DW-22 "Ways of Women"

DW-22 "Ways of Women"

A Chapter by dw817

I shook my head. I didn't see anything. Bunch of short guys wearing macho leather clothes and all with their girlfriends who were the opposite in delicate dresses and skirts - best way to describe it.



   Dating Wyona   

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  CHAPTER 22 - "Ways Of Women"


* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Wayne was there, waiting for me in his beat up old car.
As he helped me put the bicycle into the trunk he asked me, "So can I ask who else you are dating beside me ?"

"Just one person." I told him.

He was quiet and looked at me. Yeah, that didn't really answer his question.

Before I could speak he asked, "Is it another guy ?"

I shook my head.

"A girl then ?"

I nodded.

"About your age ?"

"Maybe a few years older."

He grew thoughtful, "I see ... You know you may not believe me now but if you do get involved with another woman, even if you marry, if for whatever reason that does not work out or falls through -"

He had his eyes fully on me now, "I guarantee you will be going back to a man for comfort and security."

I looked to him with surprise. Could he see that far into my future ?

I quietly entered on the passenger side and got in the seat. Wordlessly he started the car and then we were headed out.

To keep conversation I told Wayne about the program I was working on. That years ago I wrote and sold games for the Apple ][ computer. And later ... well, I couldn't keep up.

Everyone then was using machine-language. Sure the first few game packages I wrote used machine-language that I wrote, but I used the routines only as libraries, and very specifically not doing very much.

Just as quickly as possible transferring HIRES page 2 to HIRES page 1. Maybe some sound effects that could not be reproduced via BASIC coding along.

I also remembered being able to hit CTRL+T and intercepting that keystroke to return an inverted SPACE character, a solid white square.

I did this so I could draw letters and stuff with it in a 40x24 pixel scale.

But now people were coding in PURE machine-code not even touching INTEGER Basic or Floating Point Basic that came with the computer. There was no way I could keep up.

He listened to what I said. I was pretty sure he was not interested. I mean all I knew about Wayne was that he was gay and was in the military.

I saw we were not going to Dallas but he showed his ID to someone past a locked gate. Where were we ?

Then I saw it. We were on a military base ! And apparently there was a grocery store right there on the base where we could buy groceries.

Once inside he went to the produce and asked me to pick up a jug of 2% milk for him.

So I did, a jug. After I brought it back though I was a little concerned that I didn't look at the expiration date. He laughed and said no worries.

I was curious and asked why he would say this.

He said that groceries bought in a military base are full of preservatives and chemicals that let them keep for years.

"Years !?" I was completely surprised at this. I turned around the milk to look at the expiration date and it said it was good for a full year !

I was amazed ! He explained, "While as a veteran I can buy these groceries anytime, these are also used during time of war to supply troops with needed food items - that will not go bad."

He bought some ice cream and a few other items that would normally perish quickly and I was pretty sure they were all good for years too.

Then we left the base. We made a quick stop to his house to drop off the groceries. We got to talking.

He asked, "You mentioned there was something you wanted that I could get for you ?"

I nodded, "Yeah. I've given it some thought. Could you get me a Nintendo ?"

"A what ?"

"A Nintendo. It's the newest video game console that just came out."

"That's a toy, right ?"

I shrugged. Well, yeah it's a toy technically but I bet lots of people of all ages wanted one.

He thought for a moment, "Do you know how much it is ?"

I shrugged, "No idea."

He nodded, "Well that's fine. Here, let's hit some of the clubs I wanted to show you first, then we'll stop by a toy store to see if it's there. If it's affordable I'll get it for you."

He stopped by for gas, we went out to eat again, Waffle House. This time I got waffles and was not disappointed.

Then we started our long trip to Dallas !

We drove by Harry Hines Boulevard which was rife with many people walking about, several guys in drag. Some seemed to be selling drugs.

Finally he pulled in front of this club called, "Ropers."

We got out of the car and my first concern was that he didn't have a leash on me.

He waved his hand no to me. "Not necessary. We're not going to be here that long."

* * *

We stepped inside with no-one to stop us and well the first thing I saw sitting in chairs and stools was absolutely handsome guys with no beards or mustaches or anything. Very little body hair in fact.

He ordered a rum and coke and got me a Shirley Temple again. Then he chose to sit way in the back away from everyone.

He took a deep sip of his drink, smiled, then looked at me.

He knew something and he wasn't telling me.

"What do you think ?" he finally asked.

I was still surprised. "Does everyone here shave ?"

