DW-29 "Gropes Of Wrath"

DW-29 "Gropes Of Wrath"

A Chapter by dw817

I spoke to Scarlet, "I'm not really very sociable. I'm sorry." He gave that some thought, "Honey, you've got so many other things going for you - for what I want, you don't need to be sociable."



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  CHAPTER 29 - "Gropes Of Wrath"


* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Wayne knocked and Scarlet opened the door.

At once I smelled two things. Lovely incense like for Christmas and fresh brewed coffee.

Without even bothering to introduce myself I bee-lined past both Wayne and Scarlet and went straight for the kitchen. There Vicky was already pouring himself a cup.

"Well, hi sweetiepie, can't resist a cup of the old Joe ?"

I shook my head.

He smiled, "Here, I'll make you one, special, lots of cream and sugar, right ?"

I nodded my head. I still felt a little nervous around both him and Scarlet as we had only just met.

"Take just a minute."

I looked around the kitchen. It was certainly luxurious and had a microwave oven too. My Dad did not buy into the new technology and still had an old-style gas stove.

"Here you are, sweetie, now watch it, it's pretty hot."

He handed me a potholder for my right grip. I put it on and then he handed me the cup. I felt the warmth through the material. He left and after he did I gently touched the cup with my other finger. Sure enough it was piping hot.

I was surprised the ceramic didn't break from being subjected to such temperatures. Nonetheless I took my cup and went to return back to find the three had gravitated to the living room where they were busily talking - about me - and how Wayne had originally found me.

As I stepped in, Scarlet smiled at me. "I see you discovered my kitchen. Coffee drinker are you ?"

"Yessir." I said, bowing respectfully.

He looked at me for a second. I knew a few things were going on in his mind. My wasn't I being polite but more important my voice. I knew it sounded very high-pitched and more like a girl's.

Nonetheless he grinned to this. "Have a seat. We're just discussing where Wayne met you."

Before I sat in the chair I spoke matter-of-fact, "He met me on Matchmaker BBS." I said that as if that would be the question everyone wanted to know and we could move on to a different topic.

But, maybe I didn't understand adults. He just raised his head a bit and said, "That's nice, dear. Now you sit and drink your coffee."

And then Wayne explained how he met me, with a great deal more detail than I had given them. I scoffed a bit in my head. Like programming I always wanted to get a question answered quickly and move on.

But not these guys. They took a question and then str-ret-tched it all out until I guess it was glorified poetry or something. That and they laughed at the most cringeworthy stuff. I really didn't understand. But then again I wasn't an adult - and apparently adults liked to talk and stretch topics out beyond their meaning.

I was feeling a little bored though so I kept my silence and quietly drank my coffee, that was until Wayne suddenly prodded me.

"Hey, we keeping you awake ?"

"Wha - what ? What was the question ?"

The three laughed. Vicky spoke now in peals, "Sweetie, no-one was asking you a question. We just wanted to know what you thought of Texas."

That was a question in truth. I don't know. I guess I had a long time in trying to understand adults.

"It's - great - yeah. I like it's shape, like a Texas star. You know, Gunsmoke." then I quickly took a deep sip of coffee as if that was the perfect answer.

Wayne tousled my hair. It felt good but I could tell I was being patronized a little. "I don't think David has ever been outside Texas is what he's saying. Isn't that right ?"

I nodded and continued to drink my coffee quietly.

Scarlet added, "David, you ought to go with us camping sometime. We love the woods at Oklahoma. I've got a camper trailer just for such a thing. Even a charger for your electronics."

I looked to Wayne where he immediately added, "Of course, your boyfriend, Wayne, is welcome to come to."

"He's - " and then Wayne was looking right at me. I didn't want to say he wasn't my boyfriend, but - I mean we only just a few times now. I corrected myself.

"He's - that is, he's likely to enjoy camping too."

Scarlet looked a little askant, "I'm certain Wayne enjoys all kinds of things." Then brightened in asking, "So what do YOU enjoy doing ?"

"Me ?"

He nodded. Everyone grew silent to listen to me now.

"I, uhh, like coffee." I took another deep sip hoping I could disappear in the darkness of the brewed liquid instead of all this questioning.

He nodded. Yep, that definitely wasn't the question asked.

"I enjoy - that is, I like, uhh, computers. Uhh, math, calculators of course. The computer."

"Of course." he repeated. I apparently still wasn't answering his questions.

Wayne could see I was struggling in saying something and finally spoke for me, "He likes good company." Then patted me on my knee saying that was enough.

I sighed in relief and pushed my back against the chair.

They started up talking again, this time leaving me out of the conversation. I didn't mind. I certainly wasn't a social person when suddenly I spoke, "May I be excused please ?"

* * *

I didn't know then volume I said it at until I had heard it, and yeah, it was louder than everyone else.

