DW-13 "Memory"

DW-13 "Memory"

A Chapter by dw817

Midnight, not a sound from the pavement. Has the moon lost her memory ? She is smiling alone. In the lamplight, The withered leaves collect at my feet. And the wind begins to moan ...



   Dating Wyona   

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D A T I N G   W Y O N A

© February 2021 - Written by David Wicker
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  CHAPTER 13 - "Memory"


* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

So curious that I was I quickly finished my drink.
Wayne saw this then we got up off the chairs and followed Gladys behind a sparkly curtain near the stage.

Behind the curtain I at first smelled it, perfume, and lots of it. Some kind of chemical smell too. Maybe nail-polish, and like the perfume, lots of it. I kind of held my nose as I went in.

Gladys announced us, "Ladies, we all know Wayne is one of our greatest fans but he brings with him today a little Vienna called, "David."

"Hi, honey."
"Hey there."
"Aren't you cute."
And all other kinds of words of approval.

Gladys continued, "We're going to do a muckover, girls, and if he wants to, he can join our show, just for today."

Gladys then took my hand. Wayne let go of the leash. "With your permission ?" she asked and removed the leash from around my neck.

"Aren't you just the most delicious little thing." Gladys said.

The other men dressed in drag nodded in approval.

"So here's what we're going to do. You just stay here, put this mask on so you can't see, and we'll fix you up. How does that sound ?"

Before I could disagree they had already put a mask on that sleeping people wear to keep out light. Then they turned me around in a chair and at once started to slather makeup on my face. I coughed once. They paused for a second, then continued.

"We're almost done, honey." Gladys said, then taking my hand led me blind into an area where it was a lot darker.

"We want you to try this on."

I was still blindfolded so I shrugged. But that didn't stop Gladys. At once she had taken off my shirt and shorts to see me in my tighty-whiteys. "Such a good looking little boy." she commented and fortunately didn't do anything 'funny.'

No, true to her word she dressed me up in something that felt soft, simple, and downright comfortable. I guess it was silk or some kind of facsimile. I still had my blindfold on. Then taking off my shoes and socks but then put on some same size high heeled shoes.

Then I was led out. There was quite a bit of applause on that.

"The eyes." of the other 'girls' said.

Gladys agreed, "Yes. Okay honey, keep your eyes closed. we're going to work on that next."

She led me to sit in the chair and then took off the mask. "Keep your eyes closed." she reminded me. "You don't want to get this in your eyes."

Then they worked on my eyes as they were closed. More makeup I could tell, some kind of puff stuff that puffed in my face and made me sneeze. They paused only for an instance before continuing.

"And there we have it. You can open your eyes now sweetie."

I did and saw them all crowding around me and in truth they really weren't that attractive. I think the youngest 'girl' here was 40. The others went all the way up to age 65 and despite the incredible makeup they still looked a lot like a bunch of old guys wearing girls makeup. Not 100% attractive.

I shrugged though cause I couldn't see myself, there was no mirror.

Then they turned me in the chair to face this long mirror in front of several seats in a line. And then I saw her. Me. In the mirror. I at once leaned over to take a better look. It was so surprising the work they did I REALLY did look like a girl. They had gone through a lot of trouble too. Not just makeup, a form-fitting wig, padded bra, a pretty white and rainbow dress that went all the way down to my toes.

The eye makeup was exceptionally well done too. They had put false eyelashes on me and a bit of glitter besides.

I looked in the reflection. I wanted to date this girl ! She was so pretty ! "I'm - beautiful !" I said, confused that I could ever even hope of appearing as lovely as the opposite sex.

There was thunderous applause to that. "So you'll join us ?" Gladys asked.

"Join - what ?"

Gladys turn the chair so I was no longer seeing myself in the mirror. "Our show, honey. Oh a little Vienna like you would just make it ever so much more charming. What do you say ?"

I turned using my feet on the rotating chair to look at myself again, lost in thought.

Gladys was there, "You did say you were beautiful, right, hun ?"

I smiled. The me the "she" smiled. It was too much. I guess too much to take in at the moment. I started breathing hard and tears came down.

"Too much all at once." this was spoken by Wayne who had come back from the shadows.

Gladys nodded herself. "Fine. We'll make you back. But we simply must have you in our show at some point when you're feeling up to it."

