Homeless Writers (the Window Is Down)


The Windowers must stick together! If the Window's closing has made you homeless join up here.

New Writing

Kiss Me Kiss Me

A Poem by Lacuna Badtz

Bulldog Bulldog

A Poem by Lacuna Badtz

Sven; Esther Sven; Esther

A Chapter by Trekkie

Avasknad Avasknad

A Story by Trekkie

The Musician The Musician

A Story by Trekkie

Pixelate Pixelate

A Poem by Céce

The Sinner The Sinner

A Story by Bella-Marie

Plunged Plunged

A Book by Thinker1

Every Other April Every Other April

A Story by Nici

Night Hex Night Hex

A Story by Scaramouche

That Girl That Girl

A Story by Nici

Secrets We Carry Secrets We Carry

A Story by Nici

Love Love

A Poem by Nici

Battles Battles

A Poem by Justice

Blood Blood

A Poem by Justice

prologe/hook prologe/hook

A Chapter by Justice

Circe Circe

A Story by stella_lemurum

Dark as Death Dark as Death

A Story by Quill

Remnants Remnants

A Poem by Herzeleid

Struck Struck

A Poem by Herzeleid

Amnesty Amnesty

A Poem by Trekkie

Theo Theo

A Story by Trekkie

The Sun's Mask The Sun's Mask

A Poem by Shaun

Man Man

A Poem by Shaun

Untitled Untitled

A Poem by Carmalou

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Is anyone still here?


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Who is Who?


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Why dont you guys just use the invision Powerboard continuous story site

Soul Ember

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Ice QueenJen

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I miss the Window! :(


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