DW-15 "One For Yes Two For No"

DW-15 "One For Yes Two For No"

A Chapter by dw817

Wayne watched me for a minute. "If you don't want to undress here, we can do so at the lockers." So saying he took and led me to where the lockers were. To the side was a bench and people dressing.



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  CHAPTER 15 - "One For Yes Two For No"


* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

I'm running a little behind this evening, hope ya don't mind ...
Dad, well, I just knew for certain he wouldn't understand the special friendship I had with Wayne ...

I slept just fine. It was Sunday and Dad had stopped going to the church. Instead he would wait for the morning newspaper to arrive and I would go over the funnies and he would go over the front page and important news.

It's memorable to say it was the reverse months before Dad died. I would be reading the main page for important news and he would be reading the funnies. Hmm ...

In any case we would each read our respective parts of the newspaper. Then we'd go on our walk and what a walk it was !

From the house, to the library, to the tennis courts, to the golf course, to the circle, and back. It was a good 2-hour walk. Even today my legs look like a cartoon from Popeye. And we talked just about everything we could.

My conversation was mostly about the interesting things I was discovering on the IBM-pc, starting into Turbo Pascal programming and some work into early QBasic 1.0. Occasionally a bit about websites I came across.

Dad would talk about the books he was reading and give me the summaries for them. He was also pretty disgusted with movies for when we saw one of the James Bond movies - they absolutely did not follow the book at all.

I had to wonder if this was the case for other movies. In any case after our walk we had some lunch and he went to lie back down in bed to read his books.

Me ? I was back on the computer, back on Matchmaker to talk to Wayne.

I suppose in a way he was a little secretive about things, but mostly he informed me that it was a "surprise" and he didn't want to spoil it.

With school the next day Monday everything went about as well as it could. Bullies still came after me and still had me do despicable things in the bathroom for them - and I did so I wouldn't get beat up.

But then it was Friday again ! I told Dad that Brett once again invited me for a sleepover.

He asked if this was going to be something I wanted from now on. I couldn't think of a better answer so I said YES, yes it is.

He nodded, that's fine. Make sure to bring everything you need.

And then I went to my bedroom to once again pack what I wanted. I also packed one of my teddy bears for comfort. For today - tonight, we were going to be intimate with each other. I was certain of it. I knew I would be frightened and Susan, the one I named this particular teddy bear was with me when I went through surgery years ago.

While Wayne mentioned nothing along that line he had to have been just as afraid and anxious as I was. I was certain of it.

I packed away some more clothes, fresh underwear and socks. Finally I was ready. I told Dad I'm off. He said have a good time.

I went to the garage to get my bicycle, got it out, locked the garage, locked the front door, and then was ready to go !

I learned a few years back that bicycles have great balance and you can kind of ride them like a pair of skates. What you do is put your right foot in the left pedal. Put all your weight on it. Balance the bicycle so it won't fall over, then grab the left handlebar with your left hand for steering.

And there you had it. I gave a good kick on the concrete with my left foot and glided my bicycle across the road, me standing on that one pedal.

I easily got to Albertson's which was across the street. I gave another kick and glided to where Wayne was indeed waiting for me.

Without a word he opened up his trunk, lifted up the bicycle, put it in, closed it. Then came close to me.

"These are the results of our health test." he told me.

He handed me a piece of paper and I looked at it - without really understanding any of it.

"What does it mean ?" I asked after a minute of trying to make heads or tails of it.

He smiled, "It means you're clean and I'm clean. So tonight ... we're going to try a few things that are different. I hope you're ready."

I bit my lip and my eyes got wide. I was certain he saw this.

"Come on in. I'll treat again for Waffle House, I really do like their food."

I nodded. He drove straight there and the waitress there waved recognizing him.

We sat down and she greeted us. "Same as last time ?"

As Wayne nodded, I definitely shook my head. While that Scattered, smothered, covered, chunked, uhh, topped, diced, and sliced hash browns was pretty good, I wanted something different.

"Egg sandwich and coffee for me, please."

"Alrightee." she said cheerfully and left.

Wayne now confided in me. "As we're both clean I want you to have a chance to meet some of my friends. We're gonna to be going to Dallas."

My eyes got wide with fright ! All my life I had never been out of Fort Worth except with my Dad when we took a flight to visit our relatives.

"Is that okay with you ?" he asked. He really was concerned for my interests. I think that's why I enjoyed his company so much.

I immediately reached my hand forward which at the moment felt pretty cold to me.

He immediately understood taking my hand in his warmer one. He nodded, "It's going to be alright. I won't let anything bad happen to you."

We finished our dinner and then he started driving. And driving ! I had one of those little Tomy pocket games with me. The one called Marble Catch.


It was actually pretty neat. You had a little marble that was at the top and a BIG paper logo to hide what was happening between the top and the bottom where you had a little scoop catcher catch it. You could change the difficulty level by angling it up high for difficult or more flat for less difficult.

