DF Chapter 9

DF Chapter 9

A Chapter by Brittaney

Once again Kalina found herself running through woods with her friends yelling for her to stop. But she couldn’t and wouldn’t stop. What person would after what she had just discovered about herself and mentor?


Destiny? What was that? Fate? Could it really control you? Prophecy? Did they really have to become fact? Was she doomed to become the monster that the council was afraid of? The level six black Wiccan, unstoppable and cruel.


‘NO!’ Kalina’s mind yelled as she ran, dodging branches, jumping over fallen logs, and escaping a truth she didn’t want to acknowledge. How could anyone become that monster? Dive so deep into magics that even the darkest of demons would fear you? Something that Kalina would never become. Kalina would prove them wrong and show that a prophecy couldn’t dictate your life. That fate didn’t control you. That destiny had no meaning.


Now out of breath, Kalina stopped and found herself lost and in vampire territory. Not a good thing seeing as she didn’t have as much as an ounce of silver on her. “Oh great, good job Kalina, running into vampire territory with no means of defending yourself.” She panted and sank to the ground. Putting her face in her hands, she caught her breath and tried to get a hold of her raging emotions.


“Talking to one self,” A voice seemed too chuckled all around her, “a sure sign of insanity.”


Kalina jerked to attention and jumped to her feet, scanning her surroundings for any sign of the intruder. If she had time to meditate for an hour, Kalina could use a spell to talk to the trees and ask them for the location. However, she knew the owner of the voice wouldn’t grant her this time. “It’s only insane if you answer your self.”


“Very true,” The voice agreed, still echoing through the woods. “But, such a sweet smelling witch likes you, wondering alone in the woods. That could classify you as insane.”


“Point taken,” Kalina reluctantly agreed and dropped her bag to the ground. “So are you going to be a gentleman and introduce yourself? Or does your kind not acknowledge manners?”


“Such challenging words from such a defenseless soul.” The voice hissed and a figure dropped to the ground behind Kalina. Pale fingers reached out and swept her hair away from her neck. Pale sharp features emerged from the shadows and took a long appreciative sniff.


“And tell me why I shouldn’t eat you now witch?”


Kalina remained still. Something told her to not fight this vampire. That he wouldn’t truly hurt her. “Because you haven’t even given me your name yet?”


The vampire laughed as one of his arms wound around Kalina’s waist. “Cocky aren’t you?”


Kalina shrugged and licked her lips. “Just trying to make conversation or do you prefer your dinner to not talk to you first?”


“Zane Serrano.” Zane answered with a grin and brushed his lips along her neck. Listening and hearing Kalina’s heart beat increase with that small movement. “And I don’t mind a little small talk. So, why shouldn’t I eat you?”


“Kalina Johnson.” Kalina answered an unasked question. “I don’t know, maybe because I could become a willing donor. Wouldn’t it be better to have a constant food supply as opposed to a quick snack?”


Zane raised a brown brow and let Kalina go so she could turn around to face him. “And what does that get you?”


“Other than my life?” Kalina asked as she looked over the vampire. Zane was only slightly taller than her at five foot seven, so she didn’t have to look up at him like a little kid. His hair was medium brown and cut half hazard, with hair sticking up randomly and uneven bangs.  A grin was plastered on his face, giving him a rather dangerous look. But he truly didn’t scare Kalina; in fact he gave her an adrenaline rush.


“You’re protection. I know the vampire rules. If I am your willing donor, none of your kind can touch me. All it requires is a scar on my wrist.” Kalina held out her hand to him, “And I’m willing to exchange my life for a small scar.”


Zane examined her with a suspicious eye. “Just how do you know about our rules?”


“I have my connections.” Kalina explained. One of the first things Deirdra taught them was the different rules for the different races. It had taken Kalina a year to memorize it all, but all that study and hassle was worth it. It was saving her life now. “So, Zane, what is it going to be?”


Zane wasn’t quite sure about her. But Kalina was interesting to him, for this reason alone, he was going to let her live. Reaching out, he captured her hand in his and turned it until the pulse point faced him. He leaned in and kissed the pulse point softly before brushing it with his teeth. “I say you intrigue me Kalina Johnson. And for that reason, I will not mark you quite yet, but will let you live. Now where do you live, I will escort you.”


Kalina raised a brow but did not argue. After all, what person would argue with this vampires offer? She gave him her address and watched as Zane threw her bag over his shoulder. “So vampires really can be gentlemen?”


Zane chuckled and began to make his way out of the woods. “We were human once remember. We’ll I was at least.”


Kalina had to take a few extra steps in her stride to match his speed, but she wasn’t going to complain. “How old are you?”


“When I died? Or in vampire years?”




“When my master turned me, I was seventeen. I’ve been a vampire forty-five years now. Which is way too old for a young witch such as you?” Zane smirked and slowed down slightly when she didn’t complain. He had wanted to see just how stubborn this witch was and had been greeted with a rock. It should prove an interesting relationship.


Kalina laughed at the notion of being with the vampire. Her friends would die at the notion, let alone her… well they weren’t really her parents. Her brows furrowed at that thought. Her true name was really Kalina Noreen, an only child with no family on her side.


“What no come back?” Zane had asked when she had remained silent for a while.


“What,” Kalina asked then realized what he had said. Shaking her head, “No, I just was thinking.”


Zane raised a brow but didn’t push it. If she wanted to talk, she would. Then again, he was a vampire. A stranger vampire to boot. He remained silent the rest of the way, leaving her to her thoughts. When they arrived at her house, he handed her her pack and watched her step in.


“What no invitation for the vampire?” He joked and crossed his arms.


Kalina smiled at that and looked Zane over again. “Not this time Zane. It was nice to meet you. Now if you excuse me, I have some homework to do.” She closed the door and locked the dead bolt. Even though it wasn’t needed seeing as a vampire couldn’t cross the threshold with out invitation.


Zane watched the door close and heard the dead bolt, his smile widening. As long as he wasn’t invited, he couldn’t enter. And once he was invited, well no dead bolt was going to keep him out. “Good bye Kalina.” He called out and ran off.

© 2008 Brittaney

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