My eyes grew wide with fright and although my coffee was gone I stuffed my nose in it anyways, ashamed for disturbing them.

Wayne smiled, "Sure, David. You are excused."

I got up.

Now Scarlet spoke, "Where are you going ?"

"To the bathroom."

Scarlet stood up, "I'll show you where that is." Then turned to regard Wayne and Vicky, "Ladies, I will return."

I set my empty cup down on this rich glass table. Then followed Scarlet.

As soon as we were out of earshot he asked, "David, are you doing alright, honey ?"

I nodded and spoke in a much quieter tone, "Yeah, I'm just - that is, I'm not really very sociable. I'm sorry."

He gave that some thought, "Honey, you've got so many other things going for you - for what I would want, you don't need to be sociable."

I reached for my right hand to stuff my nose back in the coffee cup but I didn't have it with me. It was like me in a car when we're going over a bump or turning suddenly. There was a safety latch I could grab on to for comfort.

There wasn't one in this hallway. I would've settled for the teddy bear I brought in the suitcase but maybe he wouldn't understand that about me.

And I didn't dare respond to what he said and soon we were at a door with a large pink flower painting hanging on the front.

"Here you are. Call if you need some help."

"Help ?" I couldn't bite it back quickly enough.

He smiled and then got right up behind me to give me a warm hug, "Help, honey. Anything at all. You can even take a shower if you like. I've got all kinds of sweet-smelling shampoos."

"I'll be right back." I squeaked, my voice reaching an all-time pitch for nervousness. To this he laughed. I quickly entered the bathroom and immediately locked the door behind me.

My bladder was about to explode from tension. I quickly relieved myself. Flushed, washed my hands with plenty of water and fragrant soap, dried them off. Then returned to see him there with a towel.

"Did you dry your hands ?"

I smirked a little. "Of course I did." I said under my breath.

"I bet you didn't dry everything." He pressed and then proceeded to dry my hands, which were already dry, but then he started moving on with the soft cloth to my arms, my neck, my head.

With his other free hand he started to caress down my back to my buttocks.

I could only freeze up and groan in confusion and pleasure to this violation when Wayne arrived.

"Found the bathroom okay ?" he said, a little loud.

It was clear he saw what Scarlet was doing, but this was not his house. It was Scarlet's - so I didn't know what the ruling was for his kind of behavior.

I pulled out of Scarlet's numb grip now and ran to Wayne. "I wanna go home !" and I didn't say it quietly either.

Wayne looked to Scarlet for a second. Then to me.

"You didn't want to spend the night as we talked about ?"

"No." I stated flatly.

He smiled, I think approving of my choice. Then shrugged, "Well, I'm sorry, Scarlet, I guess he - "

"Home." I interrupted.

He patted me on my back a bit. "Yeah, that."

We went back into the living room where Vicky was looking on to see what the commotion was. Seeing the look on my face he knew in an instant that Scarlet must've done something untoward.

It was clear to him that Scarlet messed something up so I wouldn't be spending the night.

Wayne apologized, "We're just going home. I think David is - " He didn't even finish the sentence, pretty sure Vicky knew what happened.

I grabbed what I had pulled out of the car for a sleepover and had it in my grip, my mouth was shut and my eyes were fierce and accusatory on Scarlet.

Scarlet now spoke, "Perhaps when the boy is a bit more mature, then he can play with the grownups." He said it in such a condescending way as if I was a little baby boy wearing diapers.

But I didn't want to make a bad situation already worse than what it was so I bit my tongue and just - didn't respond.

Without a word we both left. Outside the door Wayne spoke, "Did he hurt you in any way ?"

"No." I was quiet until we were back in his car and with the windows up where I knew I could speak freely. Then I explained.

"He grobbled me."

"He what ?"

My voice wasn't working correctly. I was still quite afraid of what he did.

"He - gripped me. Grobbled. Grab. He groped me." I finally got out the right word with tears in my eyes. I mean it felt good what he did, but not like with Wayne. Wayne was - well, Wayne was - nice. The best way I could put it.

Wayne nodded, seeing I was pretty upset. I was sure he was already aware of what took place but wanted to know if I felt the same way about it. That it was a violation of my space.

He sighed, "I see. Okay. Well we may not be returning then. I can't abide by this, friend or not."

So saying he turned his head hard to the right to look behind him as he put the vehicle into reverse and we pulled out, back on to the main road.


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good chapter my friend,some wild comments to dress it up

Posted 1 Month Ago

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1 Month Ago

Indeed. Kari is quite the pip. And of course I always appreciate your commentary, too, Wordman.
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nope ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
The towel scene reminds me of "My neck, my back, lick my p***y and my crack!" for some strange reason.

Great chapter as always!

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1 Month Ago

Rather ... specific words going on in that video there, Kari. :)
Apologies for not writing so.. read more

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