Chapter 4-1

Chapter 4-1

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 4-1

* * * *


Derrick thanked him for asking him to bring those tapes to him so he can view them at the main offices. Derrick asked King Salsern and the people of the 6 rings that the Oracle sent. “If this here glob did this because these wizards did not have the correct talisman to touch the globe. Or it was a good fake replica of the original. We are seeing only five melted hands and bodies like blackened candle wax touching the globe itself.” Derrick Said as he walked around the glob formation hearing his voice echoing about the room hearing his feet crunch upon a flour made of frozen glass, watching his air vapors and their steady rhythms like old coal steam pipe.

He continues on said pointing with his fingers not daring to touch it. “Noting the indentation here on the further left side where a person body could have laid and reached up and touched the globe… a very tall man with a large stomach, with the only real talisman, known as the as the 6th man, but neither did he walkway unscathed seeing his fingers and his hand-print clear as day. There is only one man or should I dearth say one Frog I know that has hands like this, Also note on the floor his footprints as he waddling away as if carrying a heavy burden find loose coins of gold and gems as he marks his trail right here through the wall with several others. My question is why through the wall when he could have simply gone up the stairs into the prisons. And who are these shadow people”… hums “much to ponder there. ”

He tapped a small disk asking Mama Bear to sketch the entire room including the underground scan of the entire valley from this very spot. King Salsern stated it would take too much time, Telling her to do five miles out if there are unmapped tunnels then follow them if not, don’t go any further we will get answers we need form the frog in question. That no one is to alert him we are on his trail. A big search would.

Once the sketch of the room was done King Salsern opened a large silk purse and gave a musical sharp whistle watching the globe jump into the air and the bodies crumble from the top down into a putty of a river of glue. The globe it self spun in the air as it brightened the room ten times and spun at high speeds and started to shrink in size until it was the size of a white large marble and jumped right back into the bag for safe keeping. He stood up and smiled said. “Our friend forgot or didn’t know I was the one who made the globe and the talisman for the particular globe. Therefore the owner seldom needs a talisman unless he is giving it to a new owner. Which I am, but not today, if I am right, there is it a new globe about to be born hopefully today.”

Derrick said. “Yes, providing I can figure out how to move entire building fully intact.”

King Salsern said. “My boy, my boy did you not see me reduce a globe down to the size of a pea. And I am now carrying it on my person. How much harder could it be to move a building? Everything you need to know is size means nothing it nothing more tie a string one end and the other end on something else. In school as a child, you learned how to transfer water another bowl using the very air because that’s where the water came from. So gave it back to the air then went to the new location and took it back from the air. Everything comes of something everything is borrowed all you need is put back then tie a string on. And move the other end string to move it slip it down. Just like one of your toys.”

Derrick said. “So in my case, I need to create a bubble that follows a line, so everyone stays together inside it the way I want it.” King Salsern nodded. The fresh air of the swamp nearly gagged them not that, that where they were was much better. It only made them want to hurry. As Clara brought them all air masks so they could breathe better. Derrick looked for his outdoor desk then told them to give progress report regarding prisoner transfers finding they had completed that and were no storing all main tents into the main building. They estimated that prison would be totally dug up in 2 hours and the rest another 3 that gave us 5 hours to be out of here before this planet becomes inhalable. Already Kings Salsern was working his magic as the swamp tides were beginning to rise and the winds were increasing further out seeing small tornadoes in the background.

If that wasn’t encouragement enough Derrick didn’t know what was. He needs twelve bricks, but all he could find were big rocks as he lifted them in the air set them on the ground then charged them with magic to become his anchors for his shoelace bubble. Hologram Clara told him exactly where to put them watching them light up when they were in place as they began to hum and looked up in the sky seeing a lighted colorful rainbow sky. All stretching out to the last point as large net tied itself off.

From the outside, it looked like a clear bubble He opened his voice aloud and clear asked everyone if they trusted him enough to ride inside. Hoping they did… then again hoping they didn’t as he watched a couple as others called them back sticking their arms outside then ahead. Yelling. “This so cool,” to all their friends having them each try it. Derrick just rolled their eyes and had to admit it was cool and if he was inside with them he do it. Mama Bear giggled telling them they’d had their fun ending it as they all took a seat.

