Chapter Twenty

Chapter Twenty

A Chapter by Mary Greenwell

Chapter Twenty

Why did you side with me when I snapped at Theodore?” He asked when we pulled into the driveway, “We both know I had no right to snap at him.”

I’ve been siding with everybody else for too long, Simeon. You are the one I love and I have not been showing you that enough in my actions. I need to side with you. You deserve to have me on your side.” I smiled at him.

Thank you Juliet.” He whispered pulling me closer to him.

Anytime,” I sighed when he stopped his lips right above mine. He kissed me softly at first but then like always, it went deeper and I held myself closer. “Simeon…?” I whispered softly pulling away some when he started to reach for my shirt. He pulled away quickly nodding understanding exactly what I was telling him. I still was not ready. “I’m sorry.” I whispered.

It is okay, Juliet. I promise you.” He smiled a little and then kissed me quickly before getting out and helping me too. “You’d already told me that you didn’t want your first time in a car anyway. We just got carried away.” I knew for a fact I had never told him that but now that he had mentioned it I did not.

Thank you Simeon.” I whispered when I was curled up in his chest in our room.


Never being mad when I’m not ready.”

It’s not your fault Juliet this is a big deal.”

Still thank you most guys I know would be mad.”

You’re talking about a couple in particular aren’t you?”

Yes.” I nodded.


Reuben for one.”

Yes he probably would be but I don’t think he would be too mad with you.”

Ryan was.” He tensed and stayed silent this time when I shivered just saying the name. “All of my ex’s.” I added to end the list and his arms tightened knowing why I had done it.

I will never be mad or pressure you.” He promised in my ear kissing it softly, “I would like to talk to you about something before you go to sleep though?”

Okay.” I nodded.

Well our fight made me start thinking and then the fact that our alone time always means so much to both of us when we don’t have to use it to fight…”

What were you thinking about?” I asked after a few minutes.

I was thinking that we should move into an apartment or small house of our own.”

Really?!” I asked excitedly snapping up into a sitting position.

Only if you wanted,” He nodded and I moved back over to him sliding farther up on the pillows to curl up closer to him.

I want.” I whispered finally, when I was where I wanted.

Then while you’re at school tomorrow I’ll go looking.” He nodded and then holding me closer whispered, “Now try to sleep, my love.”

How am I supposed to sleep when you just told me we’re going to move into our own house?” I asked.

The same way you always sleep close your eyes and think happy thoughts.” He suggested in my ear and I shivered at his voice.

That’s the problem Romeo I have too many good thoughts tonight.” I whispered snuggling deeper.

Then what would you rather do?”

Do you really want to know what I want to do?” I switched to thought wanting to try it out and he chuckled but let us continue doing it.

Yes I always want to know.”

Well seeing as you’re going to say no to all making-out…” I trailed off and waited for his nod confirming that he would, “…I want to plan our wedding.”

Wedding plans really?” he asked surprised, so surprised he used his voice, just as I knew he would be.

Actually I only want to plan one thing and then hand it over to Decy and Lucy and Josephine and Rachel.” I smiled

And what’s that?”

The date.”

How long do you think they need to plan the wedding?”

I think a few weeks to months will be fine.” I shrugged.

Then how about… December 3rd?”

I like that date.” I smiled snuggling even closer and he chuckled.

Now will you sleep?” In his thoughts the question was so much softer and sweeter the thought talking was a much more intimate process all together and I loved it.

I guess.” I sighed but then got up my guts to ask the question I really wanted to know, “Can I ask you something first?”


Well I had asked you to think about something while I was at practice…” I whispered switching to my voice so that this did not ruin the thought talking experience.

You did.” He confirmed understanding that for some reason I didn’t want this in our thoughts.

Did you think about it?”

I’m still thinking, Juliet.”

But that’s not a no.” I smiled happily looking up at him and switching to thought talking intimacy.

That’s not a no.” he agreed but his face looked uncertain.

The reason it’s not a no happens to be because of a person that lives a few miles down the road isn’t it?” I sighed disappointed and switching back to voice.

I know he’s told you he’ll change you if I refuse to.”

He has.” I nodded, “But I’m not going to let him change me.”

Why not?”

You’ve told me what happens when somebody changes you.” I whispered.

Juliet you get over that in a few weeks.” He reminded me.

