Chapter 5-5

Chapter 5-5

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 5-5

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Sly hated too leave Lorna like this sitting alone without him, well not completely alone as Rollin’s wife and kids sat with her and her childhood girlfriends sat around her at different tables with boys that were more nervous and excited when they could be trying to try to learn small talk as they share a meal together. Plus let’s not forget Kodarel hers and Sly’s weer cat eating his fill of three thick T-bone steaks with all the fat on them and all the milk he can drink made personally from Sly. Allowing Rollin’s two boys to pet him more like spoil him as any house cat would. 

Lenard was already pacing back at Dales place transforming and retransforming.  Going through each of the acts then quickly smiled as he saw Sly and Rollin and everyone coming back putting on the last of the touches.  First thing Lenard said was. “Sly before I forget to tell you. You blew my mind earlier today. I was all bundle of nerves each time as you made each of those roses appear. You did it just like I told you. Focus one, and only one and the rest would be downhill. 

“Then you confused all of us with ice cream food fight. We didn’t quite catch the joke behind it watching you and the old man start to laugh out of nowhere having to have a hard time talking to by his wife. Coming out of the hurdle with chocolate ice cream all over her face; we were shocked beyond measure until the ice cream was being thrown in our direction creating the largest food fight in history. Then I thought to my self when weer cat showed you your true reflection. That caused you and us to burst out laughing. You were just shaking off the nerves, but already created 6 roses and turned down 6 brides.

“It was then I noticed the second reason was to help you find your bride more easier knowing that your bride would never turn down food fight in fact if given the chance she is the one to encourage it. Hence the hole in your pants and the dripping wet ice cream on your shirt that was missing buttons all that ice cream that covered you from head to toe as she painted your fingernails and toenails with nail different color of nail polish adding smiley faces.

“Noting each of the brides did not participate, which gave you your first clue that girl you seek was not among those girls. That would cause a manhunt, not only by you but her grandparents. That would have torn the town and the castle apart where she lives. Starting with those evil guardians that wanted to make sure you married the wrong bride and by midnight tonight; causing the rightful bride to vanish forever into the beyond before she could claim the throne. The bride you have married would then be one of the two sisters, of the guardians. You would have no choice, but give her exact copy of your gift even though she has not earned it. Nor has she been taught by the Elders how to use her gifts pertaining to the gift of sight or how to use dream magic, in human form or in dragon form.

“One step in the wrong direction your heart will change sides because you chose the wrong bride, and this was what they were hoping for, but instead they got something they could not beat which was your love for Lorna was strong her love for you was equally as strong. So strong that those bustards waiting to destroy that love and crush you and her so bad. They will find it an impossible task. It does a soul good seeing you two together at last. You have changed mine and Cora’s hearts by allowing us to be your parents. I just wanted you to know that. 

“Now then I added a little musical skit like you suggested old time man with youngster called play me a song. And you were right; Sly should have a chance if can convince his bride to join him on stage to show her off. Now I know a perfect little song and with a little coxing you can learn it backstage. The spell that would really help you a lot… it did me. Less (king S) do you think we can pull off a couple of Christmas songs with a little snow?” He nodded. As Derrick found the music he wanted shouting scene changes as papers flew this way people running to and from the dressing room like madhouse yelling “now he wants to make ‘scene changes… you got be kidding me?’ And more yelling. “Make sure the band got a copy” and there was “make sure their piano copy for Rollin as well as the stage crew and lighting.”

Derrick went out on stage as a Sly and Lenard and Rollin transformed into dragons and shot into the sky. Derrick taking center stage as the lights came on circling the spotlights as he brought down the first of many of his star-mist curtains as he looked out into the audience and seeing rows of round tables filled to the brimming with all his friends who he calls family now; covered with white tablecloths as all the light in the background turned off.

Derrick wearing his black tux with his hat on his hand using the stage microphones and loudspeakers on the side and the from the back rolled his tongue spreading out the words as he about to announce in the grand outdoor theater of 700 plus crowd of all of Springdale as Mayor. He points with a nodded to the live band to queue the drum roll as he says as he touched his hat with the right hand dropping with a wide swing and arched brow.

“Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls, may I present to you tonight from a land far, far away. The Moon Lite Lunge. Starring Lenard, Sly, and Rollin.” As he let his tongue roll finishing the words of many introductions to come; watching the white lights and the three bright stars point to the audience.

Sly, Rollin, and Lenard burst with a loud sonic boom. 1 star Boom 2nd Star Boom 3rd Star Boom until they are through all three stars from high up trickling down like raindrops above hearing the yews and awe’s from the crowd below as the lights catch them in the air as they walk down and transform stepping down like tap dancing on air, sing ‘Taking off my Top Hat and Bow Tie.’ From the hit off Broadway1942 from the planet earth. Their harmonized voices letting the sparks fly at each of the steps as they walk left, stop move right stop and left again singing their little hearts out.

Each of them had two days or longer two practice then cane work and the walk using the fake stage and hologram to help them through it. The audience cheered as the three of them looked sharp as a dandy all in black tux and tails with black tap shoes. Working the cane up and down from left to right then with right kick in motion two hand twirler side to side down the real staircase as they sing and dance to the bottom of the stairs to the platform of the stairs as the curtain of lights in the sky dull using that magic sheet of Derricks except for the three stars and the soaring through the sky as it already reformed for the next act. The only other light is up above in the sky is the Blue Lite Lounge all in blue and white.

The boy’s song in ends, with aloud applause, as Lenard, introducing the girls Clare, Ruby, and the Oracle; coming from behind the deep blue curtain on stage right dressed in red, gold and green long dresses. With small thin strap and silver shoes sing. ‘Bugle Boys From Company C.’ They sang in three-part harmony like angels with old hairdos made new. With old boys news cap that sparkled in each of the girls dress as showing a short veil at the top covering their very beautiful milky white pink faces and the bright wet ruby lips as they made their way to the center stage letting the lights fall on them, while the background lights shifted only to them standing frozen in time for mere second longer.

Just like that as quick as camera flashes, they begin the high temple song from above like angels as they made their way down the staircase just like the boys they end the song going stage left as Clare introduces King Salsern and his two draughts with Derrick. As they sing, New York, New York. The boys coming down the stairs in white tuxes and gold capes and back canes while the girls come from stage left wear a silver-white dress with the winged wrist at their side so they could float on air and golden shoes. They all a bow as Derrick stays up front while everyone disappears to change, as someone brings him a guitar and a stool. Someone drops the screen only showing rose falling like raindrops, and one beam of light showing Derrick.”

Derrick says getting comfortable on the stool. “Now then, let's bring it down a notch a little… The guys would like would like to say how much we love all our beautiful ladies tonight, and we feel the best way to do that is through our hearts and through song. So let's turn down the lights and a little bit more as I sing to one special lady who isn’t with me anymore, but my heart still goes out to her even after 200 short years… my mother rose.” Derrick sings Forget me knots my Darling.”

Once Derrick brought a tear to everyone in the house, he brought Rollin out as the stage crew had rolled two white piano out on stage with red roses scattered all over them with King Salsern two Daughters sitting on the opposite ends. One light lit on Rollin at stage left. The other light stopped on King Salsern on stage right showing them back to back old ruffian wearing leather jacket greased hair; while the old man wore a nice smoking jacket with pipe and comfort pair of slacks and lots of gray in his hair. The Girl from stage left came over wearing a dress of a barmaid would chewing gum said. “Billy, play me a song.”

Rollin said as Billy “Play you a song? What kind of song? I know all kinds of songs,” as he comes over to the piano and plays and sings. Jumping Jack Flash causing both girls to dance like wild teenagers.

But the old man says, “that song all right son, but I think she was looking for something more like this.”

Old man plays Beautiful Dreamer as it sweeps the older audience and Billy’s girl to a more old-time love song but it swayed the girls just enough as it made Rollins Character mad, as he said. “I’ll show you a song old man.” He reached for his fiddle behind him and sang the Devil went down to Georgia as the old man calmly played My Darling Clementine as the boy starts slowing down and joins him and they end… sing the same old song together.

