Chapter 7

Chapter 7

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 7

The sun was reaching its highest point in the sky and, yet Sly had lots to do between now and before his head hits the pillow.  Sly took Lorana by her hand walked up the invisible staircase of air and soared into the air only to be called back, telling them they are to stay close by, until their actual wedding has taken place. One may ask how many times one need to be married in different cultural aspects does. 

They both knew what they meant, the marriage was more for the parents and the townspeople then it was for them for the words have all been said, and the actions have been performed as Lorana rubs her belly, where 4 small little lumps egg sacks have formed. All that was really left to do was put a ring on her finger and yes the big one; of course, build a house for her and his family. Not a big deal right?

Sly scanned the nearby mountains for metal depots like soft metals like gold and silver. Swooping down, collecting them as he puts their harden ore depots inside his homemade wicker basket. While Lorana and her cat Kodarel forge for food for both of them Dragon style using her skills some that she had learned with her husband, During the time everyone in the castle thought she was locked in her room. She hated that room; she hated it when they laughed at her. Every day she had to fetch for them, clean for them. Too them she was a third class citizen. They would sneak by her room, trying to hold their laughter, the soft hurtful words they said about her behind her back while in the room.

Sometimes she wondered why the High Elders woke her when so far until now a true match, a qualified match hasn’t been worth it. Others were… let, just say disappointing besides not nearly as handsome as Sly and not nearly as smart as Sly or sweet as Sly. In fact, she missed him already and it’s only been 20 minutes. Maybe Sly needs her help? Kodarel points to a cluster of deer taking her out of thoughts. Her belly rumbled deep inside her as her large velvet tongue relished the taste of them. She swoops down catching two in each of her front claws then swing back to makeshift holding pin she made toppling 6 large trees using the branches for a quick roof to keep them from jumping out. She figures 8 deer a piece would be enough to tide them over until dinner. 

This was the truly the first time she has really been alone other than passing some test or requirement. And in some ways it scared her, in others, it thrilled her. Knowing she now had a purpose in this life, something she never had before.   Once she had collected all 8 deer, she made large cook fire and several spits; she made sure their dinner didn’t suffer as she killed them with kindness. Then she would laid each of them out taking her sharp claw gutting just enough so she could stuff them with wild herbs and mushrooms.

Once the fire was large enough Lorana laid each of the deer on a single roasting spit while she waited for Sly. Kodarel found a nice place under a tree to watch the deer cook as well as keep a close watch on Lorana.  They didn’t have wait long as she was setting the table Sly came in with his share of his part of feast large trout and some fresh fruit that he had grown just four this feast. He quickly set down his large net so Lorana could add it to their meal, after several refusals, that it was her duty to prepare the meals in the family, but he can help by washing up. He smiled he did what he was told by going down the nearby creek finding Derick and Nathaniel talking.  The moment Sly came close they stopped and waved to him. He caught the words “dream walkers,” and something about the “black curse” and queen of the Nile,” neither of which he is familiar with. 

Sly and Lorena however or familiar with “Dream Walkers, as well as walking through spaces of time or at least fundamentals of it.”  It was obvious why these two men were here other than to spy on them it was to protect them from those that wish to harm them. It didn’t matter how well trained Sly and Lorana were they would never be truly alone. All ready King Salsern was hand picking their guards. The very home they were building was more a large castle rather than a country estate.  Sly’s parents were busy hiring staff to befit Lorana and every need including carving out a large portion of a mountain not only for an escape route but a place to lay their eggs and still be undisturbed.

Life as they know it will never be the same again which was why Sly just gave them a nod and washed up at the creek not saying a word. What he wished for and what got when he looked at his reflection in the water seeing how truly dirty he was. He really needed a nice hot bath after digging in the mountains for a couple of hours so he had something put on her finger, something she would cherish for a long time.  He gave heavy sigh knowing he didn’t have time for one right now or the fact he didn’t even have a home built to carry her over the threshold instead all we had was a large borrowed one-bedroom tent.

