DF Chapter 11

DF Chapter 11

A Chapter by Brittaney

Kalina slipped her key into the locked and unlocked the door. Stepping over the threshold, she left the door open for Zane and walked down the hall, depositing her keys and bag as she went. Zane stopped just shy of the opening and looked into the house. The front room and the hall way he could see were nicely decorated. From what he had seen of houses in his life time, he concluded that this house was barely lived in. “Kalina, I need you to say the words.” He called after her retreating back side.


Kalina stopped and turned around to watch him in the door way. “What words?” She joked and walked back over to him. “You can’t even reach a hand into the house?”


Zane glared playfully at her and shook his head. Lifting his hand, he pushed against the air to reach into her house only to have it stopped by some kind of barrier. “With out an invite I can’t so much as breath into a private building.”


Kalina lifted her own hand and placed it against his in the air, palm against palm. Light green optics lifted from their connecting hands to his face. Looking for any reaction to the energy she most definitely felt moving between their hands. However, his face showed very little emotion. Eyes connected and it was here that she found the emotion. Buried deep with in was something swirling, trying to find its way out. Opening up slightly, she dived into his eyes and looked for it.


“You are a mind jumper Lina?” Zane asked coolly as Kalina pulled back. The use of powers had been wasted as she had hit a brick wall.


“Yes I am Zane, sorry about that, new powers and I’m still learning them.” Kalina used a half truth to explain her intrusion. She had been surprised that he felt her; everyone else she had used it on didn’t display any knowledge of her intrusion. Then again they were all mortals and this was a vampire standing before her. “Zane Serrano, you are invited into my house for eternity or until I revoke your invitation.”


Zane chuckled and linked his fingers with hers before stepping into the house, closing the door behind him. “I don’t intend to give you a chance to revoke the invitation Kalina.”


Kalina once again felt her heart beat increase by their proximity. His body was one step from hers, their clothes brushing with their movement. His hand linked with hers and held at their sides. This was the last thing she needed, a romantic relationship clouding her already clouded mind. She had more important things to clear up. Clearing her throat, she nodded and retreated. Rubbing her moist palm against her pants, she walked down the hall towards her bedroom. “I’d offer you something to drink, but Jacob had his buddies over. They played video games and cleaned out the fridge.”


Zane felt something roar inside him at the mention of a male figure being at her house. However, he pushed it down when he remembered that she had a brother. “Is Jacob your brother?” He asked safely and when she nodded, the beast purred. “It’s okay; I’m not very thirsty anyways.” He gave her a wink and followed her through the house. When they entered a room considerably darker than the rest of the house, he knew it was her bedroom. He allowed his gaze to venture from one poster to the next, taking in the atmosphere of the room.


Kalina pulled Zane the rest of the way into the room and closed the door. Waving her hand, all her candles in her room caught fire, lighting the room in their eerie glow. She no longer needed a spell to control the earth or fire elements. Wind required a little spell work but water remained ever evasive. Then again, earth never got along with water very well as it is its enemy elements. As for spirit, Kalina never wanted to touch the element as spirits always chilled her to the bone. “Welcome to Casa Kalina. It’s not much, but its mine. Which do you want, the bed or the chair?”


“I like your room, makes me feel at home.” Zane grinned and went over to her chair, plopping down into it. “Going to sit on my lap Lina?”


Kalina raised her brow as that was the second time he had called her that. No one had ever used that form of her name before and something about the way he said it made it special. “I don’t think so Zane, I’ll sit down on the bed.” Kalina did just that, sitting down on the foot and curling her feet below her. “Alright, what do you know about the clouds?”


Zane watched her switch to business mode, a rather fascinating change. Her face dropped it softness and any laughter in her eyes disappeared. Her eyes were now a darker green and cold of all feelings but seriousness. The thought of one day breaking through that mood, slowly changing it back to one of enjoyment was rather arousing. And he was very tempted to do just that. But the reminder that the creature before him was sixteen and a witch put a halt to his plans. He needed to remember that Kalina had a giant off limits sign posted on her. That any relationship between them other than business was damn near impossible. The friendship he felt forming was dangerous enough.


“I know that the same thing happened fifty years ago and again fifty years before then. And so on and so on.” Zane answered her question and leaned forward, his fingertips pressed against each other as his elbows rested on his knees. “First the clouds form, then it rains non-stop for a long time. Then the fires come, burning areas down and staying lit for days. Then the tornados come. Records were set each time, leaving the area a waste land. The elements displayed themselves backwards. However, it never got to earth and spirit and my people always figured it was your people putting a stop to it. So, I was wondering if this time you guys could stop it earlier.”


Kalina listened to his words and for a brief moment she felt as if she knew something about this. The words, “The door would open, HE will emerge,” played over and over in her mind but she couldn’t quite place them. Then she got an image of five girls standing in a thunderstorm shouting a spell into the howling wind flashed in her mind. Kalina felt slightly dizzy and swayed in her seat. But before she could do anything, Zane was there steadying her.


“Lina, you okay?” Zane asked and looked her over. “Of course not, when was the last time you ate?”


Kalina closed her eyes and forced herself to think; it drove away the dizzy spell and centered her. “Um… I don’t know, yesterday? I had a couple bites of Jacob’s pizza.”


Zane growled at this news, the damn girl wasn’t taking care of herself and he had no idea why. “Damn it woman! Why haven’t you been eating? Or sleeping for that matter?”


