Chapter Two

Chapter Two

A Chapter by Mary Greenwell

Chapter Two

I was sitting in Simeon’s house, the normal place to find me now, about five months later. The last five months had been perfect except for the fact that nobody knew about us. I could not tell anybody because it would get us both in trouble if I did. We had a deal that I could tell everybody including the queen of England, if I wanted, as soon as I graduated even though I would be eighteen later this week. I sighed tiredly leaning farther into his chest as I imagined how great it would be if I could talk to Decima about these moments.

What’s wrong?” he asked pulling away some.

Nothing.” I lied moving with him.

So it’s the normal lies again.” he sighed holding me closer and I just nodded knowing better than to lie again. That would cause a fight about whether this was completely wrong or not.

I really do think it would be safe to tell Decy.” I whispered into his chest knowing I had to win this fight.

Juliet…” he sighed using his nickname he called me every time we were alone.

Please Simeon only her and then I’ll never ask to tell anyone again… until after I graduate.” I begged.

Won’t she be mad that you didn’t tell her sooner?” he asked after a few minutes and I smiled, he smiled back glad to make my day. He had probably agreed because he had seen in my face, while he’d stared at it those long minutes, how much I needed to tell her but either way now I could tell her guilt-free.

I’ll just explain to her my reasons and then blame you when it doesn’t work.” I smiled and then my smile turned teasing, “You’ll just have to be extra sexy to make her forgive you.”

Extra sexy huh?” he asked pushing me down onto the couch.

Yeah…” I sighed as his lips touched mine. I curled around him eagerly like always when he let us make out and leaned farther into the kiss. When he let out the groan that let me know he was fighting his fangs I only leaned farther into it enjoying the power of controlling how much he had to fight it. I let up after a few minutes and he started to kiss me eagerly again until I surprised him by the sudden intensity of my kisses again and he tensed pulling away. “Please…” I begged like always ever since he had fed from me for the onetime event.

No it’s not safe.” he shook his head holding me and I sighed at least he was not making me untwist yet.

Why not?” I asked.

I just told you it’s not safe.”

We both know it’s perfectly safe though…” I argued, “We did it once…”

And by some miracle you are still alive I’m not tempting things any farther.”

Okay.” I sighed giving in and starting to pull away, he reached out for me when I started to walk away though and pulled me back.

Where are you going, Juliet?” he asked.

Home,” I whispered.

Please stay I didn’t mean to hurt you.” he begged, “Please we don’t get enough time like this.” he whispered his voice drawing me in towards him like I imagined it would if a ‘bad’ vampire had compelled me. I knew his power to compel was not strong enough to force me to do anything though and he would not ever use it on me even if it was. His voice worked more than the power did though and I found myself back in his arms curled up in his chest. “Thank you.” he smiled kissing me softly and then we just sat and talked about random things until it was late. “You’re going to be late again.” he said.

You’ll just have to give me a ride.” I sighed trying to sound disappointed but unable to hide my joy.

I guess I will.” he smiled starting to pick me up.

Wait!” I called and ran to the kitchen. I marked the day off the calendar.

Tomorrow.” he sighed behind me talking about my eighteenth birthday.

Yes.” I nodded sadly, “Tomorrow.”

At least tomorrow is also the start of finals.” He said not even mentioning how confused he was about how sad I was that my birthday was tomorrow. He knew I would not talk about it.

For you you’re the teacher all you have to do is give them I have to take them.”

I wasn’t thinking about that I was thinking about all the free time for this…” he said on my neck moving my hair so he could kiss it.

I think I like that.” I smiled happily turning in his arms and kissing him when he pulled away; he picked me up and sat me on his back.

I love you.” he whispered as he sped to my house in my car from the school. I had gone home with him that day even though it was stupid and reckless. He stopped in the driveway and kissed me softly before starting to get out.

Wait Romeo…” I whispered and he immediately stopped as I knew it would make him do. I did not call him Romeo nearly as much as he called me Juliet but I still called him it when I wanted something even though it was a rare event when he denied me what I wanted if it did not have to do with our physical closeness. If it did then there was definitely a good possibility that he would deny my request.

Yes?” he asked.

Will you please stay tonight?” I begged.

I thought you were going to talk to Decima tonight?” he smiled a little.

You can hide in the closet while I do that or in my room if we do it in her room.”

Okay.” he nodded agreeing.

I love you.” I promised getting out and running to the house.

Just on time.” Deborah, my foster mom, smiled at me as the clock chimed my curfew.

I know.” I shrugged nonchalantly, hugging her.

