Chapter Twenty-five

Chapter Twenty-five

A Chapter by Mary Greenwell

Chapter Twenty-Five

Simeon…?” I asked when I woke up.

I’m right here.” He promised nervously.

What?” I asked sitting up but when I got dizzy from sitting up I realized why he was so nervous I was sick. “Is this it then?”

I don’t know.” He shook his head sitting down beside me and holding me close. “It’s sooner than Josephine’s vision but she said the stress of your parents showing up could have pushed it forward. I told Jordan to take Decima off for the month just in case.”

Is that how long hers took?” I asked and then added when I saw my answer, “No Simeon I want her gone for the whole thing not just for the part I’m conscious for.”

She assured me there’s no pain after that and if there’s any sign that there is I’ll make everybody force her away.” He promised soothingly, “I’m hoping yours will be done with sooner than hers was.”

I heard you were changing.” Mom said coming in the next day.

Get out.” I ordered finding enough energy to shoot out of bed, “I want you out.”

You feel better with me around don’t you.” She commented at Simeon’s confused look when he came to get me. “It will be almost a necessity for you to have me in there with you during the months your unconscious if you won’t let Decima. You will die without a family member in there. It’s how our vampires change.”

I don’t want you close to me.” I snapped. “I don’t believe a word out of your mouth either.” I warned as I turned back to the room. I leaned back into Simeon and he picked me up as soon as I was away from her.


No Simeon it was just because I was angry.” I shook my head. “She just wants to be in here because she knows I don’t have enough energy to keep fighting her.”

I don’t believe that, Juliet.”

I don’t care what you believe Simeon.” I snapped some out of pain and some out of frustration that he’d side with my parents over me. He pulled me closer though knowing that the pain was getting worse if my temper was getting short with him. “Please Romeo for me… don’t let any of them in here. Don’t even let Decima in here after I go unconscious.” I begged.

Okay.” He nodded slowly and I knew he would be willing to agree with anything right now if it made me feel the least bit better.

I love you.” I whispered.

I love you too.” He promised kissing my forehead and I suddenly realized how Decima had felt when Jordan had stopped kissing her.

That was the worst part.” Decima’s voice came from the door, “When Jordan stopped kissing me.”

Get her out of here.” I begged Simeon.

Reuben I told you not to let her up here.” Simeon said refusing to move away from me.

I told you if you moved from the living room you’d have to leave the house.” Reuben told Decima.

I couldn’t sit down there while she goes through the same thing I did and everybody can relax I haven’t felt anything until Simeon kissed her forehead instead of her lips.” I saw the lie on her face and opened my mouth to tell them but then Simeon kissed me instead of letting me talk and I smiled.

Will you let Decima sit up here for a few minutes and just test what your…”

I told you she was lying.” I snapped pulling out of his arms.

You messed up Simeon. Don’t mention our parents right now. This is hard enough without making us deal with more.” Decima told him.

You lied.” Reuben figured out hearing the key word and picked her up.

Thank you at least you care what I want.” I turned my head towards him.

You feel better with her here.”

I feel better with you making her leave.” I corrected.

Decima felt better when Aimee was in the room too.” Jordan spoke up.

Mom wasn’t telling the truth!!!” I yelled, “I want her out of the room now!!!!!!!” I screamed.

Somebody get Decima out.” Simeon nodded, “I’m sorry Decy but it’s not helping her when she’s like this.”

No it’s more like ‘I’m sorry Decy but I’ll give Juliet whatever she wants right now’.” Decima shook her head leaving.

Thank you.” I whispered to Simeon.

I’m sorry that I tried to get you to let her stay.” He sighed.

I know you just want me to get better faster.” I forced a smile.

Will you try to eat some soup?” Simeon begged one afternoon.

How long have I been in bed?” I forced out painfully.

A month and a half.” He whispered letting me know my guess had been right my change wasn’t like Decima’s had been. According to her time I should be unconscious and painless by now. His phone rang again.

