DF Chapter 13

DF Chapter 13

A Chapter by Brittaney

Careen and Kristina sat on the sofa, each cradling a mug of coffee in their hands. Margaret sat on the floor at their feet, drinking coffee and nibbling on cold left over pizza. Zane sat in the arm chair, his eyes closed as he gathered his thoughts. Kalina was the only one standing. With her arms crossed, she leaned against the wall and watched Zane. To her, it looked like he knew a whole bunch more than what he had already told her.


Zane lifted his eye lids and looked at each of the girls. Four witches in all, only two of age. However, he was still greatly out numbered and if what he told them angered them, he would be screwed. No ands, ifs, buts, or ors about it. The power that each of the girls held was astounding. “It began long ago,” he started with a sigh.


“A civil war broke out between your council and a large group of black Wiccans. The council charged a coven of five women to bring an end to the black Wiccans’ leader. In your terms of power, this man had abundance of it. At the age of thirty-six, he had already reached level four powers and was climbing quickly.


His name was lost through the centuries. Some believe that the Wiccan council erased his name from existence, so that no one would attempt to pick up where he left off. However his followers, The Dark Circle, still exists in hiding.”


At this both Kristina and Kalina stiffened. They both knew who Zane was talking about now. Zane noticed the tension and seen Kalina close her eyes. “Do you know who I’m talking about?”


Kalina nodded but didn’t speak. To know that what ever was going on connected to her hurt. Kristina was the one to speak up. “His name was Tamesis Grieve and we four were four of the five that brought him down.”


Careen and Margaret had heard part of the story and knew the facts behind it all, but they still didn’t know their parts. And they wouldn’t know until they turned sixteen. However, Zane didn’t know any of this. “So you guys know what he did before he was killed?”


“He wasn’t killed.” Kalina spoke up but refused to lift her eyes.


Zane raised a brow, wondering just who these women were. “Of course he was killed. You had to have killed him or he would have finished in opening The Door.”


Kristina had been watching Kalina and seen the guilt in her stance. She knew that her friend blamed herself for everything that had happened in the past life. That Kalina would probably carry the guilt for the rest of this life and the next and there was nothing anyone could do to help her. “What’s the door?” she asked Zane, hoping to steer the conversation as far from Tamesis as possible.


“The Door is a cage made long ago by five witches to lock away a horrible being. Legend says that long ago, before even the Wiccan council had been formed. Before any of the councils had been formed, the world as a whole was in turmoil. A being that only was known as HIM or HE controlled everything and tortured everyone.


HE made sure that content, happiness, and love never existed. Putting pain, sadness, and hate in their stead. Death and fear spanned the world and no one was safe. Until five women gathered together and challenged HIM.


Earth was their leader. She had already lost everyone she had ever loved to HIM. But despite it all, she fought HIM to free the world. Air was a great warrior. She had been born to fight HIM as was her entire family. Fire was Earth’s sister, the last of their family. She was very loyal to Earth and did anything to help her sister. Water was born into a royal blood line, the same blood line that took over once the five had won. And Spirit was shunned by everyone. She was believed to be an abomination and undeserving of her powers. However, she proved everyone wrong when she turned the key. Locking HIM behind the door forever.


At least until Tamesis unlocked the door and was in the process of opening the door when you guys killed him.”


“I said he isn’t dead.” Kalina spoke up again. As he had been talking, she had seen something none of the other girls had. Earth was her, Fire was Kristina, Water was Careen, and Spirit was Margaret. That once again, air was missing from their ranks. That once again, destiny was wringing another tight rope around her neck.


“Of course he is dead! If he wasn’t dead, our world would be engulfed in death. Wars would have broken out and no one would be free.” Zane was very confused. It was written down that the boy was long dead. Those five women ended the war, stopping the apocalypse from occurring.


“I said he isn’t dead!” Kalina was yelling now. Her head lifted up to show eyes tearing up with sadness and guilt. “Do you think I could have killed him? My own son?”


Kristina knew what was happening. No longer did Kalina think of her past self as a separate person. Kalina thought of herself as Badanie and that was who was talking now. “Badanie, you did nothing wrong.” Her voice was full of concern as she stood up and approached her friend. “It had to be done.”


