DW-05 "Put Me In The Zoo"

DW-05 "Put Me In The Zoo"

A Chapter by dw817

The bigger girl turned to look at me. "You close your mouth and don't you say a word or - I'll cut your tongue out !" Many of the other girls put a hand over their mouths in fear. She was so bold !



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  CHAPTER 5 - "Put Me In The Zoo"


* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Mark smiled, "It's his first day, really. We'll be alright." Then looked up at me.
"Andrew, you ready to go ? It is about lunchtime now."

I nodded. While I had a good breakfast being out in the sun and hunting down ladybugs did actually work up an appetite for me.

He took my hand and we headed out. Whereas earlier there were campers outside, there were none in sight now.

Mark explained to me, "I think they're all inside their cabins right now. Here. Can you be a big boy ?"

I looked at him with my usual wide-eyes, I didn't know what he was expecting.

Finally he took a key off his keychain to hand it to me. "Go back to the cabin and wait for me there, I'll bring a good lunch for both of us."

I nodded. I took the key, put it in my pocket and started to head out. I was staying on the main path when I noticed a cabin had a metallic ladybug hanging as a decoration twirling in the wind. It was really pretty, made out of steel and had little plastic clear jewels for eyes.

I came up to look at it closer when suddenly someone grabbed me and pulled me inside ! Of course I shrieked as loud as I could but I was already inside and at least 12-girls about my age were all staring angrily at me.

"Are you done ?" one of the bigger girls said stepping forward.

I nodded. Yeah, I guess I was done.

"So who are you ?"

I'm sorry it, stank in here. Of girls' perfume and I was terrified of girls. Even today I'm still not entirely sure what's going on in their head. I sneezed and coughed - both I think at the same time.

"Can you speak ?" someone smaller and more polite asked.

"He's a dummy !" another girl said not waiting for an answer.

"I don't care about that." the bigger one said. Then turned to look at me. "You close your mouth and don't you say a word or - I'll cut your tongue out !"

The other girls suddenly got quiet at that threat. Many of them put a hand over their mouth in fear. She was so bold and I suspect that was why she was the leader !

But with that threat I started wailing again until she put her hand over my mouth. "Shutup will ya !?" she looked to the door behind me. No-one walked through it though.

"Come over here." she said a little nicer. And had me sit on one of the lower bunk beds.

"Get in bed." she said.

I didn't move.

She raised her voice angrily, "I said get your butt in bed, now, little boy !"

Terrified I did as she said pulling the covers over me and my head.

"Gimme your shirt." she demanded. Keeping covered up completely I took it off and dropped it on the floor to the side of the bunk.

"Now your shorts."

I didn't move again.

"I said gimme your goddam shorts, you runt !"

I did. The key jingled in there but the girl didn't seem to mind. There were a few girls murmuring in whispers now.

"Now get out of bed !" she demanded.

I stayed where I was.

Two girls tugged on the covers there and revealed me only in my underwear huddled up against myself.

Whatever reaction that was supposed to spark apparently worked. Some of the other girls oohed and ahhed and commented on how cute I was.

But I was really scared now, and COLD ! They had it freezing in here with the box-fans going. I shivered in cold which she interpreted to be fear.

"Get up !" she demanded.

I stayed where I was but I put my arms out.

She grabbed my hand to help me up but that's not what I wanted. I whined now in fear and confusion.

"I know what he wants." another girl said and reaching from her own bunk pulled down a beat-up stuffed animal bunny. She brought it and I grabbed it immediately and held it tightly to my chest, crying.

"Shut up already !" the bigger girl said. "God, you're such a crybaby ! Fine, stay in bed ! But you close your eyes right now. Right NOW !" I closed my eyes.

"And don't you move a muscle. You stay right were you are. You make believe to me you're asleep, you understand ?"

I nodded. "Good, now go to sleep !"

I put my head down and started comically snoring. She whacked me on the head actually pretty hard and I got suddenly quiet. But then opened my eyes to I looked to her confused.

"Eyes shut !" she demanded again. "Lay flat !"

I did as she said and closed my eyes. Then I could hear the whole troop of girls moving closer to look. One brought a flashlight I could tell even with my eyes closed as she shined it around me. It was pretty clear to me a lot of them had never seen a boy in underwear before, except of course the bigger girl.

And then she started out talking like I was type of animal exhibit in a zoo. I can't remember all what she said but it was pretty insulting, even going as far to say that being born a boy was clearly a birth defect and you can see the awful damage here ! Where her and two other girls quickly yanked off my underwear.

The other girls shrieked in delight.

Now I was really freezing and shaking and the underwear was bunched around my knees !

I kept my eyes closed, shivering, but one of the girls took my hand and that calmed me down a lot.

