Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Thirteen

A Chapter by Mary Greenwell

Chapter Thirteen

What are you two fighting about?” Reuben whispered worriedly into my ear but I knew he was only worried over the hurt he could see on my face.

What do you think?” I asked looking at him pointedly.

I really wish you two would stop fighting over me.” he laughed. “I’m really not that interesting of a topic.”

I agree. If only he’d open his eyes to the changes you’ve made and realize that you aren’t going to take me from him unless I want you to take me from him.” everybody gasped including him at the statement.

What did you mean by that Aimee?” he asked looking over my shoulder to where I knew Simeon had just appeared.

I didn’t mean anything I just meant you weren’t going to take me away from him.” I said getting up and turning to face Simeon but he turned from me to hide the burning soul that had come at my words. “Simeon…” I whispered wrapping my arms around him.

No Aimee.” he shook his head. “It’s obvious that I’ve drawn the last straw.”

Simeon, don’t do this!!!!!!” I yelled, “I didn’t mean it like that. Nobody would have thought anything of it if I would have said the same thing to Peter.”

You don’t have history with Peter.” Decima said softly.

Please Simeon I didn’t mean it like that. I was just mad and hurt that we were fighting yet again.” I begged as the tears fell. “I promise I don’t want him to take me away from you.”

Juliet…” he sighed turning and putting his arms around me and I sighed relaxing some at being Juliet again. That meant he was not going to break up with me at least. “Will you please never say that again?” he begged.

Never in my life,” I promised relaxing completely into his chest and smiling. He pulled my face up and kissed me softly.

I love you Juliet.”

I love you too Romeo.” I promised and then I smiled, “The team told me to thank you for the lattes.” he nodded studying my face for a second, “I promised you I wasn’t going to freak-out again.” I reminded him.

You did but I wanted to make sure you weren’t hiding it.” he smiled as he finished “You know planning on making me go hunting tonight…” he trailed off at my face. “I’m not going hunting tonight Juliet.”

You have to.” I whispered.

No you have to deal with this with me.”

No I promised you.” I shook my head.

I don’t want you to keep the stupid promise if you’re just going to send me away so that you can deal with it alone.”

Fine,” I whispered and just put my head back in his chest his arms tightened though as he picked me up and carried me to sit on the couch farthest away from Reuben. I knew even though he had forgiven me I had just made their relationship worse I sighed tiredly but he did not even ask what was wrong knowing exactly what it was.

Sorry Juliet but…” he shrugged.

You hate him I know.” I said tensely, “I’ve heard it enough from both of you.”

At least they’re civil now.” Rachel said smiling happily.

This is civil?” I asked incredulously.

Yes.” Peter, Lucy, Josephine, Rachel, and Theodore all said together and Simeon and Reuben merely shrugged looking at me.

I don’t want to know how you guys acted before.” I said quickly. “I already get fed up with the fighting every day and it’s apparently you two civil with each other.” I could not help but wonder what had made them like that.

I remember when you two were best friends though.” Peter smiled.

We’re not talking about the past.” Reuben and Simeon said together and I looked at both of them.

You two were best friends?”

Just like you and Decima before…” Peter nodded.

Wait so are you two like twins?” I asked and Peter nodded again. I had no idea what could drag twins to such an extreme as this though. I mean I’d always thought Reuben looked close to Simeon’s age but now that I was looking it was obvious the differences between them were deliberate they both worked hard to look like they weren’t twins. “Before what?” I asked Peter.

We aren’t talking about the past.” Reuben and Simeon said together again only firmer this time almost scarily. I just nodded realizing that whatever happened they both were working hard at making sure I never knew. I stuck my head back in Simeon’s chest and his arms wrapped back around me as he relaxed realizing I was not going to ask anymore.

© 2013 Mary Greenwell

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Mary Greenwell
Mary Greenwell

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I love to write and read. I am in college right now and so I don't get to write as often as I like but I still enjoy it. more..

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A Chapter by Mary Greenwell

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