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DW-27 "Another Day In Paradise"

DW-27 "Another Day In Paradise"

A Chapter by dw817

I didn't bother to fight back as they pulled off my backpack and dragged me over to the toilet stall. Tyler shoved my head in the toilet bowl and flushed they all laughed out loud calling me names.



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D A T I N G   W Y O N A

© June 2021 - Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

  CHAPTER 27 - "Another Day In Paradise"


* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

I was offended by my Dad's words regarding GWBasic. "I =AM= a real programmer ! It's Pascal and C they're too slow ! When they can run the same speed as GW, THEN I'll look at them."

He sighed, "Fair enough. Come on. Let's have lunch."

I saved my work and left the computer room to join him.

We went across the street to Peony's which was above being a fast-food place and beneath being a proper restaurant. It was kind of in-between.

But they had the best Orange Chicken.

When we got there, I ordered my usual which was that, Dad tried out a more exotic plate and then we got to talking.

"Now son I know you're exploring meeting other people, I just want you to be safe."

He took a bite of his mushroom noodles and continued. "Promise me you'll call me on the phone if there's ever a problem."

I nodded. "I promise." But ... could I ? I mean what would happen for instance if Wayne ran out of gas and ... he told me to call up Dad. How would Dad deal with me dating a guy 3x my age ?

But I nodded again, "I promise, if there's a problem, I'll call you."

He smiled and we finished our lunch. I got back home and told Wayne that I had to promise to call Dad if there was a problem. He said it's no difficulty, he always fills up his car if it gets to 25% and he's never run out.

Then I called up Jade on the house phone, whom I was supposed to be meeting this weekend.

Well the first words out of her mouth were:

"What the hell !? Are you calling from your house ?"

"Yes." I answered, not sure why she'd be so angry about it.

She was furious, "David ! I don't want your Pop tracing this call !"

I didn't understand. "Why ? I mean, he said it's okay if I'm dating other people."

"Well I'm not 'other' people, okay ? While you blew off our wedding I'd still like to have a chance to see you. And I DON'T want you calling from your house line - call me from school !"

I was preparing to reply when suddenly she slammed down the receiving closing the line.

That was odd. Was she afraid of something ? I shrugged and returned back to working in GWBasic.

I realized now that I was actually working on writing my own Fantasy Console, or a type of emulator for any custom-assembly system I had in mind.

Now I knew the IBM-pc ran what was called the 8086 assembly and I looked at it one time joking with Dad, "Did they write this out of desperation ?"

Dad grinned back at me, "You know looking at these very complex commands, you would think so. But can you do better ?"

And of course that was the 64-million dollar question. Could =I= do better than what was the established standard in business machines today ?

Dad then had to explain to me what TURING meant, that it was a mark of achievement, a "First Prize" if you will for developing a system that was capable of running everything computers could do today.

The only limitations it should have is speed and memory size. Anything else should be possible in whatever future assembler I design.

And yes if a bunch of computer scientists got together and sat down to write an assembly-language set of commands - out of desperation if you will - that might very well be the thing they came up with, 8086.

I remember being quite puzzled by the 6502 assembly command set when I had looked at it for the first time when I was 10-years old. And once again I felt the same thing, that these commands were written out of desperation, to 'get the thing done already.'

So how would mine work ? And would it truly be TURING ?

It was hours later I was just experimenting with using a virtual type of system with variables A-Z that could contain a value from 0-255 and an extra bit of information for overflow mathematics when Dad came to explain to me that few assemblers have so many system variables.

Most only had 3-4, like A, X, and Y. Ad that my wide selection of 26 might actually get in the way of my code definitions later let alone using a true 9-bits per system variable.

I was tired though, it was time for bed. Dad came to me and we said the prayer we did. Then to bed. And this time the phone did not ring in the night.

In the morning Dad had prepared for me a delicious breakfast of cut grapefruit with sugar sprinkled on top. Definitely getting my Vitamin C in for today, he packed me a lunch, and then I was bicycling to high school.

I had just locked my bicycle up in the back putting the keys back in my pocket when someone had punched or kicked me from behind causing me to sprawl on the concrete also knocking my backpack off of me.

I turned around it was my #1 frenemy, Tyler.

I sighed. Got up, "Yes ?"

He spoke, "That's inevitability striking you from behind. You can't ride a bicycle all your life, Poindexter !"

I didn't know which was worse, the fact that he was using the word 'inevitability' correctly despite failing his classes or he actually seemed to be concerned about my well-being.

"Thanks." I said sourly, still brushing myself off.

He then got close to me, "Come on. I'll walk you to class."

* * *

"I don't need - " I started to say but then he raised his other fist up.

"You don't REALLY want the future to hit you again do you ?"

