8) Kanika

8) Kanika

A Chapter by Kelly M.

April's toes tingled in the icy cold lake.  She had her feet dangling over the side of the bank, drinking the peacefulness of the moment.  For the first time, she was perfectly contented in her new surroundings.  She heard the song of the wind as it blew her hair and felt the suns' warm rays on her face.  It suddenly felt like home.  She had missed the smell of the tangy grass and splashing her feet in the cool waters.  And now, she finally had the taste of all the beauty and happiness she had missed.  It felt perfect for the moment.
After about an hour, she finally retrieved her feet from the bubbling lake and decided to look around for some wildflowers.  I can make a little bouquet for mama, she thought excitedly.  She scanned over the vast plains and did find a few flowers, but they didn't look or smell as wonderful as her daisies.  Then with her fragile blossoms tucked safely in her apron pocket, she skipped along the dusty road towards home.  
She then wondered if her mother was frightfully worried about her.  She had told her that she wouldn't go too far, but she never did explain where she was planning to go.  April's head hung a bit guiltily.  She did hope she wasn't fretting herself sick.  With this in her mind, she quickened her pace.
Not long after, the bright and burning sun fell slowly over the thick clusters of trees.  This was when April started to get really worried.  With the sun going down, her mother would surely send someone out to look for her.  She scolded herself about ten times.  At fifteen, she had acted immature and careless.  She hadn't even thought to tell her mother where she was going or when she'd be back.  And she had completely forgotten about the time.  
Her thoughts lingered on until she decided to have a quick rest by an old oak tree.  Her bare feet were starting to ache, for she had also forgotten to wear shoes.  
She seated herself on the mossy ground and leaned her head on the cinnamon scented tree.  She didn't realize how exhausted she really was until then.  How she couldn't wait to get into her warm bed.  It wasn't that comfortable, she admitted, but it sure would be a welcomed sight.  
She eased herself up and stared off into the distance.  How much farther would she have to walk?  She didn't remember it taking so long to get there.  
She was about to be on her way when she suddenly turned to the tree.  She let out a sudden sigh that sounded more like a startled gasp.  It was the same tree!  She had been going in circles!  She started to panic.  How long have I been going in circles?  Is mother, and, by now, father looking for me? 

By now, she had broken out into a run, but she quickly stopped at a fork in the road.  She glanced right, then left.  Which way? she thought desperately.  She forced her racing mind to slow down and think this whole situation through.
"Okay," she said aloud.  "I went left before and that made me go in circles, so that can't be right."  Then she looked straight.  She didn't see any of the familiar buildings.  "Well, it can't be straight either."  So she turned right.  
She hurried forwards, but then came to another fork and then another.  She had no idea how she would ever get home again.  By now, darkness was settling in fast and biting mosquitoes came with it.  She swatted at them with annoyance.  She knew that, very soon, she wouldn't be able to see what was in front of her.
"I should have brought a lantern," she thought aloud.  Then she realized that she would've looked strange carrying a lantern around in broad daylight.  "Oh, why did I ever have to go to the lake anyway?" she thought in exasperation.
April was just about to give up and camp herself on the grass until morning, when a sudden stirring in the nearby bushes made her jump.
"Who's there?" she shouted so that whatever it was could hear her.
A tall, dark figure slowly emerged.
"Who are you and what do you want?" April demanded, keeping her distance from the strange person. 
A young female voice answered her.  "It's alright," she assured her.  "I won't harm you.  My name's Kanika.  I saw you walking around in circles and wondered if I could help."
April had a puzzled expression on her face.  She was glad it was dark, so that whoever this Kanika was, couldn't see her.
"You've been following me?" 
"Yes," she responded, her tone honest and gentle.
"You were watching me?"
Kanika giggled merrily as though it were a silly game.
"Yes, I have.  I saw you walking in circles and I knew that you would never get to wherever you were going."
April was silent for a moment.
"Well, I'm trying to get home.  My-- um-- house is located on Dark Alley.  Do you know where that is?"
"Yes, but that's a few miles away from here.  How did you get here?"
"Well, I was--"
"No need to explain," Kanika interrupted with a little wave of her hand.  "You can stay here for the night."
April really wasn't sure what "here" meant.  There were no houses that she could make out in the darkness.
"But what about your parents?  I wouldn't want to intrude on them, and my family will be awfully worried about me."
At first, Kanika didn't answer.  An awkward silence lingered between them.
"My parents are dead," she answered flatly.  "And you won't be able to find your way in this darkness.  I can take you to Dark Alley at first light."  And with that, she quickly turned and started to walk out of sight.  
April cocked her head in thought.  How could she survive without parents and, if she's telling the truth, why isn't she at an orphanage?  She dared not question her about that.  So she kept her curious thoughts to herself and followed Kanika to her-- wait-- that's her house?!

© 2011 Kelly M.

Author's Note

Kelly M.
Just so you know, Kanika is pronounced "khan ik uh." It sounds like harmonica. :)

Sorry if there are any misspellings or grammar mistakes.

Let me know what you think of this chapter! :)

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I like this chapter but (ther is always a "but" at somepoint isnt there?) i think it would be better if you told us more about Kanika i saw her as woman older than April but in my mind her age changed 3 times from somone older than Aprils mother to somone around the same age and once more to a girl around Aprils age. also I have to Admit that April in this chapter didnt seem vary real. she was cautious at first but barley a few sentences are exchanged before she seems totally trusting. apart from those two things though, a nice write

Posted 12 Years Ago

This was such an enjoyable read! April, being her usual clumsy self is so cute!
I hope Kanika is an alright person. The imagery and description of the way April got lost was great. I could imagine those scenes in my mind as I read.

Another good chapter that has got me wanting for more. I love your writings :)

Posted 12 Years Ago

Interesting chapter. Kanika seems like a bit of a creeper to me, though. :D Why would April willingly follow her? There's serial killers and stuff out then. Then again, this IS a Christian novel, so there's probably no serial killers. -.- Well done! anxious to read on!

Posted 12 Years Ago

I dont know why, but I had formed the impression in my mind that Kanika would be older. I realise that you use the terms like 'young voice' - but my first thought was she would be older than April. But then you mention April wondering how she survives in the world without her parents and I have to readjust the picture in my head. Reading on :)

Posted 13 Years Ago

Gosh, with your writing, I can practically feel myself in North Carolina. My inspiration comes from there, so about 80% of what I write is set there, but I've never been there. It's nice to see such description. That's one of your strong points-description, and I'm glad you're putting it to good use:)

Posted 13 Years Ago

completely forgot about -forgotten
broke out-broken out
"I should of-should have

a few miles away from here. How did you come to get here?"- that's a few miles away. how did you get here?
Well i'm intrested in knowing more about kanika. and for future refrences, you may want to type all this out oon a word document to catch ur mistakes, then copy and past it on here.

Posted 13 Years Ago

I liked this chapter. It reminded me of a poem, it was soft and had a lot of imagery without over doing it. Fabulous job. I'm a little weary of Kanika right now. She seems nice, but then again, she has been following April, so I don't really know what to make of her. But all in all, great chapter!!!!

Posted 13 Years Ago

I loved the name you chose for the new character. You're just like me with unique names. :) Wonderful chapter, too.


Posted 13 Years Ago

Another great chapter! I love the name Kanika that you chose for the newest character. It is very pretty.

I'm now anxious to see if April makes her way back home and what she is going to do at night in the middle of nowhere.

Great job!

Posted 13 Years Ago

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