Kalina turned to look at him and found the concern written on his face. She opened her mouth to tell him her problems but the door bell rang, and rang, and rang. Who ever was at her door continued to press the button. “I swear if that’s one of my brother’s friends I’ll kill them.” She growled and launched herself from the bed. Storming out of the room and down the hall, she left Zane standing there in her room.


“I’m coming, I’m coming!” Kalina yelled and tore the door open. As soon as she did, she regretted it. Standing there was the three people she been striving to avoid the last two months.


“She’s here mom, catch you later!” Careen yelled to the car still running in the driveway and pushed her way into the house. Kristina and Margaret followed in right behind her. “Close the door Kalin, you’re letting the flies in.”


Kalina sighed and closed the door, after watching Deirdra pull out of the parking lot. It was then that she noticed each of her friends not only carried their book bags but their sleep over packs as well.


“We’re done playing your game Kalina.” Kristina spoke up and stepped forward. “We allowed you two months to try and figure this out yourself, hoping that you would come to your senses. But it isn’t working. You’ve stopped eating and look like you haven’t slept a wink the last two months.” The Latina put her hands on her hips and took a stance that threatened Kalina to rebuke. However the girl remained silent, just as Kristina wanted her to. “We want our friend back Kalin. We understand that you’re hurt for what the council did to you, but we’ve done nothing. Besides, you’re our high priestess and Halloween is just around the corner. So, we three are going to stay the night and knock you out of this emotional rut you’ve fallen into.”


Margaret nodded in agreement and stepped forward, “We love you Kalin. Please don’t continue to push us away for the sins of our fathers.”


“You’ve been reading the bible again haven’t you May?” Kalina asked and couldn’t help but smile. Margaret loved to read the bible so that she could argue with the bible thumpers of the world when they tried to convert them from Wicca. For when they tried to save them from the devil.


Kalina looked at each of her friends in turn and sighed. She couldn’t keep pushing them away, besides they were apart of whom she was. Without them, Kalina could never completely find out her identity. “I’m sorry guys. It wasn’t that I was mad; it was that I was so confused. Everything that I thought was truth was destroyed.”


Careen grinned and gave her friend a hug. “Don’t push us away again Kalin. It hurt to see you hurting and not be able to help.”


The other two girls nodded and joined in on the hug. Kalina felt the tension on her shoulders ease as she hugged her friends back. “I won’t, I’m sorry.” The sound of a throat clearing behind them drew them apart. Kalina turned around to find Zane standing there with his arms crossed and an amused expression on his face.


“Well it seems my questions have been answered, I’ll be leaving then.” Zane dropped his arms and walked towards the door.


“But what about the clouds?” Kalina asked her voice semi desperate. A part of her feared that he’d walk out that door and she wouldn’t see him again any time soon. That same part craved his presence in her life. “I mean, you can stay.”


Zane smiled as he heard and felt the fear from her. Turning back to her, he took a step forward and took her hand in his. Lifting it to his mouth, he turned it so that her pulse point faced him. Leaning in, he nipped and kissed her skin. “We’ll talk about it later. For now, have fun with your friends and eat something.” He grinned, “Besides I couldn’t stick around with four of you. Maybe another time and on more neutral ground.” At that, he released her hand and left the house.


“Who was that?” Margaret asked with a surprised grin and pretended to cool herself with her hand. “And where do I get one?”


Kalina rolled her eyes at Margaret, “That was Zane; I meet him two months ago. He’s a….” She paused. Could she tell her friends what Zane was and they not freak?


“A vampire,” Kristina finished and flopped down on the sofa. “By the fact that I don’t see any bit marks on you, I can safely assume he hasn’t fed on you?”


Careen and Margaret both had dropped their jaws at the discovery. Their friend didn’t date, let alone with a vampire. “Okay, you have to tell us everything Kalin.” Careen said and sat down on the sofa as well, leaning forward eagerly. Margaret nodded in agreement and spread herself out on the floor.


Kalina chuckled and sat down on the ground next to Margaret. Pulling her knees up, she circled them with her arms and began her story. Telling them how she had meet Zane in the woods and about their debate on whether she was crazy or not. Telling them how he decided to not mark her and walked her home. Margaret sighed romantically at this and Kalina rolled her eyes once again.


“He disappeared for two months, making me think it was a dream. Then when I came out of school today, there he was.” Kalina explained and went on with the brief moment that they butted heads. She nibbled on her lips then and once again debated on what to tell them. But the look on her friends’ face had her telling them everything. Even about how close the two had gotten and how it made Kalina feel. She ended the story with them ringing the bell and shrugged. “I don’t know what we have exactly. He’s just around.”


Margaret sighed romantically again and sat up. “You two click, like two pieces in a puzzle.” Margaret gasped and sat up on her knees. “What if you two are soul mates?”


Kristina shook her head, “They aren’t May. I’ve seen Kalin’s soul mate and Zane is not him.”


“Besides, a witch and a vampire could never get together. It’s as forbidden as a vamp/lycan relationship.” Careen added. Count on her to know council rules and know one for every occasion. “And Kalina has the possibility of becoming a Guardian, an agent of the council.”


Margaret refused to listen as she had been born of forbidden love. Her father was a Guardian and her mother is a traitor. She believed that true love conquered all. Kalina listened to them and part of her agreed with Careen and Kristina. But the other half, the one that craved Zane’s presence, wanted to believe in Margaret. Wanted to be with the vampire, and that half scared her.


© 2008 Brittaney

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