"Future ?" I didn't understand. "I don't have - "

He interrupted me, "That's right ! You don't HAVE a future if you don't listen to your elders. So now LISTEN TO ME, and allow me to walk you to your class, for safety. I mean, what are friends for ?"

He was patient and waited for me to collect my backpack which had fallen over, then held his hand out for me to grip. I sighed and gave it to him. He shifted it to grab my arm. Then we walked to class. He was walking pretty quickly though still holding on to my arm with a vice-like grip.

Then he veered to the right. I sighed. I knew where this was going. Nonetheless I didn't pull away or I knew Tyler would give me much worse later.

Sure enough he dragged me in the boy's bathroom and here were his cronies were clearly waiting, leaning against the wall for whatever victim flavor-of-the-month it would be today.

"What's up, Tie ?" one of them asked.

Tyler clucked disconsolately, "Poor David here fell down in the dirt while locking up his bicycle."

"That's a shame." one of them said with zero remorse.

Then another came close to look at me, "His face is all dirty, can you see that ?"

Tyler pulled on my arm harder, "Yeah, that's just what I was thinking. I guess we need to get him cleaned up for class. What are friends for, right ?"

Without even bothering to fight back I let them pull off my backpack and drag me over to the toilet stall. Tyler then shoved my head in the toilet bowl and flushed while they all laughed out loud calling me names like f****t and butt kisser.

Tyler did this for several minutes rubbing my face all around in the toilet bowl until it and my hair were about as wet as they could be.

To finish up he flushed the toilet one last time holding my head with both hands now and shoved it down hard to the bottom hole so I was forced to watch the water noisily gurgle around my nose, making a repugnant wet smacking sound. It was totally nasty.

Finally he pulled hard on my hair to get me out to look at me to see how it affected me.

And I know what he wanted. He wanted me to be afraid of him. He wanted me to be crying and begging him to stop. But I didn't give him that. If anything my look showed that I dearly pitied him and hoped he would outgrow this childish bullying in time.

"Cheer up." he said, clearly confused as to the odd expression I gave him. Then he grabbed my shirt collar and roughly tossed me to the side of the toilet bowl where my loose hand fell in, splashing. Then him and his friends laughing, left.

Dripping wet I reached over to my backpack to open it and pull out a towel. I stood up to look in the mirror. I spoke to myself if a little sad, "It's okay. At least I'm not getting broken bones or anything."

I continued to talk to myself as I dried all over, "Just another year of this and then college and I can leave all these idiots behind."

"And what idiots would that be ?" I heard a voice behind me and the door opened showing Principal Mayers.

Last time I had squealed on Tyler I had really caught it from him. He threatened to cut my fingers off with a cigar-cutter. I didn't really think he would do it - but with all the cronies around him -

- he might make a mistake and actually do it.

"I'm fine." I told him, not wanting the bullying to get any worse than it already was.

He looked at me, seeing a little bit of water still on my nose and neck. He knew exactly what had just happened but he didn't know with whom.

"Care to tell me who did this to you ?"

I shook my head. He continued, "You know, I'm trying to help you, David. Without a name I can't do anything." He looked at himself in the mirror and preened his hair slightly.

I growled, "Principal Mayers, even WHEN I gave you a name you didn't do anything ! You didn't do anything LAST YEAR at all, remember !?"

He turned his head to regard me angrily now, "Get to class, boy. We'll talk again later."

And sad to say I had heard these exact words from him last year I was in school - and of course nothing was done to remedy the bullying problem. Nothing at all.

Fortunately I didn't see Tyler any more. Lunchtime came. I remembered Jade wanted me to call her from school again.

I went back out to recess. The same fellow who pulled a knife earlier on me approached but I just walked around him to cross the street and use the payphone there.

Jade answered. "Hey, Davey ! You're calling from school ? Good boy. I was just thinking about you. Our date is on for next week ya know, any problems ?"

I listened carefully to hear if there was anyone else with her like last time. This time it sounded quiet.

"No," I told her. "No problems. We can meet same time next week."

"Great !" she said sounded enthused. "Now don't do anything with Pops to mess this up !" and she hung up clicking the line closed.

I walked back once again circling around the teenage sentry right back into the cafeteria.

Now Brett was my friend here but I seldom saw him. For some reason he seemed to always be in trouble and taking 'special' classes.

The rare opportunity we did meet in the hall between classes there was precious little time to find out what was happening with each other before the school bell would ring signaling all students to be in their classes.

Classes finished up though with no more interruptions. I got to the back of the school with my bicycle and looked around. There was no sight of Tyler.

I breathed a sigh of relief, unlocked my bicycle, then started to ride it home.


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© 2021 dw817

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This makes me hungry for Chinese fast food!

I love grapefruit, too! I don't need sugar on top, though.

Yes, you can ride a bicycle all your life! It's a great way to stay healthy. Burn fat, not fuel.

Posted 1 Month Ago

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