DW-11 "The Leash"

DW-11 "The Leash"

A Chapter by dw817

Frank: "Well he needs to be 18 to enter." Wayne was quiet just looking at him for a long moment. Frank shrugged, "If you put him on a leash though, I'll accept it. Just so he doesn't wander around."



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  CHAPTER 11 - "The Leash"


* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

I was typing on the computer while Dad was in his bedroom reading a book.
So after reading his greeting, I typed in a reply. In a short amount of time we had scheduled a time we could both be typing on the keyboard and went back and forth in communication in the Matchmaker BBS

"Wayne, what did you have in mind ?"

"Oh, just a get together. You posted your location in your profile. I don't live too far from you, also in Fort Worth. My concern is your Father."

"Dad ?"

"Yeah. It probably wouldn't be a good idea for you to mention me to him."

"Yeah, probably not. He reads a lot of books these days and doesn't spend much time with me anymore."

"Then let's change that. I'll spend time with you. Let's meet up. You pick a place."

"Wait wait ! I - can't do that. I'm not sure how."

"Do you have any friends ?"

"Yeah, Brett."

"Do you think your Father would mind if you told him you were doing a sleepover at Brett's."

"No ... no ! Yeah, that's a good idea."

"Right, so where to meet ?"

I thought about it for a second. "I live close to an Skagg's Albertson's across the street. I could meet you right on the edge there before you hit the $1 theater. But I don't drive a car yet."

"A bicycle ?" he asked.

"Yeah, I've got a bike."

"Let's do this. After you finish your homework just tell your Dad you're going for a sleepover this Friday evening at Brett's. Use a backpack and your bicycle. I'll meet you there to the side of Albertson's on that day at exactly 7pm - and we'll go from there."

"Oh gosh, I am so frightened. What am I getting into ?"

"You'll be fine. I promise. We're going to have a good time."

So sure enough Friday rolled around. I did my homework, nervously knocked on Dad's bedroom door and said, "Brett wants to know if I can have a sleepover. We'll play D&D."

Dad looked up from his book. He knew D&D was Dungeons And Dragons, the paper, dice, and pencil game that occupied a good part of Brett's time when I was seeing him.

"Did you finish all your homework ?"

I nodded.

"Then that's fine. I'll see you sometime later next morning. Give me a call when you get there so I know you're safe."

And that was it. Dad was already stretched out on his bed and had a nice pile of books he was reading. Mostly paperbacks from the local library.

"Okay, I'll be back." and I closed the door.

And then it felt like I wanted to throw up. I mean I just LIED to Dad ! I had never done that before ! I steadied myself. I was so tempted to tell him the truth right then and there, but I just couldn't. What would happen to Wayne ?

Would he go to jail ? Would he be branded as a child predator ... or worse ?

Wayne was so nice to me in chat. I wouldn't let that happen ! He promised me a good time. Hell with all the bullying still going on at school I could certainly use a good time !

So I took out my books from my backpack and started to look around my room. I still had all my toys from when I was a little boy. I packed a few things.

One was my official Transformers Police Car that turns into a robot. I just wanted to show that to him as it was my most interesting toy at the moment. I packed in one of my favorite teddy bears, and my Star Wars pillow. I picked out some socks and underwear.

I didn't know if I would be given any food so I went to the kitchen to get a pack of graham crackers and two little mini single-serve apple juice plastic containers from the refrigerator.

As I was now working on the IBM-pc computer at the time, I brought a 5 and a quarter inch floppy that had some games and notes of ideas for games I was working on, put that in a sleeve and in the pack.

I put in a clean shirt and shorts and that's about all that would fit in there. I got it all zipped up.

Now Dad's bedroom door was directly outside my bedroom door, so I spoke, "I'm heading out now !"

Dad spoke from behind his closed door, "Call me when you get there."

And, I was to the garage. There was my Blue Bomber I called it. It was just a beat-up old bicycle but it had apparently gone through sand blasting or something so I called it the Blue Bomber as if it were actually hit by bombs in the past and instead it was a rare beautiful bicycle.

You know, kid stuff, kind of make believe I guess. You feel better about riding a bicycle that has scars from World War 2 than just a cheap old half-price battered bicycle no-one gave love to.

I opened up the garage door. Put my bicycle right there. Went back inside. Locked the garage. Locked the front door. Put the front door key in my pocket, and being careful of traffic started to bicycle on over to Albertson's.

It was a good thing I told him to stay on the side of Albertson's as there were many people milling about the front of the store, shopping carts everywhere, and many parked cars.

I coasted my bicycle gently around the side that no-one parked in or entered and there was a single car there and a man, definitely older than me. Very nice and trimmed mustache and beard. Not just gray, sort of a dark brown-gray.

I came up and stopped about 10-feet from him. I didn't know what to say so I just kept silent.

"David ?" he finally asked, loud enough I could hear him.