The lights dim as Rollin introduce Sly as he, as he waits for light, show him walking on to the stage with his guitar wearing nothing more than a silver-white shirt and a pair of brown trousers and black shoes. In his left pocket was a white handkerchief. Lorna was dressed in a long white dress like all the girls were dressed in including their shoes. They weren’t allowed to bring anything but themselves according to the rules, which would be up to the groom to provide everything they would need. As one lonely stool is waiting for him he calmly asks Lorna to come up on stage with him, as she led carefully up the stage a second stool is placed next to him. 

There was simply very little time to find each of the girls a complete outfit in a matter of a couple of hours. But King Salsern two daughters managed to find dresses for each of the girls. Including Sly’s bride but Sly had something else in mind. Providing his bride was willing to participate, she agreed and as they went over their parts; having told no one other then Kodarel who agreed for 1 bottle of pickled fish from Derrick.  Who was more than happy to unload 4 cases of it just to get it out of his pantry, and he included the recipe. 

Sly takes her hand holds a small brown stick showing the audience and Lorna that is just a bare stick. “If may have a glass of water off Duchess table so she knows this not a trick if she would take that glass and sip the water from it and pass this way for a moment,” and says. “If I do this right I have to touch my bride’s heart with this song just maybe this simple stick will not be so simple anymore.”

He takes the glass having Lorna hold it as he takes the stick and dips into the water and place the water on the floor next to his guitar showing her there is nothing up his sleeves taking the stick having her hold the stick for a minute while pulls out a handkerchief out of his pocket showing both sides then having one of the boys in front hand the handkerchief to the Duchess table for examination. Once she has she hands backup as Derrick provides a close-up camera to show the stick and the handkerchief so everyone can see it.

Sly picks up the stick, having her watch as she rolls it in her hand wanting her and him to blow on it as they turn it slowly. She does as everyone watches Derrick pulls a large magnify up on the screen as every watches the stick starting to bud with little blue flowers. He stops blowing on it and wants her to place the stick on this white napkin so everyone can watch as she holds it in her hands. He turns to the audience; “The trick is to see if the princess Lorna truly loves me. If she does this little stick in her hands will tell me by becoming something more then just buds on a tree.”

He laughs. “No pressure right?” As he picks up the guitar and play’s Audile Vice as he plays the with band backing him up everyone watches the stick as it starts to bud a little bit more quickly as he slows down those softer notes and speeds up on the hard notes choking him as he watches those buds pop like blue popcorn she moves the stick all round as they watch the stick with everyone else as the stick fills with tiny blue flowers expressing her love for him.

He finishes the song, setting down the guitar and says. “I love you two Lorna, but that’s not magic part. Everyone knows I can grow things out of nothing around here. The true magic in this world is growing love right here in your heart so my mother taught me. If I wanted to show my love I need to share it so we are going to share our love together right now. By doing something nobody expects. Now watch.”

He picked up the stick and shook it a couple of times telling them to turn on only the house lights so everyone can see our love for each other. The moment he did he took the stick and placed back into her hands scraping off the entire blue flower, and said. “On the count of three let’s blow all the blue flowers so we can share them with everyone just like the song; One, Two and Three.” They blew them into the air in that instant they glowed and turned into blue and white little tiny butterflies floating across the room as couple landed right one her face.

She smiled and giggled. As everyone clapped with amazement she was about to get down, but he said taking her hand. “Remember all those nights we spent out in the gardens as I tried to explain how wonderful the snow can be, you had a hard time believing it.  Well, my darling Lorna just for you I am about to give you a wonderland of snow. But before I can do that I must give us both something warm to wear.”

He picked up his small white handkerchief off her chair and quickly had her turn around slowly as the handkerchief grew as she spun in seven slow circles hearing a giggle. The audience gasped seeing her feet and the little silver and blue diamonds that were worth a king's ransom. Lorna dress had also changed color from a white wedding dress to elegant light blue with white fur around the edges of the dress lined with silver thread.

