DW-19 "Jade-Ed"

DW-19 "Jade-Ed"

A Chapter by dw817

Jade put her foot back massaging gently and deliberately, "If I like what I see we'll get married. You and I. It'll be great. Your Pop can buy us a new house. We'll have sex every day. Lots of kids."



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  CHAPTER 19 - "Jade-Ed"


* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

And then it was my turn to meet for the first time, this woman Jade ...

Jade wrote me and asked where we could meet. I told her as I told Wayne, just to the side of the Camp Bowie Albertson's.

She said, alright, and how would I be coming ?

I told her I'd be riding my bicycle.

With that Friday evening rolled around again.

Dad was the first to speak, "You going back to Brett's house for some more Dungeons & Dragons ?"

I nodded, "Yep. We're in a campaign."

He sniffed audibly for a second, "Well that's very interesting. Don't you think you'll need to bring your Dungeons & Dragons books and dice to play though ? You haven't been doing that I noticed."

Oboy ! He caught me at a lie and now I was going to catch it. But as you know once you tell a single lie it takes two more lies to cover it up !

"I'm not bringing it cause sometimes I forgot to get all my stuff back - and anyways Brett has his own campaign, dice, and he's holding my character sheet so I can't cheat on it."

Dad nodded, apparently satisfied with my alibi, "I see. Okay, well, I'll see you tomorrow afternoon then."

I agreed, "Yep ! See you then !"

Dad returned back to his room and his wealth of books. As for me I once again got my bicycle out of the garage, locked the garage and front door, then skated it over to the side of Albertson's.

This time there wasn't anyone looking for me. After a few minutes of me looking around nervously, a police car drove up !

The policeman in the passenger seat rolled down his window to speak to me. "You waiting on something, son ?"

I looked around fearfully, there was no other vehicles here.

"Yeah, uhh, I'm waiting for my Mom. She's supposed to pick me up here."

The policeman was not convinced, "I see ... well, we'll just wait here with you to see that happens." and so saying they pulled up ahead of me and both opened their windows - I think to eat lunch, that's what it sounded like.

Fortunately 5-minutes later a vehicle arrived. And out stepped Jade to greet me ! She was not much older than me I saw though ! Pretty white face and complexion, dark eyelashes. Pretty black hair that I think had some purple spray paint in it.

She was also a little on the skinny side, nice chest for a girl, wearing some kind of purple florescent skirt with glitter highlights, thigh highs, and black high-heel shoes. She was about an inch or more taller than me.

"Mommy !" I said and ran to her to hug her. She looked around hurriedly as to why I would do this and then saw the police car.

She fell into step, "Sonny ! I'm sorry I was so late, traffic you know was miserable."

"That's fine, Mom." I told her. I tapped on her trunk and she opened it up. I put my bicycle in. She got back in the left driving side, I opened the door for the right passenger.

I looked to the police car to see the driver waving at me. Jade hurriedly used the electric windows to close them so the police couldn't hear us. Then she bailed into me.

"What was that sh!t all about !?"

I shrugged, "Some policeman showed up. I think they were maybe concerned for my safety. I wasn't expecting to wait."

She sighed in relief, "Well I'm glad they didn't look too closely. I'm definitely NOT your Mom. If you bothered to read my profile I'm 22 to your 17."

"Okay, sorry - I just didn't know what to say."

She pulled out of the parking lot and spoke, "So, you want some dinner ?"

I nodded, "Sure, just - not Waffle House."

She gave me a wry look, "Why on Earth would you ever want to eat there ! That place is nasty !"

I held my tongue. She spoke again, "McDonald's, now THAT's different ! That's premium quality food right there !"

Personally I didn't hold much regard for McDonald's but that's fine. We got there, she parked her vehicle and we stepped inside.

Once it was time for her to order she spoke, "Lemme have your Big Mac, small fries, and a Coca Cola." she looked to me.

Clearly she wanted me to speak, "Oh, lemme have - "

But she interrupted me. "What do you think you're doing ?"

"Making my order." I said innocently enough.

She smirked, "Wait till I'm done, speedy."

She then looked back to the cashier and paid for hers. She stepped back, "Now you can go."

I stepped forward, "Oh, yeah, I'll have the same."

The cashier looked at me confused, "Same what ?"

"Same order." I stated.

