DF Chapter 16

DF Chapter 16

A Chapter by Brittaney

Sleep was a wondrous experience greatly under appreciated Kalina concluded after finally receiving four straight hours of it. She had come into the house and collapsed in her bed at one in the morning and didn’t move an inch until her alarm went off at five. Well, she woke up two seconds before the alarm sounded. She’d like to believe that she could have continued to sleep if it wasn’t for annoying beeping sound. For the first time in months, Kalina had woken up feeling refreshed and ready for the day. She didn’t even feel the after effects of the bruises that covered her arms and front. At least until she touched them, then the pain seemed to radiate to the core of her being.


However, she quickly remembered the events of last night. The light kiss in the rain had been so romantic, so right, and so forbidden. Kalina couldn’t afford to step out of line, but that kiss refused to be forgotten. It refused to be pushed aside and not thought about. What does it mean; she questioned herself. Why can’t she just say it was a mistake and go on with her life? After all, she knew he wasn’t her soul mate and she could never string him along like that. He mattered too much to her.


HONK!!!! Kalina snapped out of her thoughts to find that she had run the red light and barely avoided being t-boned by an eighteen wheeler. Pulling over to the side of the road, Kalina turned off the car and placed her forehead against the steering wheel.


“Get a hold of yourself before you get yourself killed,” she chided and took deep breathes to still her fast beating heart. It wasn’t good to allow her mind to wonder while she drove; she determined and started the car again. She would just wait until she was safely at school.


The drizzle was no where as bad as the down pour from the day before, but the sky looked like it could and would open up at any moment. Kalina wasn’t taking any chances this time. Turning in her seat, she reached for the large umbrella she kept stored in the back seat. When she grabbed hold of it, she turned around and screamed at the figure that stood at the front of her car. He wasn’t there when she turned around. “Damn it Zane, one of these days I’m just going to shoot. I’m not going to question, just shoot.”


Laughing, Zane moved around the car and opened her door for her. He was wearing the old floppy detective hat and trench coat. “Sorry, hard to break a long time habit.”


“Well you better break it or we’re going to have some problems.” She huffed and expanded the umbrella before stepping out of the car. Grabbing her bag, she threw it over her shoulder and locked the car. “Nice outfit.”


“This old thing,” Zane cocked an eyebrow, though he was inwardly happy that there was no awkwardness between them. “Thanks, before I was turned, I wanted to be a private investigator. So my father bought it for me for my seventeenth birthday.”


Kalina noticed the sadness in his voice and seen the flash of emotion in his eyes. Doing some quick math in her head, she realized that his parents and possible siblings were dead. She placed her hand on his arm, “You miss them don’t you?”


Zane nodded and looked down at her, “I have nieces, nephews, grand-nieces, and grand-nephews I can see from a far but it’s not the same.”


Kalina knew it was her turn to comfort him. To show him that he wasn’t alone. That she was here for him and always would be. Closing her umbrella, she stepped up to him and wrapped her arms around his middle, nuzzling his chest. “I’m here.”


Eyes closed as the vampire’s arms wrapped around the witch. Zane buried his nose into her hair and inhaled her wonderful scent. Her words sent a wave of comfort through him and he knew she was telling him the truth. Like her, he wasn’t alone. The two of them had each other and always would. “Lina,” He breathed into her hair.


“Yes,” Kalina raised her head and looked up at him.


“Can I kiss you?”


Last time had been a whim, which neither had contemplated. An action that just occurred and neither had a second thought about it. If either council found out about the kiss, they could bargain that neither knew what they were getting into. Now he was asking. Now it wasn’t a fancy. But yet, Kalina found it impossible to refuse him. She wanted his lips against hers. Nodding, she stood on her tip-toes and placed her lips on his.


Zane felt the beast roar with victory inside him when their lips connected. This time it didn’t remain an innocent. This time Zane locked his arm around her and held their bodies close, giving no room for retreat. And when she gasped, his tongue rushed for a sweep of her mouth. Her taste sent his head wheeling and he lost all thought.


The difference between the kisses was evident. Last night had been an innocent peck compared to this. Her body shivered with a new feeling. Her hands gripped his shirt as she held on for the ride. She hummed with pleasure as he nipped her bottom lip, his teeth brushing the sensitive skin. “Zane, I…”


Once again Zane hushed her with a finger. But this time he leaned back in for one last taste. “I’m going to find myself craving this Lina. Just waiting for the next moment I can taste you again.”


Kalina shook her head, more in an attempt to clear it than to deny his words. “We can’t do this. If they found out about us, about this, we could get into a world of trouble.”


“Then we don’t let them know about us. Lina,” His hand trailed down her hair lovingly. “Other than your friends and that guardian, there are no council members here. Vampires don’t go to school, they ask too many questions.”


Closing her eyes, she placed her head on his chest and thought over his words. They made sense. As long as they didn’t let anyone that mattered know, as long as they kept it a secret it could work out. “I can’t hide things from May and Reen. May has been my friend since childhood and I’ve known Reen for several years now.”


“You won’t have to. We’ll tell them the truth and ask them to keep it on the down low.” Zane lifted her chin and looked into her eyes when she opened them. A smile curved his lips, “See, I’m already craving you.”


Kalina chuckled and kissed him softly, “Well, that will have to hold you because we have to go to class.” Reopening her umbrella, she stepped away from him and began to walk towards the building. She already decided to corner her friends at lunch and ask them over after school. Tomorrow was Halloween after all. They would be celebrating Samhain and Zane would start bloodlust season.



© 2008 Brittaney

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