He nodded, "Yeah, they probably do. Anything else look unusual ?"

I shook my head. I couldn't see anything. Bunch of short guys wearing macho leather clothes and all with their girlfriends who were the opposite in delicate dresses and skirts - was the best way to describe it.

Seeing I wasn't going to guess the great mystery he leaned forward and motioned with his finger so he could whisper it to me.

"They're all girls."

"What !?" I said, and then suddenly lowered my voice seeing everyone looking at me.

He spoke quietly and fortunately the music was quiet enough I could hear him.

"Just about everyone in here except us is a woman."

I had to ask, "What about those guys with their girls ?"

He smiled, "They're all girls. You remember the guys dressed in girls' clothes, right ?"

I nodded.

"Girls do the same thing sometimes. They dress up as a beefy guy and take their girlfriend out on the town. It's pretty common actually. They're called Dykes. You need to be careful though."

"Oh, why ?" I asked.

He motioned us to get up. We walked over to the jukebox to look at the selections. Now that I was closer I could see that many of the "men" had bruises and cuts on their faces. As if they had been fighting.

Wayne put 50c in the jukebox and chose a nice country song. Then we walked back.

I was the first to speak, "They're all beat up !"

He nodded, "Yeah. Girls do that. Especially dykes. They can really get angry for small things and they will definitely fight each other. You don't see that so much with guys in drag. I guess they're trying to be 'macho' or something."

He finished his drink, I had almost finished mine then we were out the door to another bar.

But this was just a normal gay bar. I watched a guy dancing up on a raised cylinder near a pole with a purple light shining down on him.

He saw me and smiled. I smiled back. Then he motioned me to get closer.

I did and could feel his body heat even from where I stood. He was dressed in very thin underwear and that was about it.

"Hey, cutie." he said in a definitely feminine voice. "You new here ?"

I laughed nervously, "Hah - yeah, I guess I am."

"You with anyone ?" he continued to gyrate on the pole and show his flexibility to me.

"Sure am." And I pointed to Wayne who was in a conversation with someone he knew."

The dancer shook his head and climbed upside-down so his butt was suddenly in my face, "You can do better than that."

I got cross, "Hey ! You don't know him. He's a wonderful man !"

The dancer was unperturbed and started to rotate on the other side of the pole like hands on a clock now his face to mine, "A real Sugar Daddy then, huh ?"

I didn't understand what that meant. The dancer took that to mean I was being rude with him and then suddenly jumped off the pole to enter into an employees only area behind the bar.

I shrugged. "People." I then went back to Wayne who was talking with a very tall person who was dressed in drag, definitely a guy.

She (he ?) spoke at once, "Wayne honey was just telling me all about you. Why I could just eat you up little boy !"

I coughed for a moment to get Wayne's attention.

"Just a second." he told his friend and pulled aside for me with a questioning look on his face.

I had to know, "What is a Sugar Daddy ?"

He laughed, "Where did you hear this ?"

"That - pole dancer dude, he's not there now. I think he was mad cause I didn't know."

"Did he call me that ?" Wayne asked.

"I think so. I'm not sure. I said I was with you. He said I could do better. I told him what a great guy you are and then I think he said you were a Sugar Daddy ... or something."

Wayne sighed, "A Sugar Daddy is someone that is usually 4x-5x the age of the person they are dating and they lavish them with expensive gifts all the time."

My eyes lit up for a moment. He was firm and shot me down, "Understand David I am =NOT= a Sugar Daddy - for anyone ! We're here because we're having fun, that's all."

I nodded, that was good enough for me.

We went back to his friend who told us a bit about the world of professional female impersonators. We stayed for an hour. I even danced with Wayne for a bit.

Then we left to go find this toy store he had in mind.


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I should have gotten a sugar daddy when I was younger, but money was never really a priority for me. The guy who was three times my age when I met him wasn't exactly rich. I learned a lot from dating him even though he was emotionally abusive. Looking back, I could have and should have had that experience with someone richer . . . but then I might have ended up spoiled. Well, it was what it was.

Posted 3 Months Ago


3 Months Ago

Hi Kari:

>> I should have gotten a sugar daddy when I was younger, but money was neve.. read more
another day in paradise ,i remember the px very well,watered down beer and cheap cigarettes

Posted 3 Months Ago

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3 Months Ago

ou`re welcome..so where is wayne now

3 Months Ago

Prison I suspect. Not my doing, he was already headed there. I hadn't gotten into that chapter yet.<.. read more

3 Months Ago

oh,,o k ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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