That and I brought a notepad with mechanical pencil to write down programming ideas I had for QBasic. As it was a good drive he was courteous and left the ceiling light on all in car all the time so I could see what I was doing.

I wasn't really paying attention to where we were going and he was quiet. Then I looked and saw it. The biggest - no the BIGGEST buildings I had ever seen ! They were absolutely enormous !

I know I went with Dad and we flew to Corpus Christi to visit relatives and I liked looking at the palm trees there, but THIS was something else !

"Wow." was all I could say.

Wayne saw my surprise and asked, "You've never been outside Fort Worth ?"

I replied, "Only with my Dad and we take a flight to visit Gramma and Grampa."

He got serious, "Dallas is a really big place. Much bigger than Fort Worth. Easy to get lost." At a traffic light he opened the glove-box and there was the leash.

I dutifully put it on around my neck and handed him the loop. He looked at it nodding and smiled. "That's fine."

Then we had arrived and parked in the back. It was a huge gay club called, "The Village Station." and WOW was it ever big ! Unlike other clubs this one was multi-levels ! That is it had multiple floors to it !

We started out on the bottom. He ordered me a grenadine and Sprite again along with his own alcoholic drink. Then we took it and started to climb the stairs. So many stairs ! So many people !

Everybody was dressed like it was Halloween or Christmas or something and of course it was nowhere near those holidays.

Wayne yelled above the noise, "Everyone comes here to unwind. Sometimes they'll dress up too. It's just one big party here."

We finally got to the 4th floor where it was considerably quieter. I was puffing a little, "Next time we take the elevator."

He nodded, "If we can. It's often quite busy with other patrons. The stairs is always the quickest way, and anyways it's downstairs from here to get out."

And the 4th floor I guess was hot-tubs. That was the best way to describe it.

There was a guy who was checking people going in.

"Wayne and guest." he said holding up his piece of the leash.

* * *

The guy there nodded, "... and guest." then let us in.

Wayne must've recognized someone because he was waving to them. I wasn't really listening to the conversation I was just taking everything in with my eyes.

"Wanna swim ?" Wayne finally asked me.

"I didn't bring a swimsuit." I told him.

He shrugged, "Neither did I. We get to go in our underwear. Here, don't be shy."

I set down my drink to look around now that my eyes were finally adjusting to the new level of darkness. Sure enough there were a few naked people in here though most of it was women in their panties and guys in their underwear and boxer shorts, it was quite the sight !

I was still feeling a little shy in actually removing my shorts and stuff. And I was concerned too as I had my valuables. I spoke to Wayne, "How am I going to keep track of all this ? I got my wallet in here and stuff !"

He nodded, "They have lockers for us. Don't worry, the lockers have locks on them, too. You can put your stuff in with mine."

He watched me for a minute seeing me not moving. He could tell I was nervous. Hell I think anyone would've been. He offered, "If you don't want to undress here, we can do so at the lockers."

So saying he took the leash and led me to where the lockers were. To the side was a bench where both guys and girls were dressing and undressing. In a way it was interesting. I knew if they were hetero than they might be shocked to see their opposite sex naked.

As I guess everyone here was LGBT there were no such barriers between them.

Wayne then started to undress. I watched him. Before I could only see those little ads in Sears where they showed a guy in his underwear from the front. I was always curious to touch one in real life.

Now I was seeing the real thing !

Without permission I suddenly reached forward to touch him there.

He wasn't the least bit angry. He stopped what he was doing so I could feel there. It was massive and warm. Hmm ... I said, thoughtfully. For this was a learning experience for me.

"Are you okay with this ?" he asked me ? He was interpreting my sound to be one of distress, which it wasn't.

But I nodded to let him know, yep, I'm okay with this. Though I still hadn't undressed.

"Would you like some help ?" he offered.

I nodded, "Yes, please."

"Sure, I just want you to be comfortable with all of this." He took his clothes and put them in the locker. He then took off the leash to help me out of my shirt. Then had me sit as he removed my shoes and socks. Finally my shorts.

I looked to myself compared to him. I was so incredibly small I might've even passed for a girl as there wasn't enough to even make a bit of a bulge up front in my underwear like his did.

He saw I seemed disappointed by this. "No worries," he said. "We'll see if we can get that to grow a little later tonight - when we're by ourselves."

With that he locked everything up in the locker and clipped the key with a connector to the side of his underwear. Then holding out his hand, I took it, and we approached the group, his friends, already in the hot tub.

As we approached there was some cat calling and whistles. Then one in the tub there yelled, "Wayne ! Where'd you get such a cutie ? You don't deserve him ! Send him over here !"

Everyone laughed to that. Wayne continued to hold on to my hand as I carefully stepped into the tub and sitting down stayed on the bottom step.

