9) Night in Nowhere

9) Night in Nowhere

A Chapter by Kelly M.

April stumbled blindly to her "house" where Kanika lit a match and started a blazing fire under her "roof" made of thick tree branches, mud, moss and practically anything from the outdoors that is useful.  The light from the fire finally gave April the opportunity to find out what this Kanika looked like.  She glanced over at her as she sat cross-legged by the fire to warm her hands.  She looked about her age or a little younger perhaps.  She had waist high, dark brown hair and big, beautiful brown eyes, with dark skin, tanned from the sun, and full pink lips.  She was African American.
"So I guess you're wondering why I'm not in an orphanage, huh?" Kanika spoke.
April nodded truthfully.
"Well, you, see, I like it out here under the stars where it's peaceful.  I don't want to be caged in like some animal.  I want to have my freedom like everyone else."
April made no reply.
"And I'm never going back."
"How do you plan to survive?  How have you survived?"
"Oh, I can hunt for my food.  Before my Papa died, he taught me everything about the forest.  I learned a lot from him."
"How long ago was that?"  April knew it was rather personal, and hoped she wasn't probing, but she had to get some answers from this mysterious person.
"It was four years ago.  I was only ten."
"...Your mother?"
"She died a few months back.  She was awful sick."
April felt sadness twist at her heart and a little voice inside her seemed to whisper,  She needs your help.  She's all alone in this world, with no parents, friends, and hardly enough food to last.  Just look at her shelter.  It's hardly livable.  She needs you, her heart echoed.
But how? was the protest.  There's nothing I can do.  I'm in the middle of nowhere, sitting on cold ground, getting bit by millions of mosquitoes and I have just met the person that sits next to me!  It would be different if I knew her better, but I barely do, April thought to herself.  
And even though her mind struggled against it, her heart kept on tugging at her.  Then April thought of Jesus.  What would He do in this situation?  April knew the answer even before the question was queried.  But what about April's parents?  They weren't likely to take on a complete stranger.  She knew them better than that.  They were most likely to welcome her openly, without thought of turning her away, and April couldn't imagine herself ever doing differently.
Then Kanika spoke, bringing her out of her deep thoughts.
"You better get to bed.  It's late and it'll be a long walk to Dark Alley."
"Where should I sleep?" April asked.
Kanika, at first, looked puzzled as though it were a silly question to ask.
"Where you are," she answered simply.
"Here?" April asked, sounding rather alarmed.
"Well, yeah.  You don't want to sleep outside, do you?"
April realized there really wasn't anywhere else to sleep, but there.  She imagined waking up in the morning with ants crawling all about her.  She shivered at the thought and rested her head on the uncomfortable tree branch.  She was spending a night on the ground in nowhere.  Her thoughts soon drifted away as her heavy eyelids closed and she soon drifted into slumberland.  
When morning came, April's eyelids fluttered open.  Then she bolted upright and glanced about her in horror.  Where on earth was she?  She quickly calmed herself when she realized she was just in Kanika's "house."  Wait a minute.  Where was Kanika?  She glanced wildly about.  She wasn't there beside her as she had been yesterday.  Where was she?  Had she gone outside for some fresh air?  Maybe she had just went for a drink of water and would be back soon.  Or had she purposefully abandoned her?           

© 2011 Kelly M.

Author's Note

Kelly M.
Hope I left you at a cliffhanger ;)

So what did you think of this chapter? I know it's not exactly my best...

Did I give you enough description of Kanika? What do you think of her? Do you think she's innocent.. or guilty?

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forgot to mention one contradiction you made

They weren't likely to take on a complete stranger. She knew them better than that. They were most likely to welcome her openly, without thought of turning her away,

you need to remove one of the two sentances or make it diffrent. Maybe her parents are likly to be more welcoming because they have just moved and April was scared of not having freinds. and also because they would be simply be happy April had returned home unharmed

Posted 9 Years Ago

i like the chapter and i suppose you did leave a cliffhanger though i find it rather hard to see a 14 year old doing somthing like that unless they have been paid off or somthing. nothing more to add except... Great write onto the next chapter

Posted 9 Years Ago

This chapter had enough of everything, for me. Kanika's description was well laid out and I think she's a very independent girl despite being on her own for so long.
I think Kanika will pleasantly surprise April. And I really hope she's innocent! >.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Oh no! HAD she indeed left April alone purposefully? Great cliffhanger, I want to see what happens. I'm sticking to my original prediction and saying she's guilty. And the description was close to perfect, my friend.

Posted 9 Years Ago

had just went -had gone
hty would kanika be guilty? This was a great cliffhanger btw.

Posted 10 Years Ago

One correction for you... in the line where April is thinking about helping Kanika you wrote "You must to help her" Either you meant to put have to or just take out the to. I enjoyed this chapter and I do like the character of Kanika she was described well and I can picture her vividly in my mind. Great job!


Posted 10 Years Ago

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