While it took several long minutes to get me all dolled up, to get me back to normal took no time at all. They didn't even bother to use the changing room to remove the dress and put my regular shorts back on. I had to buckle them myself though as I think they were a little disappointed I didn't agree to be in the show.

"Maybe next time." Wayne said reattaching the collar on my neck.

I jumped down from the chair. I looked at myself in the mirror. Aside from a little glitter on my face I was back to my regular self and clothes.

"You're on in 5 !" a voice announced through a separate speaker.

Gladys, urgent, spoke, "Wayne, honey. We gotta get ready here. Go sit up front, we'll give you a great show, I promise."

Wayne nodded, "You always do." He leaned forward and Gladys, that big lipsticked old man kissed Wayne right on the kisser. I grinned, wow what I was seeing today !

Then they scooted us out of the changing area and we found seats up front. A few minutes passed when everyone started to applaud.

Gladys arrived on the microphone where it squelched and echoed.

"Ladies, gentleman, whomever you choose to be today, we are glad to have you with us again. Like last week we're going to entertain you with our feats of beauty and singing. So just sit right back where you are. Drink LOTS. Believe me we look a lot better when you're drunk !"

That got several chuckles from the audience.

"And we'll begin with Shamu."

"Shamu ?" I asked Wayne.

"Shhh ..." he said. And pointed to the stage.

* * *

Then this absolutely enormous man came on stage. Fat would be an understatement. This guy was huge, and definitely bedecked in mounds of glittery clothes and furs. Absolutely lovely ! And then to surprise everyone he suddenly did the splits right then and there where a drum played suddenly ending on a cymbal.

"Wow !" I found myself shouting and stood up from my chair to applaud ! He must've been very flexible despite his belly size. I was more than impressed !

Wayne grinned. He pulled a little on my leash and I got back in my seat.

Gladys still on the echoing microphone spoke, "Shamu is going to entertain us with one of hers and I know yours favorite songs, "Memory."

"I should be able to remember this." I laughed to Wayne at the joke I made.

"Shh ... Be still David. This is a wonderful piece. Let's enjoy it together."

Then the music started up. I had never heard anything so beautiful in my life !

Then she (Shamu) sang and it had to have been from his soul.

Midnight, not a sound from the pavement.
Has the moon lost her memory ?
She is smiling alone.
In the lamplight,
The withered leaves collect at my feet.
And the wind begins to moan.
Memory, all alone in the moonlight ... !

Shamu was singing so pretty, tears started rolling down my face by how lovely everything was. They had the spotlight on her and a little fog machine in the back was misting out fog around her, and all the lights shining around her were blue within blue within BLUE !

I couldn't help it. I was crying. Goddamm everything around me was so beautiful - so sentimental right now ! The music was epic. The singing was legendary. I was so wracked up by it.

Shamu saw this though and came down from the stage, the bright hot light followed her to me. Holding the microphone in one hand she put a strong hand under my chin lifting it up. Then looking right at me continued the beautiful lyrics in the song. Tears continued to flow down my face.

As she sang the last word she kissed me right on my wet cheek and whispered in my ear, "Don't cry, honey. Don't cry."

Then she pulled her head away from mine to face the audience and there was thunderous applause.

She then put her hand flat above my head without actually touching it. I guess I was being judged for my, 'performance.'

That brought some catcalls and high-pitched and loud whistling.

For like it or lump it I was in this production after all. I guess to emote - to show others how moved emotionally I was by not just the music but the presentation of it, the real vocal quality Shamu had in singing it so beautifully and elegantly. It was an emotional rollercoaster for me I was definitely not expecting !

I had never seen or felt anything like this in my entire life, and not even my interest in computers would come close. Not now, not ever.

Shamu then patted me on my back for being such a good sport at it all and returned to the stage to bow. The applause continued.

Gladys returned, "How about that, folks ? The little fellow in the front row seemed pretty smitten by Shamu, don't you think ? Well now put your hands together for Juniper as she renders for us a real South Georgian treat - "

But then Wayne got up and for us to leave. I wasn't paying attention to the words being spoken, I just went with him.

He quickly ushered me outside and then leaned down to look, a little angry, a little concerned, both. "What happened in there ?"

"That was so pretty." I said trying to contain my emotions now.

He tilted his head, "That's why you were crying ? Because it was pretty ?"

I nodded, sniffling slightly.