“No Hope, I did everything wrong. I allowed everything to happen. I didn’t love him enough, didn’t punish him when he needed it. I didn’t do something right because why else would he try to release the greatest evil ever known?” Kalina closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “My own son tried to destroy everything because I wasn’t a good mother.”


Kristina shook her head and went to hug her friend, but Kalina only took a step back. “I need some time. Please, just stay here.”


Everyone nodded and watched the girl turn around and leave. They all stayed where they were as the back door opened and closed. After several minutes of silence, Margaret was the one to speak up. “Why are you telling us this story? What were you trying to get at?”


“Yes, vampire. Why did you upset my friend? You better have a good reason.” Careen growled and itched the hurt him.


“Because the door is opening,” Zane just about growled. He didn’t like the way Kalina had reacted. He didn’t want to even think that he was responsible for the pain in her eyes. “Tamesis unlocked the door, allowing HIM the ability to come through. However, HE can only try on the sixth day of every sixty-sixth year. Next year is the sixty-sixth year.”


“Wait! You’re saying that on January sixth, HE will attempt to open the door and take hold of our world?” Kristina asked as she looked from the way Kalina left.


“No,” Zane said sadly and shook his head. “I’m saying that on January sixth, HE will come through The Door and take hold of out world. You guys must talk to your council and get them to do what ever they do every sixty-sixth year.”


Careen nodded and stood up. “Don’t worry, I will inform my mother tonight and she will debate it with the council. You’ve told us everything vampire, now it’s time for you to leave.”


He couldn’t believe how coldly the witch had taken it. Not even an ounce of fear or panic had crossed her eyes nor hurried her heart beat. Zane had been expecting them to scream, to shake, to do anything but stand there and accept his words. Shaking his head in disbelief, he stood. “Alright, I’ve done my duty. I’ll leave then.”


Careen raised a brow as he headed for the back of the house, “I thought you said you were leaving?”


“I am, out the back door. I want to apologize and say bye to Lina.” Zane smirked at her glare and continued to the back. However, when he opened the door Kalina wasn’t anywhere in sight. He looked across the lawn to the dense woods and knew that is where she would go. He took a big whiff of the light breeze and found Kalina’s scent, confirming his thoughts.


Kalina had left the house, crossed the lawn, and proceeded into the woods. She walked calmly until she reached her sanctuary, a circular clearing with a fire pit in the middle. Even before she started practicing witchcraft, she had used this place. It brought her peace and allowed her to empty her mind. It was a haven for her. The chilly October air cooled her back as the warm fire heated her front. Her gaze looked into the flames that danced.


She hadn’t been trying nor meant to but her green eyes had begun to use the flames to scry. Images played as tears fell down her cheek.


“Why did you tell her Deirdra? The girl wasn’t supposed to know!” A hooded figure stressed from the middle seat of the judge’s podium.


“I know but it couldn’t be helped.” Deirdra said coolly and watched the hooded figures. “I will keep an eye on the girl. Nothing will happen!”


“Keep an eye on her? Nothing will happen? How can you keep an eye on her when you haven’t seen her in two months? With Samhain just around the corner, how can you be sure nothing will happen?” The figure yelled at the woman and stood from its seat. “Badanie Noreen is a ticking time bomb. We will not allow history to repeat it self!”


“I understand your reasoning. However, this girl is different than Badanie. She hasn’t even thought of trying black magic.”


“Fine then Deirdra, your wish will be granted. However the minute she appears to get out of hand, she will be disposed of.”


Zane walked into the clearing and spotted Kalina right away. The tears on her face and the blank look in her eyes alarmed him and he ran over to her. “Lina, Lina, are you okay?”


Strong cold arms being wrapped around her pulled Kalina from the vision just as the council decided her fate. If she took one step out of line, they would kill her. There was no arguing with them. The shock of it all had her turning into Zane’s arms and crying it out. Her hand gripped his shirt as the sobs rocked her body. Everything that she had known was crumbling around her and there was nothing she could do to stop it.


Zane held onto her tightly as he let her cry. His shirt started to soak through as he rocked her, but he didn’t care. He didn’t know what she had seen in the fire but he knew he would protect her. Because at that moment, when he had seen her alone and vulnerable, he was afraid. His still heart had fallen and he found himself in love with a witch.

© 2008 Brittaney

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