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DW-26 "Wyona"

DW-26 "Wyona"

A Chapter by dw817


   Dating Wyona   

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D A T I N G   W Y O N A

© May 2021 - Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

  CHAPTER 26 - "Wyona"


* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Back home I wrote Wayne and told him yeah everything is good I will see him this weekend.

But what was I going to tell Dad now to get out of the house when I clearly must be grounded ?

I went to him, he was back in his bedroom reading books.

"Dad, are my grades doing good ?"

He looked up from his reading, "Yes, your grades I think are about as good as they can get."

"Am I helping around the house enough ?"

He nodded, "Yes. You've been a great help in keeping the house clean. No problems there."

I set it forward, "Then why am I grounded ?"

He closed the book with a thump, "You're grounded because you lied to me. Now if you can promise not to lie to me again I'll release the grounding."

I was quiet for a moment.

He added, "Can you promise not to lie to me again ?"

I agreed, "yes, I promise."

He looked straight at me now. "I know you're getting older, I know you're interested in meeting new people. I certainly don't want to stand in the way of that."

He picked up his book and pointed it to me, "I'm lifting you being grounded. I want you to be careful out there whomever you want to meet. Just - don't lie to me again."

I bowed respectfully, "I won't, sir."

He smiled, "That's fine. Is it Jade you want to see tonight ?"

I shook my head, no. "It's ..." and I paused in thought.

"It's Wyona."

"Wyona ?" Dad repeated. "That's someone I haven't met yet."

"Yes, she's new." I said. "I only met her a few times now."

"Matchmaker ?" Dad added.

Before I could speak he had re-opened his book. "You're discovering girls. That's fine. Just be back by morning is all I ask."

I carefully walked backwards out of his bedroom hoping he wouldn't have anything else to say.

He didn't !

I hurriedly put together my backpack again and went to the side of Albertson's to wait for Wayne. And he showed up.

We ate at Waffle House again. This time I offered to pay my own way - which he let me. Then we went back to Dallas to check out some more of the gay bars.

There was one bar he had an interest in called, "Britches And Bloomers" which specialized in female impersonators.

I realized this was the very bar I was in when I was both "made up" and cried to the song, "Memory" sang by Shamu.

Shamu was there. I smiled. He smiled back. At the time had a little video-game I brought with me. I was just turning it on when Shamu had gotten behind me and gave me a hug.

"Oh, hello." I said politely without even looking.

Shamu seeing I wasn't caring for my boundaries continued to murmur happily and probe his heavy hands lower and lower, past my chest, my belly, my video-game, to my - shorts !

Lifting the front with one hand he put his other huge hand right under my shorts to fondle the top of my underwear for a few seconds getting a groan of both confusion and pleasure from me.

"Oh that's sweet right there." he purred in my ear, then kissed me hot and heavy on my face wet with a smell of alcohol on my cheek. Then got up suddenly as if nothing ever happened and went to the back of the stage to get ready for his singing numbers.

Wayne came back by and looked at me.

"Are you sick ? Are you okay ?"

I realized I was sweating pretty hard despite how cool it was in the club. I didn't dare tell him what Shamu just did. I just nodded, rubbing my face. "Yeah I'm good."

Wayne had brought me my now signature drink. It was Grenadine with Sprite and lots of cherries. Really sweet and delicious. Still my favorite drink even today.

And then Shamu and two other female impersonators did their singing and performance. We applauded, left. As I had paid for my lunch, Wayne insisted on paying for ice-cream from a local parlor that just opened up here called Braum's.

* * *

They weren't like Baskin-Robbins which really only had ice-cream, but a whole assortment of other things. There were some signs inside the store too saying they were going to open a small grocery section in time.

We had our ice-cream in quiet, finally heading to his house.

And it was pretty well the same. We watched one of his movies on the Betamax, "Something For Everyone." As it was late I had stepped out of my clothes and into a robe. He saw me and bid I balance on his knee again.

He opened the front of my robe and started caressing me up front with a single tissue paper on my underwear until I couldn't take it anymore and got naked for him, then let him continue with the tissue paper until I exploded.

And that night I did my motor-mouth for him until he exploded. We slept well.

I didn't ask him about dreams this time. I just told him what =I= dreamt and waited to see if he would offer anything. He didn't. The man really just did not dream.

In the morning I decided to tell Wayne more about my Dad and the fact that I was calling him Wyona in front instead of Wayne.

Wayne nodded, "That's probably a good idea. It's bad enough for him to find out his son is dating someone my age let alone it being a man. I'm certain he wouldn't like that."