"Wayne ?" I returned the question, footing my bicycle a little closer.

He nodded. "Good to see you. You look ahh - a lot younger than 17."

I wasn't going to let that go. "Yeah, well you look older than 48."

"Touche." he said and smiled. "Nonetheless do you have some kind of ID on you ?"

I stepped off the bicycle putting the kickstand down and reached in my pocket for my wallet to pull out my school ID.

He had a flashlight and looked at it. "Wow. You really are 17 ?"

I nodded.

"You don't look it. You don't look it at all. Hell you look like you're 14 going on 15 - barely."

I sighed angrily.

He clicked off the flashlight and returned my card. "A lot of people would see that as a compliment."

I grimaced, "Yeah, well I don't. It's gotten me nothing but trouble at school especially with bullies."

"What kind of trouble with bullies ?" he asked.

I shrugged. I really didn't want to talk about them right now.

He changed the subject, "Got everything you need in your backpack ?"

I nodded. "What about my bicycle ?"

"Here." he said and went to the back of his vehicle to open the trunk. It was perfectly empty back there.

"Your bicycle and pack can fit neatly here." He was a little wiry but apparently strong and picked it up to place it gently in his trunk. I was still wearing my backpack.

"Got anything in there you need ?"

I nodded and reached into a pocket to pull out a calculator.

His tone changed, "I hope that's not what I think you're doing."

"What ?"

"Calculating how much I need to pay you for this date."

I was shocked, "What ? No. No ! I would never do that. Geez ! No, I just really like calculators. Did you know they can spell ?"

"Spell ?"

I carefully typed out decimal (.) (7) (7) (3) (4) and then showed it to him upside-down.

It read HELLO.

He smiled, patted me on my back. "Well isn't that clever. Okay we're going to do something first before we get too started here."

"What is that ?" I asked.

"Get tested. For AIDs. You know that's a thing now, right ?"

I nodded. "Yep, but I don't think I have it."

He nodded in return, "I don't think I have it either - but I know a clinic they'll test us for free. That's where we're headed."

I stepped into his car and at once smelled cigarette smoke. I looked to him, "You smoke ?"

He returned, "Is that a problem ?"

I shrugged, "I guess I just don't know of anyone that smokes."

He put a cigarette in his mouth and lit it. Took a puff then sighed, "Well it's a dirty habit. I don't want to ever see you smoking. Do as I say, not as I do - as they say."

I smiled thinking about those words.

"All set ?"

* * *

I put on my seatbelt. His trunk was closed and locked. I was inside his car. He was getting ready to start the car - so it was now or never !


With that single word he got the car running. It was then I realized my feet were not touching the floor. He apparently had some fancy chairs in the car not like normal seats.

He carefully pulled out to the left onto the main road, Camp Bowie, then drove down past Baskin Robbins and finally to a little lit building that had broken street lights. I think we were downtown. I played with my calculator in silence.

"Here." he said and parked the car. We both got out. There was a bit of a line of people waiting but not too long.

A woman seated in a cheap white plastic chair was ready to talk to us now.

"Any allergies ?" she asked me first.

I shook my head.

"How about you, sir ?"

Wayne spoke, "None I know of."

She nodded, spoke, "Go through that curtain over there, one at a time. Someone will be there to see you."

We did. Wayne was ahead of me but spoke saying, "Here, you go first if you like."

That was fine. I didn't think it was that scary.

I sat down in another cheap chair and another woman came up. "Roll up your sleeve."

I did so. She jabbed me hard with the needle getting me to bounce in my chair for a second. She took out some blood.

"Where do I send the results ?" she asked me.

"What ?" I certainly didn't want them to appear at home - where Dad could see them !

Wayne behind me spoke, "Here, my address. I've already written it down." and handed her the back of a restaurant card which had Wayne's address written on it.

"Both of you together ?" she asked.

He nodded.

"Family ?"

He was quiet on that one.

She looked at the card and then me for a second and it was odd. It was the sort of look like she KNEW what was going on. That Wayne and me were gonna get chummy with each other later - and she was worried for me; my health and my safety.

Finally biting her bottom lip she spoke, "Good that you're getting tested now, son."

She finished with me, then it was Wayne's turn.

And - we were done ! Wayne rubbed at his arm where the nurse had taped a cotton ball.

"What now ?" I asked.

"Dinner !" Wayne said. "My treat. Have you ever been to the Waffle House ?"

"Do they have other things than waffles ?"

He laughed, "Of course they do. Here, let's go there now and we can talk."

A short distance from the clinic was indeed the Waffle House. We stepped in and it was pretty neat. They had a jukebox, tiled floors, and a seat so you could sit up front. I immediately put my hands on one of the seats by the counter in excitement.

"You want up front ?" he asked.

"Let me try first."

That confused him, until I hopped up on the seat and realized once again my feet weren't touching the ground.