Sly washed up quickly and walk back to where Lorna had set the table and a fine meal for both of them and our guests today before they all headed back to town and back to work. There was no need to apologize for their manors as Sly and Lorana transformed into dragoons as their guests smiled watching two dragons rip apart deer after deer down their throats then begun to feast on the fish. The two men were surprised how much a true dragon could eat in one sitting while took both men eat barely roast and one fish apiece before pushing their plates away.  

It was nearly 3: pm by the time they made it back to town watching everyone bustling about like chickens running about here and about Lenard of course was the only one that didn’t seem busy at all, seeing him sitting about without a care in the world as other men worked around as he drank several mugs of top-shelf Berry Wine the hardest drink known to man. Lenard waved them over to where he was sitting find a large rolled out map of the entire unexplored valley, and two other maps of what used to be townships now gone, left in ruins due to the fact no water, and fields had turned to wasteland.

Lenard opened the map of their castle estate as well as the second largest town nearby the castle and the large lake. Already Roland was hard at work digging for ores need to build with which was his specialty he didn’t have the growing gene like Sly. He had the knack for building. However with all that empty land and so baryon, it was up to Sly side of the family to grow trees for lumber they would need, as well as planting all manner of fruits and vegetables. That being said they would need storehouses to put them in. The question was on the table what to do first?

It was Lorena that held the answer looking at all the maps and figures then said tapping small hologram disk. “My dear Sly can you help me.”

Sly took her hand said. “I am right here my darling.”

She squeezed his hand and said. “I know dear, I meant my hologram.” She tapped the device again watching Hologram Sly come up, she asked “Sly darling can you calculate how many people we have currently based on 300 miles in either direction… then calculate how much food would need on daily bases and times it by 2. I want you to tell me how many storehouses we would need to store it in for the winter.”

Hologram Sly quickly calculated the numbers. There was approx. amount of 573 people within 300 miles. They about 12 pounds of food per day times 2 = 24 * 573 =15000 pounds of food, which meant they would need two storehouses and three grains for cornmeal and wheat each.

The builders were halfway done with the new prison so we couldn’t ask for their help. It was up to those 573 people so it was decided to have a town meeting tonight at 8 pm in the outdoor theater. Which gave Sly two days find time to have Lorana ring made. He had planned on doing it himself, but each time he tried he failed as it fell apart in his hands. This time he was going to take it a jeweler and have them do it. He slipped out quietly and leaving Lorana to her work by organizing what needed to be done first. Growing things was his talent as we as her and Lenard.

They wouldn’t need Sly at least for the moment as he waited in line at the jewelers.  He could tell they very limited stock as couples were trying to choose their ring many had to choose from a catalog, ones that had the money and the time where placed on a waiting list to have their rings made. Using small gems and small trinkets that could be melted down too form the rings themselves. At last, it was Sly’s turn at the counter. He opened his pouch placed 3 large bars silver and 4 large bars of gold and 2 large bars raw metal, and a handful of uncut gems said. “You can keep whatever you don’t use after hand back these fellows keepsakes and small trinkets. In case this isn’t enough here’s a bag of gold.”

Sly smiles as the man behind the counter looked at his offering. Then stop smiling when Sly tap his fingers waiting for the man to reply. Watching him snap his fingers at a young boy as he placed Sly at the top of the list as he took the measurements for the rings and the details he wanted for Lorana wedding ring. He knew he paid more then it was worth but worth every penny for the skilled labor he needs to produce the ring itself. The jeweler promised him it would be done the morning of the wedding.  It wasn’t long before Lorana found him wandering the streets of Springdale. It was the name townspeople had chosen meaning the spring of life. The town on the map Lenard and him were building was called Crater Lake and below it would retake its name Four Kings Crossing.

Lorana asked taking him by the hand as Kodarel was on her shoulders wrapped around like a small kitten. Two more guards had taken their place, Sly did his best to ignore them, “I noticed you left the planning circle. Were you jealous because I used as my hologram profile?”

Sly laughed. “Why would I be jealous? You knew I had other things to do get ready before our wedding day, like making sure you have the most beautiful ring, not to mention a wedding dress; then theirs mater of place to live other than one bedroom tent. It will take a year or more to build our castle. But I can build a nice comfortable home in a month or more if you and I do it together. Roland says if we build one huge lumber mill on his land we can plant trees four hundred miles, just to get started by the time trees ready the lumber mill would be in full swing. After that, we divide the land into fruits trees while granaries are being built and the storehouse. The rest we plant more trees and start making brick and mortar from our query.