The more the handkerchief went up the more everyone can see that throughout the bottom of the dress were tiny little blue and white butterflies so real you would think they would float away. On the backside, she wore a long blue silver cape with a hood all of it lined with white fur and silver thread. The moment Lorna had stopped spinning. Everyone gasped seeing her from the top of her head wearing princess blue crystal crown and the dress was complete. She was absolutely stunning, overhearing many of the girls that came with wish they were her, feeling slightly jealous. Not having a clue what Lorna had gone through. However many of them weren’t suffering considering they have lots of boys to choose from. So in many ways, they each get to plan their own weddings while choosing out which boy they want to marry.

They all had planed certain criteria, 1. The boy and their family must be rich. 2 the boy must be handsome and charming, 3. The boy must be a magic user and powerful enough to matter. 4. The boy must be smart, and 5. The boy must be able to provide expensive things for her and their family.  Each of the girls had gone over these 5 golden rules every day since they were able to speak. They attend all dance lessons and were homeschooled to get a better education.

2 days a week they spent in public school to keep up with their friends and socialize. Lorna to them was nothing more than a 3rd class worker that worked for the Garand Duchess and her husband as adopted child from the nunnery. That lives within the castle estates as a servants maid, always getting in trouble for thinking she is above their station. Yet how is it that this boy and everyone treats them likes a prince and princess when he could have chosen any of them all perfectly groom and taught since birth. All them with a title from a noble house, and yet the boy chooses her.

There was a stir among the audience, feeling a cold breeze as the curtain opened finding a small duplicate rose garden and working fountain, with people sitting on benches talking.  Sly said. “I promised you a winter land of snow since it is the one thing you have wished for. Well, my Darling who I love with all my heart. Your wish is about to come true. All I need is a little help from you.” Sly went over to the fountain and dip his hands in it a blew softly and added more water and blew on it forming a glass snowball. Once he was satisfied, he brought over the snowball to Lorna and placed it into her hands. She was told lift her mouth and blow on it.

Once she did the snowball started to shrink slowly. They watched as the flowers suddenly froze into a silver mist, and the water fountain slowly froze. They looked up seeing clouds in the sky right over the stage itself, watching heavy snowflakes fall from the sky. Derrick walked to center stage taking the microphone, and said.” Lady’s and gentlemen, boys and girls. We like to present to you a White  Christmas Winter Land Of Snow.” Derrick steps back as he nods to the band to play the first of five songs. By the time Derrick finished the snow covered everything and the stop to flurries only.

Everyone in the audience will think Sly snowball made it snow, but in truth, all it did was make a small snow flurry. Yet the ones on the stage knew that if he really wanted to he could do it, but he couldn’t be in two places at once, not when he is being so carefully judged. Sly asked Lorna if she was ready she nodded, but in truth, she had all kinds of butterflies in her stomach. Yet why should she be nervous, this boy is her soul mate they have tested that theory many times. No, the question isn’t about love or trust. It's about her learning to be open and being seen out in public.

She grabbed his hand for dear life, the moment she looked into his blue eyes her world changed. The butterflies were gone, he whispered. “L we ’ve got this… by the way, you look beautiful tonight.” He pulled back placed a soft kiss on her lips. The song began our extra came as carolers sang. “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.”  The audience watched all four couples dance around the fountain. While servers passed out little Christmas boxes with homemade candy inside.

Plus a little advertising about wedding planning as well finding the right dress and wedding rings, not forgetting housing down south, courtesy of Lenard and Sly incorporated.  Lenard had order 3 dozen white wedding dress. Plus 3 dozen tuxes and 6 tailors that were close to going belly up. Having Derrick promise them that won’t be the case here. In fact, if they expand their line they will be in business for a very long time.

However what he didn’t tell them that only a limited space in the downtown area already his people are complaining about the feeling cramp. Each day more people are found, and each day more people are added. Sometimes they find whole towns on the brink of starvation and sickness. We feed them and we do our best to heal them, we offer them a chance to stay where they are and we help rebuild there city or come with us. Yet once they find we have the resources where they usually stay. Which was why we need to spread out and develop the land.

© 2019 Shep

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