Did you have a good cheer practice?” Kyle, my foster dad, asked both of them acting overly normal all of us knowing what tomorrow meant.

It was fine.” I shrugged, “You know we cheered.” Decima came down and rolled her eyes.

Did you eat?” Deborah asked.

Yeah and I’d love to stay down here and talk but I really need to talk to Decy.” I said and Decima’s eyes flashed with the comprehension that I was finally going to tell her the big secret I had been hiding.

Yeah we’ll see you guys in the morning!” She said quickly pulling me up the stairs.

Wait!” Kyle called after us, we turned to go back to him, and they could see my extreme disappointment.

What’s going on with you two today?” Deborah asked.

We thought you guys were in a fight.” Kyle added.

No just been busy and haven’t been able to catch up and I’m tired of it so we’re going to catch up now… please.” I added at the end when their eyes still looked confused.

Go ahead but don’t be in there all night you have finals in English, Science, and Spanish tomorrow.” Deborah reminded us.

I’ve got them in the bag.” I promised smiling since we had finals it was a half day and I would spend most of it in English. I ran up the stairs though pulling Decima behind me.

Okay so what is it that you’ve finally decided to honor me with?” Decima asked angrily and I could hear how much this had hurt her too.

Look Decy I couldn’t tell you… we still can’t tell anybody else.” I begged her to believe me.

This is big isn’t it?” she asked.

It had to be to get in between us.”

Okay.” she nodded knowing it was true with everything we had been through and everything we were about to go through. That of course was the main reason I had chosen today to fight with Simeon about it again I needed Decima now and this could not be separating us.

You’ve got to promise not to tell anybody.”

I… Wait does Alexis know?” she asked and I knew she wouldn’t care if I had told Hope or Jade before her but if by some miracle I had told Alexis our sisterhood would be over.

No Decy now please I’ve been fighting with… well I’ve been fighting the last five months to get it where you can know.” I begged.

Okay I promise I won’t tell.” she finally said and I smiled.

Simeon…” I sighed.

Wait Mr. Cullen?” She connected the name and I nodded confirming with a smile. “You’re in love!!” she whisper yelled hugging me.

You have no idea how happy it makes me to tell you that.” I whispered hugging her tighter and smiling.

Five months ago would be the first month of school when was your date?”

The first day,” I smiled.

The silence in third?”

Yeah,” I nodded sighing as I remembered.

All that just because he asked you out?” she asked.

You were doing so well until then.” I shook my head smiling.

What happened then?”

He kissed me before he asked me out.” I smiled.

You are definitely in love.” she confirmed and I suddenly hoped that Simeon was listening in. He was never sure for some reason if I really was or not; or at least, whether it was enough to keep hiding and lying.

Thank you so much Decy for not being too mad.”

You’re my sister and I can understand why he thought you couldn’t even tell me he doesn’t understand.” she smiled knowing that I hadn’t told him of our past or future and we laid back on her bed laughing in relief that our relationship was back to the way it was supposed to be.

You two Deborah said you need to go to bed.” Kyle said coming in.

Okay.” I managed through my laughs. He stayed though so we knew he was going to wait for me to leave. So I got up and followed him out but I turned to Decima, “Hey Decy do you want to go hang out at the mall tomorrow after practice?”

Sure.” she smiled getting that I wanted her to come with me to see Simeon.

I’m glad you’re going out with your sister instead of that secret boyfriend tomorrow.” Kyle said when we were in the hallway.

What boyfriend?” I asked nervously not sure why I was; they could not stop me anymore.

The one that you’ve been sneaking around with.” he said.

We may be old but we aren’t stupid. We had tons of foster kids come through here before you and Decima.” Deborah said and once again I wondered why they had not just adopted us so that we were not set in the streets come tomorrow.

Speaking of Decy and I being foster kids…” I asked and I saw them tense.

Are you trying to get out of talking about your secret boyfriend?” Deborah asked I knew she hated to talk about our eighteenth birthday.

I don’t have one plain and simple. I want to know what happens tomorrow when Decy and I are no longer wards of the state you guys can’t keep us you’re getting new kids.” I whispered.

We aren’t getting them until after Christmas.” Kyle said.

So we have until Christmas to find someplace to go.” I nodded. “Thank you.” I turned to go to my room.

You know we wish we could just keep you right?” Deborah asked.

You could have if you would have adopted us two years ago when you got us.” I snapped and Decima came out and hugged me.

We’ll talk about it tomorrow?” she asked and I nodded walking away from her and all of my problems; slamming my door in frustration and Simeon’s arms immediately wrapped around me. He picked me up and carried me to the bed holding me to his chest.

© 2013 Mary Greenwell

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