Wayne got in himself. He went to the right of me and once his chest his the water sitting I immediately slid my right hand under the left leg of his loose underwear and latched my hands on to his semi-erect member. I guess it was for comfort. I wasn't thinking sex or anything. I'm - I'm not really sure where my head was at the moment.

Wayne didn't react. He merely positioned himself by the bubbles. I kept my hand on his member as he adjusted himself and sat down. I continued to hold on like it was safety rail or something.

Wayne then spoke, "Girls I'd like you to meet David. Met him on the Matchmaker BBS. Now you be real nice to him cause he's pretty shy and this is his first time for anything."

One of the burly guys spoke, "anything ?"

I kept quiet and continued to hold on. He then spoke directly to me, "You a virgin ?"

I felt it would be okay to answer this. I've been asked it many times back in school by bullies so I just nodded.

"Really !?" he spoke. It was clear he was getting pretty excited. "You know I can remedy that little inconvenience RIGHT NOW !" He suddenly stood up and I realized quite quickly he was NOT wearing underwear !

For all I could see was this massive thick member surrounded by a forest of jet black hair just a foot from my face. It also smelled like strong aftershave.

I squeezed twice on Wayne's member. He got the message. He raised his arm and motioned it down. "You're scaring him, Monty. Have a seat. Can't we just sit and relax ?"

Monty looked at me with distinct hunger. Then finally sat back down to his group. There were 3-people in the hot-tub not counting myself and Wayne.

One of the others finally piped up, "Well hell is this all we're gonna do is talk ?"

"David !" he spoke loudly. I looked up at him recognizing my name. "Yeah, I'm talking to you, boy ! Get your skinny butt over here and suck me off, will ya ? Make yourself useful while us guys get some man talking in."

I squeezed again on Wayne's member, twice. This was perfect - he knew exactly how frightened I was. "No can do, Danny. I'm taking him home tonight and we'll see what happens then."

"Want some company, boy ?" Danny asked eagerly looking at me.

Wayne scoffed, "I don't think so. It's a private party. I'm keeping this one THIS TIME. Last time you ran off with my other little friend."

Wayne looked around for a moment, "Where is your shadow by the way ?"

Danny grumped, "He ran off a week ago."

Wayne rolled his eyes, "You're too rough. You're too eager. See ? I mean look at David. You can't see it but he's hanging on to my peter right now because he IS scared. He's very unsure of what's going on or what's gonna happen next."

Wayne leaned his back against the warm water jets and my grip followed him. Wayne continued, "And I'm here for him. I promised I would protect him. And I'm gonna do just that."

He looked to Danny. "You need to have patience for these things. Not everyone is a horndog like you. Work yourself into these things - slowly. It's much better that way let me assure you."

Danny was quiet. Wayne added, "So did he ever put out ?"

Danny shook his head, disgusted, "Not a bit !"

Wayne explained, "You see ? You went too fast at it. These are young chickens here, little Viennas. Their heads are full of toys and schoolwork, maybe some videogames. Not really on sex - except with other REAL girls and sometimes not even then."

"Dan, Don't you remember how frightened you were when you were 17 and started to explore your options ?"

Danny looked away. I was pretty sure that was a yes.

"I'm gonna do the same thing with David. We're gonna go real slow at it and at his pace. I want him to discover how good this direction is. I want him to be the one that leads. Him to decide if this is something he really wants."

Danny turned back, smirking. "You're just ruining a good suck job, Wayne ! Hell he could've been done by now and started on me next."

"And me." the third guy piped up. Oh yeah I could definitely see they were gonna put me on a conveyor belt. Much like I saw in the 2nd level for Donkey Kong back at the arcade. I'd take a Mario hammer to all of 'em - see how they liked that !

I clenched my hand twice on Wayne. Like Star Trek's Captain Christopher Pike - once for yes, two for no. And so far all the suggestions I heard did not sound the least bit appealing.

Wayne got the message and sighed disappointed to the 3rd guy, "There's more to it than that, Randall. He's not a machine."

Everyone was quiet now and all you could hear was the bubbles of the whirlpool working their way around the water.

Wayne broke the silence, "Let's change the subject. So did any of you girls see the game the other night ?" And apparently that was something everyone wanted to talk about.

And I guess as I was so warm and comfortable I kept my right-hand gripped tightly on his member - and I shifted myself so I leaned close until I could put my head up against the side of his chest. I could hear his heartbeat and without meaning to I fell completely asleep.


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nice chapter,takes you back to high school days

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4 Months Ago

all the marbles that you knocked out of the circle was yours..we used to boil them then put in cold .. read more

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No, let me think ... we played Space War on pa.. read more

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lott`a good games
I loved the penis-squeezing signal. I remember my ex and I talked about signals to use if we were uncomfortable, but I don't remember what we settled on, and I don't think we ever used them anyway.

Posted 4 Months Ago

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4 Months Ago

Thanks. That was just something that happened. I mean I supposed I could've gripped anything of his .. read more
Kari Rakitan

4 Months Ago

Sure thing!

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