3) A Promise

3) A Promise

A Chapter by Kelly M.

Right before they got on the dusty road to the train station, April took a last glance up to where Daisy Haven lie.  As she focused her gaze on the meadow, she took a picture in her heart of what it looked like right then and there.  She knew that in the days ahead, she'd have to search her heart to find that picture, and to hold onto it close.  She choked back her tears, turned away and jumped into the crowded car.  She didn't allow herself to look back for she knew it wouldn't make the move any easier.  
All too soon, they arrived at the bustling and noisy train station.  A quick and loud whistle blew and a conductor's voice boomed out, "Ten minutes!  Ten more minutes and then we'll be on the tracks!  Get your tickets, now!"  And the voice ended.  April's stomach got tangled in knots at the words.  Am I ready for this? she asked herself.  She knew, deep down in her heart, she was far from ready, but no turning back now.  She had to face the challenges before her with all the courage she could muster.  

Her parents went to get the tickets, leaving her behind to watch over the luggage.  Drew came up beside her and rested his hand on her shoulder.

"You okay?" he asked.

Without even a glance his way, she nodded.

He shook his head, worriedly.  "I wish there was some possible way I could change things for you.  I don't like you looking like this."

Then she turned her gaze to rest on his.  "I wish there was, too."  Her voice was filled with sadness, and it was hard for her to keep her emotions under control. 

She didn't like change.  She never did.  She had always thought things would be as she had planned them.  She would grow up on her brick home, probably raise horses, and then marry someone special, who was kind and caring, with a loving heart.  She had always secretly wanted that guy to be Drew.  Now there would be a wedge between them both.  They could write, of course.  But talking to someone face-to-face had something magical about it.  In a letter, you can say things, but face-to-face you don't even need to say anything.  By the look on someone's face you immediately know their thoughts and feelings.  How could she express her feelings with Drew anymore?  Would it be just as easy?  She prayed and hoped so.  

"Well, I'll get Jenny and my parents.  Just wait here a moment," he said and walked away, becoming swallowed up in the hectic crowd of people.  

Drew came back with his family.  Mrs. Carters' face looked serene and gentle, but her eyes looked distant and sad.  Mr. Carters' face was steady and there was a firm smile planted there, but April wondered if he was trying to hold his composure in place.  Jenny, however, looked her usual self.  Bubbly and free like her fiery red hair and her sea green eyes that illustrated her personality perfectly.  One thing she noticed was different, however, was her eyes.  They held the softness of her mothers'.  Though it was clear Jenny didn't want it to be any harder on April by looking downcast, so smiled dearly, doing her best to cheer her up.

"Look at you, April.  You are going to travel across the world.  You're going to see many things that people here only dream of seeing.  You're like a discoverer," Jenny proclaimed.

"I was a discoverer when I moved here and found you.  When I had discovered you and Drew.  I don't wish to discover anything else," April whispered.  A tear was trickling down her cheek now.  "I discovered love and happiness.  I discovered comfort, laughter and friendship.  And one of the best things was that I discovered a feeling of belonging in North Carolina.  I was complete, and, now, I feel like I'm breaking apart from that."  By now, April and Jenny both had streams of tears running down their cheeks and they were each welcomed in an embrace.

   Not long after, April's parents came back with tickets in their hands.  They greeted the Carter family warmly.  Mr. Thompson shook hands with Mr. Carter, and they talked of business and the economy.  Mrs. Thompson and Mrs. Carter gave each other a warm embrace, and chatted over the travel and preparations that needed to be made.  April, Jenny and Drew walked a little while away, talking as well.

"We're going to miss you so much," Jenny commented.

"I'm going to miss you, too.  Both of you.  But we must write each other.  You keep me in contact about everything going on here in North Carolina, and I'll keep you in contact about what I do up there."

"Where exactly are you moving up in the North?" Drew asked.

"Pennsylvania.  Near Harrisburg or something."

Drew nodded his head, but made no reply.

"Don't worry, April.  I'll make sure to write you at least once a week.  And I'll make Drew write you as well," she said and gave Drew a playful punch in the shoulder.