Derrick took a deep breath from his oxygen masks. Then took his staff and chanted the words he had when he was back in wizard school, when want to make thing smaller, tying his string on the bubble and the object like a ring from candy and placed the entire building and its surroundings in it, placed it around his neck with a piece of cord. He had one building down and one more two go, however, King Salsern wanted to help with that one as he patted Derrick on the back for a job well done. As they walked over to the Hess prison with of two of their best builders who put it there in the first place. They also brought a couple of Jailers and most of the ghosts.

Ghosts were most helpful when need to check on things where people can’t go, then again we are looking for a certain type of ghosts the kind that had served their time and are ready to be ready to go to heaven for all time and to gain new bodies for a second chance. These ghosts take with them many secrets one will be how to open the first door. Yet they can not open them, themselves or can never be called back. Unless for a very good reason. But we're not asking them to unlock doors we are only asking them to verify everything is intact and sealed up nice and tight. Once it was they were to go directly to heaven and they we wished them well including their Jailer happy tidings, which they did with good tidings. The only ones left on the last floor where it is sealed below for the next 100 floors.

King Salsern pulled out a blue purse and opened and it pulling put a small little white marble. Letting it hover to the center above the room and letting spin and gaining size quickly as reached the middle of the room. It was big if not bigger then the other one. But each time it glowed you felt the shock-waves. King Salsern said to Derrick “this will ensure this prison is untouched for many generations. Neither you nor I will be able to touch it once we set it on its journey; until the magic in this globe has completed its journey. I expect I will be dead long before then, but you Derrick you will live to see it that a two more are placed. Like I have, and I am over 10 centtions old. Where as you are barely 300 years old, a mere pup that still has yet to get his feet wet.”

The globe started to blink green then red, King Salsern said. “The globe is now ready for us to place our hands on the globe so it can take an imprint of these rings. This ring I about too give you and mine the original ring; which I will leave inside stating that you are the only biers and the new owner transcendence. You will note over time the rings become meld as one, making you always the main biers. Plus it adds strength to you when you are casting spells as you grow up through the years. It also slows down your aging quite a bit. You will see when people around seemed to get older around you.

“The ring can never be taken off you even if you die, like those wizards, the rings they biers melted with them. Now place your ringed hand palm side down. If you did it right the two rings will glow as watch them both meld together. Notice how the power goes into the gemstone fill the light fill you with warmth telling you the globe is now yours to command. Tell the stone to activate the moment you step out of the building sealing all ghosts that wanted to keep watch they can or leave the building and come with us, then all them to leave when their time is served.

“Ok tell the globe that it can now activate an all prison lockdown now that we have checked every inch of the prison and upgraded all the wiring windows, and all doors and floors. To do so the moment we are all out of the building. Then it can activate prison jump into the void. And make itself known when Morgan is captured and not before. And repeat jump and call for reactivation with new globe and a new bare.”

They watched as the globe brightened to white then to red as if was counting down. Then  they didn’t slowly walk, even though they could of, it was odder a run state as they made out the door hearing doors closing and windows closing sealed shut with bars and thick metal plating as well as magical. The building hissed like a steaming pot of coffee on a hot burner clocked in metal as the doors main doors sealed shut and the building flittered in and out of ghosts shape then in a blink it was gone with a little touch of starlight exploding outwards.

There was nothing to do but gather up his green hologram chips, that made up his outdoor office everyone else was had gone back to the main city Derrick looked back just enough too see King Salsern and his two daughters doing all the remaining work as the ghosts followed the last remaining jailer back to the prisoners that need a different type of prison. Too bad they couldn’t have filled many of those cells with some of Hess and Morgan prison, but that would have been unfair.

However, one weight was off his shoulders which was leaving this godforsaken planet behind as the portal out of there leaving the portal open for King Salsern and his two daughters. All he had left to do was find a place for his building and hope they had everything and everyone as they made themselves ready to leave. It was good to be home the moment he stepped through the portal finding a wagon waiting for him and driver Lord Clark asking him how it went, telling him that it didn’t go as planned, plus they couldn’t talk about it until they were in more discreet company.