The cashier still looked confused, "And what would that be ?"

"Big Mac, Fries, drink, just like her !"

The cashier nodded, "I didn't know you two were together ... okay, that'll be - and he turned the price meter around to show me."

I looked to Jade. She looked back, shrugging, "What ? I'm not paying for your dinner ? Where did you get that idea ?"

I sighed. I had enough with me. I reached in my wallet and paid. Then we both sat at a table to talk.

I was the first, "Look I'm sorry, normally, well, I've dated before. And usually my meal gets paid for by whomever I'm dating."

She shook her head, "Boy ! You are lucky I didn't go 100% GIRL on you and demand you pay for everything ! I could've ya know !"

I nodded, that would've been rough.

I spoke again, "So ... what are we going to do after eating ?"

She got a big smile on her face, "We're going back to my place. Remember you said you never played Nintendo before ?"

* * *

I nodded. She continued, "Well, I have one. And I have Legend Of Zelda, and I'm gonna teach you how to play it."

I guess that was it. "Okay." I was hoping we might hit a club or two but maybe that wasn't her thing.

Then she spoke and shocked me, "I want to meet your Father too. I want him to know that you and I are together. We can do that on our 2nd date though."

"We are ?" I squeaked in fear.

Suddenly I felt a foot with a slippery sock launch up to my groin. I jerked in surprise and looking under the table I saw she had removed one of her high-heeled shoes and was "digging" for gold in my crotch !

"Ohhh ..." I said not at all expecting this nor having ever felt this feeling before.

She went right to the point in my weakness, "You said your Dad is rich, right ?"

"Uh huh ..." I said breathlessly. She continued to fondle her foot there.

"Well that's good, cause I want a great big wedding."

"We're - uhh - getting MARRIED ?" I spoke now in a funny tone as she was still grinding there.

She retracted her foot for a moment to reply, "Not all at once. I mean, I need to see your folks, your home, you know, scope you out, see if you're loaded like you said, know what I mean ?"

She put her foot back there but wasn't so hard and heavy now as just massaging gently and deliberately, "If I like what I see we'll get married. You and I. It'll be great."

She looked away for a moment, "Your Pop can buy us a new house. We'll have sex every day. Lots of kids. You like girls, don't you ?"

"And boys." I said, wanting to be fair.

She stopped massaging me for a second to look in my eyes.

"What does that mean ? You a fvcking f****t or something !?"

I had a quick reply, "Uhh, it means I like boys, you know, for babies - the babies you said we're gonna have. We'll raise 'em all."

She started massaging me with her foot again. "Yeah, there might be a few boys in the bunch, better mostly be girls though. I can raise the girls my way. They can take care of me when I'm older." She took a lock of her long black hair to curl behind one ear.

I ate my food quietly as she continued to massage me. I certainly was getting an education from Jade, on just what she thought would happen. It was clear she was looking to marry a millionaire or something.

While I knew my Dad was nowhere in that league and I DEFINITELY wasn't, it was good that she layed all her cards out on the table so I could see where she stood.

Support, marriage, and babies. That's what she wanted.

Just as I was about ready to explode from her insistent footsies though she pulled back and leaned slightly forward giving me a wicked look. Then staring me down took a deep sip on her drink making a noisy slurping sound, her eyes unblinking on my own.

I suspect if I were only a few years younger combined with the Footsie I just got and her slurping the drink the way she just did and that look on her face would've been enough to get me right there.

She spoke, "For now though you get a chance to see how I live."

I nodded. We finished up our food. I said that I really needed to use the bathroom.

"I'll bet you do." she said leering at me.

I entered the bathroom and fortunately no-one was in. I went immediately to the stall to examine the 'damage.' While she didn't actually hurt me at all I started to ache down there from not getting a release. What's it called, "Blue balls ?"

And as much as I wanted to I did NOT want to spooge in a McDonald's public bathroom. I very gently squeezed down there to get everything settled down again. Did my business. Washed my hands, washed my face cause I was sweating all over.

Finally I came back out.

She was waiting for me and spoke, "I kind of live between Fort Worth and Arlington. It's a bit of a drive. You'll see."

We then got back in her little green roadster and she drove off. I guess the good news here is she really was a superb driver. She drove fast, granted, but she handled it very professionally.

