carries a piece of Limbo’s ash. Alan finds a black cat and kills it. He then pours the ash into the cat’s mouth. After a while the cat begins to cough and moan in Limbo’s voice. He looks back at his cat form and cries.


Limbo: What….what is this?


Alan: Limbo, he is in trouble.


Limbo: Wait…you aren’t really Alan…? Who are you?


         The image of Alan begins to morph into Kiara.


Kiara: I am the mother of Marie.


Limbo: The blood mother?


Kiara: Yes. But it was a shame that I got captured and transformed into another inhuman being.


Limbo: Well….you’re not alone. I have to say I hate being a cat.


Kiara: But you are an animal, I am a tree that can’t do anything but take pain, and slavery from my husband.


Limbo: I am so sorry….but where are we.


Kiara: You are out of the theater.




Kiara: All except for Alan. He is stuck in his polluted mind. You have to save him Limbo.


Limbo: But…but my were cat form….I probably drained all of my soul when I became that.


Kiara: I will give you strength Limbo. And you will need it to help guide Alan to Solomon. Thank you for taking care of my daughter.


         Kiara disappears into thin air.




         The scene then transitions to Nebula all alone at the well. She holds a coin on her hand but she doesn’t throw it in the well. She turns around and sees Kiara.


Kiara: You must be Nebula….the woman that my daughter likes. You have been a better mother than I have.


         Nebula does not answer but only stares at Kiara.


Kiara: You are suppose to say thank you but you are not much of a talker….are you?


Nebula: I need to find him.


Kiara: How badly?


Nebula: Where is he?


         Kiara walks closer to Nebula. She holds her hand. She then places her hand on her heart.


Kiara: You are alive…aren’t you? You have a heart that beats. But what does it beat for?


         Nebula does not answer. Kiara then walks backwards letting go of Nebula’s hand.


Kiara: Don’t be so shy, I know whom it beats for. But you must use the power to strike to kill. The world you walk into is a dangerous place. If you really care for Alan, please execute the creatures. I know you don’t want to cause any more deaths but you must to save Alan. I can tell you, you will have to make that choice when you leave this place.


Nebula: Alan is in danger. He is lost.


Kiara: But do you know why he is lost. Where he is lost?


         Nebula still does not answer.


Kiara: Oh….he never told you. He never said anything about his family?


Nebula: His mental instability has blocked my senses. He only saw them at the subway station earlier but all I felt was guilt and self anger. Solomon was present at that area too. 


Kiara: Then it’s time to show you what he has been through.


         A house begins to shift on front of them. Alan chops wood with his axe as his wife Ali stares at him. Danny the little boy runs to Alan with a rifle.




Ali: Please…let him work. He is a hardworking man.


Alan: (looking at Ali) Oh don’t worry….I am going to answer that question to him later.


Danny: But dad you promised.


Alan: (smiling) Yes I did but I need to have a talk with you!


         Alan walks back inside the house. Nebula and Kiara follow Alan into the house. No one is aware of Nebula’s and Kiara’s presence. Nebula tries to touch Alan but her hand goes through his body.


Kiara: You can’t interact with projections.


         Alan begins to kiss Ali on the lips. He puts his hatchet down. They begin to smile as Nebula does likewise. She then follows Danny holding the rifle.


Ali: Oh do you know what’s for dinner tonight?


Danny: Yeah, I’ll hunt it down and deliver it to you!


         Alan laughs and sits at the table. Danny sits down as well and Ali stares at Alan.


Alan: Now…Danny….the first time I went hunting……I killed an turkey, just like what a regular hunter would do! But….there is this feeling of guilt and sadness that can stick with you. When you feel it the first time, you won’t like it. It hurts to see a poor animal killed. But if you do ever feel that, then you can tell me…okay.


Danny: Okay Daddy! I promise I will not back down…ever! But that was something I considered too Daddy. I hate seeing cute animals die.


         Suddenly, Solomon kicks the door open. His right arm is all flesh and bone. He does not have the mechanical arm and bladed fingers. Alan takes the gun and holds it for defense. Ali takes Danny to another room. Nebula stays where she is and looks at Solomon.


Solomon: Mister know who we are here for.


         Alan points his gun at Solomon.

Alan: You said you wouldn't come back, you said she was innocent.

Solomon: (laughing) Ah Mister Harkison, that's what I said earlier!


Alan: (focused) Step away Solomon. You god damn witch hunter, isn’t there anyway that the judge can be convinced.


Solomon: Whoa whoa whoa….! Don’t use the Lord’s name in vain. I would hate to take you in as well! I like you Mister Harkison. You are great man!


Alan: Step away!


Solomon: We live…in a world where fear……emotion….stress….and lies go irrational all over.




Solomon: (smiling) You are interfering with my business but it’s something that must be done. Please, if you would….


         Alan fires the rifle but Solomon catches it with his left hand. It bleeds heavily. Solomon does not mind the wound.


Solomon: Oh dear….my hand has a scratch! Witch Hunters….it’s time!


         Gunsche smashes the door open. His roars loudly and breaks the furniture with his disc blades. He sees Alan and smashes him down on the ground. Elaine throws chained bear traps on Alan’s legs, which cause excessive pain. Wisher comes in smashing Alan’s chest and stomach with his batons. Russell shoots Alan’s arms with the bow and arrow. Russell sprints into the house and puts up his fists.


Russell: Hello Mister Harkison! It’s time for fun!


         Russell smiles sadistically and begins to punch Alan on the ground. Blood accumulates on the floor and drawers. Russell pounds his face multiple times. He laughs furiously in happiness and joy. Solomon pulls him out and throws him onto a table to stop the beating. Russell gets up holding his bloody fists and sees Alan on the ground.


Solomon: We aren’t here to kill him, we were here to stop him.


Russell: (twitching) But…but we were just about to begin!


Solomon: Never mind that, we will meet again at the trial.


Alan: (struggling to talk) You can all….go to hell!


         The house and the environment begin to disappear. Nebula stands

around looking for Alan.


Kiara: Do you still want to know what else happens Nebula…?


Nebula: (starts to tear) Yes….I do. But all that happiness earlier has been sucked right out of his soul. And that regret in killing something, even a turkey is gone. He does not think twice about bringing death to anyone.


To Be Continued

© 2012 Xerclipse

Author's Note

So do you still want to know what happens with Alan's past? That's not all yet. Are you happy that you get to know what Limbo looks like? Does it seemed rushed?

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This was a fun chapter to read. All the diffierent characters, past and present mixing togeather. You have everything here including the kitchen sink.

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

lol I seem to have alot going on in this one.

8 Years Ago

chapter 17 is up!

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