Wayne sighed and smiled. He waited to see if I would say anything else. I didn't. He nodded, "Well, yes I suppose it was. Hmm ... You have a lot more beautiful things to see in this world yet. Come on, we're done with clubs for tonight. Let's get an ice-cream now."

I nodded. He reached in his pocket for a handkerchief and gave it to me. I blowed and one problem I have always had in life is anytime I cry I have a LOT of mucus. I mean tons of it. It's that way even today. I have to be careful not to cry at something or I am a real mess without tissues.

But Wayne saw how much of the handkerchief I used, which was plenty. He offered I keep it. Once inside his car again he removed the leash. Then we went Baskin Robbin's ice cream. I got my favorite, Vanilla, and he had chocolate. We both ate in the parlor in silence only commenting on simple things like the weather and a bit about computers.

Once outside though he added, "Tonight." he said. "We're going to sleep in a hotel if that's okay."

I looked at him questioningly.

"My place is a mess." he explained. I nodded, that would be fine.

Then we went up to one of those hotels where it's $25 a day. He took a big backpack from the back of his trunk and strapped it on.

We stepped in and for all intents and purposes it sure seemed like it was Dad with his son.

"Room for one, please."

"One ?" the roomkeeper spoke ?

"Yes, one." Wayne repeated. I nodded to agree with that.

Maybe the roomkeeper thought I was too old to be sleeping in a bed with my Dad ? Nonetheless he counted out. "Yessir, one day is $25 not counting tax. Sign here, please."

"Do I need to sign ?" I asked after Wayne did.

The roomkeeper leaned down to meet my gaze, "Sure, kid. If you want to."

I looked to see Wayne had not written his name but a different one entirely, "Francis." I laughed a little and added, "Scott." as my name.

I turned the ledger around for the roomkeeper to see both names. "Key ?" I said, grinning, to see if the roomkeeper would get the joke for the 3rd unentered name.

He looked at what we signed in as. He seemed a little confused, turning his back to us to retrieve one. "Yes, you get a key. Why wouldn't you ?"

Wayne was there. While I don't think he understood the joke either, he didn't want there to be any problems, "Don't hassle the man."

I nodded. Wayne got the key. We went up to the elevator and took it up.

As the elevator was ascending I asked, "Isn't that pack heavy ?"

He nodded, "Yes it is."

I didn't know what else to ask so I didn't. The elevator door opened and we had our room. He unlocked the door, we walked in. He clicked on the lights. Reached for a placard to hang on the door handle, "Do not disturb." and put it on the outside door.

Then back inside, locked the door.

"You can have the bed." he said, simply. Taking off the pack.

"Where will you sleep ?" I asked. I realized it was an innocent question but WHAT IF !? What if he wanted to sleep with me ... ?

He nodded a little breathless to the pack, "I brought a sleeping bag. I'll be sleeping there. We won't have any problems in the night."

So saying we watched a little B&W television sitting in the same chair. First he sat there, then offered I sit right up in front of him. As I sat in his lap he brushed my hair for hours which felt wonderful to be completely trueful.

And I know where he got that from. I mentioned that in my profile that one thing I really liked was when my Dad brushed my hair.

I felt good that Wayne was not just going into this blind, that apparently he did actually read into my likes, dislikes, a bit about me as a person, and how I liked to be treated.

He finally got into his sleeping bag, and then it was up to me to get in the bed.

I lay in bed looking at the ceiling for a long time, not sure what to say.

Finally I did. "Goodnight, Wayne."

"You too. Goodnight, David. Pleasant dreams."

And after that it was all quiet. I turned to the side as I normally do when sleeping and realized this bed was absolutely enormous compared to mine. I could ask him. I could. 'Would you like to sleep with me ?'

But no, I didn't. I sighed. We had a busy day enough as it was already. And I could feel my breath getting slower. I was finally falling asleep. And I dreamed.

And while I can't remember that evening what I dreamed, I =DID= dream and that turns out to be quite important I find out later ...


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sounds like a fun time to me

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5 Months Ago

well ,we should be in awe and life should be an adventure

5 Months Ago

Not so with Chris. I had a good chance to meet his Father too years ago. Was just like him. And boy .. read more

5 Months Ago

my pleasure
This was purely captivating!
Lol, I got the joke. Nice!

Posted 5 Months Ago

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5 Months Ago

At that time when I was 17 I was always looking out to joke about things.

I think in .. read more

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