Then the bigger girl started prodding and poking me, around my face, hands, arms, feet, legs, and finally my middle - right on my privates - the girls screamed in laughter. I really was too young to determine what she was doing and of course I had no feeling there.

Then was some kind of argument - I don't know what. Finally someone started pulling on my feet to get me out of bed. I guess they wanted a better look or something when suddenly my head bounced over the wood bunk's edge and solidly hit the concrete on the floor !

I saw white shoot into my eyes and - I don't know. I don't know how much time passed or what. I opened my eyes and tried to stand but was too dizzy to. So I crawled on the floor as the room continued to spin around me. I saw there were no girls around me now. They had all gone.

I carefully crawled around to get my underwear, shirt, and shorts back on and rolling my back against the wall, leaned against it to try and stand up.

The light coming from the window was a bit more dim so it had to have been hours I was here unconscious.

I found by shaking my head left and right my balance was returning. I looked around to see the stuffed bunny that I had in my arms earlier but it wasn't there.

I stepped outside to see the group of girls listening to a counselor talking about forest safety about 10-feet away. The counselor did not see me step out, but one of the other girls did !

That girl snuck away and bee-lined to me but I started to stagger away drunkenly, back to Mark's cabin. Then she did something really weird. She whispered into my ear as I walked, but in kind of a funny eerie voice, "This is your conscience - " she began.

"What's a con-tents ?" I asked her, stopping walking for a minute to face her.

* * *

"It's your brain, dummy !" She told me in her normal angry voice. "Now pay attention !"

She turned my head around so she could whisper spookily in it again, "This is your conscience speaking - nothing happened today. You weren't nowhere. Remember that." I turned my head to tell her that I did indeed have something happen when she thrust the beat-up old stuffed animal rabbit in my arms.

I tried to speak again but then she turned me around on my shoulders and swatted me hard on my bottom I guess to get me walking again.

As young as I was I really wasn't sure what to make of this. But I did have that nice stuffed animal I liked in my grip and I figured this was some type of payment for them being so mean with me earlier. I hugged it and headed to Mark's cabin when his door flung open suddenly !

"Andrew ! Where the hell have you been ? I've been looking all over for you !"

I repeated what the girl said, "Nothing happened today."

He laughed, "Well you caught some ladybugs, didn't you ?"

I nodded. Then I went around him to try out the key. The door was already open on its side but I wanted to try out the key anyway. He stood and watched me for a second as I carefully locked and unlocked the lock on it. After about five times of this he took the key back in his grip.

"That's okay. I'm pretty sure it's open by now."

Then he noticed I was carrying the stuffed rabbit.

"Where did you get that ?"

"Gift." I said simply because surely it was for her to hand it to me like that.

"Who gave it to you ?"

"Nothing." I said remembering what the girl told me.

"Do you mean no-one ?"

"Someone." I said, I certainly didn't know the generous girl's name with the spooky voice.

"Who ?"


He sighed. "Well that's fine. If someone complains of a missing toy though we'll have to return it." He looked at me and scratched the back of his head. "Well, I have lunch here but it may be a little cold. We can reheat it if you like."

I stepped inside and he had on his desk two white paper bags. He opened one of them and pulled out this really tiny hamburger, a Styrofoam cup of peaches, and another Styrofoam cup of french fries.

He heated all 3 up in the microwave for me. Then had me sit in a corner to eat.

"Now were have you been all this time ?" He asked again.

"Nowhere." I said remembering the 2nd part of my con-tents.

He grumbled. "Well whatever you do DON'T go NOWHERE again, understand ?"

I nodded. I would definitely be staying away from the girls' cabin. They were WEIRD and RUDE and Oww my head still hurt from what I didn't know !

I quietly ate my burger and fries and slurped out the heated peach slices and drank the syrup.

Mark then spoke, "Let's take another walk before bed. I know where the groups are now, we won't be running into them."

I got up from the corner, drank a little water from his sink, then started to walk out with him - when he stopped me.

He was patient and kind, "Now Andrew, what did we say about stuffed animals ?"

I had no idea. I just felt that he was gonna take it away from me so I hugged it even tighter.

He sighed, "Look, you proved last night I can't leave you here alone. I need to check with Samuel on something and that's a nice walk for both of us. Can't you just leave that here ? Here, leave it with your bear if you like."

He opened up the door where the bedroom was. I knew what to do. I would exchange this rabbit for Teepo and THEN we would go out the door. But Teepo wasn't there ! I dropped the rabbit cold where I was in sudden terror !

Then I started howling until Mark came into cover my mouth.

"Geez ! Do you even know how loud you are !? What's wrong now ?"

Then I started speaking all at once angry in my little high-pitched voice my nose running from tears, "You said it was locked ! You said it was safe ! You said - "

He put his hand back over my mouth but instantly regretted it from how wet it was now with snot, "I said a lot of things, Andrew. God ! But I DID NOT DO THIS."