Lord Clark said. “Not to make things a little more difficult our buddy Lord Oscar is fit to be tied, wondering what’s going on down here and why isn’t he allowed to join us down here and as well as our dear sister Lorna she bit board of and tired of watching prisoners and employees problems.”

Derrick groaned loudly “I can’t tell how badly I would like to kill the Frog after what I have seen today. Yet I have to admit Lorna has every right to be here with us. In fact, I could use her knowledge and her strength on many things, but I am too busy at the moment. Would you like to bring her in Lord Clark, just sneak her away? Bring here for instance putting her into a jar with some holes in it so she can breathe.

“Then drop her behind the Oracle stones ask her what she would give to live here including her immortally, since she doesn’t care about riches. Then let her meet the Oracle then let her drink swim as much as that living water as she can and bring her to me straight away. Tell her nothing about her brother Oscar. We will all discuss this once I have the building up and running again, if you can do this that would be a big help.”

Lord Clark nodded leaving the reigns to Derrick was gone in a flash with a smile on his face. It wasn’t long before he arrived at the site where the builders have dug out a nice basement the size of the building all that was waiting was the building itself. Derrick took off the building around his neck and walked to the center of the dugout and placed it on the ground and walked back repeating the words as he held arm and hands out. He could feel his strength building from the inside just like King Salsern said it would.

The building grew quickly to size and so did the people inside until it was the same size it was if not an inch then snapped as if rubber hearing pop of a bubble that size had reached its max. Everyone inside cheered as they quickly made random check lighting up the building. It would be hours still to hook up outside lines and build their first power plant using solar and electricity generators, not to mention a small hydro water and sewerage. In the mean time they are using a simply hydro kit that seeps into the ground and circulates into underground box and filter, if don’t know how it works ask a Tec guy.

Even though Derrick was tired he still had much to do as he checked off he’s a checklist. “The main prison is gone and cleared, Hess prison is gone. The planet was taken care of. Still, need to build a new prison, still need to populate this world. Still, need to find and help stranded people. Still need food, clothing, and housing, STILL NEED DEAL WITH OSCAR !!!!!” Derrick yelled towards the mountains. Scarring up some birds and jumped when fairy-like touch, touched him on the shoulder. As he turned around finding Lord Clark a slender, but a very beautiful woman standing there. Lord Clark introduced him to Lorna in her human form.

She laughed him as he bowed two her taking her hand a kissed lightly, she said. “So why are you cursing my older brother so, may I ask? I know he can be a little much sometimes to the point even we like to pound a few bricks into his skull sometimes, whatever he has done I sure it had to be one big misunderstanding... I take it is one of the main reasons he is not here among us in this very beautiful valley.”

Derrick controlled his anger and said. “Yes, indeed it is not just one, but several of as late, where we have gathered enough evidence, that tells us more why he shouldn’t be here and should be put to question if only we had a place question him in front of his peers and prison to put him or place to send to if he is found guilty which many of us feel he is. But we can't do so here as you know because Oracle has refused to let your brother Oscar in until he can be judged according to our laws and found not guilty by the council.

“Right now there is not working council for the prison system. For there is no prison which is my fault, but Oscar planed this to happen so there wouldn’t be. However, there are 12 members that can hold the position. These members can serve as the council according to the bylaws. Only two members of the old council needed to exit and the record keeper if available or a new one will be called if the old one has been invited to sit with the panel. Which was going to happen in the first place since Lord Clark and Dale was stepping down?

“This way we can put three new council members and new record keeper on the new prison panel. When all done and said. So if Lord Oscar thought we can’t do so he is wrong. I say we do it sooner then later because he is right now holding up the works. And we are far too busy too let him get in are away. But if you say that you don’t think your brother is guilty of the crimes. Would you like to defend him against the evidence we have against him? It has been a long time since I have been a courtroom lawyer.”

She smiled at him then both shook hands and they walked into the building. Derrick said to Clara to find office space for Lorna then bring her into the big conference room with everyone else. And have the chef fix us something nice for their hungry stomachs. He smiled as the tapes he asked for were already on the conference table waiting for his attention. One by one everyone took their seats while Lord Clark and Derrick drew up plans for their builders to build an outdoor courtroom within a large air-conditioned tent.