As it was still pretty early in the morning we watched some cartoons. As I did and we hadn't showered yet he carefully took off my robe and - well - went oral on me.

I had never had anything like this happen before ! I exploded almost at once, but he had a big grin on his face.

"Wow !" he said with a smile. Then we took our shower together and he got me really squeaky clean. Got dressed, got my stuff together, and returned back to Albertson's.

I then coasted my bicycle back to Dad's and met him at the front door.

He smiled. He didn't say anything.

We went on our long walk like we did and got into a conversation regarding splitting a byte so half of it, 4-bits could contain a machine instruction and the remaining 4-bits could be used for numeric data to that command.

Dad was pleased with the idea and as we returned to the house said, "You have the IBM-pc to program on, Turbo-Pascal if you like. Get started on it and I'll check up on you later."

But yes we were also going out to eat Oriental.

Now I knew my sister wasn't here but didn't it seem like Dad was really treating me a lot better now that she was out of the picture ?

It was like a nightmare, remembering both her and Dad yelling and shrieking at each other. Then she ran away from home and - that's all I knew at that point.

I looked to the carpet for a second trying to pull out a discernible pattern. I didn't have to worry about that now though.

So still curious to see what I could come up with, I went to the back and instead of Pascal brought up GWBasic.

There was talk on the BBSs of a new programming language coming out in a few years for the IBM-pc called QBasic.

And get this I was told, it doesn't use line numbers and has user-definable FUNCTIONS as well as running as fast if not faster than GW ! I couldn't wait to buy it !

Now I knew the Pascal Dad had didn't use line numbers but it was also horrendously slow just to even test your work, like 2-3 minutes just to compile a single line of code !

GWBasic was much easier than that and ran immediately being an interpretive language.

Now I know Dad would want me to code in Pascal but I was just too much of a squirrel when it came to coding. I'd write a bit, run it, write a bit more, run it, and go from there.

You couldn't do that in Pascal or even C which was also available.

GWBasic would let me create variables on the fly, have immediate 16-color in a 320x200 resolution and even what I called the "dark art resolution" of 640x480 with B&W pixels !

That was my favorite resolution, the dots were so small - it made me think of some kind of future computer that didn't have color. Just super-quality B&W dots. Macintosh wasn't even out yet so I wasn't too far from predicting the future.

I had just about finished the instruction set when Dad came in. "I'm getting hungry, aren't you ?"

I nodded. He looked to my work. "GW ?"

I nodded again. He looked and smiled, "Eventually you're going to have to get rid of these training wheels, Andrew, and write code like a real programmer."

I was offended, "I =AM= a real programmer ! It's Pascal and C they're too slow ! When they can run the same speed as GW, THEN I'll look at them."

He sighed, "Fair enough. Come on. Let's have lunch."

I saved my work and left the computer room to join him.


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Dad seems like a good dad :)

We've been moving into our new place and keep finding things the workers did wrong. Today, I found a leak under the bathroom sing when I was going to organize stuff there. Yesterday, Husband discovered that the track for the sliding doors on our closet wasn't attached to the floor. We also keep blowing breakers and had to plug the refrigerator into a different outlet. They did a sloppy paint job and brutalized the cabinet installation. I wouldn't be surprised if the ceiling started dripping on our first heavy rain. As it stands, we're thinking if leaving a two-star review. It's a miracle this place passed inspection. They installed more lights than we wanted on the plans, and now the guy wants more money for the extra lights. We wanted dimmer switches but got regular ones instead.

On the plus side, living next door to my parents means that my dad is cooking dinner for us until we can get our kitchen fully functional. They love their grandson, but my mom is still working, and my baby still spends most of the day in my lap, so our kitchen is still a disaster zone. I have not been getting enough fiber with all the junk food we've been microwaving, and my hormones are still causing constipation, so I got piles.

I've had lots of fun picking curtains, though. I'm getting really fun ones with nature scenes. It's like turning your window into a mural. Check out Ambersonne curtains if you are interested. They are super fun! They have all sorts of other cool things like tablecloths and duvet covers. I worry that I'm spending too much money on this stuff, but we just found out we got the full deposit back from our apartment, so I'm feeling a lot better about that now.

Posted 2 Months Ago

Kari Rakitan

1 Month Ago

It's not a whole complex, just a house in the back yard of my parents' house. We get to fix things o.. read more

1 Month Ago

Still sounds like a bit of work at that. I had sometimes hoped that I would live in a tiny little ho.. read more
Kari Rakitan

1 Month Ago

Indeed, he does a great job!

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