DW-28 "Sleepover"

DW-28 "Sleepover"

A Chapter by dw817

"Why you're old enough to get your own place already aren't you ?" "Yeah, I suppose I could." I offered. Vicky now spoke, "Well sweetie when you're ready to get your own place you just look me up."



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  CHAPTER 28 - "Sleepover"


* * *

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I was offended, "I =AM= a real programmer ! It's Pascal and C they're too slow ! When they can run the same speed as GW, THEN I'll look at them."

Dad sighed, "Fair enough. Come on. Let's have lunch."

I saved my work and left the computer room to join him.

Now Dad had this really sporty 1966 Red convertible LeMans vehicle. If you don't know what convertible means it is that with a motor the top of the car will pull back and slowly and mechanically recede into the trunk.

It's pretty awesome to watch actually.

This is great on good days so when Dad's driving on the freeway I can feel my hair all flip around me and everything.

We didn't travel too far, just to Peony's Chinese restaurant. I liked them a lot cause it was a buffet and they had these totally awesome almond cookies.

Normally I would just get all the different kinds of shrimp they had. Garlic, spicy pepper, lemon, and orange.

To finish up they had a little soft-serv machine with mixed vanilla and chocolate. You take a cup of that and put one of their famous cookies on top and you got dessert right there.

As we were eating Dad and me did indeed go over the specs of my 4-bit design. He told me it's important to make each of the commands as simple as possible.

That is not so much have a single command do something as complex as a FOR/NEXT statement for instance but one of the building blocks used =IN= that command such as to increment a value and to make a comparison with a certain value or variable or even just to compare for a non-zero value.

As we talked Dad pulled out his Arrow ballpoint pen and started writing on a napkin. I watched carefully to see what he was explaining.

"Bottom-line - " he said underlining what he wrote. "You'll have to get away from thinking in BASIC. In the years to come there will be far more powerful programs. It will be like learning to speak a different language."

"You might consider BASIC for instance in English and yeah it's easy to understand. But you'll do yourself a favor for the future by learning Pascal, C, or Assembly."

I think about it now, how much Dad really did want me to make it in the real world. I drank in every word he said. Had my cookie with ice-cream, then we headed out.

Friday evening came the day after and once again I went out, with Dad's permission. This time to see Wayne.

As we were putting my bicycle back in his trunk I noticed he had a wide smile on his face.

"What's up ?" I asked him.

He continued to grin, "We're going to meet a few friends of mine if that's okay. We'll meet them at Waffle House."

I nodded, that would be fine. We got there, he saw their cars, we entered and I saw two very attractive women waiting at one of the booths.

It was all good and well until one of them spoke and well ... I realized right then that was definitely not a woman but a guy in very professional drag complete with makeup and all.

"David, isn't it ?" she (he ?) said. I nodded.

The first held his hand out, "I'm Victoria. You can call me Vicky."

The next did, "I'm Scarlet. Just Scarlet."

After the introductions were complete they both sat back and Vicky spoke, "We've met before. I was at the jacuzzi back at the Village Station in Dallas."

Everyone was full of smiles. I was getting a little worried now.

"What's happening ?" I asked with a little panic in my voice.

* * *

Wayne was there to caress my back though, "Hey, it's okay, tiger. We're just going to have a sleepover, just us guys, right ?"

The two "women" seemed offended. Scarlet spoke in a fake haughty tone, "Hey, I take offense to that."

Wayne grinned, "'scuze me ! You QUEENS and us then, does that sound better ?"

They nodded, apparently it was.

Well we got to talking and eventually all eyes were on me when I mentioned I was not just dating Wayne but a girl too, Jade.

They seemed quite interested in knowing how that turned out.

I told them, "Not so good. Apparently she wants to have a baby with me."

"Oh my gawd !" Vicky said. "And what do YOU think of that ?"

"Well, it's really up to Dad."

"And 'Dad' is ?" she asked in a mysterious tone.

Wayne put a finger up and his hand down. "Nothing weird. Just his real Father. He's still living with him."

"Well honey, just how old are you anyways ?" Scarlet asked me.

