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DF Chapter 20

DF Chapter 20

A Chapter by Brittaney

Children cheered, adults groaned with mixed relief and pain, and the weather men were calling it the end to the strange rains that drenched the state of Georgia. What ever it was, the rain had stopped and the clouds had cleared. It was sunny all day and muggy as soon as the sun set. Trick or Treaters combed the streets in hot costumes carrying pillow cases of candy or looking to cause trouble. Halloween was in full swing and Kalina was slowly running low on her supply of candy. She could only hope her parents would return soon or she might have to start turning away the treaters and fending off the tricksters.


The bell rang again and Kalina hauled herself out of the chair, wondering why she even bothered sitting down again. “I’m coming, I’m coming,” she called out, not wanting the children to grow impatient and start ringing the bell constantly. Retrieving her bowl of assorted goodies, she opened the door ready to act terrified to cutified. All depending on what lay on the other side. Instead she found herself smiling wide. “Are you a trickster or treater Zane?”


“That depends; do you have a treat for me Lina?” Zane asked slyly and leaned down to kiss her lips softly. “I would say a treat.”


Kalina smiled as the small shock travel from her lips to her toes. She wondered if she would ever tire of his kisses. “Come in Zane, my parents should be home soon then we can make a break for it.”


As he stepped in, Kalina’s eyes went wide. Now that he was in the light, she could see the difference in him. Zane was pale, very pale. As every bit of color had been sucked out of his body and put somewhere else. Kalina put her hand against his cheek and gapped at how cold his skin felt.


“Zane, what… what happened? Why are you so pale and so cold?”


Zane sighed, hoping to have hidden it for a little longer, but Kalina proved more observant than he thought. “I’m just thirsty.”


“There’s wat… oh.” Kalina blushed and ducked her head. For a moment there she forgot that he is a vampire, that he couldn’t quench his thirst easily. “Uh… you got donors don’t you? You can.. ah.. I’ll wait for you to get back.”


Shaking his head, Zane smiled at the blush. It was rather alluring and he found himself craving for something other than blood. “My donors no longer help me.”


“Why?” Getting over her momentary embarrassment, Kalina looked at him wonderingly.


“Because its Blood lust season and I met my other half, only her blood will satisfy me.”


Something inside her hitched. Zane found his mate, the person that would complete him in everyway. He’d be leaving now and Kalina couldn’t stop him. “I understand.”


Head bowed and she bit her lip hard, holding back the emotions.


“Lina,” Zane spoke softly and stepped closer. Fingers tipped up her chin and he kissed her lips softly. “You’re my mate.”

© 2008 Brittaney

Author's Note

Any and all reviews are welcome. Im still looking for an editor for all my work
Email me at [email protected] if interested

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Added on August 17, 2008
Last Updated on September 19, 2008
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Corpus Christi, TX

Hi, my names Brittaney. Im twenty-two years old. My dream is to one day be published and become a well known author. My target audience is late teen early twenty's. Mostly people that want to read.. more..