DF Chapter 6

DF Chapter 6

A Chapter by Brittaney

“The beginning to the end?” Kalina asked as she stood shakily, leaning heavily on the back of a nearby chair. “End? What end? And why does Deirdra flinch every time she hears Badanie’s name?! I want the truth and nothing but the whole truth and I want it now!”


‘Are you ready?’ A voice echoed inside Kalina’s mind. ‘Are you ready for the whole truth?’


“YES!” Kalina yelled at the top of her breath. Everyone but Kristina was looking at her weirdly, for no one else had heard the voice.  Kristina didn’t hear the voice but she knew what was going on. Kalina had demanded the truth and she was going to be shown it.


‘Then come to me…’ Kalina’s eyes rolled to the back of her head and she fell to the floor.


Kalina opened her eyes and looked around. She was no longer in the den but on the cliff. The cliffs that she had meet Badanie at. But she wasn’t alone. Standing besides her was Kristina. “What… what are you doing here?”


Kristina looked around herself slowly. A shiver was sent through her body as she recognized the place. This was where she, as Hope, had met her end by Badanie’s hands. “I… I don’t know…” She paused and closed her eyes for a few minutes. “This journey is supposed to be made alone.” She smirked, “Then again, Badanie never did follow the rules.”


“Rules were made to be broken.” Badanie replied as she appeared in front of the two girls. “Hello Sister. I haven’t seen you in awhile.”


“Seeing that you killed me,” Kristina smiled. “Don’t worry Badanie. I don’t want revenge. Besides, I have a feeling our job wasn’t completely finished. That we have a destiny that still needs fulfilling.”


Badanie frowned, “Justin should be locked up for a long time to come. One thousand years is the key to his lock.”


“Excuse me.” Kalina waved her hands and drew the twos attention to herself. “Sorry to break up the reunion, but I’m ready to know everything that happened.”


Badanie grinned and nodded, “Yes, Kalina you are ready. However, let me warn you. As my reincarnation, you are forever cursed to walk the world without love or hate. You will be what the Wiccans call the ultimate judge because nothing clouds your decisions. You will be a powerful leader that leads her group into a powerful victory. Your destiny is a great one.”


“Quit trying to scare the girl Badanie.” Kristina sighed and placed a reassuring hand on Kalina’s shoulder. “Kalina, what my sister is trying to tell you is that you will be the leader of our coven. With that leadership comes great knowledge and power.”


Kalina nodded, “I was already leader. I am ready Badanie.” She made eyes contact with Badanie. “Tell me all.”


“It is easier to show you.” Badanie grabbed her hand and watched hers melt into Kalina’s. “We become one and with that you will know all.” Badanie stepped forward and into Kalina.


Tamesis had been gone for twenty years now. The whole time, she had been waiting for the other shoe to drop. The shoe that she knew would bring a great battle. And she had a feeling the shoe was going to drop soon.


The whole time of Tamesis’s absence, she and Damien had been drawing farther and farther apart. Yes, she still loved him for he was her soul mate. However, the love was getting harder and harder to project. As they both could barely stay in the same room with each other, let alone talk.


“Mrs. Grieve.” A messenger stepped into the room, shaking with fear because he had interrupted her meditation time.


“Yes?” She asked without opening her eyes. Years of mastering her magics enabled her to continue her concentration, yet still acknowledge the messenger.


“Well… um…” The messenger shuffled over slowly and held out a parchment. “The Head Council asks that you read this and respond ASAP.”


She sighed and closed down her meditation state. “You may go.” She said after taking the parchment from him. The boy ran from the room as fast as he could, fearing the worse. Her temperament was famous through out the council. Shaking her head at the boy’s reaction, she opened the parchment and began to read it.


“Badanie Grieve, First class spell weaver, Protector, we are contacting you regarding a one Tamesis Grieve. This individual has surfaced after twenty years of absence as a fourth class black Wiccan. The threat that this individual possesses is too high to ignore. Since his emergence, about three weeks ago, he has been found guilty of treason, magical murder on fifty counts, non-magical murder on three hundred counts, and magical attack on Council facilities in Greece. 


Because of his blood, our guardians are unable to counter his magics. Therefore, the High council orders you and your coven to ELIMINATE this threat. Once you have completed this task, a seat on the High Council awaits you. May the Goddess watch over you, blessed be.”


She fell to her knees as she finished the order. She and her coven were to kill her own son. Who had been convicted of to many things.  Also, he had been classified a level four black Wiccan, five being the highest threat there is. A level five is a Wiccan that was so deep in the black arts, that he or she no longer felt the side effects of the magics they were performing. A level five is a Wiccan that had matched the workings of black magic of a demon. She herself was only a level two.


But despite his relations to her, Tamesis had become a threat and it was her job to erase it. Closing her eyes, she closed her heart to feeling anything for the boy she loved so long ago. She could no longer look at him and feel love wheel in her heart. Taking a raged breath, she got up and prepared to battle. She had a lot of work if she prepared to fight a level four.


Kalina opened her eyes and felt her own knowledge swell. Thousands of black magics flooded her mind. She looked to her left to find Kristina sitting there waiting patiently. “She… I… we killed Tamesis, our own son.”


Kristina shook her head, “No, Tamesis was too strong to be killed. He was only a few more years away from becoming a level five when our coven successfully locked him up.” She sighed, “You have more of the story to see. Get comfortable Kalina, because you haven’t even learned half of it.”


Kalina nodded and decided to lie down on the ground. Placing her hands behind her head, she closed her eyes and waited for the next series to begin.


“We have to end this quickly.” Brianna shouted and slammed her fist against the table. “As we play baby games with him, trying to find a weakness, he gets stronger!”


Their mission had stretched through five years of time and they weren’t any closer to erasing the threat known as Tamesis Grieve. In fact, he had become a stronger level four on his way to a five. He had also gathered followers and created a Coven known as The Black Circle. But they hadn’t been sitting around doing nothing.


She had gathered knowledge, becoming a level four herself. No longer restrained by the addicting agents of black magic, she could match Tamesis head to head. However, his swordsman ship ability had proved an important factor. Now, not even his father could match his abilities. “Don’t you think I know that Bri!” She rubbed her forehead that was pounding. She had just returned from another lesson with her demon friends and was getting closer and closer to becoming a level five. “While we are trying to cripple him, he is killing thousands, trying to open the door. If he succeeds…” she drew off, not wanting to even think of the possibility.


“Well we need to do something.” Hope said and walked over to her sister. Hope knew the pain that her sister was going through. She was a struggling level three, having trouble fighting the addiction. She couldn’t progress until she did.


Serenity nodded and watched her sister-in-law, “Maybe the secret isn’t in the black magics. Maybe we should fight the night with the light.”


“The only thing that can defeat the night is an even darker one.” She countered and shook her head. “Tamesis is to dark to fight with light magics. They wouldn’t even make him flinch. No what we need…” Then it hit her. And even darker night, goddess it was so simple. She jumped out of her chair and ran to her library. “Sacrificial Prison.” She found what she was looking for. A black spell that required a selfless life sacrifice. It would catch the victim in a prison so dark, not even night could remain sane.  “Perfect.” She muttered to herself and began to write down everything she needed. She already decided to make the sacrifice herself.


Kalina snapped her eyes open and looked up at the dark sky. Not one star was shining, as if it represented the black hope she would have for the rest of her life. No longer would she take anything for granted. It just wasn’t possible. “I’m guessing the spell didn’t go as planned?”


“No.” Kristina answered her. “Just lay back and let it come. You still have a lot to learn.”

© 2008 Brittaney

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