Are you saying that when you say no I should go to Reuben?”

No and I’m not saying I’m going to say no. I’m just telling you that you wouldn’t be choosing him for long.”

But, Simeon, that has all been with people that didn’t have history in their human life. Only with people that pretty much hated the person in their human life. It could be completely different for me. I’m not willing to take the chance that I wouldn’t ever get my memories of the person I truly love back.” I shook my head having to force my nightmare away. I really had had the nightmare before. “If you say no then I’ll stay human unless Jordan changes Decima.”

Why unless Jordan changes Decima?” he asked slowly and I knew that my picture of how our future could change if Reuben somehow changed me had hurt him as much as it always hurt me when Reuben brought it up. I just hoped that he had not gotten my memories of the hidden nightmares than it would have hurt him even more.

Because if Jordan changes her then I’ll have Decima give me enough blood to change me. She’ll make sure everything goes safely and she’s tied with you for most important person in my life.” I just had to remind her of that.

Aimee!!!” Decima yelled up and I looked at the clock it was 2:30 in the morning.

Come on.” Simeon nodded telling me it was an emergency and picking me up. He ran me downstairs and we stood in front of Decima.

What’s wrong?” I asked.

Reuben called.” She said looking at me worriedly.

What’d he need it’s 2:30 in the morning?” I asked worriedly.

He said you had to get to the bridge now. He wants you alone though.” She said shrugging but everybody knew it was important.

I’ll drive you and drop you off.” Simeon nodded. We got into the car quickly and he started to drive off. He drove quickly but I looked over at him and saw his tension.

Simeon, why would Reuben want to meet me at the bridge he knows I hate that place?” I whispered.

So you really want to meet Reuben?”

Simeon…” I sighed, “I promise I’ll get everything figured out it’s just 2:30 in the morning and it’s important if he wants me this early…” I begged him to understand.

I know I’ve just gotten your thoughts you let a few slip when you were telling me why you wouldn’t let Reuben change you. Maybe you should have added that you were falling in love with him in that list.” He pulled over to the side of the road.

I’m not falling in love with him.” I shook my head. “I loved him once in my life and yeah that’s one of the reasons I’m terrified to even let him think about changing me but I promise you Simeon I don’t love him anymore. You are the one that I love.” I let myself switch to my thoughts even though we were talking about Reuben because he’d already gotten the thoughts I was scared of him getting and jumped to the conclusion I was afraid of him making. I knew he would though after all Reuben had and they were twins no matter how much they didn’t want to be.

I love you too, Juliet.” Simeon promised. “Maybe you should call Reuben and have him meet you someplace else like the park?”

Thank you Simeon.”

For what?”

Understanding about Reuben and me.”


I love you.” I promised Simeon as I dialed Reuben’s numbers and then it started to ring as Simeon kissed me and I just took the phone off my ear and hung up leaning farther into it and wrapping my other arm around his neck. He pulled me over into his lap and then pulled away but I saw in his eyes the kiss was far from over for once he opened the car door and pulled us both out running he stopped someplace but I had no idea where that was. His lips were back on mine immediately and I was on a smooth floor as he took off my shirt and bra and I took off his shirt he continued to kiss me everywhere holding me closer. Just as he unfroze me his phone rang.

Hello?” he sighed frustrated, “Yes she is here… she was calling you to see if you could change your meeting from the bridge…” He jumped up quickly and I curled up in a ball realizing this wasn’t good. “What do you mean it wasn’t a meeting with you? You called Decima and said it was an emergency?” he yelled, “I want you hunting that idiot she did everything she could to save you with and get rid of him.” He ordered gesturing to me to get up. I immediately jumped up and put all of my clothes back on. I realized this had been another mistake on my long list anyway I knew why I hadn’t been ready any of the times we’d gotten anywhere close and I’d just have to tell Simeon even though it’d give him another reason not to make out.

It was a trick.” I whispered when Simeon hung up and took me into a tense hug.

Did you know Reuben stopped hunting humans?”

No I didn’t.” I whispered unable to concentrate on that when the emergency had been a trick to get me alone with my new threat. I never should have kissed him, that Phil, to get him out of pain. He could have suffered, then left he would not have remembered, and I would not be in danger.

© 2013 Mary Greenwell

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A Chapter by Mary Greenwell