28) No Change

28) No Change

A Chapter by Kelly M.

April sat at Jenny's bedside, holding her small hand in hers.  Tears were streaming down her cheeks, but she didn't care.
"Jenny, you were always strong.  Now you have to fight.  Don't leave me, Jenny.  I need you here.  Everyone needs your strength and joy.  Without you, our lives would never be the same.  Fight, Jenny.  Fight."
The door creaked open, and the doctor poked his head through the door.
"You better come out, miss.  We don't want you catching this, too."
April reluctantly left her, but her eyes never wandered from her pale face.
Outside the door, Drew stood motionless.  When April saw him, she fell into his arms, crying.  He smoothed her hair, and whispered to her softly.
Drew handed her a cup of hot coffee.
"Thanks," she whispered, slipping into a chair.  He pulled one up beside her.
"You okay?" he asked.
"This has been rough on you.  I wish I could do something."
April rested her hand on his.  "No, it's fine.  I just-- wish I could do something."
He smiled.  "Guess all we can do is our best."
She smiled up into his eyes, and nodded.
"How is she?" April whispered.
"No change," the doctor whispered back, shaking his gray head.
"Will Mr. and Mrs. Carter be here soon?"
"I don't know, miss.  I think Drew said they'd arrive tomorrow."
April sighed with relief.  They would probably be glad to be home from their trip.  But yet she wondered if instead they'd be heart broken to see their daughter in such a state.  "She has to get well," April thought.

"Oh, April," Mrs. Carter murmured, hugging her close.  "I'm so glad you came."
"Me, too.  How was your trip?"
April thought it best not to bring up the subject of Jenny yet.  They had plenty of time to talk it over.
"Dusty, bumpy, and dreadful because we kept thinking of Jenny."
April frowned slightly.  Did they know that their daughter was lying ashen white, and close to dying?  If they didn't, how could she break the news to them?
"Jenny is-- very sick.  We must keep our distance from her because she has-- it's contagious."
Mrs. Carter's face looked totally unaware and surprised.
"What does she have then?  I thought it was just a fever."
"Well, it started out that way, but it's gotten worse," April said, trying to keep her voice steady.  "She has-- tuberculosis."
Mrs. Carter gasped.
"No one told me."
"I'm sorry, but we weren't exactly sure, and no one wanted to worry you."
But she hadn't heard for was heading for the house.  April quickly followed.
"Mrs. Carter, you could become sick as well."
Mrs. Carter turned around, her face in tears.
"She's my only daughter.  I have to do something."
April reached to give her hand a squeeze, tears dampening her own face.
"There's nothing we can do except hope and pray for the best."

© 2012 Kelly M.

Author's Note

Kelly M.
So, these few chapters are about Jenny being awfully sick, and April and Drew who are becoming more acquainted. :)

What do you think will happen?!

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well April and drew will at least know how the other feels wether or not they hook up well we will see and as for Jenny... you know what i "think" about that

Posted 9 Years Ago

*is praying* I hope she makes it, but I KNOW the sad truth that she probably won't. Nooes, the last few chapters of the novel! I don't want this to end! Reading on!

Posted 9 Years Ago

OMG! I think Jenny will be close to death then rise back awake and heal! :O Get the suspense girl. :P


Posted 9 Years Ago

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