Chapter Eight

Chapter Eight

A Chapter by Mary Greenwell

Chapter Eight

What do you need Decy?” I asked as she came in.

Deborah called apparently you left some stuff and she wants to know if you want any of it. Plus there’s an article in the paper that her and Kyle would like to discuss.”

Aimee!! Simeon!!!” Lucy and Josephine came in yelling.

This time they are yours.” I told him making a face.

You guys need to look at this.” Lucy said as Josephine threw the paper on the bed. Simeon immediately grabbed it and I crawled into his lap so I could look at the picture knowing he was going to read it at his speed and not wait for me. Sure enough he flipped to the back of the paper in the time it would have taken me to read two paragraphs and then I looked at the second picture both of them of us sharing stolen kisses one at Yvonne’s and one in front of the house. He threw the paper down at the edge of the bed when he was done and just held me.

How much trouble will we be in?” I asked him.

I don’t know.” he shook his head. “You’re eighteen so you get to decide whether to press charges not the state and we didn’t do anything to press charges for anyway…”

I don’t know they could say the way you’re holding her in this picture is red touching.” Lucy said pointing to how low his hand was on my back.

I’m still over eighteen there are no charges.” I whispered, “So what’s the school going to do?” I asked.

The first thing will probably be to get you out of the class.” Decima told me and then she added, “That’s probably the article that Deborah and Kyle want to talk about.”

It’s none of their business.” I snapped, “Let’s just go get the rest of my stuff and then we can figure out what to do.”

Why don’t you just take Decima to get your stuff and then we can all talk about what to do and you and Simeon can get back to doing whatever it was you were doing before we all interrupted when you get back?” Lucy suggested. I looked at Simeon considering the appealing possibility and hugged him tight.

I’ll see you when Decy and I get back.” I told him and he smiled.

Hurry.” he laughed we both knew that once we were together again the problems would fade away.

Love you.”

Love you too.” he promised kissing me softly with one hand cradling my face and one on my lower back and then he pulled away.

Come on.” Decima smiled and I followed her. When we got to the house though we saw a familiar car and I cursed.

Why did they ask me to come here if he’s here?” I asked with tears coming.

His probation just ended.” Decima nodded.

I didn’t leave anything.”

No.” she agreed realizing the same thing; Deborah and Kyle were trying to pick their favorite boyfriend again.

They don’t want to talk about the article.”


Hello Aimee.” Ryan said outside my window.

Get away from me, Ryan.” I warned.

I want to have some fun.”

No.” I said nervously.

Here just read this note and meet me here.” he smiled and went to his car. I waited until he disappeared so he could not follow me and then sped to Simeon’s.

You have to tell Simeon what happened.” Decima said when we walked in but I saw Simeon right around the corner and by his face, I knew she had thought about it.

You got raped and were pregnant?” he asked me tensely and I just nodded in his chest.

She doesn’t talk about it.” Decima told him.

Who?” he asked and so I just gave him the note. I did not need to read it I knew exactly when and where he wanted to meet. “Ryan Reynolds your ex?!” he yelled.

Please… I… don’t want to talk about it.” I begged.

I’m going to this meeting.” Simeon told me.

No you’re not nobody is.”

Yes I am, you’re staying home, though.” he said and got up heading for the door.

I’m going with you then.” I decided and saw Decima’s shock.

No, you’re staying home. We both know exactly what he wants whether he has to take it or not and I’m going to get him to leave you alone.” Simeon said and left. I heard the car start and him leave.

Where are you going?!” Decima yelled after me as I ran up the stairs I took a deep breath before I walked into his room.

Please Reuben you have to help me…” I begged and he let go of whatever human he was feeding off.

What do you need help with?” he asked but turned to the human, “You don’t remember anything since you met me.”

I need you to get me to the park now.” I begged. “Please I’ll…”

This is following my little brother to the spot of your ex that raped you and it’s going to tick him off right?” he asked.

Yes.” I nodded.

I’ll take you with one promise.”


Stay by one of our sides the entire time.”

I’ll stay by your side.” I promised and he picked me up running me to his car and right past Decima, whose face showed the shock of somebody who knew she had just seen something she had never been meant to see but also that I had known about the thing. I saw Lucy and Josephine explaining everything that had been confusing her the whole day, to her as he sped away.

Simeon glared at us when we got out but I stayed right behind Reuben feeling nothing but fear of Ryan hurting Simeon. Reuben put his arm around me holding me closer not mentioning how irrational the fear he knew I felt was. A human was not going to hurt a vampire no matter what diet they chose.

You were supposed to come alone, Aimee not with your new boyfriend and old.” Ryan said and I shivered nervously. “Wait… are you going out with him the newspapers say you are and yet you are hiding behind the ex? You are really a s**t and yet I have to force you to get anything… I think you like it.” he shrugged. “Next time you better come alone or I won’t be so nice.” he promised and he turned and left. I felt my knees collapse and Reuben held me up.

Come on let’s go home.” Simeon told me gently. I figured he thought I had had enough punishment.

No I have to make good on my deal with Reuben.” I whispered turning and getting in the car when Reuben opened the door. I saw Simeon’s panicked eyes but I just stayed in the car facing forward. “I was surprised you gave in so quick to bring me I was prepared to offer…” I trailed off as he looked at me.

What were you going to offer?”

My blood,” I whispered, “I’d still be willing I guess.” I shrugged when he looked at me weirdly.

You know you have to trust the person with your life and just give yourself over to them or it hurts?” he told me, “Most of the time they say you have to love them or be willing to surrender.” I shrugged nonchalantly.

You act different when we’re alone now than before I knew who you were to me in the past.” I commented after a couple minutes of silence.

Maybe I’m trying to convince you that I love you?” he whispered.

No I’m just like Lucy I’m your brother’s and new as soon as you got me I wouldn’t matter anymore.” I shook my head knowing it was a lie we were already closer than he was to Lucy after all these years and I wasn’t exactly ‘new’ anymore either.

Maybe.” he let me have as we pulled into the garage. Simeon was waiting for me and opened my door.

© 2013 Mary Greenwell

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Mary Greenwell
Mary Greenwell

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A Chapter by Mary Greenwell