He reached for a handkerchief to wipe off his hand and my wet nose. I started shaking again and this time it wasn't because I was cold.

He looked carefully around. "The clothes you came in are gone too. I think I know where your bear is. Come with me."

I immediately grabbed his hand. We were out the cabin and he was fair running and I was kind of doing my best to be dragged behind, it had to have looked pretty silly with my feet dangling. But he made a bee-line straight for one of the cabins that had a crudely and rusty sign that said, "Laundry."

He ran in and there were three women were working on washing clothes.

I started howling again and he angrily told me to SHUT UP !

I got quiet but scared he would be so mean to me. I jerked free from his hand to look at him with wide questioning eyes.

He realized what he did, "Look I'm Andrew, I'm sorry. Okay, just hold off on the waterworks for one minute. One minute, can you do that ?"

The women wanted to know what was happening though. "What on Earth is that racket ?"

"Patty, did you do my room ?" he asked her.

She thought for a moment, "Not me. That was Margaret this time."

Mark pressed, "Is she here ?"

"What's this all about, Mark ?" Margaret asked who was beside one of the dryers on the other side of hte room.

"Did you find a bear ?" he asked across to her.

She nodded and called back, "A teddy bear you mean ? Yeah, sure did. Pretty dirty actually. I washed it. It's in the dryer now."

I didn't really understand what was going on except I felt lonely and lost without Teepo. That lady must have something to do with him ! I ran over to where she was turning my head all around.

Finally I saw him in one of the low dryers doors and running top speed hurled my body into the dryer which of course I bounced off of and fell down. I got back up and leaning my feet against the side of the lower part of the dryer using both small hands I manage to pry it open with a POP.

All the damp and wet laundry in there spilled out, but not my bear. I immediately jumped into the dryer and finding Teepo still soggy, held him close to me and closed my eyes.

"He'll burn himself !" Mark yelled in panic.

Margaret stopped him. "It's okay, I just now started it. It's not hot."

So then all four of the adults lowered their head to see me inside the dryer holding onto wet Teepo.

One of the other women giggled spoke, "I guess he really likes that teddy bear, huh ?"

Mark nodded. "More than you know." Then louder to me, "Andrew ! We're going to clean your bear -"

"Teepo." I interrupted him looking up only for an instant before burying my head back in his soft folds.

He sighed. Was this a habit with me ? "Right, we're going to clean your bear - clean your TEEPO, okay ? Now I don't want to fight you and get wet so can you come out of there, please ?"

I had my bear, I was fine now. I took the soggy bear out leaving trailing clothes and a puddle of water where I stood. Margaret now sighed at the other wet clothes that fell out easily on the ground, "I'm gonna to have to rewash all this !" She said miserably.

"What about the bear ?" Mark asked her.

"That didn't hit the floor so, yeah, we can just finish drying it."

Mark then spoke down to me, "Andrew. We're going to dry your - Teepo - okay ? You can stand right here and watch him get dried."

Mark carefully pulled Teepo out of my grip. I didn't cry or scream this time. I was trusting him. He put Teepo back in the dryer. Margaret picked up some other clothes that had just washed and placed those in the dryer too. Then she closed the door and started it up.

I put my wet nose right up against the round dryer window carefully for Teepo and saw him tumbling around. I watched - and watched - and watched - and I guess I fell asleep from the dizzying movements and warmth in my nose from the dryer.

Mark suddenly touched me and I woke with a start to see the dryer had been opened and I had been pulled back. He then handed me Teepo which smelled a lot like lavender which at the time I didn't know what it was - I just said "Flowers."

Mark then picked me up and cradled me in his arms. "Past his bedtime anyways." he said and carried me with Teepo all the way back to the cabin. I could feel his muscles and smell his aftershave and cologne - and it was a WHOLE lot better than the stink of that girls' perfume from earlier.

I guess I fell asleep again in his grip. I woke to hear the clicking of the lock as he tried to balance me in one hand and open his cabin with the other. "I - " he struggled, "I can't do this, you're too heavy, Andrew. Stand up, will ya ?" and carefully set me down.

Then we entered the cabin and I went straight for the bedroom doing a kind of funny hop to get back up to the tall mattress over the boxsprings. I had Teepo, all was well with the world now. I slept. I woke up I'm not sure how many hours later.

I could hear Mark in the other room and what sounded like a television but it had a tinny sound to it like it was really small. I looked around the door opening and he had a little portable B&W TV he was watching on his desk. "Hogan's Heroes" I guess.

Feeling a little hot I took off all my clothes this time and went back to bed sleeping till morning.


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That was super intense. I'm glad it all worked out!

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Kari Rakitan

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