“The hard part will be the delivery system. Mind you we do have an idea of one according to Derrick he called it a railroad a mechanical steam engine that runs on metal tracks that would carry large heavy supplies, people and equipment to and from vast distances. Personally, I thought he was crazy until showed us pictures of them and the plans. It would take months or years in the planning, but laughed said he could have a working model the very moment they had the metal tracks laid.

“Which was why Lenard was going over the maps to figure out the best place lay the tracks and station houses that would collect and disembark their goods. So no I wasn’t jealous, I just had a lot to do, I figured you had all the help you needed without me that’s all. Now then I need to see someone about a bigger tent and wagon and team of horses, as well as some supplies, send them to our home here.”

Sly and Lorana quickly found wagon builder putting new wheels he had three smaller ones in the yard, but what they need was one with a long bed that would require two teams of horses. Right now horses were few here, but Derrick promised that wouldn’t be the case after tonight, in fact, he was busy with some the boys building horses pins. Placing a sign 3 hundred pounds per horse, 8000 pounds for long bed wagon 6 hundred pounds for a short bed. Stating nothing was free anymore. People gasped at prices around town as signs went up quickly on goods. Under it said more would be explained at the meeting.

A bright light appeared just in the field as gateway opened up as Derrick and a couple of boys rode through it with horses enough fill half a field. Derrick rode up to the man building the wagons said. “A promise is a promise; the first batch is on me. Now hire some help we need those wagons. Good just the two I was looking for,” nodding to Sly and Lorana. “Since I don’t have wagons enough to carry heavy loads of lumber and steel for my railroad you dragons can carry it while waiting for your trees and plants to grow. I’ll throw in long bed wagon and two teams of horses as well as days wages for each of you at 200 hundred pounds a day. I will throw in my one bedroom cabin with a master bath hot and cold water. A kitchen and part living room, it's better than a tent.”

Sly shook on it and checked those items off the lists, not bad for days work. Derrick tossed Lorana the keys to the cabin while Sly checked town clock which read 5:30 pm plenty of time to check out the cabin which wasn’t far.  Sly opened the door finding it practically empty. No rugs, no curtains or pictures on the walls. It was just blank, lifeless. Other than a small couch two chairs in the kitchen and small table. There was dust everywhere, Lorana opened the bedroom door where we find a bed with a worn mattress and springs a three-legged nightstand the fourth leg missing held up by magazines and a book.  The master bath was fairly clean, blank in color just like the rest of the cabin nothing more than a tub with shower and sink mirror and toilet.

There was a knock on the door as the cabin became flooded with a woman and their husbands.  Saying this won’t do opening cupboards and the ice box as well as the small pantry. The moment they saw the bed and master bath; the ladies snapped their fingers and Sly was told to help the men take the bed and nightstand outside and burn it. Sly knew better than to say no, so he did what he was told. He watched as one bed went out another one went in. Already he could smell food cooking in the kitchen, the cabin looked more like a home then the tent ever could.

Within a few minutes, they were alone at last, well alone with two guards outside the cabin.  The Cabin had a new look to it curtains on the windows two matching kitchen chairs nice dining room table. In the living room was better sofa an oversize chair with fresh clean sheets, pillow, and a blanket. On the far wall near the fireplace were stacks chopped wood. The walls still needed a paint job but there were swatches so Lorana could choose from. In the bedroom was a brand new bed with new bedding two nightstands on either side with matching lamps, a tall dresser as well as woman’s mirror and makeup casing. Plus all the throw pillows on the bed a girl could dream of. The master bath was ship shape and very clean and stocked with fresh clean towels, including a change of clothes for him and fresh tub scented water in the tub and cake of soap. Which implied he was to bathe before was to eat. 

