Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven

A Chapter by Mary Greenwell

Chapter Seven

How do you know about my past?” I asked but then things connected. “You went by Sol.” I whispered.

I did.” he nodded.


You were all alone and I was bored. You looked like fun.” he shrugged but I saw more in his eyes.

You were my first love.” I whispered moving closer.

Don’t think too much of it Aimee I can put on an act.” he said coldly.

I know which one of these is the act.”

Yeah well believe what you want.” he shrugged. “Maybe you should leave though I’m sure my little brother will really love hearing that we have history.”

Who said I was going to tell him?”

You didn’t have to tell me that you were going to… you tell him everything.”

He could get it from your mind before I tell him.”

He can’t read my mind the human blood gives me a natural shield.” he looked at me and shook his head, “Don’t start Aimee we both know I’m horrible.”

Thank you for being there for me when I needed you most.” I whispered kissing his cheek and then I left.

Thank goodness.” Simeon whispered when he saw me and I just went right into his arms.

We should probably talk.” I whispered to him.

What did Reuben do?” he asked immediately.

He didn’t do anything.” I shook my head quickly “We need to talk though.”

We’ll go upstairs.” he nodded and stood up taking my hand and leading me when we passed Reuben’s room though he stuck his head out and gave me an ‘I told you so’ look. We had both known though that I would tell Simeon that we had history. “Okay what’s wrong?” Simeon asked closing his door and standing there in front of it.

I wouldn’t really say it is wrong I just thought I should tell you before somebody else does…” I whispered.

Are you going to tell me?” he asked moving to hold me I walked away from his arms though knowing that I didn’t want to be in them when he heard what I had to tell him.

Do you promise not to overreact?” I asked trying to trap him.

Yes.” he nodded looking at me worriedly.


The guy that Decima was talking about your ex-boyfriend?” he checked.

Yes.” I nodded.

Okay what about him.” he smiled.

His name wasn’t really Sol.” I whispered, “His name was Reuben…” I saw him stiffen and his eyes close as he tried to concentrate on not overreacting, “… Cullen.” I finished even quieter scared of what was about to happen. When he stayed silent, I moved over to him, and put my arms around him and begged, “I didn’t know until a couple minutes ago when he told me… I didn’t make the connection…” I begged him to believe me and a tear fell down my cheek when it hit him he unfroze and his arms wrapped around me.

Juliet…” he whispered worriedly, “Will you please just answer a question for me?”

Anything,” I promised quickly ready to end his worry.

Do you still have feelings for him?”

Not for Reuben.” I shook my head.

What about for Sol?” he asked quietly.

I’m not sure, Simeon…” I whispered truthfully, “But you’ve got to understand!!” I begged when he pulled away from me, “He helped me during the darkest time in my life!!” I was crying and felt like dying as I looked at Simeon’s pain, “He was kind and sweet. He never once showed me this side of him…” I begged him but he just started to walk out.

Just give me a few minutes Aimee.” Simeon said and he shut the door leaving me alone in the room. I collapsed onto the floor crying and soon a pair of arms wrapped around me but they were not the ones I wanted.

Leave me alone Reuben!!!!!!!!!” I screamed, “This is your fault!!!!!!!!!!!” I hit his chest while I screamed and he finally let me go but stayed beside me, “GO away!!!!!!!!!!” I continued, “It’s your fault that Simeon’s mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

No Aimee its Simeon’s fault that Simeon’s mad.” he shook his head.

GET OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I screamed as loud as I could and Simeon finally came in.

Get out of my room Reuben.” he said tightly.

Well brother I figured somebody had to comfort the pretty…”

Get out… I’m begging you Reuben just get out…” I begged, getting up off the floor, and moving to the brand new bed. I laid down on it covering my head with a pillow trying to cover their voices.

It’s not my fault that you left her in here crying because you can’t deal with the fact that we have history.” Reuben said.

You obviously weren’t helping and I can deal with that. I left for more urgent matters then you sharing a kiss with her when she was sixteen.”

It was way more than a kiss brother…”

Reuben, get out!!!!!” I yelled snapping up out of the bed.

Whatever when you get tired of his overly moral and good side come to me we both know it was my bad side that drew you in the first time.” he smiled.

I’ve grown up Reuben maybe you should try it.” I snapped but he just smiled knowingly and left.

Juliet…” Simeon sighed coming and wrapping his arms around me.

I know now Simeon I have no feelings left for either side of him.” I promised.

I don’t care about your history with him and I’m sorry for being such a jerk. You were telling me so that you didn’t have to hide anything and all I did was prove that Reuben was right.”

No you proved that you loved me and that I can hurt you.” I shook my head relaxing into his arms.

Thank you, Juliet.” he smiled.

I love you Romeo.”

I love you too.” he promised kissing me, then he pushed me down onto the bed, and I giggled happily when he moved his lips to my neck. I took my hands to his face though and led it back up to my lips kissing him happily until there was a knock on the door.

Dang I don’t think I like housemates.” I swore and he chuckled.

This one’s your housemate.” he told me.

© 2013 Mary Greenwell

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Mary Greenwell

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