11) Thoughts

11) Thoughts

A Chapter by Kelly M.

They both walked on quietly, each in their own deep thoughts.  April could soon stand the eerie silence no longer.  She had been holding these thoughts in too long.  A friend needs advice from another.
"Kanika?" she asked tentatively.
"I-- have you-- well ever liked someone really much, but then you had to leave-- had to be separated?  And let's say you promised to return and see them again.  But-- well-- what if you couldn't keep your promise-- or-- or what if there was someone else?"
Kanika was silent for a moment, letting the words sink in.
"Well," she began slowly, "if I had started to like someone else that would mean I never truly cared for the person I left behind."
April knew Kanika was right.  She had only asked because Will, the schoolteacher, had slowly grown closer to her.  April thought him to be at first merely kind and gentlemanly.  Now, she wasn't so sure.  He was different somehow.  Or maybe he had always been like that, but she had scarcely noticed. 
She only knew she found herself blushing at his flirtatious compliments and flashing smiles.  Her heart pounded just at the thought of him.
"Do you have someone?"
The question jerked April back to reality.  
Her mind suddenly had a flashback of Drew on that star sparkling night where he had given her daisies and a kiss on her forehead.  It was the best gift he had ever given her.  And how genuinely sincere and affectionate he had seemed.
"Well, I did-- do kind of have something for Drew back home."
"And who is this Drew?  Is he nice?"
"Oh, yes," she whispered.
Kanika's big brown eyes twinkled with interest.
"And--?" she probed.
"And what?"
"And what's he like?  Is he thoughtful, kind?  Handsome or ugly?"
April laughed softly.  "Yes, he's very thoughtful.  He brought me daisies the night before I left.  I still have them, but they're tucked away in my drawer where they're safe."
"He's very kind.  I remember falling and scraping my knee once.  I was quite young.  He had carefully bandaged it and then had taken me to the candy shop for a treat.  He was the brother I never had.  But now-- now things are different between us.  There's something more than just sisterly and brotherly love."
She paused for a time before going on.
"And, yes, he's quite handsome.  He has the softest brown eyes that look like melted chocolate.  And dark brown hair."
Suddenly she stopped and turned to Kanika.
"I guess it sounds silly, doesn't it?  I-- I just miss him-- terribly so."
Kanika nodded and patted her arm.
"I'm sure he does, too."
April wiped her lingering tears and managed a wobbly smile.
"Well, if we don't hurry Mother will have the whole town out looking for me.  We better get going."
With that, they picked up their long skirts and hurried hastily across the street toward Dark Alley.
All the way there, April knew she was already in loads of trouble.  What would she tell her mother?  And what of Kanika?  What would happen to her?  She didn't even what to think of the possibilities.

© 2011 Kelly M.

Author's Note

Kelly M.
I'm sorry the story seems to be going slow. The upcoming chapters are more dramatic ;)

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I think it may have been better to tell us a bit more about Will in the chapter we met him in it seems like this is only the second day and so it would be better to tell us more about his actions for they are now Important to the story.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Ooh, Drew returns in this chapter! I'm eager to see him again. When will he and April finally reunite? It's a little slow, but that's all right, the best stories have their slow moments. But each chapters leaves us as readers wanting more, and eagerly going onto the next chapter! I'm anxious for the drama and romance, of which I absolutely LOVE in a book. I'm totally hooked, and I'm reading on!

Posted 9 Years Ago

I liked this chapter :) I was scared for a moment thinking that April was no longer going to pursue Drew, but I'm glad she changed her mind! I can't think of anything to change and I didn't see any grammar mistakes. Looking forward to the next chapter :)


Posted 10 Years Ago

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Kelly M.


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