Derrick wanted 12 judge’s seat and the prisoner seat right in the middle. Making it nicely padded with rocks a thorn nail pointing up under the padded seating plus the rocks extra warmed magically. As well as where the box sat. The prisoner is to be and chained with magical chains that prevent him from casting magic as well as his cell and the box and eight guards making sure he can’t spell weave. It will be Derrick’s job to place a bubble around the encampment where magic can’t be used except by those he has allowed.

“No one is to speak to Oscar accept his attorney Lorna. Everyone may listen to the trail and the may vote once all the evidence has been presented. However, it is judge’s panel that will make the fine ruling; for it is a judge one of their own that is being a judge. Derrick wanted to make that clear to everyone on that planet before they started anything more. Handing the two builders the plans to use which were clear enough. Making sure they didn’t start until Nathaniel had Oscar well in hand.

With that out of the way, Derrick's shoulders felt already lighter. King Salsern said. “I am assuming those 12 judging seats are ours to fill?”

Derrick said. “Yes with some modifications of course, according to the bylaws. I need a full council to fill those seats, with Oscar gone, and Lord Clark stepping down. That left me with Lord Dale, and their record keeper Lorna. I believe this was planned out make no mistake about it. The prison breaking apart all of it was made to look like we were fools place the blame on the new kid. Why the king-fish and his pals got way clean with nobody knowing it with all the treasure.

“They wanted that globe to use to open all those doors all at the same time thinking all that power would free Hess since they brought enough bodies to choose from. However, we both know their no way that was going to work. Yet they couldn’t the chance of us getting hold of that globe and all that power. Instead, all they did was delay us hoping to get a second chance. But I surprised them by moving all the prisoners to one world and another set to another, plus a third set to a place that is unreachable, the other having to be invited to live here.

“So back to the panel… The way I understand it the only way I can make new judges is to move record keeper up by inviting her to sit on the panel, which I intend to do. Putting her in Lord Clark's place when he steps down after today trails after moving up Lord Dale to top spot, and for now, I am taking the last spot as agreed. I would like Clara to become our record keeper and teach someone or move up one of her sisters to take her official duties and become a full partner. So she too can work side by side with her husband.

“Now for the remaining judges who are to fill the remaining panel; I was told a few days ago that Council of Light has fallen once more. So very few can be trusted and the ones dare trust are inside these very walls except one which is Nathaniel. Who I need too swore an oath and pledge to on some screed seer stone, which you King Salsern might have on your person. Knowing full well that best way to hide it something that valuable is to makes it be seen right where might not be seen nothing more as decoration.

“Of course Oscar was to busy trying to charm you until couldn’t stand it. Which caused you to run off giving him plenty of time to make contact with his pals and they quickly came to get him. As you so naughty left that small little trinket of talisman wanting to see what he and his pals would do with it. In fact, you said to the guards to let him search anywhere he liked, because you had the most important item on you. Let see if I am right.” Derrick walked over to King Salsern pulled small pin that was pinned to waistcoat it grew in his hands to the size of a large orange.

King Salsern gave a loud snort then an all-out port belly laugh. “Figured me all out, did you? Well then it is true, but makes no mistake I will find out who you talked too. Bah, I owe you two rounds of my best grog. So basically you want to put the band back together and show that you are no dummy?”

Derrick nodded and gave big smile. It didn’t take long to swear everyone in. King Salsern took a quick vote who should hold the talisman as everyone pointed to Derrick. King Salsern said. “Good choice, that means I can give him new duties as well. He’ll not only judge here, but he will also be asked to sit on the council of 12 in my stead when I am unavailable. For now, he will be Mayor of this new town. And the new Judge of time now that seat has just been vacated. I’ll go find Nathaniel afterward getting that off our shoulders. Now let’s see these tapes so we can all see what Oscar’s about. Which I fear isn’t good.”

It took nearly two hours just get thru the first couple of tapes until they finally got down to the good stuff, as everyone grew in closer and wanted to slow it way down showing the shadow people coming through the walls then pop they were live as the color changed to yellow then red finding them everywhere in this strange dimension. Oscar arrived with six wizards in black clothing, all from a different realm. They watched as Oscar handed out five rings leaving the original for himself. Derrick knew now from experience that all the talisman must be made from the same stone and the same person must be the one to hand them out. At least he got that right.

