Chapter Nine

Chapter Nine

A Chapter by Mary Greenwell

Chapter Nine

Juliet, will you please go wait in the room for me?” he asked me.

I nodded and walked over to Reuben, “Thank you for driving me.” I whispered hugging him and I saw everybody’s eyes look worried when they realized there was absolutely no compulsion involved Simeon looked most concerned and I knew when he got to the room I’d have to explain. I reached out to Simeon as I left and put my hand on his arm he turned to me, “I’ll see you in the room?”

Of course.” he promised putting his hand on top of mine.

Please don’t yell at Reuben for what you think the deal we made was… all the deal was is that I stay by his side until we get home.” I whispered shaking my head. He nodded tightly and I knew Reuben was still in trouble for taking me so I walked out the door and to the room. I changed into my normal attire for bed and sat waiting for him.

Aimee you don’t need to start hanging out with Reuben I know you think you can save him but you can’t.” Lucy said coming in and looking at my outfit with a small smile while shaking her head.

Vampires aren’t as cold as everybody says.” I explained, “I actually get kind of hot.”

Sure… are you just not going to talk to me about Reuben?”

Look Lucy Reuben and I have history but that’s what it is it’s in the past and those feelings don’t exist anymore. He did me a favor today and I appreciate that.” I explained.

I should let you know that Reuben and Simeon really do hate each other it’s not like Reuben and Peter where they just didn’t like each other when I showed up no Reuben and Simeon already hate each other more than Peter and Reuben hate each other now.”

Thanks for the warning maybe I can help fix it though.”

I’d rather you didn’t get involved.” Simeon said coming in. “And thanks for trying to help Lucy but please just let me and Juliet deal with our personal life our family doesn’t do well when family interferes.”

No problem sorry. I just wanted to warn her from experience.” Lucy smiled sympathetically at me and left.

Are you going to take Lucy’s advice?” Simeon asked.

Look Simeon…” I sighed, “I really don’t know why you hate Reuben so much and I know you aren’t going to tell me but you need to know that Reuben and I don’t have feelings for each other at all. The only thing between us is a friendship and I’d like it if I could keep that friendship.” I whispered the request and he pulled me closer to him.

Aimee…” he said and I knew he was serious about whatever was coming next he never called me Aimee outside of school unless we were fighting, “I don’t want you to be anywhere close to Reuben if I can stop it.” he sighed painfully, “But seeing as I can’t stop it I’m not letting it come between us. I’d rather you not be friends with my older brother but that’s all I’m willing to say on the deal.” I curled up tighter in his chest and his arms tightened; I could feel his surprise, “You’re not mad?” he asked.

No I told you I don’t have feelings for Reuben and sure I’d love it if you would be supportive of a friendship but I told you before he’s not going to get between us.” I promised and he lifted my chin to kiss me softly.

Every student in the school watched Simeon and me the next day as we arrived at school together hand in hand, having decided that morning to stop pretending not to be going out since we’d been brought out whether we were ready or not. He smiled at me when I walked past his class but other than that, the day was normal the school did not mention anything, he decided it was because it was the day before winter vacation. He did his grades while I was at practice and then the team walked with me to his room.

Hey.” he smiled as we walked in.

Hi.” I laughed throwing away all of my empty coffee cups that had piled up this week.

You’re a slob, Aimee.” he told me smiling as he pulled me into his chair on his lap, “You brought your friends?” he asked.

They wanted to be introduced to my wonderful boyfriend.” I laughed and then said. “Okay you guys this is Simeon my wonderful boyfriend you can all leave now and we’ll see you after break.” he laughed holding me closer to him. Everybody left but Hope.

Who are you staying with now Aims?” she asked and I looked away she was a foster child too and her eighteenth birthday was Monday. She would be in the same boat I was in unlike me though she was in a rare family that would let her stay if she wanted until she could find a place or just until she got sick of them but they weren’t good to her.

Simeon.” I whispered, “I really wish we could help you, Hope.” I sighed.

I might know somebody let me make a call.” Simeon smiled encouragingly and I got up so he could have his arms moving over to her.

So how long have you and Mr. Cullen been dating?” Hope asked.

First day of school,” I smiled and Simeon smiled back at me lovingly.

That’s a long time to keep it a secret I mean now that I know and I see you guys alone it’s like… sheesh how in the world do they hide such a deep love?” Hope laughed but she really wanted to know.

We still don’t know how much trouble he’s in with the school.” I whispered, “And before I was eighteen the state would get in on it.”

Only if you were doing stuff?”

We weren’t but you know with my past…”

You weren’t having sex though.” she said and then looked worriedly at Simeon.

He knows.” I told her as he hung up. “Ryan’s off probation and Deborah and Kyle decided that it wasn’t rape they want me back with him.” I shuddered and Simeon’s arms immediately found their way around me turning me into his chest.

Here it’s kind of a long drive but if you want us to meet you someplace to show you where it is we can.” He told her holding me tighter.

Thank you Mr. Cullen.” she whispered.

No problem.” he promised and she left. I held him tighter and then he pulled away some. “Let’s go home?”

Okay.” I smiled happily. While Simeon hunted, I started to hang out with Reuben in his room and for Christmas, we stayed in the house sharing small gifts. It was the day before we went back to school for the second semester that the school called Simeon.

© 2013 Mary Greenwell

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A Chapter by Mary Greenwell