Portryal of Violence on News Channels

Portryal of Violence on News Channels

A Chapter by Priya Seht

News Channels are a source of violence rather than real news.

Media- be it print or electronic plays a very crucial role in everybody’s life. We get abreast with news from every nook and corner of the world. All thanks to the media especially electronic media. There was a time when only one news channel used to give the reportings but now a whole new range of News Channels have boomed up. We have huge number of news channels now. But do these channels always show the right things? Or have they become so commercialized that they are exploiting the innocent people? I would adhere with the latter.
Violence is being constantly depicted on news channels and this puts a negative impact on the youth, children and the society as a whole. Depiction of the truth is not wrong but constant depiction and without showing the vital things of the world is wrong, isn’t it? Studies suggest that when people especially juvenile minds are subjected to violent scenes, they become aggressive and show signs of depression. Such things will change the scenario of our society. I’m not talking about the positive one but the negative impact. The future will go down the drains. Earth will become an inferno. There would be violence all around and no tranquility. The time would come when bloodshed would be a common affair and mothers would smile when they see their young children being killed by the ruthless riots. Intelligence will evaporate quicker than water; no one would be spared from the wave of the fire. All will become dacoits and we all will soon live in darkness where knowledge doesn’t have a wee space and where knowledge is no power. This scene is very frightening and I can see myself getting Goosebumps. How unimaginable! But this will soon happen if this trend continues.
Hence, the need of the hour is to be pragmatic and stop showing such petty things on television. Have all the news finished or is it that the media is showing the serials for mere wastage of time? The doleful part is that vital and good information/ awareness is not being spread among the masses; instead their minds are being polluted by all sorts of irrational things. Information regarding the progress of India, the updates from the world and scientific approach has to be instilled in the minds of people via such a form of communication. Think about it yourself- is it better to show what an actor said or wore in a party or is it better to show the technological innovations, etc?
In my utopian vision, the world should be connected by a thin string of love and faith, where there should be tranquility and no fights regarding anything, where people should be satisfied with whatever they have and aim at excellence and the most important, corruption comes to a dead end. I wish the society would have been like the one described by me but anyhow, I would like people to become better humans and think a little about others as well.

© 2010 Priya Seht

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Added on December 14, 2010
Last Updated on December 14, 2010


Priya Seht
Priya Seht

Jammu, Jammu, India

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