Derrick didn’t need to see nor hear what happened next as loud screaming was heard then nothing but silence as some barely escaped with their lives like Oscar pealing off his brand new waistcoat watching his buddies parts degeneration where he was. His own flesh pealed off leaving his skin behind. He tried to heal it, but no. Each spell he tried didn’t work; he and we could hear the prison above him collapsing. It was time to get back to the others as he shadow walked. Into the wall carrying two chests of gold, he collected from his dead buddies in terror.

Salsern growled angrily. “Well, that explains why I had to hunt him down when we were ready to leave only to find him counting his gold again. Thing is I checked his room not more then ten minutes ago and there was nobody in there. I thought just to make sure I hide a whisker of a broom to see if that rascal doubled back. And didn’t so the only way out as though the very walls themselves I would know because they don’t leak.

“He was more show then surprised when we arrived and I figured he was just not happy being away from all that water. To think I thought he had earned it yet he spent very little time in it as if the water was poison against his skin, which I plan to test. The moment he is ordered to bathe, before he is presented before us and dressed in a robe to be a judge he will be healed according to tradition, but the wound he has won’t heal so easily he is lucky he got off with a few lucky scratches, compared to his friends. They will not soon forget what happened, nor should we.

“The question is how else has our friend been spending his free time? Is the question I would l like to ask? Derrick only has the most recent, and so do I. We are going to need a good record keeper to trace back to the beginning, or he will be judged just on these findings, other then his judges ring that those records all from the time he takes his oath and is disavowed when they are charged with a crime. And the ring is called for by the bier of the judge's ring. His or her life is displayed just like any other person, but worst, because they were to withhold the law not break it. Nor join the darkness that we have been fighting against.

“He has killed, he has murdered, he has sold his soul to Morgan and Hess, and he has betrayed the sacred oath of a judge. He has stolen from this very ring so he could make copies to gain the sacred globe that ensures the prison that rules are upheld, instead, he was hoping to remove the globe undercover by dismantling prisons safety. Putting it in a causing a prison lockdown to give him and his pals time to escape. I King Salsern give my vote to put Lord Oscar Styles on trial and remove him from his judgment seat. All say Yea or Nay.”

It was 8 to 4 Lorna was still holding out and we still need Nathaniel's vote as well as the Oracles she wanted to find out what happened to poor old Oscar. How could he turn away from her so easily when so many others didn’t? She wanted to see and hear everything for her self as she looked into his eyes. Hoping even she could redeem him in time. Just like that their time was up as everyone was leaving for the trial. The place was nearly deserted as they watched a dragon leave carrying the Oracle herself. 

The moment they arrived the place was busy as they mixed and mingled with their old friends. It gave Derrick a chance to see what they have done with the prisoners. He cringed mostly because they were like caged animals. So unlike the prison, they tore down. But it did give him some ideas on how to move forward. He had agreed to wake every prisoner up hours ago so they could see it from large monitors and hear it from loudspeakers.  They had put Oscar in a cell away out from the other prisoners. In square box with no sides where he could see out, but he could hear a loud ruckus, as he asked nobody would tell him what’s going on or why he is being treated this way when he has done nothing wrong that deserves this. Yet no matter how he tries to use magic it as if has been taken away.

At last, he hears a familiar voice it was his sister Lorna. She sounds if she has been crying as she tells the guards to left the cage, so they can be with him as they walk. He smiles at him and his two fellow Judges. Lord Clark in his cougar form, Lord Dale in his bear form and Lorna in her fairy form just the way he remembers them. “Oscar asks where are you taking me if I may ask?”

Lorna laughed with a little playful giggle. “Not far, we thought by now you should know how this works silly. We let all of our prisoners bathe first and we heal them of all their wounds, give them a nice dinner either before or after depending how busy we are, right now we are very busy so we made sure you were provided with a good dinner.

“Now we are going to bath you in that hot springs, and go over a few matters before your trail brother. You are probably wondering why your magic no longer works, that’s because it was removed from you. Depending on how your trial goes you might or might not ever get it back. You see you have been a very naughty boy, and for that your crimes are many I am afraid, now lets be a good boy a get you into the water just like old times. See it’s nice and warm.”