Drew chuckled good-naturedly.  "Don't worry, April," he said, his hands up as though in surrender.  "I promise to write."

April smiled approvingly.  "I'm satisfied."

And their eyes held for a moment.  Then April's gaze fell to her feet, and she blushed a beet red.

"And I'll write back," she promised him.

They talked of other things, joked some and laughed aloud.  These few moments were all they had.    

They soon headed back towards the car, trudging back as slowly as possible. 

When April got in sight of her parents, she raced towards their embrace.  

"Shh.  Don't cry, April.  Everything is going to be alright.  You'll meet new friends, and have a brand new school to go to."

"Yes, Mama," she whispered.  "I know... it's just.."

But the conductor came over the mike again.  "All aboard!  All aboard!"  These words were far more tragic than the others.  She was leaving.  Not tomorrow and not the day after that, but today.  

Everyone crowded close together for another good-bye.  Millions of hugs and kisses were exchanged to one another.  There were shouts of encouragement and love.

"I'll write to you!" Jenny shouted above the roaring crowd of people.  "And I'll be thinking of you every minute of the day."
"Me, too," April promised.  They gave each other a last embrace.  Then April turned to say good-bye to Drew.  They stood in the midst of the hectic train station for a last good-bye to each other, but no words could be said.

April reached her hand out, which was met by a gentle, yet firm grasp.

"I'll never forget you, Drew," she whispered to him.  "Not as long as I live.  Someday-- someday I'll return again."

"I'll be waiting for you," he answered.  Those simple words pierced her heart and soul.  She couldn't hold the tears that filled her blue eyes.  She gave him a quick hug and turned away.

She boarded the train and looked back, watching the Carter family huddled together, waving to them.  She waved back and blew a kiss to them all.  The trains' whistle blew, and, slowly, the wheels screeched forward.  Her journey began and April knew that what lay before her would be completely different from what she knew.  She was leaving Hendersonville, North Carolina.  Maybe even forever.

© 2012 Kelly M.

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I cant see anything wrong with this chapter or anything that needs to be changed. easily flows from one scene to the next. if i REALLY want to be picky then i will say that i Personilly would have the last sentance read somthing along the lines of "And despite my promise, maybe even forever" but, like i said thats just if I'm really picky and somthing i personally would do. if you like the idea it wouldnt hurt to get other peoples thoughts on that particular aspect. these charictors seemed so realistic. i can easily see them as real people and real events. i love this chapter now on to the next

Posted 9 Years Ago

Your have perfect spelling but, I fell no need for grammar issues since how we speak and write are two different things I believe no wrong or write. As for this chapter it was good. There so many sad chapters and I hope the sun shines on her life soon but, well done. For let us read more.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Pity she didnt get a chance to share a kiss with Drew before she left. Another memory to hold onto in her heart along with Daisy Haven. But that wasnt the done thing back then. I have no doubt that be it 5, 10 even 20 years time - Drew will wait for her ... Reading on :)

Posted 10 Years Ago

What a sad chapter. It's really good, I think I'm addicted to this story. So sad when friends move, but there's always a possibility for new friends. Off to the next chapter to see what happens! :D

Posted 10 Years Ago

So beautifully written!!! Great job!!!

Posted 10 Years Ago

there cheeks-their
Aw, that was so weet what drew aid to April. I really care aboutthis main character nand you did a wonderful job making sure i do. ^^

Posted 10 Years Ago

I definatly agree with Oliva Smith, except herdedication to Drew is absolutely amazing!!! I can't say anything else.

Posted 10 Years Ago

This is a beautiful, almost tear-jerking chapter. Her dedication to Carter is absolutely amazing. I am in love with this story.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Such a gripping chapter. I'm not much of a crier and I'm struggling to hold up! As always, your words are a treat to read and the images just flowed into my mind. Excellent job, Kelly :)

Posted 10 Years Ago

Nicely done Kelly! You totally made me feel like I was standing there saying goodbye to everybody! Really sad, but good.
I wonder what her new life is going tot be like! And I totally hopes she keeps the promise to visit again! You really have me hooked, great write!
Keep on going!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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