Lorana snuck up behind him and said. “I knew you wanted a nice hot bath so I prepared you one... plus there was no way I was going to let you sleep in that bed smelling like a foul beast. I’ll have supper on the table when you’re done dear.” She placed a kiss on his lips and disappeared into the kitchen. Kodarel smiled as he checked out the place stated it was kind of small compared to the castle, watching him sprawl out across the bed.

The bath hot bath felt so good as Sly climb in but he couldn’t relax as wall clock ticked the minutes down to the final hours. He sighed as quickly washed and dried himself off, put on the clothes Lorana set out for him to wear, placing the others into the hamper to be washed. It pained him knowing it would be Lorana would be the one to see to his needs after a days work.  The answer was clear he needed a maid and need one straight away. Sly strapped on his boots went to the kitchen finding two women gabbing away.

Lorana turned and said “Abigail this is my husband Sly. Sly Abigail has agreed to work for us as or maidservant for 200 pounds a mouth and her husband Larry as your butler, driver and groomsman and whatever you need to be done around the house while we are out and about.” Sly blinked realizing once again Lorana had already had taken care of his needs. Thing is how was he ever going to thank her?

After a quick bite, it was time to go to the town meeting. Larry pulled up in a small carriage, even though they could have walked the distance. The two guards rode on the back and Kodarel rode on Lorana lap curled up like a small kitten. Sly notice he wasn’t the only one riding up in a carriage or wagons for that matter, but most walked the distance. Roland family waved to them wanting them to sit with them. Sly waved back taking Lorana hand made their way down to them.

Within minutes the stage lights came on and Derrick took center stage, he said into the microphone. “Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to our first town meeting.” He paused a moment to let sink in then said. “With that in mind, we have a few things we need to discuss. Let's start with the property, that’s right we have lots of it, most of it is undeveloped. If you wish to buy a parcel of land you may do so at the new city office.

“However you must work the land and pay land tax once a year. That helps pay the salary for city offices that keep the roads, building, and lights in good repair. Nothing is for free anymore as of right now. However, each person will be given an equal share to add to the money they already have. So nobody goes without. Also, there are a list of jobs and the amount they could earn or if is negotiable depending on your experience. Its time we get back to work folks instead of lolly gagging around. Just because we two or three weddings a day doesn’t mean we should slack off our chores. Many of our people are still living in tents or homes to small to begin with. There is lots of planting to be done before winter, and we don’t even have a storehouse or a granary or decent mill or lumber mill.

“We have 574 people or more and its growing each day, its time we get serious if we are to survive our first winter here. Now then our dragons have agreed to help with heavy labor that would take a hundred men to do, as well as plant what we need and when we need it. I am hiring a crew of 100 men to be my builders they will start tomorrow and will be paid 600 pounds a week. I am looking for men with or without experience, but willing to learn. I have all the materials need to start …7 am lunch will be provided. That being said please view the maps if you like to visit the sites then buy your parcel of land sit down with a builder he will give the cost you pay him then he will put you on the list, then my builders will build it.

“Everything has a cost; you must earn your way through life. Outside this community would take advantage of us if we charged nothing for our goods and we wished the same of them. We may be rich beyond our means, and technology may seem simply hidden to outsiders as we live a simple life, but very comfortable life. It is only fair that we should pay each other for services rendered. That’s all I have folks its late and I wanted to get a good start in the morning so if you will look on the boards and sign your names for the work that is available we all appreciate it.” With that, he replaced the mic and left the stage.

Everyone stood grumbling, but what more was there to say? Sly said. “Well, that was bound to happen sooner or later once they meet your people.” He took her hand and headed back to their little cabin.

Not far into the woods the in the darkness, known as “Night Walkers,” hunters if you will. Where they were hunting their prey the moon goddess before she becomes into her own power; twice already missed captured since she has left the confines of her bounders and the confines of her castle. Where upon magical wards were in place making it nearly impossible to get close to her. Now here she was, and now there was a chance. The leader Garcon stands before them he has more too loose then the rest of them for if he misses this opportunity he could be facing worse then death. They dare not speak of the punishment for it is so terrible that nobody even dares watch it happen.