No I still don’t want Decy in here.” I forced myself to talk again.

Then eat some soup.” He sighed pressing the ignore button on his phone.

You two don’t get to decide anymore. Mom tells me…”

I don’t care what Mom tells anybody.” I interrupted and felt tears fall at the pain it caused to talk.

Isn’t it worth testing though?” she flinched.

No.” I shook my head.

It’s time for you to leave.” Simeon sighed as he saw me trying to build up the strength to continue to talk. “She doesn’t want you in here. I’ll let you know the second that changes.”

Let me know when you stop debating on whether her life is worth the risk your taking with pleasing her.” She left finally.

Shhh…” he whispered when I started to talk. “Just try to sleep.” He begged kissing my lips then both cheeks and my forehead. I held out my hand my silent way of telling him that I wanted him up there with me. “I love you Juliet.” He promised when I was in his chest the worry clear in his voice.

You want Decy…” I managed.

Yes.” He nodded.

Today,” I agreed knowing he’d understand that he got to test out Mom’s promise for today only and if it didn’t work then Decima was back downstairs.

Decy,” He said simply and she was suddenly in the room, “She agreed to let you in for today but if Lizy’s word doesn’t check off by tomorrow you have to go back downstairs.”

How’d you get her to agree?” she asked and I felt him shrug. I knew he was telling her that he wanted me sleeping but the pain had been too much all night last night and all day today for me to get any sleep it’s why I’d been willing to agree to let Decima up and I knew she knew it she just wanted to know how much I’d hidden from him.

Are you going to sleep?” Simeon asked me a few hours later when I’d given up on Mom’s word checking out. The pain was just as bad if not worse but if I was being honest I wasn’t as scared of the change now that I’d let the second half of my life up in the room with me.

She’s in too much pain. It’s why she agreed to let me come up. She was hoping Mom would end up right and it would get better.” Decy told him and I tried to force myself to talk but couldn’t, “I know I’m in trouble.” She assured me, “Remember I get your feelings I have your anger all inside me now way better than any scream could have done.” She promised and I let myself fall back into Simeon but now his body was tense. “You’ve got to relax Simeon. You’re the only thing holding her together right now. She’s terrified we all are but we all forget to think about the silent one in the beds feelings.” She forced a smile out of me and I held my hand out. She looked at it confused though.

You can tell you don’t get thoughts.” Simeon smiled.

I get her frustration at that though.”

She wants you to join us on the bed.” He explained when I looked at him.

Can I join the party?” Reuben asked coming in and I knew the whole house had heard what was going on with me right now. I rolled my eyes glad that if I couldn’t move anything else I could still move those.

Hey Doctor’s back.” Rachel said coming in. Doctor had been visiting me daily the past week but he’d already been here once today.

I was kind of hoping that you were going to be unconscious.” He told me.

I don’t think you were the only one.” Theodore told him as Mom and Dad walked in. My eyes turned to anger though and Simeon immediately got up to take care of it before I somehow found a way to talk.

They’re gone.” Simeon promised wrapping his arms around me. “Doctor, do you think you could do something about the pain that’s why she hasn’t slept?”

I know Decima fills me in when I leave.” He nodded, “I can’t do anything though. All we can do is hope she goes unconscious soon.” I flinched into Simeon and when he felt it he started to rub my back gently and soothingly.

When I woke up I looked around painfully wanting to see or feel Simeon. “I told him to take a break. He had to hunt.” Decima whispered from a chair and when I looked at her with tears on my face she nodded. I knew she had made Simeon go hunting more than just for him she wanted me to stop hiding all my tears just for a little bit and let them out even if it was just while Simeon was gone. She came over and held me though. “I know you’re scared.” She promised. “I’m sure you’re just going through a different change though.” Her voice kept breaking, though, and I knew she wasn’t handling me in this bed any better than I had handled her in it. She just waited for me to go to sleep just like I had waited for her to before she broke down. Jordan’s position in the corner confirmed my thought.