Oscar stepped back from the water not trusting them as they each climbed in showing him there was nothing wrong with the water. Lord Clark motioned the guards forward as Oscar said. “Just give me a moment you just caught me off guard. The moment you said I was being charged with something, which is totally ridiculous, heck I have been nothing but honest in all my rulings. Most the prisoners favor me, until that man Derrick came around and started changing things. Are sure this water not too hot?” They shook their heads no. having the Dale add in some more living water from the jar as Oscar began to sweat as the water kept coming.

He said. “I am clean enough I think… look at me... you nearly blistered my delicate skin, now heal me before I freeze to death so we can go back to the prison and put end to this nonsense. Oh wait, that man Derrick destroyed it, and if I am to be tried, there has to be a council. Without me there is none. The Council of Light has withered away in disgrace. So there for you cannot legally charge me or anyone, not without the judge’s seal and as far as I know, it was lost the moment the prison went down with all its secrets. So let me go, you owe me nothing, you cowards. I have the ring; I have access to Hess prison. The very moment those fools moved it I made a back door so I could enter the main chamber. All I needed is the globe and I have the only key. Now get out of my way.”

Oscar was surrounded by guards so fast he didn’t know what hit him. King Salsern said coming out of the bushes. “Did you get that fellas, I know I did for its all on tape bring him boys and we will see what’s true or not. Now, now Oscar lets not cause a (scene) in front of your most devoted fans. I woke them all up just for this, so they too can participate in the vote. Everyone you know will be watching from the tree line just around that corner. Don’t be alarmed, we brought an old friend of yours and he’s dying to ”eat “ you,” as he chuckled then reached down and lifted his left hand seeing the burn marks asking if anyone tried to heal it. He nodded and sighed that wound was too deep to be healed by magic.

King Salarn saluted the guards and his honor guards. Right away you could hear the crowd getting restless in the stands and seeing shadows as people gasp seeing the Oracle for the first time in years. Or the boys and girls wanting to go down and pet the dragon's having parents finally give in asking sir dragon if it was ok having him chuckle that it was fine. They made it to the tree line everyone was told to take their seats. The bugles blew in the air as each of the judges were called to take their seats.

Oscar swallowed hard at each name knowing they were indeed high and very powerful judges, but so was he however they still needed 6 more. He watched as his two brothers left to take their places. His sister was the only one that remained at his side. She turned and placed a small kiss on his cheek telling him as took her tiny little hands in his. “you must walk this path alone, always remember I love you we all do, which was why we chose to be your honor guards on your worst day.”

She left slowly with tears in her eyes as her hands broke from his and changed into a very beautiful woman right before his eyes; wearing a bright silk dress that shimmered and starlight pendent around her neck. She said. “You could have had this Oscar you could have become immortal and live free. You could have regained a human form again. And gone anywhere in all realms you wanted as very rich and honest man., but you chose a different path I am the one stuck defending you. I love you Oscar, but today I have to set my heart side and listen to the evidence against you.”

She changed back floated away as her name was being called to take her seat. Oscar said. “They can’t do that,” hearing Derricks and Nathaniel name being called making a council of 12 plus one recorded keeper his own little sister. He moved the blasted horns sounded again nearly blasting in the air.

They moved forward once again as he caught a large movement around the corner as the very large blue and green dragon roared with fire over his head then licked his lips at Oscar said. “It has been a very long time since you visited my cave. They promised me I could be your manservant in the very many years to come. Right now they are building a cell where I, and my dear sweet wife and my children can keep an eye on you 24/7.”

The Oracle voice called out. “Bing forth Lord and High Judge Oscar Styles to answer for his crimes of, murder, theft unbecoming duties of a Judge. Please escort the prisoner in to be judged by his peers and by this council of high judges of the realms. How do you plead Oscar Styles?” He moved forward with the guards as the large blue dragon got up and stood

Oscar blinked a very little as he was still trying to get over his dragon fear as they walked him over to stand in front of the jailer box. The Oracle asked again, “so Oscar how do you plead Guilty or Not Guilty?”