Garcon said in a raised voice. “My fellow soldiers tonight we must succeed we may never have this chance to again. There are no magical wards, no great armies nor are their guards for us to worry about. Tonight we simply walk in and take the princess and give her over to our King.  In turn, he will reward us most handsomely. So here is the plan.” Garcon placed a carved house on the tree trunk pointed to four men said “ you four go in here and you four go in here,”  pointing to the sides of the house. They didn’t need doors or windows to enter; they walked the way of the shadow.

Sly froze in place and turned towards the trees listening to the shadows his eyes followed the shadows as they told them of their plan. He bent down ever so carefully and whispered in Lorana ear about what he just heard and saw around their cabin she suddenly said out loud. “Oh dear! I forgot my purse must have lost it at the theater.” Giving them a good reason to go back to work out a plan.

Derrick came running with Kate in a pair of jeans that seen better days covered in paint Derrick too was covered in paint. No one asked why just glad they showed up at all with very little notice. Sly quickly broke it down watching Derrick slap himself for forgetting about magical wards thinking the Kate's wards in this valley would be enough, apparently not. And they all knew that but did very little to correct the problem apparently.

It was a big problem indeed, not one they could solve overnight at least. They decided it was best they sleep as dragons until they can come up with a better plan. Kate took 15 big stones and infused them with her power and had Sly place them around where they be sleeping making a complete circle. Once was in place a white dome of light was created.  Kate felt very drained but it was well worth the effort. She was going to have a long talk with Duchess and her husband in the morning as well as the “High Elders,” 

Garcon and his men waited for them to come back, but that night they didn’t. They waited a second night but still, no one came back. On the third night, Garcon got word from his soldiers that cabin and the trees around it were gone as far back to the mountains themselves.  Has he lost her again? No. She still here we just need to find her again, so we call out the dogs one more time.

After a long talk with Duchess and her husband, Kate learned a lot about how the magical wards worked. That according to them that takes at least coven of 1 dragon, wizard and Oracle to infuse their magic into the objects people that need to be guarding. They used nails, wood, glass. Too protect Lorana when sleeping all those years. And when just a room with wood pieces and nails symbols.

It was Derricks idea to build a large cabin one, they can pick up and fly where they want it until they have a more permeant home. In fact, the cabin was the first home they built. It took little effort to clear out all the trees where the cabin set, while the men emptied the cabin and prepared it for pre-flight. After all said and done why waste a perfectly good cabin for someone else.

By midday, the area was cleared and the ground was being worked as workman divided up to what needed to be done first. Which was building greeneries and food storage as well as train station as well as a flour mill? Sly and Lorana worked in tandem. Sly would carry large metal rails while Lorana carried piles of large oil wooden logs, men labored by laying in the track while others like Rolen and his wife dumped slag mountain rock done the line as other dragons swooped keeping up with our supplies. They worked from sun up to sun down. Then each night curled up inside the little ring as dragons.

It wasn’t until 5th day until Garcon heard back from his soldiers regarding where the Moon Goddess had disappeared to and he wasn’t pleased. For when he saw the clear white dome of pure light it made his skin itch when his soldiers pointed that Moon Goddess was inside the dome. He nodded taking his black staff and slip through the dome of light only to find two large dragons sleeping he was so startled he fazed out of the shadows, but quickly caught himself before they could see him. This wasn’t what he needed nor expected. A little girl yes. A Dragon.

How is he supposed to capture a dragon? Unless he could trap her in her human form. No, he was not beat yet. He had to move quickly before the harvest moon rises known to some the blood moon. Or his King will demand a reason or his head on a spike as the soul is lost among the wandering souls with no hope of rebirth. It is the worst punishment any of his kind give or worse the unspeakable punishment.

Sly rolled almost on to of Garcon, but he did manage to smash like a grape all of his soldiers causing Garcon to gasp with much anger that stated they did not come cheap or no regards of to why they were killed other than to say that the truth taking picture of laying in massive tripling the men he will need for his plan to work. He’ll be lucky to half that many.  Even once the King realizes Moon Goddess is now part dragon just like her husband to be. It old magic and old magic his King understands. Perhaps once he realizes it he will help him and not hinder him. Garcon slowly slides back into the shadows alone as he waits, and watches for the perfect time to strike.

© 2020 Shep

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