How are you feeling today?” Reuben asked coming in. He came in everyday but he mostly stayed out making sure that everybody that I’d declared had to stay out that day was out. When he saw my tears though he moved over to my other side and wrapped his arms around me for the first time since I’d started getting sick and I felt myself pulling away from Decima and going closer to him.

You can translate enough without her talking?” Decima asked him.

Yeah I’ve got her you take a break and make sure Simeon stays out of here long enough for her to get all of this out.” He promised holding me closer.

I looked up at Reuben, after I finished crying, wishing that I could talk over my pain.

I miss you too my Princess.” He promised and I smiled sticking my head back in his chest before I let my eyes close.

Reuben…?” I whispered sitting up when I woke up by his surprise I knew that I hadn’t gone unconscious it’d just been a nap. “No don’t.” I shook my head when he started to wake up Decima. “She knows somewhere deep down that I’m up and she’s completely exhausted.” I looked around for the person I did want though.

He’s still hunting you were only asleep for a couple minutes.” Reuben smiled starting to leave.

Don’t you dare leave this room.” I snapped.


They’ll know I’m up before Simeon. I want some time with him which will be impossible if they are all already up here before he gets here.” I smiled as I dialed Simeon’s number. I knew his phone would be on right now with everything going on.

Decima!” he answered worriedly.

Romeo…” I smiled sighing.

Juliet…” I could hear his feet running already, “How?” he asked.

Reuben said I was only asleep for a couple minutes.” I smiled, “I have him quarantined in the room right now though.”


I wanted time with you.” I smiled throwing the phone on the bed and running into his arms as he jumped into the window. The stairs would have taken too much time right now.

I missed you.” He promised.

I missed you too.” I smiled and then turned to Reuben, “Take Decima without waking her up and make sure you don’t let anybody in this room.” I smiled a little bigger.

You got it Ms. ‘Bossy Pants’.”

It’s Mrs. ‘Bossy Pants’ to you.” I warned as he left and I heard his laugh as he joined everyone.

I really missed you.” Simeon whispered trying to get my attention.

Can I prove how much I missed you?” I smiled teasingly kissing his neck.

You can prove all you want to me.” He whispered pushing me down into the bed with another kiss. The family came rushing in though.

Reuben…” I groaned as Simeon rolled away pulling me into his lap.

You really thought Reuben could stop us when you haven’t let us see you in two months and you’re finally well?” Dad asked.

I think I can stop you.” I snapped getting out of Simeon’s lap, “You’re not ruining my day like you ruined Decy’s.”

Reuben get Lizy and Samuel out here.” Simeon said. Reuben nodded and grabbed their collars.

Out of the room or house?” He asked me.

My life preferably.” I smiled at the choice.

You know I’m going to make you talk to them about your issues when everything settles down some. Right?” Simeon asked.

Why she even lied about the ‘if you let me in you’ll feel better thing’?”

Because you’ve told me this whole time how much you wanted your parents back.”

That was before I found out they just left me.” I shook my head, “Now today is supposed to be happy not depressing.” I ordered.

Yes Ma’am.” He smiled.

Can we make a run for it now or do you think they’ll chase us?” I sent.

It’s worth the try.” He smiled and took my hand as we jumped out the window together and took off running. He led me to the same little place in the woods we’d been once before, the time we’d been tricked into thinking Reuben wanted to meet at the bridge in the middle of the night.

Why did you bring us here?” I asked later that night.

It’s the only place that I have to call my own.” He answered on my neck. His lips had never left my skin since we’d gotten to the small house and I couldn’t help but move deeper in his arms as his lips moved up my neck.

I got my wish.” I whispered after he’d finally just kissed me.

What do you mean?”

Well I get to be with you forever and nobody can ever change that.” I smiled.

You were always going to end up getting to change. We both knew it. As for nobody ever being able to take you away from me… you already had that one.” He whispered before kissing me once more as a reminder.

The End.

© 2013 Mary Greenwell

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