Save India's Tigers

Save India's Tigers

A Chapter by Priya Seht

Save our pride and work together for such an important cause.

Less than 1400 left. This is the number of our country’s pride and our national animal. The tigers are fast dwindling in their number. Tiger is not only a majestic animal but it also is a part of the eco system. The census conducted in 2001 and 2002, put the figure of tigers at 3,642. And now less than 1400 are left. Think for yourself. What if the tigers vanish and become extinct like dodo? Wont it be a shame for us?
Tigers are fast decreasing in number because of poaching and illiteracy. They are poached for their pelts and body parts which are highly prized in places like China and Eastern Asia. Dams and other mining projects have also affected their natural habitat due to which they were unable to adapt to the new niche. Illiterate poor poach the tigers for they are superstitious that tiger eyes are beneficial for their health and can cure incurable ailments. While it is not so, such masses refuse to accept the truth and base their selves on science and logic. Infact, traditional Chinese medicines use tiger bones for it is thought to calm fright, cure ulcers, bites, etc.A tiger skin can fetch up to £5,300 while tiger penises �" traditionally believed to have near-magical properties �" can fetch £14,000 per kilo. In a world where red tapism is a natural phenomena, it is hard to curb such illegal activities. Tigers are decreasing not only because of killing but also because of encroachment of their natural habitats; their forest area. For example, an adult male tiger needs about 80 to 100 square kilometers forest area.
As citizens, we can spread awareness among larger number of people, roar for tigers, contribute/donate for the same and do whatever is possible from our side. Use your networking sites to join such groups instead of wasting time in futile gossips and gaming. Plant more trees. Inform the government if you see something wrong happening. Instead of criticizing and cribbing, we need to implement our innovative ideas. If we can be innovative enough to bring in new gadgets, then we can definitely use our innovative skills to national and noble causes. Write articles on magazines, newspapers and form small organizations. Also comes with them to be a responsible tourist. Shop carefully and don’t use any product which has tiger teeth, nails, etc (perhaps in international shopping this would help). Now the Save Tigers T-shirts are also available, grab them and let the world know how concerned you are. Saving the tiger means saving mankind.
The government needs to have stringent punishments like death sentence for the law- breakers and need to increase the number of Tiger Reserves. The government shouldn’t wake up when the number tolls down to just a two digit number.

© 2010 Priya Seht

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Added on December 14, 2010
Last Updated on December 14, 2010


Priya Seht
Priya Seht

Jammu, Jammu, India

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