"17." I told her.

"You look so much younger than that ! Why you're old enough to get your own place already aren't you ?"

"Thanks ... I think. And yeah, I suppose I could." I offered.

Vicky now interrupted, "Well sweetie when you're ready to get your own place you just look me up and I'll be glad to get you going."

Wayne now seemed to take offense, "Hey, girls, he's with me."

Vicky didn't seem perturbed, "Well of course he is. You are - with Wayne - aren't you ?"

"I think so."

Scarlet couldn't hold back. "God the innocence of this one. I could just him eat him alive !"

Scarlet leaned forward and clamped his teeth making a loud click. Then laughing pulled back to sit normally in his seat.

A waitress came by, "Have you - uhh - people - decided what you want ?"

"David ?" Wayne asked.

"Oh ? Me. Yeah, I'll have an egg sandwich with coffee please."

Wayne and the other two mentioned their orders and then we were back to talking again.

"Tell me about this Jade character." Vicky wanted to know.

"Well, she's really pretty. But she wants Dad to buy a house for her and me."

"Isn't she the fast one ?" Scarlet offered.

I nodded. "Yeah, too fast. Anyways, Dad said no. No marriage for me until I reach at least 30. She left in a big huff. Uhh, but I see her next week."

Wayne prodded me, "Now David, why would you want to do that ?"

I defended her, "Well I don't want to be mean ! I mean it was nice enough of her to show me how to play Legend Of Zelda so I don't mind spending some time with her, you know as a friend."

"Zuh - Zelda ?" Vicky asked.

Wayne explained, "Silly video-game. The new Nintendo that came out. You've seen the ads on TV ?"

Scarlet spoke, "Oh yeah, a boy like him would really enjoy that. I can see."

We talked a little bit more, finished our food, left the restaurant, and finally we all drove to an address I hadn't been before. I was a little nervous.

I mean I had brought my suitcase with clothes for sleeping and stuff but I didn't expect to go to someone else's house.

"Wayne ?" I asked with concern in my voice.

"No worries. It's JUST a sleepover. We might watch a porn movie or two, have popcorn, play a board game, trade stories, nothing more serious than that."

"No - uhh - hanky panky."

Wayne laughed, "No, none of that. Not with you anyways, you're off-limits to them. I made that point clear early on."

I breathed a sigh of relief.

Wayne continued, "We're at Vicky's place by the way. She (he ?) is pretty well loaded so I think you're going to have a grand time this evening."

With that we both stepped out of the car. Wayne reached in the trunk for his own suitcase, I had mine. Then we stepped up to it.

While it wasn't a mansion it was sure a great big house with obvious multi-levels to it ! Absolutely beautiful. I noticed the bushes were perfect cubes, too. There was great and meticulous detail all around me.

As we were the last to get out of the vehicle, he rang the doorbell for admittance and it had a lovely chime to it. Not a cheap buzz but a beautiful cadence of clear copper bells ringing in clear unison with each other.

The door itself was quite beautiful too. Not your basic door but something artistic and lovely all made out of carved wood and it had a curved 4-pointed diamond portal in the middle with what looked like a lead-glass insert to see outside.

Wayne knocked and Scarlet opened the door.

At once I smelled two things. Lovely incense like for Christmas and fresh brewed coffee.


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the last i seen of a top that goes in the trunk was a 59 ford,no it wasn`t in 59
seems like a great outing

Posted 1 Month Ago

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1 Month Ago

Hi Wordman:

With Dad ? Yes it was. It surprised me that in the future he bought a '95.. read more

1 Month Ago

you`re welcome
Oh my, that sounds like an amazing house! Sounds like a fun group to hang out with! Why would you ring the doorbell at your own place, though?

Posted 2 Months Ago

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2 Months Ago

I hadn't forgotten you, dear Kari.

It's been a bit of a madhouse regarding family and.. read more

2 Months Ago

Ah, 5th book I mean, for Future Barrier. I'm tired - what can I say. All 4-books are complete alread.. read more
Kari Rakitan

2 Months Ago

Looking forward to it :)

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