Oscar said with a slight chuckle. “Not guilty, considering this is nothing more than a kangaroo court? I should know I helped make this law; where it takes 12 high judges to hold another high judge on a trail. I only count 6 at best. The other two have yet to take their seats and can’t without popper seals and rings. Also, there must be a prison to reside on this does not continue as a proper prison. So no you can’t judge me unless you can prove to all of us that you have everything you need to conduct a proper trial.”

The Oracle said. “You are so right Oscar, if only you were this bright when you committed all those crimes. So for yours and everyone’s peace of mind we will do that now. So what do we need first if I may ask Oscar, you mind taking a seat like a good boy?” Oscar nodded not knowing why in fact he buckled himself in.

Oscar said. “Two things, the talisman rings and they must be exact or bad things happen. The globe which has been lost in the prison destruction thanks to that man named Derrick who is responsible for all these crimes. Everything says is a lie. Trust me he may look all innocent but he’s not…”

The Oracle said. “Careful Oscar we will get to that, no need to hurry things along after all we don’t want to hang oneself before hearing the evidence. Now then I was asking you what are things we need to make judges and move them in into the proper place so we do it right after all we want to learn it from the best.”

Oscar quickly calmed down as the dragon moved in closer wrapping himself around prisoner box, to keep his prisoner safe. Some would question his safety. But Oscar is out in the open and Dragon ward stronger then any shield is known to man. Or wizard. Oscar said. “Yes the talisman ring, the second most important thing you must have is the judge's talisman, which has been lost during 2000 generations when we and the Council of Light used it last as well as its ring bier.

“That is why I know for certain that you can't legally judge me without a full council of 12 high judges, or a prison to put me in. So you have to either prove that you can hold me or let me go. I vote you let me go and let this be one big joke as I part ways with all the gold I can carry and all my magic I have earned over the years for my services. I have a dear friend that you left behind several chests of gold in his prison. You all judged him wrong when you should have welcomed him with opened arms. Now then I have said all I am going to say.” He folds his arms and looked down seeing the dragon warming his feet as seat started to feel very uncomfortable.

The Oracle stood and said. “Thank you, Oscar, for telling us all how you feel on the subject at hand. And for the lesson regarding how we should proceed. But you forgot one small little detail. Which is the prison globe that records all the judge's actions until each of the judges have been released, from duty or moved up the ladder or new judges have been called? It also keeps track of all the prisoners.

“Many of you came from the prison we will show you the last few minutes of the prison as well as Hess prison, but make no mistake they are both gone. Hess prison is sent to travel in the void where space and time does not exist never to be seen again we will build a new prison for Morgan. We will build a brand new prison right here on this planet, in the same order as the old one yet with several changes like we have made in this one. So, Oscar, we do have a prison to put you in. and today we will make many changes. So let us begin I call forth ring bier and the judges seal.”

Oscar gasped as King Salsern and Derrick stepped down and came around the front. King Salsern removed the pin from off his person. Making sure Oscar could see it clearly as his eyes grew very wide when he said to him. “I have had it on my person all this time right where everyone could see it. Derrick Child's repeat after me placing your left had on the talisman. Do you swear to hold up the laws, governed by the people for the people for all the realms and the worlds you govern as high judge? As well sit on the Council of Light in my stead and except the duties, which come with that calling. Do you Derrick swear to keep the judges seal safe upon death? Do you swear to uphold the duties of ring bier?”

Derrick gave his oath for real this time as King Salsern placed the ring on his finger Oscar gasped as he sunk down into his seat as he called forth all the rings. Feeling all the power of the talisman as King Salsern handed over his ring and took the same oath as he watched the talisman glow letting Derrick put it back on his finger. Derrick made his way over to Oscar and as his hand with the ring on it forced it to raise no matter how hard he tried it slipped off his finger and into Derricks' hand.

Oscar acted like it was no big deal, but in truth, you could see it hurt him deeply as he watched his ring being taken away for good. By the same man, he hated him for such a very long time. King Salsern returned to his seat as Derrick called for all the ring’s of the high Judges and had them swear new oaths on the talisman seal; raising them to sit on the High Council of Light so they can call new members to fill those seats. Now that he had the power as the high judge of all the realms and the worlds they coincide.

© 2019 Shep

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