DF Chapter 21

DF Chapter 21

A Chapter by Brittaney

His mate, she was his mate, the other half he couldn’t live without. The pain left her body and Kalina was left speechless. This thing had started out with pure necessity, the need for someone that understood. Then it bloomed to a romance neither could avoid. Eyes blinked as the witch allowed it to sink in.


“Yo… yours?” Kalina asked hesitantly as he nodded and caressed her cheek. How could she have allowed this to happen? If she had only avoided the woods that day, she wouldn’t have to hurt him now.


“Zane,” unable to voice her feelings, Kalina began to cry and held onto him tight.


“Lina, it’s okay.” Zane whispered and rubbed her back, not moving from the chill of her tears soaking his shirt. He wasn’t sure what brought on the tears, but he could already feel some of the tension in her body disappear.


“No, no it isn’t.” Managing the words between the sobs that wracked her body, Kalina did the impossible and held on tighter. “I’m yours but you’re not mine.”


Now Zane was confused. Didn’t he just explain he couldn’t live without her? She was his life, his very existence, and he loved her more than anything. Zane loved Kalina but he couldn’t tell her that, not yet. He’d already dropped one bombshell on her, he wouldn’t drop another. “I am yours, eternally yours. Even after you die, I will continue to be yours.”


She couldn’t tell him, not with those words washing over her. Heart pounded heavily in her ears and Kalina knew he could hear. Looking up at him, she sniffled briefly and accepted his words for now. Another day she would explain, another day she’d break his heart.


Standing on her tip toes, Kalina brushed her lips against his before kissing him softly. The chill of his lips reminded her of his need while the sensation of him kissing her back gave her needs of her own. Hands released their hold and trailed up his body until they cupped his neck. “Zane, how bad is it?”


Zane’s fangs had begun to extend and eyes turning red. Her heart beat was testing his control, her proximity pressing his buttons, and her scent pushing him over the edge. Then she kissed him and he almost lost control. It would be to easy to bite into her neck and drink the sweet liquid pumping through her veins. “I crave you Lina. I want more than I could possibly take, but I won’t do it. Not unless you say I can.”


His finger brushed her plump lips as he tried to hide what she did to him. Kalina could see though, she could feel the way his control was on the edge. “You can have me Zane. Take what you need.”


Kalina pressed her body against his and tilted her head to the side, giving him her neck to feast off.


He almost took it. The thrum of her pulse called out to him and her scent was more potent, causing his nostrils to flare. “Lina,” speaking softly he kissed her lips. “Come sit down first, I promise to be gentle.”


Unsure of what lay ahead, Kalina followed his instructions and sat down on the sofa relaxing into the cushions. Green eyes followed Zane as he glided across the room. There was no other word for the approach; it was so smooth and fast.


“Zane, I trust you,” She didn’t know why she had the need to whisper. Her body began to feel drugged as she looked into his eyes, not realizing until it was too late what he was doing. However Kalina didn’t care, she trusted him not to go rooting into her mind and therefore didn’t pull her shields up.


Zane kissed her lips softly before trailing his lips to her throat. One hand gripped the back of her head carefully, shifting it to the side. The other settled on the sofa next to her, steadying him self. Fangs exposed themselves and scrapped her skin, not puncturing it yet. Her scent was intoxicating him, bringing Zane to the very edge.


Kalina held very still, unsure of what to do. She knew she wanted this; she wanted Zane to take her blood and be healthy. But at the same time, Kalina wanted that connection his bite would bring. Something else she could hold onto when times were rough.


Even if he wanted to, Zane wouldn’t bite into her neck. Not yet. So his hand released her head and lifted her wrist to his lips, kissing the pulse point. “Lina, this will hurt. But I can take the pain away; I can make it hurt less. I just need you to open up all the way.”


Kalina worried her bottom lip as she looked into his eyes, nodding. All her shields lowered and she felt him rush in. He could go anywhere in her mind, but he didn’t intrude. Instead he only pulled on the pleasure, masking the pain as he bit into her wrist.


Fire laced up her arm, bringing the pain with it. She whimpered but didn’t move, not wanting to make it worse. Kalina couldn’t even imagine what it would have felt like had she not let him in.


“Za... Zane,” mumbling Kalina rested her forehead on his shoulder, free hand clenching tight at his shirt. The pain began to fade as his tongue darted out and licked the sensitive skin, the fire remained but in a different way. It moved from her arm to the center of her being. Instead of whimpering now, she was moaning and moving close to him.


Zane knew what was happening. The pain had started to ebb, being replaced with arousal. With a normal donor, he’d have ended with seduction and led the woman to his bed. But Kalina was different, she wasn’t ready for that and Zane wasn’t going to press.


Filled, he retracted his fangs and licked the wounds closed. Not wasting a single drop of blood. Lips found hers and Zane pushed Kalina back into the sofa. “Lina, I…”


“But daddy, I want to go back out. There are more houses.”


“Sarah I already told you no. It’s your sister time to go out now and your bed time.” Rodney Johnson sighed and opened the front door. Eyes scanned the room and eye brows cocked at what he found. “Kalina Johnson what is going on here?”


“Ooooo.. Someone’s in trouble.” Sarah smirked as she skipped into the room.

© 2008 Brittaney

Author's Note

Once again, any and all reviews are welcome.
Im still looking for an editor and this time I offer my soul!

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