Chapter Six

Chapter Six

A Chapter by Mary Greenwell

Chapter Six

May I talk to you Aimee?” Simeon asked when the bell rang and I nodded. I walked to his office with him and into his arms eagerly. He rarely called me into his office during school anymore always after school.

What’s wrong?” I asked him looking up.

I just don’t like the fact that Reuben’s in school as a student while I’m teaching.” he shook his head.

Well he looks way too old to be a student you should tell him that.”

He’s not going to listen to me Juliet he did this so he could get to you.”

He’s not going to get to me Simeon. You are the only one I love. You’re the one that I trust and he’s just your annoying brother that I’m stuck with.” I promised.

What are you hiding, Juliet?” he asked seeing it on my face. “What did he do to you?”

He compelled me so that he could kiss me.” I whispered sticking my face in his chest ashamed.

Juliet we both know his compulsion is strong enough to take away all of your will you had no chance to fight him.” he whispered holding me tighter.

I feel like I cheated on you.”

You didn’t though he’s just trying to pull you away from me.”

I won’t let that happen. I slapped him for kissing me.”

I’m glad.” he smiled and then pulled my face up and said right above my lips, “Can I erase your last kiss now?”

Please…” I begged and he put his lips on mine kissing me softly but then letting the kiss build on its own and holding me closer when it did. He pulled away when the tardy bell rang and gave me a note.

I love you Juliet.” he promised.

I love you too, Romeo.” I smiled kissing his chest before pulling away and running to Science. I took my other two finals and then went to practice taking Lucy with me. Hope immediately put her on the team trusting me and then she and Peter took Decima and me home so we could pack our things.

Please don’t leave mad.” Deborah begged.

It’s not my fault.” I shook my head throwing more things in boxes, angrily, as Lucy handed them to me.

We don’t even know these two.” Kyle said.

You don’t have to you aren’t our parents.” I snapped even madder at him then I was at Deborah.

Aimee Nicole!” Deborah yelled.

Well, tell me the truth… are you our foster parents now that we’re eighteen?” I asked.

No but…” she tried.

Did you ever adopt us?”

No but…” Kyle tried.

Are you our biological parents?”

No but…” Deborah tried again.

Then guess what you aren’t our parents in any way anymore you are just two people that let us live with them and for that we’re grateful but now you said so yourself this morning we have to be gone today.”

Where are you staying?” Kyle asked.

With Lucy and Peter,” I gestured to them.

How do you know them?” Deborah asked.

School,” Decima said coming in and helping me finish realizing that I would have been finished if they had let me be silent and mad instead of coming in here and only making it worse. “Now you guys we all know she’s ticked at both of you and it’s not going to change before we leave. We’ll come by on Christmas just like all of your other…”

Leftovers…” I interrupted whispering the word that I had heard once before from a foster child and he had been talking about his brother whom his foster parents had set out just like their leftovers like our foster parents would do to us when we turned the age.

Foster children.” Decima fixed eyeing me hard but my mind was gone thinking back to my first love the one before Ryan the one that Deborah and Kyle had made me break up with because he was the ‘bad boy’ type.

Let’s go.” Peter said pulling on me softly and I knew he was reading my emotions and not understanding the longing for the past. I followed them out to the car and sat in the back thinking back only since Sol had shown up my parents were now on my mind and when we pulled into the garage I was all the way gone lost in the memories.

Juliet?” I heard Simeon’s voice as he picked me up and I forced myself back to the present I blinked and looked at him. “Are you okay?” he asked.

Yeah sorry the past just came back.” I whispered.

I knew that was it.” Decima said sitting beside us on the couch and reaching over to take my hand. “Maybe you should try to find Sol…?”

We both know how impossible that would be Decy he just kept floating.” I shook my head.

Who’s Sol?” Simeon asked.

Nobody,” I shook my head.

Her ex-boyfriend, Deborah and Kyle made her break up with him but they stayed best friends until he was shuffled to the next home.” Decima explained.

What part of ‘we don’t talk about the past’ do you not understand, Decima?!” I yelled getting up before Simeon could stop me and running to my favorite guest room but there was a light on so I just knocked.

Come on in Aimee.” Reuben said nodding when he answered. I walked in even though Simeon was standing at the bottom of the stairs and I sat in the desk chair. “What bring you to my little domain?” he asked.

This is my favorite room in the house.” I whispered.

I know that’s why I chose it.”

Sorry I just needed to get away from all of them they wanted to talk…” I trailed off.

Talking is overrated.” he nodded gesturing to the other half of the bed. “Come sit. I promise I won’t bring up your past or bite.”

© 2013 Mary Greenwell

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Mary Greenwell
Mary Greenwell

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