In a short while we finally arrived at this house that - I guess was two trailer homes glued together so it was one long weird looking home, and it was raised on blocks.

As we approached her door, her left hand suddenly grabbed my right hand. I let her though as I have always liked having my hand held.

"Don't let go !" she demanded.

I nodded. I wouldn't.

She knocked on the door. After a moment it was opened and this huge muscular teenager guy saw her and grinned, "Who ya got there, Janet ?"

She was ready for this, "This is Mr. Mind-Your-Own-Goddamm-Business, Jacob !"

We stepped in quickly and I was literally in tow, stumbling, trying not to fall as we weaved around a bunch of other people and - trash ! There was trash in every room, right up to your ankles ! It was really nasty. Who could live like this ?

And I was adding up the people ! So far I counted 8 people living here and we hadn't even hit the main part of the house yet !

We were entering the living room getting ready to pass by a tall older woman, in her 40s, smoking a cigarette wearing thick eyeglasses sitting in a very dirty chair to our direct left, the TV facing behind us.

The woman spoke in an aggravated croak without turning her head from the TV, "Janet, you get your A*S in here and clean this room, NOW !"

Apparently that was too much for Janet. She suddenly threw down my wrist and retorted, "I got something better for you, Mamma. Why don't you come up HERE and kiss my A*S, NOW !?"

Then facing away from me she rotated on a pivot counter-clockwise stepped into position and and flipped up her skirt to bend over revealing her panties to the woman.

My eyes got wide with fright. Is THIS how a daughter treats her Mother ??

I watched the debacle as the Mother had turned her head in her chair to look at her daughter, adjusting her thick glasses, perhaps to tell her something more.

And then suddenly it must've come into focus for her sight that she saw her daughter and the revealing pose she was in.

The woman bit her bottom lip obviously uncomfortable in seeing her daughter's underwear and her butt being just a foot from where she was sitting in the low chair. Her face pinched up and she grumbled in frustration slightly looking up and down at it for a long moment.

Finally seeing there really was no way to verbally respond to this - this ! , the woman shook her head, sighed and turned back around to face the TV.

She then changed TV channels with the remote and adjusted the glasses up on her nose so she could watch it in focus. Suddenly there was the loud noise of an anxious commercial on the TV.

Janet saw that she had made her point and standing back up, her skirt fell back down around her. She then stepped forward, grabbed my hand again to drag me past the living room into a cramped hallway where the clutter was even more.

I was going to comment on how incredibly rude that was to treat her own Mother like that when two little boys ahead of us, each about age 8 that really weren't dressed very well, confronted us.

With wide grins on their faces they started bobbing their heads back and forth chanting, "Janey's got a BOYFRIEND ! Janey's got a BOYFRIEND !"

She yelled, "Billy, Joey, If you two little creeps don't want me to beat your BUTTS with the paddle RIGHT NOW, you better get the FVCK outta my sight !" She smacked her hand against the other for emphasis.

The two giggled and ran past. Finally we came up to a door that had stickers all over it. Do Not Enter, Wrong Way, Severe Tire Damage, the works. Everything negative. Was it also negative for me ?

"This is my room." she said with surprising calm and quiet.

Using a key from her skirt pocket she unlocked it and we entered within.


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*goes speechless*
This is out of my zone of what I usually read, and you have me hooked from the chapters I have read.
I like how you have written this story so far.
You have captured in my opinion the reader's attention (mine especially) and I can't wait for the next chapter!!

Posted 3 Months Ago

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3 Months Ago

Hi. Wow ! Glad you like 'em. :) And, thanks for the fan-write in Email !

I guess I ca.. read more


Gotta give Jade credit for being honest about what she wants. Too many girls play head games. Pretty much all of us want to marry a rich guy, but some of us have more important priorities.

Posted 3 Months Ago

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3 Months Ago

Hi Kari.

Yep, she really does lay it on the line, especially when she meets Dad. Even.. read more
*goes speechless*
This is out of my zone of what I usually read, and you have me hooked from the chapters I have read.
I like how you have written this story so far.
You have captured in my opinion the reader's attention (mine especially) and I can't wait for the next chapter!!

Posted 3 Months Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


3 Months Ago

Hi. Wow ! Glad you like 'em. :) And, thanks for the fan-write in Email !

I guess I ca.. read more

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