"I feel like I'm gonna fall." I told him.

"Get down then." He turned to our server, We'll take a booth, ma'am."

"This way."

And we both sat down.

"Mind if I order for you ?" Wayne asked.

I shrugged, sure that'd be fine.

Wayne spoke, "I want two orders of your hashbrowns: scattered, smothered, covered, chunked, topped, diced, peppered, and capped."

I blinked my eyes in surprise. Wow what an order !

"They have the best hashbrowns in town." Wayne bragged.

"To drink ?" our waitress asked.

"Coffee okay, David ?" he asked me.

I nodded.

"Two coffees."

It was then I realized my mistake. I was nodding that yeah it was okay for HIM to have coffee. Not me !

I spoke a little nervously, "I don't drink much coffee."

He pointed to the metal canister on the table, "Well you've got creamer here, here's some sugar. You make it the way you like it so it's not so strong."

I went back to the order and tried to say it, "Scattered - smothered - covered - dumped, sliced, japoly -"

"Japoly ?" he laughed.

I looked down, "I think I was trying to say jalopy. It's a jeep I think."

"Well that's not one of the ingredients, we hope." he grinned.

"Here, repeat after me," Wayne spoke. "I want my hashbrowns scattered, smothered, covered, chunked, topped, diced, peppered, and capped."

Wow that was a mouthful. As we were waiting for the food he tried to get me to memorize all the lines to that order.

I managed to get up to "covered" when our order arrived.

As we had our meal he probed with some very specific questions. First name of my Dad, what kind of work did he do, what hours was he home, etc.

I knew he wanted to know this cause it was clear he wanted to meet me again, not just today, possibly every Friday, and wanted to make sure Dad never found out.

He then asked what some of my favorite classes were. Of course there was math.

I told him I brought a 5 & 1/4 inch floppy disk with some of my files on it.

He shrugged, "I don't have a personal computer. Been thinking about it, but not yet. No, I have a Betamax."

"What is that ?"

"It plays movies."

"Like reel to reel ?"

"Better. It hooks up to your television and you can watch movies."

"What kind of movies ?"

"Anything you want. Like Tootsie."

"What is Tootsie ?"

"What is Tootsie !?" He was very surprised I hadn't heard of it. "Tootsie is the best film on the planet starring Dustin Hoffman. Why we simply have to watch it. I bought it so we can do that tonight. You and I."

"Tonight ..."

I wondered how things would be tonight. Would he ask me to sleep with him in his own bed ? Would we ... do things ?

Surely not though, not until the test results of AIDs or not returned - so for tonight I think everything was gonna be just fine.

We finished our meal and MAN can I say it was really good - well except for the onions. I never did like onions so at some point when I could learn that crazy 'hashbrown' thing I would find which one was onions and cut it out.

From there though we went to a club.

The doorman at the entrance who I think was charging other people money saw and recognized Wayne.

"Hey, Wayne ! How's it going ?" he asked and started to pump up and down Wayne's hand.

"Frank." he said, nodding to him.

Then Frank noticed me and was all eyes, "And who is this young man ?"

"He's 17." Wayne asserted.

"17 ?" Frank repeated. "Are you sure ?"

"Oh yeah, I checked his ID."

"Well he needs to be 18 to enter."

Wayne was quiet just looking at him for a long moment.

Frank shrugged, "If you put him on a leash though, I'll accept it. Just so he doesn't wander around and bother other people."

"A leash !?" they have got to be kidding !

Wayne lowered himself to match my gaze, "Think you can go with a leash ?"

My mouth opened wide in shock. Did he think I was a DOG !?

But in a way it felt kind of - ticklish in my brain - sort of interesting. It was like my brain all this time was making the decisions for everything and some I realized if I was wearing a leash then I would no longer be the master - but the pet.

"Sure." I said quietly. I think he saw the reflection in my eyes that I was actually interested in this and wanted to see how it would play out.

"Come on then." Wayne said, tilting his head back to the car.

I went with him. He opened up the glovebox and sure enough had a leash !

"Is that a dog leash ?" I asked him in all honesty being very curious.

He shook his head, "No, this is a person leash. They do make such things for S&M and B&D."

"S&M, B&D ?" I had no idea what he was talking about.

He shrugged, "You don't need to know everything just yet. But - as long as you're on the leash we can enter and I'll even get you a soda, any kind you want, whaddya say ?"

"Yeah." I was enjoying this. He was paying for everything and I was - as they say - along for the ride. And so far it's been an interesting and fun one.

He gently put the leash on me and held on to the other end. We went back up to the door. Frank saw the leash and saluted me, "You be good in there, little doggy." and then we were inside. And as this was the very first bar I had ever been in, there was a lot for my eyes to take in !


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I love the story about the bicycle.

I used to do that with calculators, too!

Ah, this brings back memories of some of my online dating experiences. Good times!

Posted 2 Years Ago

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